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Full Indicator Record

Grade Date Headline Source
SEVERE 12 Jan 2018 O’keefe confirms Twitter ‘shadow ban’ on conservatives [Wnd]
HIGH 10 Jan 2018 Google using hyper-partisan 'fact checking' orgs to repudiate conservative sites [Zerohedge]
LOW 06 Jan 2018 ESPN pushes Russian collusion story in attack on World Series Champs for accepting White House invite [Shtfplan]
HIGH 28 Dec 2017 Facebook is censoring people the US Government sanctions [Quartz]
HIGH 23 Dec 2017 A deafening media silence on the Obama-Hezbollah scandal [Nypost]
HIGH 15 Dec 2017 Google and YouTube exercise political censorship on the Daily Caller [Dailycaller]
HIGH 09 Dec 2017 List: CNN's fake news stories in 2017 [Dailycaller]
HIGH 06 Dec 2017 Bloomberg corrects false POTUS bank records story [Dailycaller]
HIGH 04 Dec 2017 10,000 Google staff set to police YouTube content [Yahoo]
HIGH 03 Dec 2017 Mark J. Fitzgibbons: Charlottesville Antifa Whitewash Continues [American Thinker]
SEVERE 01 Dec 2017 ABC retracts false Flynn story after causing chaos in financial markets  [Zerohedge]
HIGH 28 Nov 2017 NPR Reporter: Press corps covered up Congressional sexual misconduct 'for years' [Breitbart]
HIGH 25 Nov 2017 Fusion GPS, the Russian dossier firm, paid journalists for work [Washingtontimes]
MOD 16 Nov 2017 10 compelling reasons why Vegas shooting has disappeared from headlines [Thedailysheeple]
MOD 16 Nov 2017 Journalist banned from Facebook for sharing an article about false flags [Medium]
MOD 14 Nov 2017 US Attorney allowed FBI criminal leaks to NYT and WSJ to publish 'fake news' cases, fished insider trading [Infowars]
SEVERE 07 Nov 2017 Media invents two fake POTUS scandals in first day of Asia trip [Grabien]
SEVERE 07 Nov 2017 House Intel Committee demands Fusion GPS bank records; suspects journalists paid to spread 'Russian collusion' claims [Zerohedge]
SEVERE 07 Nov 2017 Four viral claims spread by 'journalists' on Twitter in the last week alone that are false [The Intercept]
SHTF 03 Nov 2017 Mainstream newscasts entirely ignored Clinton-DNC rigging revelations [Zerohedge]
SHTF 02 Nov 2017 POTUS cut off by Twitter [Apnews]
SHTF 01 Nov 2017 Twitter hid #DNCLeak, #PodestaEmails tweets in last two months of campaign [Dailycaller]
SEVERE 30 Oct 2017 ABC News changes headline about accused Hollywood pedophile after spinning his ‘emotional’ coming out [Mediaite]
SEVERE 28 Oct 2017 FBI informant in Uranium Scandal cleared to testify, nets refuse to report [Newsbusters]
SEVERE 28 Oct 2017 Long time POTUS advisor's twitter suspended for insulting CNN figures [The Wrap]
SEVERE 28 Oct 2017 James Bovard: Facebook censored me. Criticize your government, you might get blocked [Usatoday]
SEVERE 28 Oct 2017 CNN's undisclosed ties to Fusion GPS [Dailycaller]
SEVERE 28 Oct 2017 Why won't Google comment on a lawsuit accusing YouTube of censoring conservatives? [Hollywoodreporter]
SEVERE 25 Oct 2017 Busted journos downplay Dirty Dossier revelations [Dailycaller]
LOW 25 Oct 2017 YouTube censors viral video criticizing woman who said white men are bigger threat than Islamic terrorists [Infowars]
HIGH 18 Oct 2017 Michael Snyder: 90% of what you watch on TV is controlled by just 6 giant corporations [Theeconomiccollapseblog]
HIGH 12 Oct 2017 Twitter suspends account of sexual-assault accuser of Hollywood mogul, Democrat fundraiser [Hollywood Reporter]
HIGH 11 Oct 2017 NYT video editor caught bragging about slanting POTUS 45 coverage [Thedailysheeple]
HIGH 11 Oct 2017 Facebook removes meme critical of Che Guevara for 'hate speech' [Twitter]
SEVERE 09 Oct 2017 Twitter shuts down pro-life campaign video [Apnews]
SEVERE 07 Oct 2017 Media give POTUS 45 most negative coverage in 25 years [Epoch Times]
SEVERE 05 Oct 2017 YouTube censors alternative accounts of Mandalay Massacre [Wsj]
HIGH 03 Oct 2017 YouTube demonetizing embarrassing clips of politicans [American Mirror]
MOD 02 Oct 2017 Former Puerto Rican AG cut off by CNN after accusing San Juan Mayor of being political hack [Zerohedge]
MOD 28 Sep 2017 TV networks hiding angry, booing NFL fans [Sporting News]
HIGH 21 Sep 2017 Alternative social network Gab faces domain seizure [Thedailysheeple]
HIGH 19 Sep 2017 CNN forced to admit POTUS may have been right about being wiretapped [Infowars]
MOD 13 Sep 2017 Facebook to clamp down on who can cash in on ads, step up monitoring of 'hate speech' [Yahoo]
MOD 13 Sep 2017 New White House Comms Director 'suspended' from Twitter one day after appointment [ZeroHedge]
LOW 13 Sep 2017 Amazon deletes one-star reviews of Hillary Clinton's new book [Yahoo]
SEVERE 02 Sep 2017 Google-owned YouTube taking steps to cut audience for content deemed 'inappropriate or offensive', but not illegal [Thesun]
SEVERE 31 Aug 2017 Google ultimatum to conservative website: Take down 'hateful' article or be demonetized [Pjmedia]
LOW 28 Aug 2017 Journalist interrogated, fired for story linking CIA and Syria weapons flights [Zerohedge]
HIGH 28 Aug 2017 Youtube 'economically censors' Ron Paul, labels videos 'not suitable' for all advertisers [Zerohedge]
SEVERE 23 Aug 2017 CNN 1984: Antifa seeks 'peace through violence' [Dailycaller]
SEVERE 23 Aug 2017 Southern Poverty Law Center advising Google on who to censor [Youtu]
HIGH 14 Aug 2017 Joe Joseph: Social Media Begins Purging Content Creators with Dissenting Views [Youtube]
HIGH 14 Aug 2017 Silicon Valley tightens its grip on free speech [Lifezette]
HIGH 12 Aug 2017 YouTube demonetizes Diamond & Silk [Thegatewaypundit]
HIGH 10 Aug 2017 Ex-spies not buying the Russia story [Bloomberg]
HIGH 09 Aug 2017 NYT peddles 'leaked draft' anti-POTUS climate-change story – Govt doc on net since January [Washingtonpost]
HIGH 09 Aug 2017 NBC Anchorman: 'Our job is to scare people to death' over North Korea [Zerohedge]
SEVERE 03 Aug 2017 YouTube will censor non-rulebreaking content, manipulate search results, and work with ADL [Breitbart]
SEVERE 02 Aug 2017 One year after Orlando nightclub attack, local paper gaslights jihadists’ motive [Pjmedia]
HIGH 29 Jul 2017 Twitter bans Christian book as hate speech [Dailycaller]
HIGH 28 Jul 2017 NASA confirms falling sea levels for two years amidst media blackout [Shtfplan]
SEVERE 25 Jul 2017 Media blackout: FBI seized smashed hard drives from ex-DNC Chair [Thedailysheeple]
LOW 22 Jul 2017 Verizon admits to throttling videos on Youtube [Youtube]
LOW 22 Jul 2017 Open border shysters brag about getting her banned... [Dailycaller]
LOW 22 Jul 2017 Crowdfunding site Patreon bans alternative journo, claims she'll get people killed [Dailycaller]
LOW 22 Jul 2017 JD Heyes: Facebook to label vaccine stories “fake” if they don’t promote CDC’s vaccine propaganda [Newstarget]
SEVERE 17 Jul 2017 CNN caught faking news again: Now it's the UAE, not Russia, who 'hacked' Qatar [Zerohedge]
SEVERE 16 Jul 2017 Youtube censors video showing US airdropping weapons into ISIS’ hands [Dcclothesline]
MOD 10 Jul 2017 Google and Facebook’s duopolistic dominance of online advertising... [Wsj]
LOW 09 Jul 2017 MSNBC 'forged NSA document' segment exposed as hoax [Zerohedge]
SEVERE 04 Jul 2017 NYT still stands by collusion story after CNN embarrassment [Lifezette]
SEVERE 01 Jul 2017 AP invents imaginary meeting between EPA Administrator and Dow Chemical CEO [Breitbart]
HIGH 01 Jul 2017 CNN airs fake National Enquirer cover [Pagesix]
HIGH 01 Jul 2017 NYT retracts claim that '17 intelligence agencies' verified Russian dnc email hack [Thedailysheeple]
MOD 30 Jun 2017 Twitter looking to let users flag 'fake news' [Washingtonpost]
MOD 29 Jun 2017 Fake News, Fake Followers: CNN [Breitbart]
MOD 27 Jun 2017 Senate Minority Leader publicly stated POTUS was under investigation ... knowing full well it was untrue [Legalinsurrection]
MOD 27 Jun 2017 How the media misinformed the public on guns [Dallasnews]
HIGH 27 Jun 2017 Veritas: CNN Exec caught on tape admitting RussiaTrump is fake news [Veritaslive]
HIGH 24 Jun 2017 CNN deletes 'fake news' story about Russian investment ties to POTUS [Zerohedge]
HIGH 21 Jun 2017 MSNBC host spreads false claim about Georgia special election [Dailycaller]
HIGH 21 Jun 2017 Why was a Wall Street Journal chief foreign affairs correspondent involved with an arms dealer? [Thedailybeast]
HIGH 21 Jun 2017 Zero Hedge: Democrats, stop with the poll's getting embarrassing [Zerohedge]
SEVERE 18 Jun 2017 NYT downplays House Majority Whip's shooter’s motive, emphasizes ‘anti-Muslim’ Portland stabber [Theblaze]
SEVERE 16 Jun 2017 MSNBC prematurely cuts from House Whip health update [Dailycaller]
SEVERE 16 Jun 2017 Connecticut NBC station won't Kelly-Jones interview [Thewrap]
SEVERE 16 Jun 2017 DoJ warns not to trust stories based on 'anonymous sources' [Zerohedge]
SEVERE 14 Jun 2017 Rolling Stone settles pays $1.65 million for fake rape story [Nbcnews]
SEVERE 14 Jun 2017 Justin Caruso: 5 fake stories CNN pushed [Dailycaller]
SEVERE 14 Jun 2017 Emails expose how Saudi Arabia and UAE work American media to push for war [Alternet]
SEVERE 13 Jun 2017 CNN cuts feed after Senator objects to Clinton Foundation Atty joining 'independent' counsel [Breitbart]
SEVERE 12 Jun 2017 WashPO: Is media coverage of Trump too negative? You’re asking the wrong question [Washingtonpost]
SEVERE 11 Jun 2017 More footage of CNN fake protestors after London Bridge [Youtube]
SEVERE 09 Jun 2017 NBC reporter accuses Sessions instead of Lynch, deletes tweet instead of correcting it [Thedailysheeple]
SEVERE 08 Jun 2017 Fired FBI Boss debunks NYT Trump Russia report [Cnsnews]
SEVERE 08 Jun 2017 CNN issues correction after Fired FBI Boss statement contradicts reporting [Thehill]
SEVERE 07 Jun 2017 Looks like CNN's anonymous sources got this one wrong [Zerohedge]
SEVERE 05 Jun 2017 James Freeman: Press corps could care less about Obama surveillance [Wsj]
SEVERE 05 Jun 2017 CNN reporter caught setting up fake Muslim protest [Dailymail]
SEVERE 03 Jun 2017 Amid London Bridge terror, MSNBC Anchor suggests police may be ‘overreacting’ [Mediaite]
SEVERE 02 Jun 2017 Washington Post based POTUS son-in-law story on a letter and they have no idea who wrote it [Nypost]
HIGH 31 May 2017 'Conspiracy theories' about Russia are ok on Twitter, but not Seth Rch analysis [Newstarget]
HIGH 31 May 2017 CBS falsely calls unratified Paris climate agreement a 'treaty' five times [Newsbusters]
HIGH 31 May 2017 ABC, CBS ignore House subpoenas to Obama officials [Newsbusters]
MOD 31 May 2017 What is the Washington Post hiding about its Jared Kusher story? [Dailycaller]
MOD 31 May 2017 Media ignores Venezuela's spiraling, socialist nightmare [Lifezette]
MOD 24 May 2017 Brandon Smith: Trump Collapse Scapegoat Narrative Has Now Been Launched [Personalliberty]
MOD 24 May 2017 POTUS & the Pope: Here's how fake news is born... [Twitter]
MOD 23 May 2017 CNN terror analyst: Manchester massacre maybe 'right-wing,' 'false flag' plot [Breitbart]
MOD 22 May 2017 Federal Judge rules against Buzzfeed in libel lawsuit over anti-POTUS dossier [Washingtontimes]
MOD 21 May 2017 Google bias: Search results for Roger Ailes speak volumes... [Heatst]
MOD 20 May 2017 Harvard study reveals huge extent of anti-POTUS media bias [Heatst]
MOD 20 May 2017 Brain functioning of journalists studied, results predictable [Businessinsider]
MOD 20 May 2017 Facebook censors posts alleging corruption by the PM of Malta [Theguardian]
MOD 17 May 2017 Flashback: Previous administration accused of repeatedly leaking Israeli military secrets [Breitbart]
MOD 17 May 2017 Lawyers 'perplexed' media ignoring DNC class-action suit [Lifezette]
MOD 17 May 2017 News media blackout over Seth Rich revelations [Wnd]
MOD 16 May 2017 Why isn't the media covering the FBI's raid of a GOP fundraising firm? [Pastemagazine]
MOD 16 May 2017 Guests remind NBC, CNN: Last POTUS gave classified intel to Russia [Newsbusters]
MOD 13 May 2017 Washington Post bizarrely claims partisan tilt 'mostly unheard of in broadcast tv' [Newsbusters]
MOD 12 May 2017 Facebook shutting down ex-Muslim groups [Heatst]
MOD 10 May 2017 Biggest piece of CNN Syrian War propaganda yet? [Youtube]
MOD 08 May 2017 Facebook deletes tens of thousands of 'fake news' accounts in Britain ahead of election [Hosted]
MOD 06 May 2017 CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC ban POTUS 100 Days ad [Washingtonexaminer]
MOD 04 May 2017 Dis-gendered: Netflix abolishes chromosomes segment from old Bill Nye video [Redstate]
MOD 03 May 2017 US Govt-backed news service suspends journos for reporting Chinese businessman's graft accusations [Reuters]
MOD 03 May 2017 ABC, CBS: ‘Mostly peaceful’ May Day protests ‘marred’ by ‘small pockets of violence’ [Newsbusters]
LOW 03 May 2017 Robert Parry: NYT cheers the rise of censorship algorithms [Consortiumnews]
MOD 27 Apr 2017 Facebook to fight info ops with intel agency tactics [Trust]
MOD 25 Apr 2017 Senate news cartel boxes out Breitbart [Ijr]
MOD 25 Apr 2017 Google overhauls search algo suppress 'fake news' [Telegraph]
MOD 22 Apr 2017 Mike Adams: How Google steals content, crushes small publishers... [Thecommonsenseshow]
MOD 22 Apr 2017 CBS blacks out GM factory being seized by Socialist Venezuela [Newsbusters]
HIGH 18 Apr 2017 USA Today instantly loses nearly 5 million likes after Facebook shuts down massive network of fake users [Newstarget]
HIGH 18 Apr 2017 Russia-gate was all the rage across US media – where did it go and why? [21stcenturywire]
HIGH 18 Apr 2017 Google, Facebook algorithms a whole new kind of 'Orwellian censorship,' warns News Corp CEO [Naturalnews]
HIGH 18 Apr 2017 Robert Parry: Evidence pointing to Al-Qaeda involvement in Syrian gas incident ignored [Thenewsdoctors]
HIGH 18 Apr 2017 CNN refuses to show race of Cleveland Facebook Killer [Youtube]
HIGH 17 Apr 2017 NYT: YouTube’s shifting algorithms hurt Independent Media [Nytimes]
HIGH 17 Apr 2017 Report: Google takes out major contract to de-list Infowars from its search index [Infowars]
MOD 13 Apr 2017 Claim: Breitbart Staff reportedly told to stop writing negative stories about POTUS' son-in-law [Ijr]
SEVERE 10 Apr 2017 NBC cites fake holocaust outfit to smear POTUS foreign policy adviser [Breitbart]
SEVERE 08 Apr 2017 Claim: CNN has Syrian child read off teleprompter [Infowars]
SHTF 07 Apr 2017 Google now labeling news as 'true' or 'false' [Theguardian]
HIGH 05 Apr 2017 ESPN replaces black host for incorrect politics... [Foxnews]
HIGH 05 Apr 2017 YouTube demonetizing SGTreport [Youtube]
SHTF 04 Apr 2017 Ex-Obama appointee at CNN 'ho-hums' Rice Scandal [Redstate]
SHTF 04 Apr 2017 ABC, NBC cover-up revelation Susan Rice ordered Trump aides unmasked, CBS defends [Newsbusters]
SHTF 03 Apr 2017 Bloomberg and NYT were sitting on Susan Rice story to protect POTUS 44 [Zerohedge]
HIGH 02 Apr 2017 NBC skips own poll showing majority oppose minority party blocking SCOTUS nominee [Newsbusters]
HIGH 02 Apr 2017 Apple censors US drone strike-tracking app [Activistpost]
SEVERE 02 Apr 2017 How POTUS 44 weaponized media against POTUS 45 [Thehill]
SEVERE 30 Mar 2017 90+ political scientists sign letter urging censorship of alien voting research [Washingtontimes]
SEVERE 30 Mar 2017 DARK AGE: Expert claims >1% of published papers follow Scientific Method [Breitbart]
SEVERE 28 Mar 2017 Twitter secretly censoring search terms [Heatst]
SEVERE 27 Mar 2017 Seth Frantzman: How & Why We Were Duped by Antisemitism Hysteria in America [Jpost]
SEVERE 27 Mar 2017 Twitter censors Drudge [Westmonster]
SEVERE 23 Mar 2017 Washington Post claims Congress making it easier for 'mentally incompetent' vets to carry guns [Breitbart]
SEVERE 23 Mar 2017 Google Boss: We don't censor, we just take content we don't like off the search page [Foxbusiness]
SEVERE 23 Mar 2017 CNN couldn't cut this guest off fast enough before he exposed how they control the narrative [Thedailysheeple]
SEVERE 23 Mar 2017 How the media treated those Jewish community center bomb threats [Hotair]
MOD 21 Mar 2017 Duane Norman: MSM using 'trolling' as an excuse to censor political opponents [Fmshooter]
MOD 21 Mar 2017 Facebook censors changes to headlines it does not like [Hosted]
MOD 21 Mar 2017 Fox News silences Napolitano over UK spy claims [Latimes]
HIGH 17 Mar 2017 Washington Post censors illegal alien headline after revealing food stamp use [Shtfplan]
HIGH 17 Mar 2017 Google adds tool to flag search results Google does not like [Fox5ny]
HIGH 15 Mar 2017 NYT falsely speculated during campaign that POTUS paid no taxes for two decades [Freebeacon]
LOW 14 Mar 2017 Duopoly watch: Google and Facebook gobble up even more ad dollars [Axios]
LOW 14 Mar 2017 ABC News to face jury over ‘pink slime’ defamation [Wsj]
MOD 10 Mar 2017 Twitter censoring profile images, forcing 'agreed to continue' click to view 'sensitive' accounts [Mashable]
SEVERE 09 Mar 2017 AP whitewashes life of lawyer who advanced terror by exploiting Right to Counsel [Newsbusters]
SEVERE 08 Mar 2017 NYT explains why there is so much 'confusion' about its "Trump wiretapping" story [Zerohedge]
SEVERE 07 Mar 2017 'No evidence' mantra comes back to bite Bloomberg [Breitbart]
SEVERE 07 Mar 2017 Press ignores former AG's call for 'ordinary people' to march, bleed and die [Newsbusters]
SEVERE 06 Mar 2017 Germany's gold remains a mystery as mainstream media cheer leads [Goldseek]
SEVERE 06 Mar 2017 Reporters weirdly silent on House minority leader's attack on the press [Washingtonexaminer]
SEVERE 06 Mar 2017 CNN misleads on illegal immigrant crime rate [Newsbusters]
SEVERE 04 Mar 2017 WaPo now ready to speak truth to power [Newsbusters]
HIGH 03 Mar 2017 7x more coverage for current AG's debacle than previous AG's contempt [Newsbusters]
HIGH 03 Mar 2017 CNN boss caught feeding POTUS attacks directly into anchors' ears [Dailycaller]
HIGH 03 Mar 2017 Anti-POTUS Communist arrested for Jewish Community Center Bomb Threats [Dailycaller]
HIGH 02 Mar 2017 Fake news: NBC claims POTUS revokes gun background checks for mentally ill [Breitbart]
HIGH 02 Mar 2017 AP 'fact check' fail: POTUS claim on terrorism and immigration correlates with DOJ data [Pjmedia]
HIGH 01 Mar 2017 Twitter algorithms clamp down on content Twitter doesn't like [Yahoo]
HIGH 28 Feb 2017 NYT rediscovers aggressive fact-checking... [Newsbusters]
HIGH 26 Feb 2017 Media falsely report POTUS at DC hotel during Kuwaiti party [Dailycaller]
SEVERE 24 Feb 2017 Media silent as 4 top Russian diplomats die mysteriously in last 60 days [Mintpressnews]
SEVERE 24 Feb 2017 MSM touts new poll showing 'record' Obamacare support; ignores 14-point Dem 'oversample' [Zerohedge]
HIGH 23 Feb 2017 White House reporter defends making baseless claim about POTUS; calls critics racists [Newsbusters]
SEVERE 23 Feb 2017 WaPo adds ‘clarification’ noting that ex-CIA columnist is Clinton donor [Freebeacon]
SEVERE 23 Feb 2017 Google launches robo-tool to flag speech it does not like [Www]
SEVERE 23 Feb 2017 CNN Leaks: Audio shows clear intent to deceive... [Wnd]
HIGH 22 Feb 2017 Nets ignore violent immigrant riot in Sweden after mocking POTUS [Newsbusters]
HIGH 22 Feb 2017 Facebook suspends Christian homeschool mom's account over posts citing bible on homosexuality [Christianpost]
HIGH 22 Feb 2017 MTV 'news reporter' admits joining anti-POTUS protests [Theamericanmirror]
HIGH 22 Feb 2017 Oroville Dam workers fired for posting photos of water gushing from spillway [Sacbee]
HIGH 22 Feb 2017 Video: MSNBC Host says media's job is to control 'exactly what people think' [Youtube]
HIGH 21 Feb 2017 Misleading NYT tweet hides increase in rapes in Sweden in 2016 [Twitchy]
HIGH 21 Feb 2017 Major ad agency suspends Infowars [Infowars]
HIGH 20 Feb 2017 Reddit censors pro-POTUS content in new crackdown [Infowars]
HIGH 20 Feb 2017 NBC host unable to recall POTUS 44 hot mic promise to give Russian President 'flexibility' after 2012 election [Mediaite]
HIGH 20 Feb 2017 Twitter is now 'ghost' deleting tweets which offend Twitter [Heatst]
HIGH 20 Feb 2017 9 fakest fake-news checkers [Wnd]
HIGH 18 Feb 2017 Univision badly regurgitates gun-control talking points [Newsbusters]
HIGH 17 Feb 2017 The Washington Post actually takes Russian Govt money (unlike the websites it helped slander) [Libertyblitzkrieg]
HIGH 17 Feb 2017 Book publishers hiring political correctness censors [Chicagotribune]
HIGH 17 Feb 2017 Immigration and Customs Enforcement refutes raid reports as fake news [Washingtonexaminer]
HIGH 17 Feb 2017 WaPo's owner doing huge business with CIA while paper keeps readers in the dark [Alternet]
HIGH 17 Feb 2017 Media blackout as illness plagues LA neighborhood year after gas leak [Theantimedia]
HIGH 15 Feb 2017 Twitter launches new tool to punish speech it does not like [Heatst]
HIGH 15 Feb 2017 NBC News invents a bunch of falsehoods about 'ghost guns', ATF corrects [Freebeacon]
HIGH 15 Feb 2017 Networks ignore giant health insurer announcement to pull out of Obamacare [Newsbusters]
HIGH 11 Feb 2017 CNN resurrects ‘fake news’ dossier without proving Russian dirt on POTUS [Dailycaller]
LOW 11 Feb 2017 Apple Boss: Fake news killing people's minds, necessitates State and Corporate crackdown [Telegraph]
HIGH 08 Feb 2017 Networks ignore NOAA whistleblower’s claims against ‘pausebuster’ study [Newsbusters]
HIGH 08 Feb 2017 CNN Town Hall ‘audience member’ caught on tape with emailed question [Thedailysheeple]
HIGH 08 Feb 2017 16 fake news stories reporters have run since election [Thefederalist]
HIGH 07 Feb 2017 Twitter now censoring 'abusive' and 'low-quality' tweets [Hosted]
HIGH 06 Feb 2017 Two minutes of mainstream media backtracking... [Freebeacon]
HIGH 03 Feb 2017 CNN guest claims Berkeley rioters were 'right-wingers' [Infowars]
HIGH 02 Feb 2017 Reddit bans three alt-right forums as users blast 'leftist intolerance' [Zerohedge]
HIGH 02 Feb 2017 CNN ties Milo to white nationalists despite explicit rejection of racism [Breitbart]
HIGH 31 Jan 2017 Twitter says its developing new tools for online censorship [Dailycaller]
HIGH 29 Jan 2017 Media claim of 'Trump' hate crime against Muslim airline employee unravels [Breitbart]
HIGH 28 Jan 2017 POTUS 'gag order' on Fed scientists same memo issued by previous Admin in 2009 [Dailycaller]
HIGH 28 Jan 2017 Youtube disables Milo livestream hours before immigration speech [Breitbart]
HIGH 28 Jan 2017 Twitter bans prominent user after he questions European official on Islam [Infowars]
HIGH 28 Jan 2017 'Fake news', GDP edition [Zerohedge]
SEVERE 26 Jan 2017 Media Matters secretly working with Facebook to fight 'fake news' [Freebeacon]
HIGH 25 Jan 2017 Networks cover pro-abortion march 129x more than pro-life march [Newsbusters]
HIGH 25 Jan 2017 Google bans ads of hundreds of 'fake news' publishers [Recode]
HIGH 24 Jan 2017 Researchers 'surprised' to find hundreds of thousands of Twitter bots used to trend topics [Bbc]
HIGH 24 Jan 2017 CBS offers slippery correction after branding Milo a 'white nationalist' [Breitbart]
LOW 24 Jan 2017 NBC affiliate's reporter tweets fictitious ‘White House statement,' doesn’t apologize [Newsbusters]
HIGH 23 Jan 2017 Florida paper blames ‘Alaska gun culture’ for jihadi massacre at Ft. Lauderdale airport [Conservativereview]
HIGH 21 Jan 2017 What really happened with the 'missing' gay and climate White House webpages [Dailycaller]
SEVERE 21 Jan 2017 Evidence State Dept censored video of it admitting lies about Iran nuke deal obtained [Aclj]
MOD 21 Jan 2017 Facebook bans Russia’s state-funded, west-facing media network [Heatst]
SEVERE 19 Jan 2017 Google caught wrongly tagging news stories as 'opinion' [Dailycaller]
HIGH 19 Jan 2017 CNN Help Wanted Ad: Angry reporter needed to cover wave of 'fake news' [Thehill]
HIGH 19 Jan 2017 CNN's billionaire Dem interview omits any mention of his anti-PEOTUS ad funding [Freebeacon]
HIGH 18 Jan 2017 New ABC / WaPo poll uses 'oversamples' to goal seek strong Obama approval rating [Zerohedge]
HIGH 17 Jan 2017 Mainsteam media caught rigging PEOTUS favorabilty polls [Zerohedge]