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Unofficial, speculative, or topical news is evident at this time. No immediate danger is apparent.


The FutureDanger Indicator System contains nearly 500 predefined conditions or possible events. As our team fulfills it mission, check back soon for a thorough description of this one.
Background on this indicator will be provided here in the near future.
News relevant to this indicator that emerges from open sources may lead to threatening conditions for the American Nation. The team at FutureDanger will provide a clear explanation of these risks as soon as possible.
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Full Indicator Record

Grade Date Headline Source
LOW 05 Apr 2020 NY Gov Deems Firearm Stores Non-Essential during Pandemic [KTVZ]
SEVERE 27 Mar 2020 LA County Sheriff again orders firearm stores closed, says nonessential except for serving police [ABC]
HIGH 24 Mar 2020 LA County Sheriff orders firearm stores to close [KTTV]
HIGH 21 Mar 2020 California City Issues Coronavirus Emergency Order Banning Firearm Sales [Breitbart]
HIGH 20 Mar 2020 Illinois Municipal Leaders Seek Emergency Firearm Sales Bans [Washington Examiner]
MOD 13 Mar 2020 Illinois Mayor Bans Sale of Firearms and Ammunition [Townhall]
MOD 12 Feb 2020 Virginia House narrowly passes law to ban sale of modern semiautomatic rifles [Fox News]
LOW 08 Feb 2020 Modern Semiautomatic Firearm Sales Ban Passes Virginia House Committee [WJLA]
LOW 05 Oct 2017 Congessman introducing bill to reignite negligence lawsuits against firearms industry [CNSNews]
MOD 03 Jun 2017 Pennsylvania bill banning true private firearm sales introduced in General Assembly [NRA-ILA]
MOD 31 May 2017 NYC Lawmaker proposes banning sale of traditional pistols for not being 'childproof' [NRA-ILA]
MOD 31 May 2017 Pennsylvania Republican doubles down, defends bill to outlaw private gun sales [Breitbart]
MOD 31 May 2017 California Senate approves one-gun-a-month purchase limit for residents [Breitbart]
MOD 20 Apr 2017 Firearm rationing bill passes California Senate Committee [NRA-ILA]
LOW 13 Apr 2017 Watchdog wants records on ATF's proposed ammo ban [Lifezette]
MOD 09 Apr 2017 Oregon Senate Bill 797 to let State Police deny firearm purchases indefinitely [NRA-ILA]
LOW 04 Apr 2017 New Yorkers push for handgun rationing in Virginia [Daily Caller]
LOW 14 Mar 2017 NM lawmakers undertake last ditch effort to ban private gun sales [Breitbart]
LOW 08 Mar 2017 State Senator wants to limit Californians to buying no more than one gun a month [LA Times]
MOD 22 Feb 2017 Oregon Gov backs new law to make gun buy wait period 'indefinite' [OPB]
LOW 21 Feb 2017 Washington Senator proposes forcing liability insurance to keep arms [Mynorthwest]
LOW 15 Feb 2017 9th Circuit reinstalls California's 10-day impediment to lawfully purchased firearms [Bearingarms]
MOD 12 Feb 2017 New Mexico Bills: Criminalize private firearm sales [NRA-ILA]
MOD 11 Feb 2017 Massachusetts Bill: Criminalize private firearm sales [Wickedlocal]
HIGH 10 Feb 2017 Connecticut moves to restrict Second Amendment to rich people [National Review]
LOW 08 Feb 2017 NM bills to criminalize most private transfers of firearms move forward [Americas1stfreedom]
LOW 01 Feb 2017 Bill to force Federal surveillance of private firearm sales advances in New Mexico [Albuquerque Journal]
LOW 25 Jan 2017 New Mexico bill to force surveillance on private firearm sales [KOB]