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Indicator Historical Trend
Grade Date Headline Source
MOD 20 Aug 2023 'Legal Scholars' Start Claiming POTUS 45 Can Be Barred from Relection via 14th Amendment for 'engaging in insurrection' on J6 [CNN]
SEVERE 21 Apr 2022 Chief Medical Advisor to the President Rejects Judicial Review of CDC Policy [Breitbart]
LOW 03 Aug 2021 Congresswoman urges CDC to ignore Supreme Court ruling, extend eviction ban [Fox News]
SEVERE 09 Dec 2020 Brian Cates: There Is No 'Election Month' in the Constitution [UncoverDC]
LOW 27 Mar 2020 The crudest weapons of despotism are taking shape [Activist Post]
MOD 08 Feb 2020 New Mexico Senate Endorses bill to allow police to petition courts to order warrantless confiscation of firearms [Washington Times]
LOW 19 Jan 2020 New Mexico bills to authorize seizure of firearms without due process [Activist Post]
HIGH 11 Nov 2019 KC Ordinance to Seize Firearms of the Accused [KMBZ]
HIGH 11 Nov 2019 Rhode Island Police Chief Revokes Man's CCW Because of a Photo on Facebook [USA Carry]
MOD 24 Oct 2019 NM State Rep proposes red flag law, claims warrantlessly confiscating firearms does not violate Constitution [NM Political Report]
LOW 24 Oct 2019 Wisconsin Governor attempting to force vote on bill to give judges power to seize weapons without warrants [Wisconsin Law Jouranl]
HIGH 24 Oct 2019 Judge Rules South Carolina civil asset forfeiture laws violate Fifth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights [Reason]
HIGH 24 Oct 2019 Congress Tortures Commerce Clause to Obtain Permission for a Federal Animal Cruelty Law [Reason]
LOW 10 Oct 2019 Florida Warrantless Gun Confiscation Laws Targeting Children Who Cannot Legally Bear Firearms [American Military News]
HIGH 24 Aug 2019 Connecticut Seizes Dad's Firearms Because Son Shared a Meme [Organic Prepper]
LOW 06 Aug 2019 ‘Red Flag’ Gun Control Bills Pick up Momentum in Congress [MSN]
LOW 08 May 2019 California Advances Bill to Allow School Faculty, Employers, and Co-workers to File Gun Seizure Orders [YouTube]
LOW 03 Mar 2019 ‘Red Flag’ Legislation to Seize Arms without Due Process Introduced in Michigan [Michigan Advance]
MOD 07 Feb 2019 New Anti-Second Amendment Bill to Require Buyers to Reveal Social Media History [CBS]
SEVERE 23 Nov 2018 NY State Bill to Require Firearm Buyers to Hand over Social Media Passwords & Search History [Planet Free Will]
SEVERE 18 Nov 2018 Man Killed by Cops Trying to Take His Guns under Warrant-less Gun Confiscation Law [SHTFplan]
SEVERE 16 Nov 2018 Judge forces President to admit Press to White House [AP]
HIGH 26 Aug 2018 Judge says Presidential order 'infringes' on collective bargaining between civil servants and unions [The Hill]
SHTF 20 Aug 2018 13 Times Courts Forced Current President to Continue Previous President's Policies [Conservative Review]
LOW 22 Jul 2018 Congress may try to 'remove' nuke weapon agency from Executive Branch control [Washington Times]
LOW 18 Apr 2018 NY AG threatens to prosecute Federal Presidential Pardons [Raw Story]
SEVERE 05 Apr 2018 10 Reasons Mueller Investigation Unconstitutional! [Gateway Pundit]
SEVERE 31 Jul 2017 Junior Senator from Kentucky blocks military spending bill over indefinite detention & war declaration []
HIGH 22 Jun 2017 George Leef: How Liberal Judges Wiped Out a Key Clause of the Constitution [Forbes]
SEVERE 12 Jun 2017 In showdowns with the US President, the FBI is 4-0 [ZeroHedge]
LOW 10 Jun 2017 Some fool thinks the 1st Amendment stops @realDonaldTrump from blocking him [Poynter]
MOD 10 Jun 2017 Deep State Gone Wild: Comey asserts unprecedented FBI supremacy [Breitbart]
LOW 02 Jun 2017 7th Circuit says girls have a Constitutional Right to use the boys’ restroom [The Blaze]
LOW 31 May 2017 New bill in Congress may make suing police for Constitutional violations impossible [Theantimedia]
MOD 03 May 2017 Oregon Senate passes bill for 'extreme risk protection orders' [Statesmanjournal]
HIGH 20 Apr 2017 Court ok with cops mashing your face into the concrete for refusing to answer their questions [Washington Post]
HIGH 20 Apr 2017 Oregon State Senator pushes bill for firearm confiscation without due process [Breitbart]
HIGH 26 Mar 2017 Douglas V. Gibbs: Sanctuary Cities Violate Supremacy Clause [Canada Free Press]
MOD 12 Mar 2017 Supreme Court Justice slams using Foreign Commerce Clause to make Congress 'the world’s lawgiver' [Washington Post]
LOW 10 Mar 2017 POTUS 44's alleged Kenyan birth certificate tweeted by half-brother [Gateway Pundit]
MOD 25 Feb 2017 Police attempt to get warrant to force everyone at a searched location to unlock seized electronic devices [Techdirt]
MOD 12 Feb 2017 Washington and Minnesota twist 1st Amendment to argue POTUS' travel ban 'established a religion' [CNSNews]