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Unofficial, speculative, or topical news is evident at this time. No immediate danger is apparent.


The FutureDanger Indicator System contains nearly 500 predefined conditions or possible events. As our team fulfills it mission, check back soon for a thorough description of this one.
Background on this indicator will be provided here in the near future.
News relevant to this indicator that emerges from open sources may lead to threatening conditions for the American Nation. The team at FutureDanger will provide a clear explanation of these risks as soon as possible.
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Full Indicator Record

Grade Date Headline Source
LOW 16 Aug 2017 Report: Charlottesville racist leader was former Occupy activist, Obama supporter [Brietbart]
LOW 02 Aug 2017 Seymour Hersh: 'RussiaGate is a CIA-planted lie, revenge against Trump' [Zero Hedge]
LOW 28 Jul 2017 Veteran intel pro's memo: Was the 'Russian hack' an inside job? [Daily Sheeple]
MOD 06 Jul 2017 Report: Saudis are the 'foremost' funder of terrorism in Britain [Business Insider]
HIGH 28 Jun 2017 Gareth Porter: How America armed terrorists in Syria [American Conservative]
LOW 23 Jun 2017 Syrian white helmets volunteer caught on video dumping mutilated corpses [Daily Sheeple]
LOW 23 Jun 2017 Man seen exiting WTC 7 on 9/11, wearing 'radiation hood,' was a DOE/OST tech for nuke weapons office [Intelli Hub]
MOD 21 Jun 2017 Ron Paul: Why is the US ‘taking military actions that benefit ISIS?’ [WND]
MOD 17 Jun 2017 FBI asks Miami judge to reconsider, keep secret ‘sensitive details’ about 9/11 [Florida Bulldog]
LOW 12 Jun 2017 Iran claims to have proof of 'direct US support' for ISIS [Zero Hedge]
LOW 05 Jun 2017 Dahboo7 reports: London suspect appeared in UK documentary, links to MI5... [Dahboo77 YouTube]
LOW 05 Jun 2017 Russian President hints JFK was murdered by the Deep State [Zero Hedge]
LOW 13 May 2017 BBC 'proof' of Syrian chem-weapons came without details from unnamed intel agency [AntiMedia]
LOW 13 May 2017 Saudis paid American veterans to fight 9/11 Families’ Lawsuits [AP]
LOW 06 May 2017 Yet another hate crime turns out to be a hoax [Daily Caller]
LOW 04 May 2017 Al-Qaeda claims it is fighting alongside US-backed coalition in Yemen [New American]
MOD 04 May 2017 Al-Jazeera said to film false flag chemical attack against Syrian civilians [Daily Sheeple]
LOW 28 Apr 2017 ISIS apologized to Israel for attacking IDF soldiers? [Zero Hedge]
MOD 23 Apr 2017 Claim: Pak spy agency protecting Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri []
HIGH 18 Apr 2017 MIT professor explains why the Assad gas attack was a sham [SHTFPlan]
MOD 14 Apr 2017 US insurers sue Saudis for $4.2 billion over 9/11 [AntiMedia]
MOD 14 Apr 2017 Russia: Syrian warplane struck building where jihadists kept sarin [Bloomberg]
MOD 13 Apr 2017 Matt Argoist: 5 major stories that blow the 'official' narrative on Syria out of the water [Daily Sheeple]
MOD 11 Apr 2017 Russian President: Expect 'fake' gas attacks to discredit Syrian Govt [Yahoo]
MOD 09 Apr 2017 Philip Giraldi: IC-Military Doubt Assad Gas Narrative [Libertarian Institute]
MOD 09 Apr 2017 Robert Parry: ‘Wag the dog’ psyop in Syria? []
HIGH 08 Apr 2017 Alex Newman: Was chemical attack in Syria a false flag to trigger US war? [New American]
MOD 06 Apr 2017 CNN anchor speechless after Congressman questions Syria chemical attack narrative [Zero Hedge]
SHTF 06 Apr 2017 FLASHBACK: The Red Line and the Rat Line – Erdoğan and the Syrian Rebels [LBR]
LOW 05 Apr 2017 False flag in Syria? Journalists raise alarms on gas attack [We Are Change]
SEVERE 31 Mar 2017 Wikileaks exposes CIA false flag hacking as Russians [UK Daily Mail]
HIGH 23 Mar 2017 The Saudi Reckoning: Pursuing the 9/11 Paymasters [NY Daily News]
HIGH 20 Mar 2017 9/11 families sue Saudis, accuse of complicity in attacks [WPIX]
MOD 18 Mar 2017 9/11 widow's letter to POTUS: America first or Saudi Arabia first? [Strategic Culture Foundation]
MOD 17 Mar 2017 Russian bank says Trump computer connections may have been 'hacker hoax' [Circa News]
MOD 13 Mar 2017 Federico Pieraccini: A CIA Cyber False Flag [Strategic Culture Foundation]
HIGH 07 Mar 2017 US attacking al-Qaeda in Yemen while supporting Saudi coalition that includes al-Qaeda [FT]
MOD 07 Mar 2017 Wikileaks: CIA steals malware to ‘attribute’ cyberattacks to nations like Russia [Breitbart]
MOD 06 Mar 2017 Report: NATO insiders suspect Turkey coup was staged [Opposing Views]
LOW 23 Feb 2017 CIA aid to Syrian rebels frozen 'until matters are organized' [Reuters]
LOW 19 Feb 2017 CIA honors Saudi for fighting terror, despite nation’s terror ties [WND]
LOW 22 Jan 2017 Before leaving, POTUS 44 bombs 'CIA-vetted' Syrian rebels embedded with Al-Qaeda [PJ Media]
LOW 21 Jan 2017 European Union spies say Turkish President triggered coup attempt with planned purges [Breitbart]