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Grade Date Headline Source
LOW 14 Dec 2017 Las vegas shooting survivors: 'We're in the dark' [Cnn]
HIGH 01 Dec 2017 Video: Vegas concertgoers pinned down from gunfire during attack, helicopter clearly visible [Thedailysheeple]
HIGH 16 Nov 2017 Retired FBI agent accuses 9/11 Commission of lying about Saudi connections [Thedailysheeple]
HIGH 13 Nov 2017 Claim: Video proves at least 7 different shooters during Vegas Massacre [Thedailysheeple]
MOD 08 Nov 2017 Witness to Vegas Massacre 'smelled gunpowder' in adjacent hotel's lobby just after the shooting... [Thedailysheeple]
HIGH 28 Oct 2017 Qatar confesses secrets behind Syrian War [Zerohedge]
HIGH 28 Oct 2017 JFK Files: CIA planned to murder American citizens in Miami and blame it on Cuba [Shtfplan]
HIGH 28 Oct 2017 The one paragraph you need to read from the JFK assassination files... [True Pundit]
MOD 27 Oct 2017 Authorities are now refusing to release any new Vegas massacre information [Thedailysheeple]
MOD 27 Oct 2017 FBI Director said public must believe Oswald acted alone [Nbcnews]
MOD 27 Oct 2017 Soviet suspected LBJ was behind JFK’s assassination [Nypost]
MOD 27 Oct 2017 POTUS backtracks on JFK files; vows to release 'just about everything' [Zerohedge]
MOD 27 Oct 2017 British newspaper received mystery call minutes before JFK assassination  [Telegraph]
MOD 26 Oct 2017 Mysterious Vegas guard reportedly left the country days after massacre [Nypost]
MOD 26 Oct 2017 Release of full JFK assassination file is delayed at last minute [NBC]
MOD 25 Oct 2017 Vegas shooter's laptop missing its hard drive [Abcnews]
MOD 25 Oct 2017 FBI releases docs on Sandy Hook showing Feds visited shooter before massacre [Thedailysheeple]
HIGH 23 Oct 2017 US now admits Syrian 'rebels' have used chemical weapons [Zerohedge]
HIGH 21 Oct 2017 Video: 2nd shooter spotted firing from billboard into the crowd during Vegas massacre? [Shtfplan]
HIGH 21 Oct 2017 Report: FBI SWAT confiscated key surveillance video of Vegas massacre from nearby hotel [Thedailysheeple]
HIGH 21 Oct 2017 Trump to release final Kennedy Assassination docs [Nytimes]
MOD 20 Oct 2017 Body language expert scrutinizes wounded Vegas guard on Ellen [Youtube]
MOD 20 Oct 2017 Las Vegas strip manhunt for multiple gunmen, one hour after Mandalay Bay shooting [Youtube]
HIGH 19 Oct 2017 Coverup questions emerge... [Zerohedge]
HIGH 18 Oct 2017 CIA urges POTUS to delay release of 3,000 never-before-seen documents on assassination of JFK [The Duran]
HIGH 18 Oct 2017 Vegas survivor who died suddenly had planned group to expose cover-up [Infowars]
HIGH 16 Oct 2017 Vegas guard Jesus Campos vanishes [Foxnews]
HIGH 15 Oct 2017 Video: Vegas eyewitness says she saw a woman get shot from 1st volley & believes there were multiple shooters [Twitter]
HIGH 13 Oct 2017 FBI 'hand-in-hand' with Vegas PD, begin damage control [Zerohedge]
HIGH 13 Oct 2017 NYT: Another shift in Las Vegas timeline caps days of confusion [Nytimes]
HIGH 12 Oct 2017 Vegas eyewitness: 'There was 100% more than one shooter' [Shtfplan]
HIGH 12 Oct 2017 Las Vegas shooter’s Reno home broken into [Reno Gazette-Journal]
HIGH 12 Oct 2017 Investigative reporter: 'LVMPD officers feel there were additional shooters that corralled police for their slaughter' [Intellihub]
HIGH 12 Oct 2017 Report: FBI wipes phones & laptops of Vegas massacre eyewitnesses [Infowars]
MOD 12 Oct 2017 MGM says 'now confident' police timeline is 'not accurate' [Latimes]
MOD 12 Oct 2017 Security guard shot by Vegas killer is not registered as a security guard in Nevada? [Gateway Pundit]
MOD 12 Oct 2017 Pressure mounts for Vegas police to explain response time [Apnews]
HIGH 11 Oct 2017 Brandon Smith: A Tactical Analysis of the Las Vegas Mass Shooting Incident [Alt-market]
HIGH 11 Oct 2017 Hotel worker warned police of shooter before massacre began [Zerohedge]
HIGH 11 Oct 2017 Casino contradicts cops... [Infowars]
HIGH 10 Oct 2017 Washington Post: Unanswered Vegas questions loom... [Washingtonpost]
HIGH 10 Oct 2017 DAHBOO7: Soros had a $42 million short open on MGM before Vegas massacre [Youtube]
HIGH 09 Oct 2017 Timeline mystery... [Latimes]
HIGH 09 Oct 2017 Experts confident there were multiple shooters at Vegas Massacre [Infowars]
HIGH 06 Oct 2017 Vegas shooter investigators 'puzzled', believe he was not alone for two reasons [Zerohedge]
HIGH 05 Oct 2017 Police scanner audio clips suggest more than one shooter [Youtu]
HIGH 05 Oct 2017 Sheriff: 'You got to assume shooter had help' as 'mystery woman' emerges [Zerohedge]
HIGH 05 Oct 2017 Why did it take police so long to breach room? [LA Times]
HIGH 05 Oct 2017 Audio: Vegas survivor tells Michael Savage she heard multiple shooters [Savage Nation]
HIGH 04 Oct 2017 Hotel guest in the next room claims 'multiple gunmen'... [Shtfplan]
HIGH 04 Oct 2017 Michael Snyder: 16 Unanswered Vegas Massacre Questions... [Theeconomiccollapseblog]
LOW 04 Oct 2017 Russian military accuses US of 'supporting' ISIS [Yahoo]
HIGH 03 Oct 2017 Was there a second shooter in Vegas? [Zerohedge]
HIGH 02 Oct 2017 Who was the mystery lady? Threats made 45 minutes before Mandalay Massacre [Dahboo77 YouTube]
HIGH 02 Oct 2017 Five things that just don’t add up about the Las Vegas mass shooting [Natural News]
LOW 13 Sep 2017 Security contractor says he was silenced by Clinton State Department on Benghazi [Zerohedge]
LOW 13 Sep 2017 Pentagon caught falsifying paperwork for weapons transfers into Syria [Zerohedge]
LOW 05 Sep 2017 Syrian rebel defector says his US-trained unit sold arms to ISIS [Www]
LOW 16 Aug 2017 Report: Charlottesville racist leader was former Occupy activist, Obama supporter [Google]
LOW 02 Aug 2017 Seymour Hersh: 'RussiaGate is a CIA-planted lie, revenge against Trump' [Zerohedge]
LOW 28 Jul 2017 Veteran intel pro's memo: Was the 'Russian hack' an inside job? [Thedailysheeple]
MOD 06 Jul 2017 Report: Saudis are the 'foremost' funder of terrorism in Britain [Businessinsider]
HIGH 28 Jun 2017 Gareth Porter: How America armed terrorists in Syria [Theamericanconservative]
LOW 23 Jun 2017 Syrian white helmets volunteer caught on video dumping mutilated corpses [Thedailysheeple]
LOW 23 Jun 2017 Man seen exiting WTC 7 on 9/11, wearing 'radiation hood,' was a DOE/OST tech for nuke weapons office [Intellihub]
MOD 21 Jun 2017 Ron Paul: Why is the US ‘taking military actions that benefit ISIS?’ [Wnd]
MOD 17 Jun 2017 FBI asks Miami judge to reconsider, keep secret ‘sensitive details’ about 9/11 [Floridabulldog]
LOW 12 Jun 2017 Iran claims to have proof of 'direct US support' for ISIS [Zerohedge]
LOW 05 Jun 2017 Dahboo7 reports: London suspect appeared in UK documentary, links to MI5... [Youtube]
LOW 05 Jun 2017 Russian President hints JFK was murdered by the Deep State [Zerohedge]
LOW 13 May 2017 BBC 'proof' of Syrian chem-weapons came without details from unnamed intel agency [Theantimedia]
LOW 13 May 2017 Saudis paid American veterans to fight 9/11 Families’ Lawsuits [Apnews]
LOW 06 May 2017 Yet another hate crime turns out to be a hoax [Dailycaller]
LOW 04 May 2017 Al-Qaeda claims it is fighting alongside US-backed coalition in Yemen [Thenewamerican]
MOD 04 May 2017 Al-Jazeera said to film false flag chemical attack against Syrian civilians [Thedailysheeple]
LOW 28 Apr 2017 ISIS apologized to Israel for attacking IDF soldiers? [Zerohedge]
MOD 23 Apr 2017 Claim: Pak spy agency protecting Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri [India]
HIGH 18 Apr 2017 MIT professor explains why the Assad gas attack was a sham [Shtfplan]
MOD 14 Apr 2017 US insurers sue Saudis for $4.2 billion over 9/11 [Theantimedia]
MOD 14 Apr 2017 Russia: Syrian warplane struck building where jihadists kept sarin [Bloomberg]
MOD 13 Apr 2017 Matt Argoist: 5 major stories that blow the 'official' narrative on Syria out of the water [Thedailysheeple]
MOD 11 Apr 2017 Russian President: Expect 'fake' gas attacks to discredit Syrian Govt [Yahoo]
MOD 09 Apr 2017 Philip Giraldi: IC-Military Doubt Assad Gas Narrative [Libertarianinstitute]
MOD 09 Apr 2017 Robert Parry: ‘Wag the dog’ psyop in Syria? [Consortiumnews]
HIGH 08 Apr 2017 Alex Newman: Was chemical attack in Syria a false flag to trigger US war? [Thenewamerican]
MOD 06 Apr 2017 CNN anchor speechless after Congressman questions Syria chemical attack narrative [Zerohedge]
SHTF 06 Apr 2017 FLASHBACK: The Red Line and the Rat Line – Erdoğan and the Syrian Rebels [Lrb]
LOW 05 Apr 2017 False flag in Syria? Journalists raise alarms on gas attack [Wearechange]
SEVERE 31 Mar 2017 Wikileaks exposes CIA false flag hacking as Russians [Dailymail]
HIGH 23 Mar 2017 The Saudi Reckoning: Pursuing the 9/11 Paymasters [Nydailynews]
HIGH 20 Mar 2017 9/11 families sue Saudis, accuse of complicity in attacks [Pix11]
MOD 18 Mar 2017 9/11 widow's letter to POTUS: America first or Saudi Arabia first? [Strategic-culture]
MOD 17 Mar 2017 Russian bank says Trump computer connections may have been 'hacker hoax' [Circa]
MOD 13 Mar 2017 Federico Pieraccini: A CIA Cyber False Flag [Strategic-culture]
HIGH 07 Mar 2017 US attacking al-Qaeda in Yemen while supporting Saudi coalition that includes al-Qaeda [Www]
MOD 07 Mar 2017 Wikileaks: CIA steals malware to ‘attribute’ cyberattacks to nations like Russia [Breitbart]
MOD 06 Mar 2017 Report: NATO insiders suspect Turkey coup was staged [Opposingviews]
LOW 23 Feb 2017 CIA aid to Syrian rebels frozen 'until matters are organized' [Reuters]
LOW 19 Feb 2017 CIA honors Saudi for fighting terror, despite nation’s terror ties [Wnd]
LOW 22 Jan 2017 Before leaving, POTUS 44 bombs 'CIA-vetted' Syrian rebels embedded with Al-Qaeda [Pjmedia]
LOW 21 Jan 2017 European Union spies say Turkish President triggered coup attempt with planned purges [Breitbart]