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The FutureDanger Indicator System contains nearly 500 predefined conditions or possible events. As our team fulfills it mission, check back soon for a thorough description of this one.
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News relevant to this indicator that emerges from open sources may lead to threatening conditions for the American Nation. The team at FutureDanger will provide a clear explanation of these risks as soon as possible.
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Indicator Historical Trend
Grade Date Headline Source
LOW 21 Sep 2020 NYPD officer accused of spying for China [WABC]
SEVERE 18 Sep 2020 FBI Sounds Alarm on Personal Data Theft by China [Washington Times]
SEVERE 17 Sep 2020 Naturalized Citizens from China Plead Guilty to Attempting Illegal Export of Maritime Raiding Craft to PRC [Department of Justice]
SEVERE 17 Sep 2020 PLA Defector believes CHICOM Intel has penetrated US Govt and will not cooperate with CIA [Washington Times]
HIGH 15 Sep 2020 Mysterious Drone Incursions Reported over US Missile Battery in Guam [The Drive]
LOW 09 Sep 2020 Are Directed Energy Weapons Starting Fires in California and Oregon!? [SHTFplan]
MOD 08 Sep 2020 UVA Researcher Arrested after Allegedly Stealing Trade Secrets for China [Campus Reform]
LOW 08 Sep 2020 Dozens More Mystery Drone Incursions over American Nuclear Power Plants Revealed [Forbes]
SHTF 24 Aug 2020 Texas A&M Prof, NASA Researcher Arrested for Alleged China Ties [ZeroHedge]
SHTF 21 Aug 2020 Ex-Green Beret, Charged with Russia Espionage [Washington Times]
SHTF 17 Aug 2020 Ex-CIA Officer Charged with Spying for China [NBC]
MOD 04 Aug 2020 NSA Warns Military and Intel Their Cellphone Location Data Poses National-Security Threat [WSJ]
LOW 28 Jul 2020 Mystery seeds from China are landing in Americans' mail boxes [CBS]
MOD 17 Jul 2020 Mystery of Ghislaine Maxwell's Wealth Hangs over Sex-Abuse Case [MSN]
SHTF 07 Jul 2020 FBI Director: China Engaged in Large-Scale Campaign to Subvert Fed Govt, Private Sector [Washington Times]
MOD 15 Jun 2020 Cell Operators Hit with Massive Cyberattack [UK Sun]
SEVERE 18 Mar 2020 AG: Severe Consequences If Foreign Government behind HHS Cyberattack [Washington Examiner]
HIGH 16 Mar 2020 Cyberattacks on Defense Networks Soar [Defense One]
LOW 16 Mar 2020 Cyberattack Hits HHS During COVID-19 Response [Newsmax]
LOW 20 Feb 2020 US agency that handles President's secure communication suffered data breach [Reuters]
MOD 11 Feb 2020 US Officials Say Chinese Multinational Tech Company Can Covertly Access Telecom Networks [WSJ]
MOD 09 Feb 2020 FBI Investigating More than 1,000 Cases of Chinese Govt Theft of American Technology [ZDNet]
HIGH 16 Jan 2020 Chinese Tech Espionage Causes Interior Department to Ground Scientific Drones [BBC]
HIGH 23 Dec 2019 Epstein Business Partner Says He Admitted He Was a Spy [Medium]
HIGH 15 Dec 2019 Revealed: Chinese Spies Breached US Military Base [MSN]
SEVERE 04 Dec 2019 Former CIA Counterterrorism Expert: Epstein Built Files for Mossad [Medium]
HIGH 21 Nov 2019 Kompromat: Epstein Guest Secretly Filmed in Every Bedroom and Toilet in His Home, Accuser Claims [UK Sun]
HIGH 15 Sep 2019 Israel Accused of Planting Mysterious Spy Devices near the White House [Politico]
LOW 14 Aug 2019 Epstein Associate Claimed His Island Was Filled with Cameras for Blackmail Purposes [WLSA]
MOD 23 Jul 2019 People Think Epstein Was a Spy for an Intelligence Agency — and They Might Be Right [Activist Post]
LOW 10 Jul 2019 Alex Acosta Reportedly Claimed Jeffrey Epstein ‘Belonged to Intelligence’ [Liberty Blitzkreig]
LOW 10 Jul 2019 The Jeffrey Epstein Rabbit Hole Goes a Lot Deeper than You Think [Liberty Blitzkreig]
LOW 09 Jul 2019 Claim: Epstein had a 'State Sponsor' and was running a 'blackmailing' operation [Summit News]
LOW 18 Jun 2019 Estimated 10,000 Foreign Spies in DC [WTOP]
LOW 17 Apr 2019 Chinese Woman Arrested Carrying Electronics into POTUS' Florida Resort Was ‘Up to Something Nefarious’ [Washington Post]
LOW 22 Nov 2018 Head of Russian Military Intelligence Dies Mysteriously from 'Serious Illness' [ZeroHedge]
LOW 19 Oct 2018 DOJ Accuses Russian Troll Farmer of 'Information Warfare' [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 04 Oct 2018 Explosive Report Details Chinese Infiltration of Apple, Amazon and the CIA [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 04 Oct 2018 DOJ charges seven Russian intelligence officers with cyberattack [WSJ]
LOW 05 Sep 2018 UK Charges 2 Russians in Skripal Case [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 29 Aug 2018 Congressman: Arrest of Iranian Spies in US Just 'Tip of the Iceberg' [Washington Free Beacon]
HIGH 28 Aug 2018 Sources: China Hacked Hillary Clinton’s Private Email Server [Daily Caller]
HIGH 08 Aug 2018 Senator says Russians penetrated Florida Voter Registration Systems [Tampa Bay Times]
HIGH 04 Aug 2018 Chinese Spy worked for California Senator for 20 years [CBS]
SEVERE 29 Jul 2018 How They Did It (and Will Likely Try Again): Russian Military Hackers vs. US Elections [ARS Technica]
SEVERE 23 Jul 2018 DHS: Russian Hackers Reach American Utility Control Rooms [WSJ]
SEVERE 22 Jul 2018 Accused Russian agent Butina met with US Treasury, Fed officials in 2015 [Reuters]
SEVERE 17 Jul 2018 POTUS accepts Russia Meddled in 2016 Election [Reuters]
SEVERE 16 Jul 2018 Russian Woman Arrested in Washington, Accused of Acting as Russian Government Agent [Yahoo]
SEVERE 13 Jul 2018 Russian Intel Officers indicted for allegedly hacking Clinton Campaign, DNC Emails [Reuters]
MOD 04 Jun 2018 American intelligence contractor caught spying for China [ZeroHedge]
MOD 02 Jun 2018 Signs of sophisticated cell-phone spying found near White Jouse [Chicago Tribune]
HIGH 18 May 2018 Potential spy devices which track cellphones, intercept calls found all over DC, MD and VA [WRC-TV]
SEVERE 18 Apr 2018 Congress demands answers from DHS over 'unusual surveillance activity' around DC [Fast Company]
SEVERE 03 Apr 2018 DHS suspects foreign and criminal cellphone spying devices in DC [AP]
MOD 22 Mar 2018 Claim: ‘Lone DNC hacker’ Guccifer 2.0 was a Russian intelligence officer [Daily Beast]
SEVERE 18 Feb 2018 Special Counsel Indicts: 90 Russian-effort with $2 million [Washington Post]
SEVERE 17 Feb 2018 National Security Adviser: Evidence is 'incontrovertible' that Russia meddled in 2016 election [Newsmax]
HIGH 16 Feb 2018 Special Counsel indicts 13 Russians for interfering in US election [ZeroHedge]
LOW 13 Feb 2018 Intel Community sees signs of Russian meddling in midterms [ABC]
MOD 07 Feb 2018 DHS: Russia 'penetrated' voter rolls in 21 States, 'no evidence' of alterations [ZeroHedge]
MOD 30 Jan 2018 Estranged half-brother of NKorean Dictator killed after meeting with US national [Reuters]
HIGH 17 Jan 2018 House Inspector General: Pakistani IT aides used 'unauthorized access' to transfer Congress' data to stolen server [ZeroHedge]
LOW 19 Dec 2017 Flights logs show a single Israeli plane secretly flew out of Atlanta during airport blackout [Daily Sheeple]
HIGH 02 Dec 2017 Senator asks DHS to look into cell tower spoofer use by foreign entities in DC [Techdirt]
LOW 12 Nov 2017 Claim: Special Counsel questioned POTUS' election co-chair on contacts with Russia [Reuters]
LOW 01 Nov 2017 Drones buzz Army fort in DC [CNBC]
HIGH 28 Oct 2017 Report: Special Counsel's office will issue first Russian election interference indictment Monday [NBC]
HIGH 20 Oct 2017 Daphne Caruana Galizia: Malta journalist killed by 'remotely detonated' bomb [BBC]
HIGH 18 Oct 2017 Dirty Dossier creators 'plead da fif' during House Intel hearings [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 16 Oct 2017 Car bomb kills journalist behind Panama Papers offshore tax evasion investigation [UK Mirror]
HIGH 02 Oct 2017 Bizarre attacks in Havana hit US spy network in Cuba [AP]
MOD 13 Sep 2017 Two more Americans affected by mysterious 'sonic attacks' in Cuba [Zerohedge]
MOD 13 Sep 2017 Son of former National Security Adviser subject of Federal Russia probe [NBC]
MOD 13 Sep 2017 Russian effort to influence American voters through social media is 'red-hot' focus of Special Counsel [Bloomberg]
HIGH 10 Sep 2017 Top advisor to Dem Presidential nominee suggests primary opponent colluded with Russia too [Gateway Pundit]
HIGH 08 Sep 2017 Special Counsel requests interviews with 6 members of POTUS 'inner circle' [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 06 Sep 2017 House Intel Committee subpoenas DOJ, FBI for Dirty Dossier records [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 05 Sep 2017 Trump family and associates to be in Russia probe crosshairs [NY Daily News]
MOD 23 Aug 2017 Russian Ambassador to Sudan found dead, drowned in own pool [ZeroHedge]
MOD 23 Aug 2017 Cuban Govt permanently injured 9 American diplomats with covert sound weapon [CBS]
MOD 18 Aug 2017 President elevates Cyber Command to Unified Combatant Command []
LOW 18 Aug 2017 State Department email service hit with 12-hour worldwide to its entire unclassified system [Hosted]
HIGH 09 Aug 2017 'Acoustic attack'... [CNN]
HIGH 09 Aug 2017 Two Cuban diplomats expelled from Washington in retaliation for US officials leaving Cuba suffering 'physical symptoms' [UK Telegraph]
HIGH 09 Aug 2017 FBI raided home of President’s former campaign chairman on July 26th [Washington Post]
HIGH 03 Aug 2017 Special Prosecutor impanels Grand Jury in Russia probe, POTUS' son subpoenaed [Daily Sheeple]
HIGH 30 Jul 2017 Pakistani IT workers, DNC fraud, and the Muslim Brotherhood... [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 26 Jul 2017 Anti-POTUS 'dirty dossier' firm did work for corrupt regimes [Washington Times]
HIGH 25 Jul 2017 Senate Judiciary Committee subpoenas POTUS Campaign Chief [Daily Beast]
HIGH 22 Jul 2017 Reuters: Moscow lawyer who met President's son had Russian spy agency as client [Reuters]
HIGH 22 Jul 2017 Ex-NSA/CIA Director says Russia meddling 'most successful covert operation in history' [Newsmax]
LOW 16 Jul 2017 Russian oligarch who plotted to aid POTUS was named in private intel dossier [The Intercept]
LOW 16 Jul 2017 Mysterious hacker leaks emails of top State Department expert on Russia [ZeroHedge]
LOW 16 Jul 2017 GOP operative behind WSJ collusion 'bombshell' committed suicide [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 09 Jul 2017 POTUS brought up Russian election interference more than once in meeting with Russia President [CNBC]
HIGH 06 Jul 2017 When cyberweapons go missing... [NYT]
HIGH 21 Jun 2017 Homeland Official: Russian Govt actors tried to hack election systems in 21 States [Washington Post]
HIGH 10 Jun 2017 Al-Jazeera claims to be victim of cyberattack as Qatar crisis continues [ARS Technica]
HIGH 07 Jun 2017 CNN Exclusive: US suspects Russian hackers planted fake news behind Qatar crisis [CNN]
HIGH 07 Jun 2017 NSA leaks seemingly contradict POTUS 44's public promises on 'Russian election hacking' [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 05 Jun 2017 Top-secret NSA report details Russian hacking effort days before 2016 election [The Intercept]
MOD 02 Jun 2017 Russian State Media points out new emails show Clinton sent classified info to Foundation staff [Sputnik]
MOD 02 Jun 2017 World heading towards 'permanent cyber war', France warns [UK Independent]
MOD 02 Jun 2017 Cyberweapons are now in play: From US sabotage of a NKorean missile test to hacked emergency sirens in Dallas [ZDNet]
MOD 01 Jun 2017 Russian President says patriots may be hacking on own initiative [Yahoo]
MOD 31 May 2017 2016 Dem Presidential Candidate says Russians 'guided' by Americans, used 'weaponized' info [Newsmax]
MOD 31 May 2017 Cyber blame game grows murkier as spying, crime tools mix [Reuters]
MOD 30 May 2017 President's personal lawyer subpoenaed by House Intel Committee [ZeroHedge]
MOD 30 May 2017 Shadow Brokers threaten more NSA code coming [Reuters]
MOD 26 May 2017 Researchers say Russians hack, then 'modify' docs of anti-Kremlin politicians [Washington Post]
MOD 26 May 2017 Senate intel committee requests Trump campaign docs [Washington Post]
MOD 24 May 2017 NSA fears Shadow Brokers may expose identities of their hackers [WSJ]
MOD 22 May 2017 Fired National Security Advisor takes the fifth, declines Senate subpoena [ZeroHedge]
MOD 17 May 2017 WashPo claims tape of House Majority Leader saying ‘I think Putin pays Trump' [Washington Post]
MOD 13 May 2017 Two days after Director fired, FBI raids consultant linked to POTUS advisors [IBT]
LOW 13 May 2017 Shadow Brokers relaese password to NSA's top secret arsenal 'in protest of Trump betrayal' [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 10 May 2017 Senate Intel Committee subpoenas former National Security Advisor for docs in Russia probe [CNBC]
HIGH 10 May 2017 Report: Grand Jury subpoenas issued in Russia investigation [CNN]
MOD 30 Apr 2017 POTUS on election hacking: 'Could have been China' [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 20 Apr 2017 Reuters: Think tank controlled by Russian President drew up plan to sway election [Reuters]
LOW 14 Apr 2017 Jeremiah Johnson: This is what has kept more tomahawks from falling on Syria... [SHTFplan]
SEVERE 13 Apr 2017 CIA Director blasts Wikileaks as ‘hostile intelligence service’ [Bloomberg]
SEVERE 12 Apr 2017 FBI obtained FISA warrant to monitor POTUS campaign adviser for Russia links [Washington Post]
HIGH 08 Apr 2017 MSNBC: What if Putin planned Syrian chemical attack to help Trump? [Washington Post]
HIGH 07 Apr 2017 Banker who admitted to being a Russian spy in NYC deported [UK Daily Mail]
HIGH 07 Apr 2017 NYT: CIA told 'Gang of Eight' about Russia Meddling in August [Newsmax]
MOD 01 Apr 2017 Florida Senator: Former campaign aides targeted by IP address in Russia [The Hill]
MOD 01 Apr 2017 Ex-NSA Boss: Russian twitter bots turned ‘Bernie Bros’ into ‘unwitting agents’ in disinfo campaign [Raw Story]
LOW 28 Mar 2017 Former VPOTUS: Russian election interference could be ‘act of war’ [The Hill]
SEVERE 23 Mar 2017 Treasury agents probing banking of ex-POTUS campaign chief [AP]
SEVERE 20 Mar 2017 FBI Director confirms Russian election inquiry [NYT]
HIGH 19 Mar 2017 House Intel Ranking Member: 'Direct evidence of deception' in POTUS/Russia Probe [Newsmax]
HIGH 19 Mar 2017 Senate Intel Committee sets hearing on Russian election interference [The Hill]
HIGH 19 Mar 2017 FBI Director faces House Intelligence Committee to answer Russian hacking questions [Yahoo]
HIGH 17 Mar 2017 Mass hack of cell phones ensnares DC [Washington Free Beacon]
SEVERE 15 Mar 2017 FBI Chief to testify publicly on Russian election interference [The Hill]
SEVERE 15 Mar 2017 DOJ accuses Russian Intelligence of hacking Yahoo [CNBC]
HIGH 13 Mar 2017 House hacking suspects could read Congressmen's emails... [Daily Caller]
HIGH 13 Mar 2017 Molly Ball: Washington's Spy Paranoia [The Atlantic]
HIGH 11 Mar 2017 Ex-CIA Deputy Director: Leak 'has to be an inside job' [The Hill]
HIGH 10 Mar 2017 Previous DNI says 'no evidence whatsoever' POTUS campaign aides colluded with Russia [ABC]
HIGH 10 Mar 2017 Report: FBI still investigating computer link between Trump organization, Russian bank [The Hill]
HIGH 10 Mar 2017 NYPD orders medical examiner to keep cause of Russian UN ambassador's death secret [Hosted]
HIGH 09 Mar 2017 Unknown drones threatening nuclear facilities [Washington Times]
HIGH 08 Mar 2017 Report: FBI Russia probe failed to find evidence against POTUS [Daily Caller]
HIGH 08 Mar 2017 Moses Apostaticus: The Palace Eunuchs Have Exposed Themselves [Daily Caller]
HIGH 07 Mar 2017 To DC security establishment, Wikileaks' CIA dump seen as more Kremlin influence ops [UK Guardian]
HIGH 07 Mar 2017 Current FBI & NSA, former DNI & CIA heads to face House Intel on Russia hacking [Reuters]
HIGH 07 Mar 2017 Another Snowden? [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 07 Mar 2017 WikiLeaks: CIA lost control of ‘hacking arsenal’ [Breitbart]
SEVERE 27 Feb 2017 Deep State War? Russian officials keep dying unexpectedly [ZeroHedge]
LOW 21 Feb 2017 Homeland Security employees locked out of computer networks [Reuters]
LOW 20 Feb 2017 Russian ambassador to UN suddenly dies in NY; Russian President 'deeply upset' [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 20 Feb 2017 Chinese Ambassador sought private meeting with Clinton aides [Daily Caller]
HIGH 19 Feb 2017 Senate Intel Committee wants Russian election hacking materials preserved [Hosted]
HIGH 19 Feb 2017 FBI Directors' classfied Senate briefing results in uncanny silence among lawmakers [Fox News]
HIGH 18 Feb 2017 Sources: FBI pursuing at least three probes into Russian election hacking [Reuters]
MOD 14 Feb 2017 CLAIM: NSA withholding intelligence from 'untrustworthy' POTUS administration [Haaretz]
LOW 09 Feb 2017 Explosion at French nuke plant — is someone sending France a message? [Daily Sheeple]
HIGH 05 Feb 2017 House Minority Leader: 'What do the Russians have on President Trump?' [Washington Examiner]
SEVERE 28 Jan 2017 Ex-KGB General who helped British spy compile Trump dirty dossier found dead in his car [UK Daily Mail]
SEVERE 26 Jan 2017 House Intel Cmte calls on POTUS to share Russian election influence docs [Reuters]
SEVERE 24 Jan 2017 ABC News says Russian businessman source of key 'dirty dossier' claims [ABC]
SHTF 18 Jan 2017 Texas Congressman: DNC hack 'most successful covert action' in Russian history [The Hill]
SHTF 18 Jan 2017 FBI, 5 other agencies investigating if Kremlin funded PEOTUS [McClatchy]