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Unofficial, speculative, or topical news is evident at this time. No immediate danger is apparent.


The FutureDanger Indicator System contains nearly 500 predefined conditions or possible events. As our team fulfills it mission, check back soon for a thorough description of this one.
Background on this indicator will be provided here in the near future.
News relevant to this indicator that emerges from open sources may lead to threatening conditions for the American Nation. The team at FutureDanger will provide a clear explanation of these risks as soon as possible.
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Indicator Historical Trend
Grade Date Headline Source
LOW 17 Jul 2024 Living skin tissue attaches to robotic faces [Reuters]
LOW 09 May 2023 Chinese Brain Chip Lets Monkeys Control Robotic Arm with Their Minds  [UK Daily Mail]
LOW 24 Jul 2022 Revolutionary Brain-Computer Interface Announced [The Hill]
LOW 27 Jan 2022 Brain-implant startup gears up for human trials [Yahoo]
LOW 28 Jul 2021 Brain Computer Startup Announces FDA Trial [Yahoo]
LOW 30 Apr 2021 Space Force Chief Scientist Says Human Augmentation Is Now Necessary [Futurism]
LOW 17 Sep 2020 Majority of Europeans Favor Human Augmentation [Reuters]
LOW 16 Sep 2020 The Bionic Eye Is Near [Futurism]
LOW 27 Aug 2020 Elon Musk to Reveal Device That Connects Your Brain to a Computer on Friday [UK Sun]
LOW 23 Jan 2020 First Robotic Heart to End Need for Transplants [UK Mirror]
LOW 21 Oct 2019 Scientists Fuse Brains with AI Implants for Superhuman Intelligence [UK Daily Star]
LOW 28 Jul 2019 Scientists Develop Bionic Hand That Can Help Users Feel Again [USA Today]
MOD 10 Jun 2019 DARPA Wants 'Thought Controlled Weapons' by Finding Ways to 'Read Soldiers' Minds' [SHTFplan]
LOW 05 Jun 2019 New Chinese Mind-Reading Chips [Sputnik]
LOW 04 Mar 2019 Neuroscientists Researching Brain Chips to Make People Superintelligent [CBS]
MOD 18 Dec 2018 Brain-Controlled Bionic Limbs Developed [CBS]
LOW 17 Jul 2018 Pentagon developing Mind-Controlled Tech for Troops [Nextgov]
MOD 02 Jul 2018 Scientists building artificial ovaries [UK Independent]
MOD 28 Jun 2018 Dish-grown brains being put into robots [UK Mirror]
LOW 31 May 2018 Biohybrid smart prosthetics coming soon [UK Daily Star]
LOW 31 Mar 2018 Mind-reading machine can translate your thoughts and display as text [UK Daily Mail]
LOW 16 Feb 2018 Human speech to be replaced by thought communication by 2050 [UK Express]
LOW 03 Jan 2018 Woman receives bionic hand with sense of touch [BBC]
LOW 14 Dec 2017 Artificial intelligence will 'see humans to communicate via telepathy' [UK Daily Star]
LOW 25 Nov 2017 Darpa funding human test of 'mood changing brain implant' [UK Daily Star]
MOD 14 Nov 2017 Brain implant boosts human memory by mimicking how we learn [NewScientist]
LOW 09 Nov 2017 Chips inserted in brains to give mind-blowing abilities within years [UK Express]
HIGH 23 Aug 2017 Scientists hack brain, control body movements [YouTube]
MOD 22 Jul 2017 Pentagon dumps $65 million into plugging human brains directly into computers [New American]
LOW 11 Jul 2017 DARPA spending $65 million to plug human brains directly into a computer [UK Daily Mail]
HIGH 12 Jun 2017 Telepathy coming... [Washington Post]
LOW 05 Jun 2017 Computers inside skulls coming... [WSJ]
LOW 01 Jun 2017 Video shows maiden flight of cyborg dragonfly [New Atlas]
LOW 31 May 2017 NBC: 'Godlike Homo Deus' could replace humans as tech evolves [NBC]
MOD 05 May 2017 Researchers create first synthetic retina [UK Daily Mail]
MOD 03 May 2017 Bionic hand 'sees and grabs' objects automatically [BBC]
MOD 28 Apr 2017 Facebook working on brain-computer interface to translate thoughts to text [Breitbart]
MOD 20 Apr 2017 Elon Musk lays out plans to meld brains and computers [WSJ]
MOD 19 Apr 2017 Technology turning workers into cyborgs sooner than you think [UK Daily Mail]
MOD 18 Apr 2017 CEO confirms Facebook's 'brain interface' [UK Daily Mail]
MOD 18 Apr 2017 Device that can literally read your mind invented by scientists [UK Independent]
LOW 27 Mar 2017 Startup from CEO of Tesla and SpaceX aims to connect brains with computers [WSJ]
LOW 17 Mar 2017 Singularity will soon create super humans, Google expert claims [UK Daily Mail]
LOW 07 Mar 2017 Brain computer interface market to reach $1.23 billion in next 8 years [Openpr]
LOW 23 Feb 2017 Brain-computer interface achieves fastest-ever typing results [Thestack]
LOW 13 Feb 2017 Billionaire inventor says 'merge with machines or become irrelevant' [CNBC]
LOW 08 Feb 2017 Zuckerberg funds mind-reading brain implants [UK Sun]
LOW 07 Feb 2017 The Age of the Bionic Body... [UK Daily Mail]
LOW 03 Feb 2017 Mind-reading machine lets lock-in syndrome patients communicate by thinking answers [Yahoo]