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Ambiguous, unsettling, or developing news is evident at this time. This indicator may evolve towards increased risk quickly.


The FutureDanger Indicator System contains nearly 500 predefined conditions or possible events. As our team fulfills it mission, check back soon for a thorough description of this one.
Background on this indicator will be provided here in the near future.
News relevant to this indicator that emerges from open sources may lead to threatening conditions for the American Nation. The team at FutureDanger will provide a clear explanation of these risks as soon as possible.
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Full Indicator Record

Grade Date Headline Source
MOD 22 Apr 2017 Mike Adams: How Google steals content, crushes small publishers... [Common Sense Show]
MOD 22 Apr 2017 CBS blacks out GM factory being seized by Socialist Venezuela [NewsBusters]
HIGH 18 Apr 2017 USA Today instantly loses nearly 5 million likes after Facebook shuts down massive network of fake users [NewsTarget]
HIGH 18 Apr 2017 Russia-gate was all the rage across US media – where did it go and why? [21st Century Wire]
HIGH 18 Apr 2017 Google, Facebook algorithms a whole new kind of 'Orwellian censorship,' warns News Corp CEO [Natural News]
HIGH 18 Apr 2017 Robert Parry: Evidence pointing to Al-Qaeda involvement in Syrian gas incident ignored [News Doctors]
HIGH 18 Apr 2017 CNN refuses to show race of Cleveland Facebook Killer [Infowars]
HIGH 17 Apr 2017 NYT: YouTube’s shifting algorithms hurt Independent Media [NYT]
HIGH 17 Apr 2017 Report: Google takes out major contract to de-list Infowars from its search index [Infowars]
MOD 13 Apr 2017 Claim: Breitbart Staff reportedly told to stop writing negative stories about POTUS' son-in-law [IJR]
SEVERE 10 Apr 2017 NBC cites fake holocaust outfit to smear POTUS foreign policy adviser [Breitbart]
SEVERE 08 Apr 2017 Claim: CNN has Syrian child read off teleprompter [Infowars]
SHTF 07 Apr 2017 Google now labeling news as 'true' or 'false' [UK Guardian]
HIGH 05 Apr 2017 ESPN replaces black host for incorrect politics... [Fox News]
HIGH 05 Apr 2017 YouTube demonetizing SGTreport [SGTreport YouTube]
SHTF 04 Apr 2017 Ex-Obama appointee at CNN 'ho-hums' Rice Scandal [Red State]
SHTF 04 Apr 2017 ABC, NBC cover-up revelation Susan Rice ordered Trump aides unmasked, CBS defends [Newsbusters]
SHTF 03 Apr 2017 Bloomberg and NYT were sitting on Susan Rice story to protect POTUS 44 [Zero Hedge]
HIGH 02 Apr 2017 NBC skips own poll showing majority oppose minority party blocking SCOTUS nominee [NewsBusters]
HIGH 02 Apr 2017 Apple censors US drone strike-tracking app [Activist Post]
SEVERE 02 Apr 2017 How POTUS 44 weaponized media against POTUS 45 [The Hill]
SEVERE 30 Mar 2017 90+ political scientists sign letter urging censorship of alien voting research [Washington Times]
SEVERE 30 Mar 2017 DARK AGE: Expert claims >1% of published papers follow Scientific Method [Breitbart]
SEVERE 28 Mar 2017 Twitter secretly censoring search terms [Heat Street]
SEVERE 27 Mar 2017 Seth Frantzman: How & Why We Were Duped by Antisemitism Hysteria in America [Jerusalem Post]
SEVERE 27 Mar 2017 Twitter censors Drudge [Westmonster]
SEVERE 23 Mar 2017 Washington Post claims Congress making it easier for 'mentally incompetent' vets to carry guns [Breitbart]
SEVERE 23 Mar 2017 Google Boss: We don't censor, we just take content we don't like off the search page [Fox Business]
SEVERE 23 Mar 2017 CNN couldn't cut this guest off fast enough before he exposed how they control the narrative [Daily Sheeple]
SEVERE 23 Mar 2017 How the media treated those Jewish community center bomb threats [Hot Air]
MOD 21 Mar 2017 Duane Norman: MSM using 'trolling' as an excuse to censor political opponents [Free Market Shooter]
MOD 21 Mar 2017 Facebook censors changes to headlines it does not like [AP]
MOD 21 Mar 2017 Fox News silences Napolitano over UK spy claims [LA Times]
HIGH 17 Mar 2017 Washington Post censors illegal alien headline after revealing food stamp use [SHTFPlan]
HIGH 17 Mar 2017 Google adds tool to flag search results Google does not like [WNYW]
HIGH 15 Mar 2017 NYT falsely speculated during campaign that POTUS paid no taxes for two decades [Washington Free Beacon]
LOW 14 Mar 2017 Duopoly watch: Google and Facebook gobble up even more ad dollars [Axios]
LOW 14 Mar 2017 ABC News to face jury over ‘pink slime’ defamation [WSJ]
MOD 10 Mar 2017 Twitter censoring profile images, forcing 'agreed to continue' click to view 'sensitive' accounts [Mashable]
SEVERE 09 Mar 2017 AP whitewashes life of lawyer who advanced terror by exploiting Right to Counsel [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 08 Mar 2017 NYT explains why there is so much 'confusion' about its "Trump wiretapping" story [Zero Hedge]
SEVERE 07 Mar 2017 'No evidence' mantra comes back to bite Bloomberg [Brietbart]
SEVERE 07 Mar 2017 Press ignores former AG's call for 'ordinary people' to march, bleed and die [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 06 Mar 2017 Germany's gold remains a mystery as mainstream media cheer leads [GoldSeek]
SEVERE 06 Mar 2017 Reporters weirdly silent on House minority leader's attack on the press [Washington Examiner]
SEVERE 06 Mar 2017 CNN misleads on illegal immigrant crime rate [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 04 Mar 2017 WaPo now ready to speak truth to power [NewsBusters]
HIGH 03 Mar 2017 7x more coverage for current AG's debacle than previous AG's contempt [NewBusters]
HIGH 03 Mar 2017 CNN boss caught feeding POTUS attacks directly into anchors' ears [Daily Caller]
HIGH 03 Mar 2017 Anti-POTUS Communist arrested for Jewish Community Center Bomb Threats [Daily Caller]
HIGH 02 Mar 2017 Fake news: NBC claims POTUS revokes gun background checks for mentally ill [Breitbart]
HIGH 02 Mar 2017 AP 'fact check' fail: POTUS claim on terrorism and immigration correlates with DOJ data [PJ Media]
HIGH 01 Mar 2017 Twitter algorithms clamp down on content Twitter doesn't like [hoo]
HIGH 28 Feb 2017 NYT rediscovers aggressive fact-checking... [NewsBusters]
HIGH 26 Feb 2017 Media falsely report POTUS at DC hotel during Kuwaiti party [Daily Caller]
SEVERE 24 Feb 2017 Media silent as 4 top Russian diplomats die mysteriously in last 60 days [MintPress]
SEVERE 24 Feb 2017 MSM touts new poll showing 'record' Obamacare support; ignores 14-point Dem 'oversample' [Zero Hedge]
HIGH 23 Feb 2017 White House reporter defends making baseless claim about POTUS; calls critics racists [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 23 Feb 2017 WaPo adds ‘clarification’ noting that ex-CIA columnist is Clinton donor [Washington Free Beacon]
SEVERE 23 Feb 2017 Google launches robo-tool to flag speech it does not like [FT]
SEVERE 23 Feb 2017 CNN Leaks: Audio shows clear intent to deceive... [WND]
HIGH 22 Feb 2017 Nets ignore violent immigrant riot in Sweden after mocking POTUS [NewsBusters]
HIGH 22 Feb 2017 Facebook suspends Christian homeschool mom's account over posts citing bible on homosexuality [Christian Post]
HIGH 22 Feb 2017 MTV 'news reporter' admits joining anti-POTUS protests [American Mirror]
HIGH 22 Feb 2017 Oroville Dam workers fired for posting photos of water gushing from spillway [Sacramento Bee]
HIGH 22 Feb 2017 Video: MSNBC Host says media's job is to control 'exactly what people think' [Tim Backshall YouTube]
HIGH 21 Feb 2017 Misleading NYT tweet hides increase in rapes in Sweden in 2016 [Twitchy]
HIGH 21 Feb 2017 Major ad agency suspends Infowars [Infowars]
HIGH 20 Feb 2017 Reddit censors pro-POTUS content in new crackdown [Infowars]
HIGH 20 Feb 2017 NBC host unable to recall POTUS 44 hot mic promise to give Russian President 'flexibility' after 2012 election [Mediaite]
HIGH 20 Feb 2017 Twitter is now 'ghost' deleting tweets which offend Twitter [Heat Street]
HIGH 20 Feb 2017 9 fakest fake-news checkers [WND]
HIGH 18 Feb 2017 Univision badly regurgitates gun-control talking points [NewsBusters]
HIGH 17 Feb 2017 The Washington Post actually takes Russian Govt money (unlike the websites it helped slander) [Liberty Blitzkrieg]
HIGH 17 Feb 2017 Book publishers hiring political correctness censors [Chicago Tribune]
HIGH 17 Feb 2017 Immigration and Customs Enforcement refutes raid reports as fake news [Washington Examiner]
HIGH 17 Feb 2017 WaPo's owner doing huge business with CIA while paper keeps readers in the dark [Alternet]
HIGH 17 Feb 2017 Media blackout as illness plagues LA neighborhood year after gas leak [AntiMedia]
HIGH 15 Feb 2017 Twitter launches new tool to punish speech it does not like [Heat Street]
HIGH 15 Feb 2017 NBC News invents a bunch of falsehoods about 'ghost guns', ATF corrects [Washington Free Beacon]
HIGH 15 Feb 2017 Networks ignore giant health insurer announcement to pull out of Obamacare [NewsBusters]
HIGH 11 Feb 2017 CNN resurrects ‘fake news’ dossier without proving Russian dirt on POTUS [Daily Caller]
LOW 11 Feb 2017 Apple Boss: Fake news killing people's minds, necessitates State and Corporate crackdown [UK Telegraph]
HIGH 08 Feb 2017 Networks ignore NOAA whistleblower’s claims against ‘pausebuster’ study [NewsBusters]
HIGH 08 Feb 2017 CNN Town Hall ‘audience member’ caught on tape with emailed question [Daily Sheeple]
HIGH 08 Feb 2017 16 fake news stories reporters have run since election [Federalist]
HIGH 07 Feb 2017 Twitter now censoring 'abusive' and 'low-quality' tweets [AP]
HIGH 06 Feb 2017 Two minutes of mainstream media backtracking... [Washington Free Beacon]
HIGH 03 Feb 2017 CNN guest claims Berkeley rioters were 'right-wingers' [Infowars]
HIGH 02 Feb 2017 Reddit bans three alt-right forums as users blast 'leftist intolerance' [Zero Hedge]
HIGH 02 Feb 2017 CNN ties Milo to white nationalists despite explicit rejection of racism [Breitbart]
HIGH 31 Jan 2017 Twitter says its developing new tools for online censorship [Daily Caller]
HIGH 29 Jan 2017 Media claim of 'Trump' hate crime against Muslim airline employee unravels [Breitbart]
HIGH 28 Jan 2017 POTUS 'gag order' on Fed scientists same memo issued by previous Admin in 2009 [Daily Caller]
HIGH 28 Jan 2017 Youtube disables Milo livestream hours before immigration speech [Breitbart]
HIGH 28 Jan 2017 Twitter bans prominent user after he questions European official on Islam [Infowars]
HIGH 28 Jan 2017 'Fake news', GDP edition [Zero Hedge]
SEVERE 26 Jan 2017 Media Matters secretly working with Facebook to fight 'fake news' [Washington Free Beacon]
HIGH 25 Jan 2017 Networks cover pro-abortion march 129x more than pro-life march [NewsBusters]
HIGH 25 Jan 2017 Google bans ads of hundreds of 'fake news' publishers [Recode]
HIGH 24 Jan 2017 Researchers 'surprised' to find hundreds of thousands of Twitter bots used to trend topics [BBC]
HIGH 24 Jan 2017 CBS offers slippery correction after branding Milo a 'white nationalist' [Breitbart]
LOW 24 Jan 2017 NBC affiliate's reporter tweets fictitious ‘White House statement,' doesn’t apologize [NewsBusters]
HIGH 23 Jan 2017 Florida paper blames ‘Alaska gun culture’ for jihadi massacre at Ft. Lauderdale airport [Conservative Review]
HIGH 21 Jan 2017 What really happened with the 'missing' gay and climate White House webpages [Daily Caller]
SEVERE 21 Jan 2017 Evidence State Dept censored video of it admitting lies about Iran nuke deal obtained [ACLJ]
MOD 21 Jan 2017 Facebook bans Russia’s state-funded, west-facing media network [Heat Street]
SEVERE 19 Jan 2017 Google caught wrongly tagging news stories as 'opinion' [Daily Caller]
HIGH 19 Jan 2017 CNN Help Wanted Ad: Angry reporter needed to cover wave of 'fake news' [The Hill]
HIGH 19 Jan 2017 CNN's billionaire Dem interview omits any mention of his anti-PEOTUS ad funding [Washington Examiner]
HIGH 18 Jan 2017 New ABC / WaPo poll uses 'oversamples' to goal seek strong Obama approval rating [Zero Hedge]
HIGH 17 Jan 2017 Mainsteam media caught rigging PEOTUS favorabilty polls [Zero Hedge]