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Unofficial, speculative, or topical news is evident at this time. No immediate danger is apparent.


The FutureDanger Indicator System contains nearly 500 predefined conditions or possible events. As our team fulfills it mission, check back soon for a thorough description of this one.
Background on this indicator will be provided here in the near future.
News relevant to this indicator that emerges from open sources may lead to threatening conditions for the American Nation. The team at FutureDanger will provide a clear explanation of these risks as soon as possible.
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Full Indicator Record

Grade Date Headline Source
LOW 14 Dec 2017 US F-22 stealth fighters intercepted two Russian aircraft after crossing the Euphrates [Cnn]
LOW 13 Dec 2017 Russia sharply expanding nuclear arsenal, upgrading underground facilities [Freebeacon]
LOW 28 Nov 2017 Russian fighter makes 'unsafe' intercept of US Navy aircraft [Cnn]
LOW 24 Nov 2017 Russia confirms new hypersonic Zircon missile war ready [Dailystar]
LOW 24 Nov 2017 Russian Navy puts powerful new nuke missile sub to sea [Thesun]
LOW 16 Nov 2017 Army Chief of Staff: US needs more troops in Europe [Defenseone]
LOW 01 Nov 2017 Russian bombers practice lining up bombing run on US carrier [Dailymail]
LOW 27 Oct 2017 Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces test-fires four ballistic missiles [Tass]
LOW 26 Oct 2017 After military exercise Russia leaves 6,000 troops in Belarus [Zik]
LOW 24 Oct 2017 Russia to test new generation of intercontinental missile that can 'beat US defense systems' [Independent]
LOW 18 Oct 2017 Massive military exercise in eastern Russia [Mirror]
LOW 16 Oct 2017 Polish Defense Minister says Russian cyberattacks repelled [Fifth Domain]
LOW 11 Oct 2017 NATO launches Black Sea naval force [Reuters]
LOW 05 Oct 2017 Russian hackers stole NSA data on US cyber defense [Wsj]
LOW 02 Oct 2017 More than 40,000 troops drill in Russian war games [Yahoo]
LOW 21 Sep 2017 RAF heads off Russian jets near Scotland [BBC]
LOW 19 Sep 2017 ZAPAD: Russia test fires nuke-capable ballistic missile during massive military drill [Zerohedge]
LOW 16 Sep 2017 Russia unveils massive military force [Daily Beast]
LOW 14 Sep 2017 ZAPAD: Scores of Russian tanks drill in Belarus [TASS]
LOW 13 Sep 2017 Russia test-launches Yars ICBM [Sputnik]
LOW 11 Sep 2017 Massive Russian, NATO wargames set to begin [Zerohedge]
LOW 05 Sep 2017 ATLANTIC RESOLVE: Big Red One armor rotating into Germany and Poland in mid-September [Dvidshub]
LOW 31 Aug 2017 US forces Russia to close several consulates [Hosted]
LOW 23 Aug 2017 SECDEF in Ukraine to talk arms for fight against Russia-backed rebels [Japantimes]
LOW 18 Aug 2017 Ukraine facing cyberattacks like those that knocked out global systems in June [Reuters]
LOW 18 Aug 2017 Urban Warfare: NATO issues RFP for training to fight in big cities with 'dense, interconnected populations' [Zerohedge]
LOW 15 Aug 2017 US Navy building bases in Ukraine [Strategic-culture]
LOW 14 Aug 2017 Russia unveils new 'invisible' supersonic fighter jets [Dailymail]
LOW 09 Aug 2017 US Army in Europe shores up short-range air defense [Defensenews]
LOW 09 Aug 2017 State Dept protests Russian President in Russian occupied Georgian territory [State]
LOW 09 Aug 2017 Unarmed Russian air surveillance jet overflies Pentagon, Capitol, Langley, Andrews [Cnn]
LOW 09 Aug 2017 Air Force practices ground-attack plane austere landings on Estonian highway [Twitter]
LOW 09 Aug 2017 Satellite images show Russia's making its military bases in Ukraine permanent [Twitter]
LOW 07 Aug 2017 NATO beefs up logistics infrastructure for offensive operations [Strategic-culture]
LOW 03 Aug 2017 Eyeing russia, US military shifts toward more global war exercises [Trust]
LOW 03 Aug 2017 Russian-backed ammo dump blows sky high in post-Soviet 'frozen conflict' zone [Pravdareport]
LOW 03 Aug 2017 Sanctions law is ‘economic war’ on Russia, Russian Prime Minister says [Bloomberg]
LOW 02 Aug 2017 POTUS signs Russia sanctions bill [Zerohedge]
LOW 01 Aug 2017 Spanish and Finnish fighters intercept Russian MiG-31's near Estonian airspace [Trust]
LOW 31 Jul 2017 Pentagon offers to arm Ukraine [Zerohedge]
LOW 31 Jul 2017 Russia warns Poland of 'asymmetric measures' if Soviet war monuments removed [Bbc]
LOW 31 Jul 2017 'It's time to retaliate: Russia expels 755 American diplomats [Zerohedge]
LOW 30 Jul 2017 Russians parade 50 warships off Saint Petersburg [Yahoo]
LOW 28 Jul 2017 Senate overwhelmingly votes for new Russia sanctions [Zerohedge]
LOW 26 Jul 2017 Moscow warns of 'painful response' to US sanctions [Zerohedge]
LOW 25 Jul 2017 British jets scrambled to intercept Russian bombers racing towards NATO airspace over Black Sea [Thesun]
LOW 22 Jul 2017 NOBLE PARTNER: US troops to exercise in Georgia [Georgiatoday]
LOW 22 Jul 2017 9 Ukrainian soldiers killed in bloodiest day of fighting in 2017 [Businessinsider]
LOW 22 Jul 2017 SEA BREEZE: US and other nations converge for large-scale Black Sea drills [Stripes]
LOW 22 Jul 2017 US Army Strykers cross borders as show of force in Europe [Dvidshub]
LOW 22 Jul 2017 Commander of US Army in Europe says upcoming Russian war game may be 'trojan horse' [Reuters]
LOW 21 Jul 2017 Five Ukraine troops die in fierce clash with Donetsk rebels [Bbc]
LOW 21 Jul 2017 Chechnya’s Leader claims 'Russian Doomsday Device' is activated [Shtfplan]
LOW 11 Jul 2017 US Army deploys advanced anti-aircraft missiles in Baltics for first time [Reuters]
LOW 06 Jul 2017 Russia blocks UN Security Council call for NK 'significant measures' [Newsmax]
LOW 04 Jul 2017 Ukraine says Russian security services behind global cyberattack [Www]
LOW 01 Jul 2017 Russia warns NATO not to join NATO [Newsweek]
LOW 27 Jun 2017 Russian warships fire rockets in Baltic Sea ‘duel’ [Newsweek]
LOW 27 Jun 2017 Ukrainian Military Intelligence Colonel killed in car bombing [Rferl]
LOW 27 Jun 2017 Poland supplying Ukrainians with vision and guidance tech [Sputniknews]
LOW 27 Jun 2017 Russian sub test-fires ICBM [Sputniknews]
LOW 25 Jun 2017 Previous President ordered cyberweapons implanted into Russia’s infrastructure [Antiwar]
LOW 24 Jun 2017 Russian warning: US planes in western Syria will be tracked as targets [Debka]
LOW 21 Jun 2017 SABER STRIKE: Minnesota National Guardsmen train with British Marines, Polish Soldiers in Lithuania [Defense]
LOW 21 Jun 2017 Ukrainian fighting goes on... [Npr]
LOW 21 Jun 2017 NATO intercepts 32 Russian warplanes above Baltic in just 7 days [Newsweek]
LOW 21 Jun 2017 Army to deploy Airborne Task Force to the Baltics ahead of Russian wargame in September [Stripes]
LOW 21 Jun 2017 How an Entire Nation Became Russia's Test Lab for Cyberwar [Wired]
LOW 21 Jun 2017 Russian Deputy FM scraps meeting with senior US diplomat [Debka]
LOW 21 Jun 2017 Russian Defense Minister's plane buzzed by NATO jet [Yahoo]
LOW 20 Jun 2017 US fighter shoots down Syrian drone [Thesun]
LOW 20 Jun 2017 Russian warplane comes within 5 feet of US recon jet [Foxnews]
LOW 19 Jun 2017 Russia to treat US jets in Syria as 'targets' after America guns down first regime warplane [Independent]
LOW 18 Jun 2017 COLD WAR II: US and British troops carried out first large-scale NATO drill to defend Suwalki Gap [Reuters]
LOW 17 Jun 2017 Russia and US holding more war drills in Europe [Newsweek]
LOW 14 Jun 2017 SABER STRIKE: Battle Group Poland readies for full spectrum warfare [Dvidshub]
LOW 14 Jun 2017 Russian troops launch 3,000-strong drill in South Ossetia [Newsweek]
LOW 11 Jun 2017 Russian Foreign Minister phones Secretary of State, warns strikes on pro-Assad forces unacceptable [Debka]
LOW 10 Jun 2017 SABER GUARDIAN: 25,000 NATO troops to exercise in July [Businessinsider]
LOW 10 Jun 2017 Russia boasts military modernization [Tass]
LOW 10 Jun 2017 Russia tests advances high-speed missile [Washingtontimes]
LOW 10 Jun 2017 Russian warplane intercepts US refueling aircraft [Cbsnews]
LOW 06 Jun 2017 Russia scrambles fighter jet to intercept B-52 bomber over Baltic Sea [Zerohedge]
LOW 05 Jun 2017 Montenegro added to NATO [Voanews]
LOW 04 Jun 2017 Russia tests Zircon hypersonic missile, says makes US defenses obsolete [Washingtontimes]
LOW 02 Jun 2017 NATO, partners hold land, sea exercises in Eastern Europe [Voanews]
LOW 02 Jun 2017 NOBLE JUMP: Thousands of NATO troops flow into Southeastern Europe [Sofiaglobe]
LOW 02 Jun 2017 Moscow: US Deployment of B-52 Bombers to Europe Destabilizing Step [Sputniknews]
LOW 02 Jun 2017 Russian Defense Minister: 99% of ballistic missile launchers on combat alert [Tasnimnews]
LOW 02 Jun 2017 Russia vows military response to 'eliminate threat' if Sweden joins NATO [Newsweek]
LOW 02 Jun 2017 POTUS sanctions Russian company for aiding NKorean nukes [Washingtonexaminer]
LOW 02 Jun 2017 Russia expels Estonian diplomats [Baltictimes]
LOW 02 Jun 2017 Sputnik: NATO policy in Syria caused S-400 deal with Turkey [Sputniknews]
LOW 02 Jun 2017 Putin blames anti-Russia 'hysteria' for hacking allegations: 'Such attitudes end with nothing good' [Zerohedge]
LOW 02 Jun 2017 Donbas shelling... [Kyivpost]
LOW 02 Jun 2017 Veteran Russian MP threatens nukes if US makes a move into Crimea [Independent]
LOW 02 Jun 2017 Putin disses France [Georgiatoday]
LOW 02 Jun 2017 Top Russian official says Moscow ready to sell affordable weaponry to Serbia [Tass]
LOW 02 Jun 2017 Russia’s Economy Minister: We can live forever at $40 oil [Oilprice]
LOW 02 Jun 2017 Russian President says US missile systems in Alaska, SKorea are a challenge [Reuters]
LOW 01 Jun 2017 Russian confirms fifteen naval vessels operating in Eastern Mediterranean [Debka]
LOW 31 May 2017 Russians sail anti-sub warship through English Channel [Dailymail]
LOW 31 May 2017 Russia tests hypersonic cruise missile [Dailymail]
LOW 30 May 2017 Air Force upgrading remote Arctic air base [Cbsnews]
LOW 30 May 2017 Russian Foreign Minister warns US against use of force in Syria [Debka]
LOW 29 May 2017 Russian Lawmaker: We would use nukes if US or NATO enters Crimea [Defenseone]
LOW 27 May 2017 Brits scramble Typhoons after Russian jets enter the UK airspace [Reuters]
LOW 26 May 2017 SABER STRIKE exercise kicking off in Baltics next week [Army]
LOW 26 May 2017 NATO ally Estonia to expel Russian diplomats [Usnews]
LOW 23 May 2017 SABER STRIKE: Over 2,000 NATO troops ready for June drills in Latvia [Sputniknews]
LOW 17 May 2017 Air Force sending bombers to train in England [Washingtonexaminer]
LOW 16 May 2017 NATO base building in the Baltics [Strategic-culture]
LOW 13 May 2017 Russian fighter flies close to US Navy recon plane over Black Sea [Foxnews]
LOW 10 May 2017 US to deploy ships, planes to Baltic Sea during Russian drills in September [Wsj]
LOW 09 May 2017 Russians parade 10,000 troops through Red Square [Dailymail]
LOW 08 May 2017 Russian and NATO warships squaring off in Baltic Sea [Mirror]
LOW 06 May 2017 Thousands of Russian soldiers, aircraft and tanks march in a massive showcase of military power [Thesun]
LOW 06 May 2017 EASTLANT: NATO Sub exercise kicks off near northern Norway [Thebarentsobserver]
LOW 06 May 2017 Supreme Allied Commander Europe: Russia threat to NATO world order in the west [Newsweek]
LOW 06 May 2017 Russia deploys cruise missile frigate to Mediterranean [Newsweek]
LOW 04 May 2017 Two Russian bombers escorted by Sukhoi flankers near Alaska [Debka]
LOW 03 May 2017 US Commander in Europe signals need for more troops... [Military]
LOW 03 May 2017 Army rushes battalion of troops to Germany to test readiness [Gazette]
LOW 03 May 2017 Five killed in Ukraine's deadliest 24 hours since Easter truce [Yahoo]
LOW 03 May 2017 Russia reveals 'ship slayer' fighter plane [Dailystar]
LOW 01 May 2017 Congress' new spending bill includes $100M to counter Russian info ops [Cyberscoop]
LOW 30 Apr 2017 Russian military buildup in arctic has US watching closely [Nbcnews]
LOW 30 Apr 2017 THRACIAN EAGLE: Dozen F-15C Eagles train 'integrated scenarios' in Bulgaria [Eucom]
LOW 28 Apr 2017 Russian General Staff Officer: US missile defense allows covert nuke strike [Sputniknews]
LOW 26 Apr 2017 Russian Defense Chief: US missile strike on Syria threatened Russian troops [Thehill]
LOW 26 Apr 2017 Russian Navy reveals sub with 20 ballistic missiles, each with 10 warheads [Express]
LOW 26 Apr 2017 Denmark says ‘key elements’ of Russian Govt hacked Defense Ministry [Nytimes]
LOW 26 Apr 2017 British Navy sails destroyer into Black Sea towards Russia [Dailymail]
LOW 26 Apr 2017 Russian General Staff Chief: 'Will have to take appropriate retaliatory steps' to NATO border building up [Tass]
LOW 26 Apr 2017 Russian Senator warns UK 'risks being wiped off the face of the Earth' [Zerohedge]
LOW 23 Apr 2017 NATO intercepting highest number of Russian warplanes since Cold War [Independent]
LOW 22 Apr 2017 Jonathan Roth: Did Russia down some tomahawks over Syria? [Riskhedge]
LOW 22 Apr 2017 Russia flies long-range combat aircraft near American airspace for four consecutive days [Wsj]
LOW 20 Apr 2017 Moscow air defense troops on alert in combat readiness [Tass]
LOW 20 Apr 2017 British PM says UK stands ready to help defend Ukraine against Russia [Thesun]
LOW 20 Apr 2017 Russia conducts anti-sub warfare exercise off its Asian Coast [Thediplomat]
LOW 19 Apr 2017 ATLANTIC TRIDENT: US Air Force trains with France, UK in Virginia [13newsnow]
LOW 18 Apr 2017 Russia claims it can disable entire US Navy with a single ‘electronic bomb' [Thesun]
LOW 18 Apr 2017 F-22s scrambled for Russian bombers off Alaskan Coast [Cnn]
LOW 18 Apr 2017 Major Ukrainian offensive against the rebels coming up? [Mishtalk]
LOW 17 Apr 2017 Russia warns US not to act unilaterally against NKorea [Zerohedge]
LOW 16 Apr 2017 British Royal Navy escorts two Russian warships through English Channel [Mirror]
LOW 14 Apr 2017 Russian Foreign Minister: Grave consequences for global security if US hits Syria again [Debka]
LOW 14 Apr 2017 F-35s sent on first operational deployment to Europe [Defensenews]
LOW 13 Apr 2017 900 US troops deploying 35 miles away from Russian Baltic Sea enclave of Kaliningrad [Reuters]
LOW 12 Apr 2017 Russian Foreign Minister warns Secretary of State: 'Don't strike Syria again' [Zerohedge]
LOW 12 Apr 2017 Russia boosting naval forces in Syrian theater [Debka]
LOW 12 Apr 2017 Russian nuke bombers fly near Japan [Foxnews]
LOW 10 Apr 2017 US Armored Brigade preps in Germany for Ukraine missions [Stripes]
LOW 10 Apr 2017 GRAVE: US Intel accuses Russia of committing one war crime to cover up another [Washingtonexaminer]
LOW 10 Apr 2017 Russia reinforces naval battlegroup off Syrian coast [Theguardian]
LOW 09 Apr 2017 Commander Naval Forces Europe: Russian warships more active than during Cold War [Yahoo]
LOW 09 Apr 2017 Russia vows to respond with force to another US strike in Syria [Thesun]
LOW 07 Apr 2017 FRISIAN FLAG: 48 warplanes from 7 NATO nations train in Holland [Aviationtribune]
LOW 07 Apr 2017 US Soldiers, Ukrainian forces train to hold ground [Stripes]
LOW 07 Apr 2017 Arizona Senator says POTUS 'seriously considering' lethal defensive aid to Ukraine [Weeklystandard]
LOW 07 Apr 2017 Russian Prime Minister: Now 'on the verge of a clash' [Www]
LOW 07 Apr 2017 Russia suspends cooperation on air ops over Syria [Nytimes]
LOW 07 Apr 2017 Russian warship steams toward US destroyers that launched Syria strikes [Foxnews]
LOW 07 Apr 2017 Russia: Syria strikes came 'within an inch' of clash with their forces [Independent]
LOW 06 Apr 2017 Report: US warned Russia ahead of Syria Strike [Cnbc]
LOW 01 Apr 2017 NATO Secretary-General: Still 'clear disagreements' with Russia over the Ukraine [Reuters]
LOW 31 Mar 2017 Russia ramps up sub patrols to Cold War levels [Thesun]
LOW 30 Mar 2017 NATO contractors hiring Russian actors for war drills [Www]
LOW 30 Mar 2017 Supreme Allied Commander Europe tells Congress he needs larger force to deter Russia [Military]
LOW 28 Mar 2017 Planned Russian exercises in September sow NATO worries [Wsj]
LOW 28 Mar 2017 Russian General warns US missile defense lowers threshold for use of nukes [Dailystar]
LOW 27 Mar 2017 Russia claims to have hypersonic anti-ship missile [Ibtimes]
LOW 24 Mar 2017 Video: Dozens of Russian tanks deployed close to Ukrainian border [Youtube]
LOW 24 Mar 2017 Russia warns Norway over missile defense plans [Strategic-culture]
LOW 23 Mar 2017 Supreme Allied Commander Europe: Russia may be supplying Taliban [Reuters]
LOW 23 Mar 2017 US amphibious warship with elements of 24th MEU in Black Sea for NATO drills [Usni]
LOW 23 Mar 2017 Sabotage suspected as massive Ukrainian tank ammo dump explodes [Voanews]
LOW 23 Mar 2017 British Navy hosting major NATO cyber war games in Scotland [Bbc]
LOW 23 Mar 2017 British infantry company deploys to Estonia [Upi]
LOW 22 Mar 2017 US Cavalry Squadron arrives in Poland 'fully ready to be lethal' [Army]
LOW 20 Mar 2017 Russian airborne drills begin in the Crimea [Tass]
LOW 19 Mar 2017 Israel strikes Syrian airbase housing Russian special forces, Moscow warns... [Debka]
LOW 18 Mar 2017 British armored task force staging in Estonia [Mirror]
LOW 15 Mar 2017 Russian spy ship spotted near sub base in Georgia [Cbsnews]
LOW 14 Mar 2017 Moscow moves to absorb rebel Georgian region's military [Reuters]
LOW 14 Mar 2017 Russia initiates first-ever snap combat readiness check of its National Guard [Tass]
LOW 14 Mar 2017 DYNAMIC MANTA: Major NATO anti-sub exercise begins off Sicily [Nato]
LOW 10 Mar 2017 Ukrainian FM: Secretary of State pledged US support against 'Russian aggression' [Rferl]
LOW 09 Mar 2017 Ten Russian Generals sacked [Tass]
LOW 08 Mar 2017 JOINT VIKING: 8,000 NATO troops train winter warfare in Norway [Mirror]
LOW 08 Mar 2017 Joint Chiefs Vice Chairman: Russia deployed treaty-breaking, NATO-threatening cruise missile [Reuters]
LOW 08 Mar 2017 Retired Russian Colonel: 'We are quietly seeding the US shoreline with nuclear mole missiles' [Memri]
LOW 06 Mar 2017 State Dept deeply concerned by crossings closure in Russian-occupied Georgian territory [State]
LOW 06 Mar 2017 Northern Syria: American and Russian forces in faceoff? [Debka]
LOW 06 Mar 2017 British NATO Commander decides Russian 'meddling' in US election ‘act of war’ [Independent]
LOW 06 Mar 2017 Experts tell House subcommittee NATO unprepared to defend Baltics from Russian invasion [Usni]
LOW 06 Mar 2017 8,000 Russian troops conduct anti-aircraft drills in east [Tass]
LOW 03 Mar 2017 Russian spy ship spotted southeast of Navy installation in Florida [Foxnews]
LOW 03 Mar 2017 Lithuanians stock up for 'hybrid' war with Russia [Sky]
LOW 03 Mar 2017 Video: Russian jets buzz US destroyer in Black Sea [Mirror]
LOW 02 Mar 2017 Commander of US Air Forces in Europe: 4 Russian aircraft close encounters with NATO planes in 1 day [Defensenews]
LOW 02 Mar 2017 Russia alerts 3,000 troops for combat readiness check [Tass]
LOW 01 Mar 2017 Russian Defense Minister: Army Division deploying to Japanese islands seized in 1945 [Thediplomat]
LOW 01 Mar 2017 Russian jets nearly bomb US forces in Syria, hit US-backed rebels [Zerohedge]
LOW 21 Feb 2017 Ukrainian blockade brings Donbas to a slow boil [Stratfor]
LOW 21 Feb 2017 Half dozen mysteriously dead since late December... [Allnewspipeline]
LOW 21 Feb 2017 Are Russian diplomats being assassinated? [Allnewspipeline]
LOW 21 Feb 2017 Suspicions grow that Russia tested nuclear weapon in the Arctic [Thesun]
LOW 18 Feb 2017 AUSTERE CHALLENGE: European Command conducts global command-and-control drill [Defense]
LOW 18 Feb 2017 UK Govt Sources: Russia tried to topple small Balkan State by killing PM last year [Telegraph]
LOW 18 Feb 2017 Radiation spike in Europe, USAF nuke sniffer up in UK, web buzzing with Russian Tac Nuke Det suspicions [Youtube]
LOW 18 Feb 2017 Russian spy ship loitering off Virginia near largest naval base [Foxnews]
LOW 18 Feb 2017 Russian Foreign Minister seeks 'post-West' order as VPOTUS vows loyalty to allies [Yahoo]
LOW 16 Feb 2017 Ukrainian War: 'Worst fighting in years' [Latimes]
LOW 16 Feb 2017 Ukraine charges Russia with new cyberattacks [Reuters]
LOW 16 Feb 2017 ATLANTIC RESOLVE: Army Combat Aviation Brigade arrives in Germany [Upi]
LOW 15 Feb 2017 Treaty violation... [Nytimes]
LOW 15 Feb 2017 Treaty violation... [Yahoo]
LOW 15 Feb 2017 ATLANTIC RESOLVE: US armor troops deploy to Bulgaria [Reuters]
LOW 15 Feb 2017 30 miles from Connecticut sub base... [Mirror]
LOW 15 Feb 2017 Russian Foreign Ministry: 'We won't return our territories. Crimea is a territory of the Russian Federation' [Debka]
LOW 14 Feb 2017 Russian Army division-level exercise underway in western border region [Eng]
LOW 14 Feb 2017 30 killed in latest wave of combat in Ukraine [Theguardian]
LOW 14 Feb 2017 White House Spox: President expects Russia to return Crimea to Ukraine [Reuters]
LOW 14 Feb 2017 Russian jets buzzed US destroyer in Black Sea [Freebeacon]
LOW 14 Feb 2017 Russia secretly deploys new cruise missile [Nytimes]
LOW 14 Feb 2017 Russian spy ship spotted patrolling off East Coast. [Foxnews]
LOW 11 Feb 2017 NATO accuses Russia of fake news [Reuters]
LOW 11 Feb 2017 Britain’s entire fleet of attack subs ‘out of service’ [Www]
LOW 10 Feb 2017 Senior Russian Diplomat: Romania turned into ‘NATO outpost,’ poses ‘outright threat’ [Www]
LOW 10 Feb 2017 ZAPAD: Russia may put 100k troops on Lithuanian-Polish border in September [Cbsnews]
LOW 09 Feb 2017 Russian airstrike kills three Turkish soldiers in Syria [Zerohedge]
LOW 09 Feb 2017 British warplanes ward off two Russian bombers near UK airspace [Thesun]
LOW 09 Feb 2017 Russia calls NATO moves in Eastern Europe a threat [Reuters]
LOW 08 Feb 2017 Worst shelling in months... [Reuters]
LOW 08 Feb 2017 Ukraine on brink of more fighting [Itv]
LOW 08 Feb 2017 Chairman of ruling Polish political party wants EU nuclear weapons [Www]
LOW 08 Feb 2017 Russia mobilizes S-400 missiles near Moscow to 'test readiness against a possible attack' [Zerohedge]
LOW 08 Feb 2017 SNAP CHECK: Russian Air Force put on alert amid NATO exercise [Thesun]
LOW 07 Feb 2017 US tanks, troops arrive in Estonia as part of NATO build up [Zerohedge]
LOW 03 Feb 2017 Georgian Media: Russian Army put on alert in area where 2008 war started [Civil]
LOW 03 Feb 2017 Norwegian Govt reports cyberattack by Russian intelligence [Usatoday]
LOW 02 Feb 2017 UN Ambassador condemns Russian aggression in Ukraine [Nypost]
LOW 02 Feb 2017 Member of European Parliament: 'We are really in a state of war with Russia' [Breitbart]
LOW 02 Feb 2017 Heavy fighting continues in Ukraine, killing 10 since Monday [Chicagotribune]
LOW 01 Feb 2017 Norway stockpiling munitions [Defensenews]
LOW 01 Feb 2017 American and Polish troops hold joint tank exercise [Express]
LOW 01 Feb 2017 State Department: Russia trying to take another Ukrainian city [Washingtonexaminer]
LOW 01 Feb 2017 Russia denies shooting at Ukrainian military plane over Black Sea [Zerohedge]
LOW 31 Jan 2017 Germans send tanks to Lithuania [Reuters]
LOW 30 Jan 2017 UK sails warship into Black Sea for first time since Cold War [Dailystar]
LOW 30 Jan 2017 Fighting flares in Eastern Ukraine [Upi]
LOW 30 Jan 2017 Russia building new nuclear icebreakers to aid Artic occupation [Yahoo]
LOW 28 Jan 2017 Russia arrests cyber spies allegedly working for US [Thedailybeast]
LOW 25 Jan 2017 Pair of Russian nuclear bombers fly around Japan [Foxnews]
LOW 25 Jan 2017 British keep watch on Russian aircraft carrier sailing through English Channel [Bbc]
LOW 18 Jan 2017 Russia test fires new ICBM across entire length of country [Dailymail]
LOW 18 Jan 2017 Russian armored force to drill in land that is formally part of neighboring Georgia [Newsweek]
LOW 18 Jan 2017 British Army secretly tests moving tanks under English Channel in case of Eastern European invasion [Sky]
LOW 16 Jan 2017 Russian air defense missiles now threaten airspace deep inside Ukraine [Nationalinterest]
LOW 16 Jan 2017 4,000-strong US armored force takes up garrisons in Poland [Cnn]
LOW 16 Jan 2017 First Sea Lord: Heaviest Russian activity since Cold War [Telegraph]
LOW 16 Jan 2017 Hundreds of US Marines land in Norway [Reuters]