U.S. Army Training Troops Anti-Abortion Activists Are Type of Hate Group

Leaked Document Reveals Mystery Intelligence Unit indoctrinating Gun Rights and Constitutionalism as “Anti-Government”


Thursday, July 12, 2017

According to a leaked document obtained by FutureDanger.com, six months after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, the U.S. Army is continuing to train troops that anti-abortion activists constitute a “hate group” and pose a significant threat to the nation’s armed forces. The “Antiterrorism Awareness” slide deck also defines “Anti-Government Groups” as those espousing gun rights and “Constitutional issues.” This document is currently circulating through major Army commands in the 4th quarter of Federal fiscal year of 2017 (July through September). The words Jihad, Muslim, Islam, Al Qaeda, and ISIS are absent from the document. This revelation calls into question the ability of the Trump Administration to gain control of deep state forces within the U.S. Government half way into the first year of the President’s term in office.

Sources close to the document note the strange military logo in the upper left corner of most, but not all of the training slides. The silhouette of a griffin holding the world in an upraised claw is not recognizable as a particular unit’s heraldry. The United States Army Institute of Heraldry, located at Fort Belvoir in Virginia, is responsible for official Army symbolic items such as seals, insignia, and badges. A preliminary search for the griffin-clutching-the-globe mark at the institute’s website did not produce a match. However, the legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle is a common symbol of the Army’s Military Intelligence Corps. The exact origin of the controversial slides may link back to a classified Army intelligence assessment, sources said.

Although the Army organization behind the contentiously polemical briefing remains unknown, it has been widely reported that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) was chosen during the previous administration to serve as a training resource for the Department of Defense. The far-left wing organization’s role in helping sympathetic elements within our military attempt to impose SPLC’s biases now seems to be lingering. For the past five years, Christian and conservative organizations have denounced the SLPC’s politicization of our armed forces. The revelation of this ongoing training makes highly questionable any public belief that the new President would soon put an end to dangerous efforts to ingrain patriotic and religious views with “violent extremism”.

The historical American Gadsden flag, with a yellow field depicting a rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike, has clearly been altered on one slide to associate the Freedom Movement in the minds of U.S. Soldiers with “Sovereign Citizens.” Sovereign Citizens are people who claim they are not subject to any U.S. Government statutes. Although a threat to globalist objectives of the SPLC, the Army’s need to program our Warfighters against Americans who stand for Liberty remains a dangerous sign of entrenched prejudices held by some in the Army Officer Corps. Certain commissioned officers, promoted very selectively under the Obama administration, apparently feel free to mold American ground fighting forces for future engagements with domestic enemies they have targeted in this document.

Download the leaked document here