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Full Indicator Record

Grade Date Headline Source
LOW 31 Dec 2017 Turkey rages after 'coup' officer granted asylum in NATO Ally Greece [Yahoo]
LOW 20 Dec 2017 EU triggers treaty against Poland, members to decide if Poles breaching 'fundamental values' [Investment Watch Blog]
LOW 15 Dec 2017 Landmark treaty signed to create European Union Army [Zerohedge]
LOW 02 Dec 2017 Claim: NATO ally Turkey helped Iran evade US sanctions [Cnn]
LOW 13 Nov 2017 Germany clumsily admits to supporting regime change in Poland [Orientalreview]
LOW 30 Oct 2017 NATO General threatens ‘consequences’ for Turkey buying Russian missiles [Antiwar]
MOD 12 Oct 2017 Turkish President tells US 'we don't need you' [Zerohedge]
LOW 10 Oct 2017 NATO ally Turkey sentences Wall Street Journal reporter to jail for terrorist propaganda [Zerohedge]
LOW 05 Oct 2017 NATO ally Turkey arrests US consulate employee [Wsj]
LOW 19 Sep 2017 Turkey buys NATO-incompatible Russian missiles [Strategic Culture]
LOW 13 Sep 2017 Turkey pivots from NATO, signs Russian missile deal [Zerohedge]
LOW 29 Aug 2017 Grand jury indicts Turkish Presidential guards for violence near DC embassy [Nbcwashington]
LOW 18 Aug 2017 Turkish President says German leaders are enemies [Bbc]
LOW 22 Jul 2017 Turkey denies role in map showing American military posts in Syria [Taiwannews]
LOW 20 Jul 2017 Germany blocks defense exports to Turkey in 'worst crisis since World War II' [Zerohedge]
LOW 20 Jul 2017 Germany warns its citizens they risk arrest if traveling to Turkey [Zerohedge]
LOW 16 Jul 2017 City of London accuses France of plot to ‘wreck Britain’ [Dailymail]
LOW 16 Jul 2017 Russia clinches $2.5 billion deal to sell Turkey advanced missile defenses [Debka]
LOW 16 Jul 2017 Turkey bars German lawmakers from visiting NATO's Incirlik airbase [Zerohedge]
MOD 10 Jul 2017 German forces start pull out from Incirlik base in southern Turkey [Debka]
MOD 05 Jul 2017 Turkey accuses US of creating 'terrorist army' in Syria [Zerohedge]
LOW 04 Jul 2017 Greek coast guard fires at Turkish cargo ship [Express]
LOW 27 Jun 2017 Germany warns Turkish President's protester-beating guards not to attend G20 [Dailymail]
LOW 27 Jun 2017 Growing concerns about US nuclear weapons in Turkey [Americanthinker]
LOW 14 Jun 2017 Turkish Guards to be charged for DC Embassy protest beatings [Nytimes]
MOD 05 Jun 2017 NATO Splinters: Germany says 'has no choice but to pull out' troops from Turkey's Incirlik airbase [Zerohedge]
MOD 02 Jun 2017 EJ Insight: EU setting up its own nuclear arsenal is no longer a joke [Ejinsight]
MOD 02 Jun 2017 Reuters quotes 'EU Naval Force' [Reuters]
MOD 02 Jun 2017 Russian President says he's ready to sell S-400 anti-aircraft system to Turkey [Timesofisrael]
MOD 02 Jun 2017 Gun Deal in Jeopardy for Turkish Guards Who Beat Protesters [Nytimes]
MOD 02 Jun 2017 Europeans rejecting Turkey's bid to host NATO gathering [Newsweek]
MOD 02 Jun 2017 UK Paper calls German Chancellor: 'Merkel, the Red footsoldier' [Dailymail]
MOD 30 May 2017 US now arming Syrian Kurds [Nbcnews]
MOD 30 May 2017 Turkey refuses to grant German lawmakers access to Incirlik airbase [Zerohedge]
LOW 28 May 2017 German Chancellor says Europe 'must take its fate into its own hands' [Yahoo]
LOW 25 May 2017 POTUS demands Europe pay more toward NATO [Telegraph]
MOD 22 May 2017 Turks condemn US over ‘aggressive’ acts against President’s protester-beating guards in DC [Washingtonpost]
MOD 18 May 2017 Video shows Turkish President watched his guards clash with protesters [Thehill]
MOD 17 May 2017 Turk President's bodyguards attack pro-Kurd protesters in DC [Theguardian]
MOD 16 May 2017 Turkish President warns American President not to arm Kurds [Rferl]
LOW 16 May 2017 Germany to consider withdrawing troops after Turkey denies lawmakers access [Nrttv]
LOW 16 May 2017 In Turkey, new demands to evict US forces from Incirlik air base [Militarytimes]
MOD 10 May 2017 Turkish Foreign Minister: US decision to arm Syrian Kurds endangers Turkey [Debka]
MOD 04 May 2017 Russian, Turkish Presidents hail return to 'normal partner' relations [Rferl]
MOD 04 May 2017 Turkey threatens to strike US forces partnered with Kurdish militias in Syria [Washingtontimes]
LOW 30 Apr 2017 DEBKA: US Marines in Syria to defend Kurds against Turkey [Debka]
LOW 28 Apr 2017 Turks clinch arms deal with Russia [Tass]
LOW 28 Apr 2017 NATO Chief says Turkey must show 'full respect' for rule of law [Yahoo]
LOW 28 Apr 2017 US slams NATO ally Turkey for airstrikes against Kurds [Military]
LOW 23 Apr 2017 Turkey in final stage of buying Russian anti-aircraft weapon system [Inserbia]
LOW 09 Apr 2017 Turkish officers get asylum in Norway [Taiwannews]
MOD 07 Apr 2017 Russia and Turkey hold joint naval drills in the Black Sea [Newsweek]
MOD 04 Apr 2017 Spanish warship violates UK waters in Gibraltar after Brexit war threat [Independent]
MOD 03 Apr 2017 262 Turkish diplomats, military personnel seek asylum in Germany [Turkeypurge]
MOD 03 Apr 2017 Turk President says his people in Europe should defy 'grandchildren of Nazism' [Yahoo]
MOD 02 Apr 2017 UK PM would go to war with Spain to protect Gibraltar, ex-party leader suggests [Theguardian]
MOD 31 Mar 2017 Germany slams POTUS' 'unrealistic' NATO demands [Zerohedge]
MOD 30 Mar 2017 American support for Kurdish forces in Syria becoming major flashpoint with Turkey [Wsj]
MOD 28 Mar 2017 German official accuses Turkey of 'unacceptable' spying [Debka]
MOD 23 Mar 2017 Norway grants asylum to pro-coup Turkish soldiers [Dailysabah]
MOD 23 Mar 2017 Turkey summons German diplomat over intel chief's Gulen remarks [Globaltimes]
MOD 23 Mar 2017 Report: Germany blocks arms sales to Turkey [Www]
MOD 22 Mar 2017 Turk President warns Europeans 'will not walk safely' if attitude persists [Yahoo]
MOD 19 Mar 2017 NEXT LEVEL: Turk President says 'Europeans would revive the gas chambers if they weren't ashamed' [Zerohedge]
MOD 18 Mar 2017 Turkey continues to get into spats with NATO allies [Dailycaller]
MOD 18 Mar 2017 Austro-Turkish feud draws in NATO [Reuters]
MOD 18 Mar 2017 POTUS: Germany owes NATO 'vast sums'. US 'must be paid more' for providing defense [Hosted]
MOD 17 Mar 2017 Turkey threatens to hit Europe with '15,000 refugees a month' [Yahoo]
MOD 14 Mar 2017 NATO Secretary General calls on Turkey, Netherlands to defuse row [Reuters]
MOD 14 Mar 2017 Turk-Dutch diplomatic crisis [Upi]
MOD 13 Mar 2017 Turkey says 'migrant deal has ended', may unleash millions of refugees [Zerohedge]
LOW 13 Mar 2017 Turkey bans Dutch diplomatic flights, may 'abolish friendship' [Zerohedge]
LOW 12 Mar 2017 Turkey warns 'fascist' Netherlands will pay... [Yahoo]
LOW 12 Mar 2017 Dutch police expel Turkish minister as 'Nazi remnants' row escalates [Theguardian]
LOW 11 Mar 2017 Dutch block Turkish Foreign Minister from joining immigrant rally for growing Turk dictatorship [Yahoo]
LOW 10 Mar 2017 No let-up in Turkey-Germany war of words after ministers meet [Reuters]
LOW 06 Mar 2017 Europeans thinking about repurposing French nuke arsenal under EU command [Nytimes]
MOD 25 Feb 2017 Air Combat Command Chief concerned Turkey might attack US-backed forces [Washingtonexaminer]
MOD 24 Feb 2017 Michael Rubin: Can NATO survive Turkey? [Aei]
MOD 23 Feb 2017 NATO member Turkey to acquire advanced Russian air defense missiles [Debka]
LOW 20 Feb 2017 Poll: Bulgaria, Greece, Slovenia and Turkey would pick Russia to defend them rather than US [Americanthinker]
MOD 19 Feb 2017 French Foreign Minister: American attempts to 'divide and rule Europeans will not work' [Reuters]
MOD 17 Feb 2017 Germany warns US not to seek Russian rapprochement behind the backs of NATO allies [Zerohedge]
MOD 15 Feb 2017 SecDef issues ultimatum to NATO: Start spending or US will 'moderate commitment' [Yahoo]
LOW 10 Feb 2017 CIA Director to visit Turkey amid tension over exiled cleric [Cbsnews]
MOD 08 Feb 2017 POTUS demands US 'money back' from freeriding NATO countries [Dailycaller]
LOW 06 Feb 2017 Tensions flare between uneasy allies Greece and Turkey [Yahoo]
LOW 03 Feb 2017 Tensions between Greece and Turkey mounting [Inserbia]
LOW 30 Jan 2017 Turkey urges Germany to reject soldiers' asylum bids [Yahoo]
LOW 30 Jan 2017 Greek, Turkish warships in brief standoff near disputed islets [Japantimes]
LOW 27 Jan 2017 Turkey threatens to flood NATO ally with Islamic refugees if coup fugitives not returned [Reuters]
LOW 26 Jan 2017 Greeks deny Turkish coup extradition demands [Bbc]
HIGH 16 Jan 2017 PEOTUS slams NATO, prepared to 'cut ties' with German Chancellor [Zerohedge]