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This is the freedom to advance truth, science, morality, and arts by the communication of thoughts between individuals. It is essential for holding authority to republican values. Free speech restricts only Government action, not action by private employers, property owners, householders, churches, universities, etc. It applies to all levels and branches of Government. Nonverbal communication, such as waving or burning a flag or wearing clothes with messages, is free. Conduct that is necessary in order to speak effectively, for example, running this website, is free. Limiting the use of money for speech purposes is a speech limit. It encompasses all perspectives, good or evil.
There are some forms of unacceptable speech. People are not free to incite imminent unlawful conduct, intentionally lie to a court, possess obscenities of children or purvey them to children, make un-rhetorical threats of violence, steal copyrighted work, or mislead through commercial advertising.
Most of the humanity, for most of human history, has experienced political censorship.
The fastest way to live under an abhorrent regime is to accept “lawful” restrictions to speech. As James Madison wrote, speech that creates “a contempt, a disrepute, or hatred [of the Government] among the people" must stay unrestricted, because the only way to decide whether such disdain is reasonable is "by a free examination [of the government's actions], and a free communication among the people thereon."
The urge of tyrants to impose by force that which the marketplace of ideas does not seem to be correcting quickly enough is eternal. Be vigilant for efforts to re-define the traditional types of unacceptable speech to limit your free expression. Legislation will increasingly try to specify categories of “hate” speech to curry favor with “protected” groups, rationalizing it as incitement to violence.
In 1949, George Orwell published the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. In it, a fictional language called the Newspeak was introduced. Newspeak was a Government-organized language created by a totalitarian state as an instrument to limit freedom of thought. Carefully observe how your Government changes the meaning of words over time, and how your fellow citizens fall in line.
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Grade Date Headline Source
LOW 17 Mar 2017 NY Assemblyman unveils bill to suppress non-government-approved free speech [Zero Hedge]
MOD 07 Mar 2017 Utah judge won't let the Constitution get in the way of a little prior restraint [Techdirt]
LOW 17 Feb 2017 DOJ annoys Judge by using cut-and-paste legal argument in Twitter surveillance disclosure lawsuit [Techdirt]
MOD 08 Feb 2017 Oregon school district bans confederate flag [Daily Caller]
LOW 25 Jan 2017 8th Circuit hints at unconstitutionality of Missouri restrictions on commercial speech [National Law Review]
LOW 22 Jan 2017 Timothy Sandefur: All price restrictions are limits on Free Speech [Reason]