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Sir William Blackstone, in Commentaries on the Laws of England, wrote about the right to have arms as auxiliary to the "natural right of resistance and self-preservation.” On June 26, 2008, in Heller v. District of Columbia, the Supreme Court decided the Second Amendment meant what the Second Amendment says. The natural right to keep and bear arms is the right to resist oppression, preserve our lives, and defend our property. The Second Amendment, the Grand Jury Clause of the Fifth Amendment, and the Seventh Amendment are the only provisions of the Bill of Rights not incorporated against the States.
Most of the humanity, for most of human history, has been unarmed and subjugated.
Research Werner Best, Ernst Eduard vom Rath, Herschel Grynszpan, and Kristallnacht. Cambodia, China, Guatemala, Rwanda, Ottoman Turkey, Uganda, USSR – same deal. Disarming a hated minority before the pogrom is nothing new. Armed Americans will not go down this way. So the more Second Amendment infringement you witness, the closer you are to seeing real violence.
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Grade Date Headline Source
HIGH 22 May 2017 SCOTUS kicks California 'may-issue' challenge down the road once more []
MOD 30 Apr 2017 Green Bay alderman 'explores' ban on open carry [StarTribune]
MOD 28 Apr 2017 Gun Grabbers adopt new confiscation tactic [WND]
HIGH 23 Apr 2017 California: Open carry ban passes in the Assembly [NRA ILA]
LOW 20 Apr 2017 NY legislation would deny 2nd Amendment from Thoughtcrime Convicts [Legislative Gazette]
LOW 01 Apr 2017 Arkansas House passes bill to turn stadiums, hospitals, and daycares back into gun free zones []
LOW 25 Mar 2017 Arkansas Senate votes to turn college sports stadiums back into gun free zones [ESPN]
HIGH 18 Mar 2017 Wyoming Governor vetoes bill to renew 2nd Amendment at Government meetings [NRA ILA]
LOW 18 Mar 2017 Wyoming Governor vetoes bill to renew 2nd Amendment at Government meetings [NRA ILA]
LOW 10 Mar 2017 Court says bearing 'automatic knives' in Pennsylvania has nothing to do with Second Amendment [PhillyVoice]
LOW 10 Mar 2017 Florida politicians trying to exempt themselves from their own 2nd Amendment infringements [Tampa Bay Times]
LOW 08 Mar 2017 New Mexico Senate decides 2nd Amendment does not apply inside State Capitol []
MOD 08 Mar 2017 Connecticut police claim 'handcuffed' by inability to demand papers from openly armed citizens []
MOD 06 Mar 2017 Wave of gun legislation filed in Missouri General Assembly [Missourian]
MOD 06 Mar 2017 Judge orders Sheriff to defy Florida Legislature, regulate right to bear arms [Herald-Tribune]
SEVERE 03 Mar 2017 Florida Supreme Court upholds ban on openly bearing arms [Sun Sentinel]
MOD 03 Mar 2017 City turns municipal property into gun free zones in West Virginia [Daily Athenaeum]
MOD 28 Feb 2017 Jonathan F. Keiler: Fourth Circuit sets the stage for a new national gun ban [American Thinker]
LOW 27 Feb 2017 Man with 40-year-old misdemeanor sues ATF because he wants to hunt with grandchildren [PennLive]
HIGH 12 Feb 2017 Maryland House passes bill to ban firearms on college campuses [WBAL]
HIGH 10 Feb 2017 Colorado House kills bills to end gun-free zones and restore modern magazines [Colorado Springs Gazette]
MOD 08 Feb 2017 Inconsistent Florida firearm laws pose potential new threat to 2nd Amendment rights [Bearing Arms]
MOD 08 Feb 2017 Every Kalamazoo, Michingan public school is now a gun-free zone []
MOD 21 Jan 2017 Federal Appeals Court: Chicago violates Second Amendment … again [NRA-ILA]
LOW 21 Jan 2017 Ohio's new weasel-worded concealed carry law letting colleges simply ignore it [University Herald]