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The FutureDanger Indicator System contains nearly 500 predefined conditions or possible events. As our team fulfills it mission, check back soon for a thorough description of this one.
Background on this indicator will be provided here in the near future.
News relevant to this indicator that emerges from open sources may lead to threatening conditions for the American Nation. The team at FutureDanger will provide a clear explanation of these risks as soon as possible.
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Primary References

Full Indicator Record

Grade Date Headline Source
LOW 15 Nov 2017 Thousands of AT&T outages across the country [Fox2now]
LOW 07 Nov 2017 Comcast internet goes down nationwide [Zerohedge]
LOW 30 Oct 2017 Over 1.1 million lose power as strong coastal low hits East Coast [Watchers]
LOW 26 Oct 2017 New 'reaper' malware infects millions of devices worldwide [Youtube]
LOW 24 Oct 2017 Severe storm, destructive tornadoes roll through Carolinas, 98,000 without power [Watchers]
LOW 12 Oct 2017 Congress warned NKorean EMP attack would kill '90% of all Americans' [Washington Examiner]
LOW 10 Oct 2017 Snowstorm leaves 102,000 customers without power in Denver [Watchers]
LOW 21 Sep 2017 STRATCOM Commander warns EMP is a realistic threat to US [Youtube]
HIGH 11 Sep 2017 Nearly half of Florida in the dark [Foxnews]
HIGH 10 Sep 2017 Over 3 million lose power in Florida from Irma [Reuters]
MOD 10 Sep 2017 Report: Hackers can now cause blackouts on American electrical grid [Americanthinker]
MOD 10 Sep 2017 Millions without power in Florida [Tallahassee]
MOD 08 Sep 2017 Hurricane Irma power outage forecast map [Umich]
MOD 06 Sep 2017 Iram puts 900,000 without power in Puerto Rico [Chicagotribune]
MOD 28 Aug 2017 280,000 Texans without power on Monday [Cnbc]
MOD 28 Aug 2017 Cell Networks suffer outages in Harvey’s wake [Wsj]
LOW 14 Aug 2017 SHINING STAR: Congressional expert warns NK satellite could launch surprise EMP attack [Youtube]
LOW 14 Aug 2017 Chuck Norris: What Govt and media won’t tell you 1 nuke can do [Wnd]
MOD 09 Aug 2017 'Black sky event' – Feds prepping for widespread power outages across US [Infowars]
LOW 03 Aug 2017 Jeremiah Johnson: North Korea Can Deliver a Warhead Containing an EMP Weapon Dead Center over the Continental United States [Shtfplan]
LOW 30 Jul 2017 Congressional Report: American power grid vulnerable... [Newstarget]
LOW 09 Jul 2017 Amid heat wave, fire causes power outage for 140,000 in LA [Nytimes]
LOW 09 Jul 2017 Overnight storms leave 156,000 Michigan homes without power [Watchers]
LOW 09 Jul 2017 Unpublished internal FEMA report says major solar storm could knock grid down 4-10 years [Allnewspipeline]
LOW 09 Jul 2017 Report: Hackers breached a dozen American nuclear plants [Bbc]
LOW 29 Jun 2017 American nuclear plant computer system cyberbreached over recent months [Abcnews]
LOW 28 Jun 2017 New computer virus spreads from Ukraine to disrupt world business [Reuters]
LOW 27 Jun 2017 Another Massive Ransomware Outbreak Is Going Global Fast [Forbes]
LOW 23 Jun 2017 69,000 customers without power after thunderstorms lash Detroit [Watchers]
LOW 17 Jun 2017 Strong storm sweeps through Omaha, leaves 76,000 homes without power [Watchers]
LOW 17 Jun 2017 Claim: New Russian cyberweapon can cause blackouts anywhere in the world [Interestingengineering]
LOW 16 Jun 2017 YouTube issues... [Youtube]
LOW 15 Jun 2017 Twitter briefly goes down... [Downdetector]
LOW 12 Jun 2017 Cyber experts identify malware that could disrupt US power grid [Wsj]
LOW 07 Jun 2017 Amazon product pages go down in rare outage [Theverge]
LOW 31 May 2017 Massive storm causes third largest outage in Memphis [Watchers]
LOW 29 May 2017 WannaCry ransom notice analysis suggests Chinese link [Bbc]
LOW 23 May 2017 Fiber cut causing wireless service issues and outages for AT&T [Youtube]
LOW 22 May 2017 New 'Eternal Rocks' worm more dangerous than #WannaCry identified [Youtube]
MOD 17 May 2017 Another large-scale cyberattack underway [Yahoo]
MOD 16 May 2017 Hackers unleash second NSA-developed cyber-weapon on dark web [Zerohedge]
MOD 15 May 2017 Experts wary of another WannaCry flare-up [Wsj]
MOD 15 May 2017 29,000 Chinese institutions hit... [Yahoo]
MOD 15 May 2017 Microsoft slams NSA for letting its hacking tools cause global malware epidemic [Zerohedge]
MOD 13 May 2017 'WannaCry' Ransomeware Blitz: Microsoft releases unusually urgent patch... [Youtube]
MOD 12 May 2017 Massive Worldwide Cyberattack [Foxnews]
MOD 12 May 2017 POTUS orders preparation for electric grid cyberattacks [Freebeacon]
MOD 10 May 2017 Cyber Command Chief: Foreign states prepping cyberattacks on infrastructure in future war [Freebeacon]
MOD 08 May 2017 Word of NKorea ability to cause EMP catastrophe getting out [Breitbart]
LOW 02 May 2017 Internet outages from coast to coast... [Youtu]
LOW 22 Apr 2017 88,000 blacked-out in San Francisco [Sfgate]
LOW 30 Mar 2017 Severe weather knocks out power to 200,000 Texans [Watchers]
LOW 22 Mar 2017 230K lose power across Georgia and Tennessee [Watchers]
LOW 21 Mar 2017 Microsoft Outlook hit by another global service outage [Zerohedge]
LOW 12 Mar 2017 Windstorm knock out power to 120,000+ western NY homes [Usnews]
MOD 10 Mar 2017 60 mph winds knock out power to tens of thousands in Wisconsin [Usnews]
MOD 09 Mar 2017 Windstorm cuts power to more than one million in Michigan [Watchers]
LOW 08 Mar 2017 AT&T outage affects 911 mobile calls nationwide [Abcnews]
LOW 07 Mar 2017 Microsoft services including Outlook, Hotmail and Xbox are down across the world [Manchestereveningnews]
LOW 07 Mar 2017 How a viral tweet overwhelmed the Nation’s 911 call centers [Nymag]
LOW 03 Mar 2017 Widespread service outages on Verizon, MetroPCS , T-Mobile and AT&T [Youtube]
LOW 28 Feb 2017 Massive internet outage sweeping East Coast [Bgr]
LOW 20 Feb 2017 Severe storm leaves nearly 40,000 without power in San Antonio [Yahoo]
LOW 13 Feb 2017 Weather Service suffers ‘catastrophic’ outage [Washingtonpost]