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The FutureDanger Indicator System contains nearly 500 predefined conditions or possible events. As our team fulfills it mission, check back soon for a thorough description of this one.
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Indicator Historical Trend
Grade Date Headline Source
LOW 13 Jul 2020 Mail-in ballots may exceed States' ability to count them [ABC]
LOW 25 May 2020 Philadelphia Election Judge Pleads Guilty to Ballot Stuffing [Daily Signal]
LOW 28 Feb 2020 Hundreds of Dead Voters Registered for 2020 Election in Pennsylvania [Youtu]
MOD 06 Feb 2020 Iowa Caucus Results Riddled with Errors and Inconsistencies [MSN]
MOD 04 Feb 2020 Precinct Heads Told to Take Pictures of Caucus Results - Text to Manager - Who Will Drive It to HQ [Gateway Pundit]
MOD 04 Feb 2020 Chaos in Iowa as State Democrats Blame 'Inconsistencies' on Delays [UK Guardian]
MOD 04 Feb 2020 Iowa Democratic Party: App to tabulate Caucus results has crashed [CNN]
HIGH 09 Jan 2020 2.5 Million 'Extra' Registrants Found on Voting Rolls [Breitbart]
LOW 16 Dec 2019 Georgia voter check-in tablets used default 1234 password [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
MOD 06 Dec 2018 NC Election Thrown into Chaos as Investigators Target 'Vote Harvesting' Scheme [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 18 Nov 2018 Funny business in Congressional winner's sudden loss in the recount? [American Thinker]
HIGH 18 Nov 2018 Florida Senate Race Heads to Manual Recount [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 18 Nov 2018 Broward County 'Misplaced' over 2,000 Votes [WTVJ]
HIGH 12 Nov 2018 Some Florida Panhandle Voters 'Cast Ballots by Fax or Email' [Miami Herald]
HIGH 10 Nov 2018 Broward Mystery Boxes Tossed into Trucks after Missed Deadline [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 08 Nov 2018 40 hours after the polls close Florida Elections Supervisor previously convicted for illegally destroying ballots is still counting [National Review]
MOD 30 Oct 2018 Voting Machines Changing Ballots in Texas [Chicago Tribune]
LOW 26 Oct 2018 Texas Voters Report Voting Machine Problems [CBS]
MOD 17 Jul 2018 Voting Machine Vendor Admits Installing Remote-Access Software [Vice]
HIGH 18 May 2018 Judge says ballots were illegally destroyed in Florida house race [Daily Caller]
MOD 12 Mar 2018 Dallas County DA investigating more than 1,200 mail-in ballot applications for voter fraud [Dallas News]
LOW 14 Dec 2017 Alabama vote fraud? Doug Jones supporter says 'we came from different parts of the country' [Infowars]
LOW 28 Nov 2017 States spurning election panel show irregularities in voter registration [Daily Signal]
LOW 22 Sep 2017 Federal Government notifies 21 States of election hacking [AP]
HIGH 08 Sep 2017 More than 5,000 out-of-state voters may have tipped New Hampshire in Presidential election [Washington Times]
HIGH 18 Aug 2017 Census Bureau data: US has 3.5 million more registered voters than live adults [Investors]
LOW 21 Jul 2017 Voter fraud database tops 1,000 proven cases [Daily Signal]
MOD 06 Jul 2017 Rhode Island discovers 150,000 voters erroneously on rolls [Daily Caller]
MOD 05 Jul 2017 Federal immigration agency balks at giving alien records to POTUS's voter fraud commission [Washington Times]
MOD 05 Jul 2017 44 States refusing to give full voter info to Federal panel [CNN]
MOD 04 Jul 2017 Maryland denies 'repugnant' data request from Federal voter fraud commission [Breitbart]
MOD 01 Jul 2017 NY Gov refuses Federal data request related to voter fraud [ZeroHedge]
MOD 27 Jun 2017 Student sentenced to prison for registering dead voters as Democrats [CNSNews]
LOW 10 Jun 2017 12 staffers at Dem-linked group charged with voter fraud [Daily Caller]
LOW 18 Apr 2017 Voting equipment stolen days before Georgia special election [WSB]
MOD 28 Jan 2017 DHS Inspector General probing Georgia election system website scans [Cyberscoop]
MOD 28 Jan 2017 Claim: 25 million dead and fraudulent 'registered voters' in 2016 [Infowars]
LOW 25 Jan 2017 POTUS to launch 'major investigation into voter fraud' [ZeroHedge]