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Ambiguous, unsettling, or developing news is evident at this time. This indicator may evolve towards increased risk quickly.


The FutureDanger Indicator System contains nearly 500 predefined conditions or possible events. As our team fulfills it mission, check back soon for a thorough description of this one.
Background on this indicator will be provided here in the near future.
News relevant to this indicator that emerges from open sources may lead to threatening conditions for the American Nation. The team at FutureDanger will provide a clear explanation of these risks as soon as possible.
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Indicator Historical Trend
Grade Date Headline Source
MOD 16 Jul 2024 More Americans Fall Behind on Car Payments as Repos Soar 23% [ZeroHedge]
LOW 04 Jun 2024 Majority of Middle-Class Struggling Financially [MSN]
LOW 24 May 2024 America’s $38 Trillion Retirement Pool Is Nowhere Near Enough [MSN]
MOD 15 May 2024 Record Household Debt, Jump in Delinquencies Signal Worsening Financial Distress, Fed Warns [ZeroHedge]
LOW 12 Feb 2024 Commerial real estate market corrects [ZeroHedge]
LOW 12 Feb 2024 Household Debt Tops $17.5 Trillion [Money Metals]
LOW 07 Feb 2024 Credit card debt increases by $50B to new record high [The Hill]
MOD 07 Jan 2024 Record 1.5 Million Crash in Full-Time Jobs, Multiple Jobholders Soar to Record, Native Born Employees Plunge [ZeroHedge]
LOW 26 Dec 2023 Americans Working a Full-Time & Part-Time Job Reaches High [The Blaze]
MOD 07 Dec 2023 Household Wealth Falls in Third Quarter [Yahoo]
LOW 04 Dec 2023 More Retired Americans Are Un-Retiring [WTOP]
LOW 29 Nov 2023 Americans are ‘doom spending’ [CNBC]
LOW 25 Nov 2023 American Borrowers Are Getting Closer to Maxing out [WSJ]
LOW 07 Nov 2023 Credit Card Debt Grinds to a Halt as Average APR Hits New Record High [ZeroHedge]
MOD 25 Oct 2023 Only 19% of Americans increased their emergency savings in 2023 [CNBC]
MOD 21 Oct 2023 Car Owners behind on Payments at Highest Rate on Record [Bloomberg]
MOD 04 Oct 2023 Treasury Market Upheaval Ripples through Global Markets [MarketWatch]
MOD 30 Sep 2023 10 Numbers Which Prove American Economy Has Hit a Major Pivot Point [ZeroHedge]
MOD 27 Sep 2023 60% of Americans are still living paycheck to paycheck [CNBC]
MOD 23 Sep 2023 Credit card losses rising a fastest pace since 2008 [CNBC]
MOD 17 Sep 2023 10 Red Flags Warn of a Looming Recession [The Messenger]
MOD 04 Sep 2023 American household debt climbs to new high of $17T [Daily Caller]
MOD 02 Sep 2023 61 Percent of Americans Live Paycheck to Paycheck, 21 Percent Struggle with Bills [Mishtalk]
LOW 08 Aug 2023 Credit Card Balances Hit Record above $1T amid Surge in New Defaults [ZeroHedge]
LOW 03 Aug 2023 Freight Volume and Spending Declined Markedly in Second Quarter [Trucker News]
SEVERE 21 Jul 2023 Yield Curve Most Inverted since 1981 [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 04 Jul 2023 Household Savings Collapse Sparks Recession Fears [Newsweek]
SEVERE 30 Jun 2023 Yield Curve Crashes to 'Most Inverted' Ever [ZeroHedge]
MOD 21 Jun 2023 Financial Hardship Surges as Cost-of-Living Crisis Squeezes Workers [ZeroHedge]
LOW 17 May 2023 Drug Shortages near an All-Time High, Leading to Rationing [DNYUZ]
LOW 15 May 2023 Total American consumer debt reaches $17T [CNBC]
MOD 08 May 2023 Lines Stretch down the Block at Food Banks as Costs Go up and Pandemic Aid Expires [The Brunswick News]
HIGH 20 Apr 2023 Home Foreclosures and Missed Credit Card Payments Surge [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 20 Apr 2023 Recession Already Here for Many Americans, as Buying Power, Credit, Social Net Shrinks [The Hill]
HIGH 18 Apr 2023 Two-Year Anniversary of Declining Real Wages for American Workers [Real Clear Wire]
HIGH 17 Apr 2023 Money Supply Shrinks at Fastest Pace since Great Depression [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 11 Apr 2023 58% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck [CNBC]
SEVERE 10 Apr 2023 A $1.5 Trillion Wall of Debt Is Looming for American Commercial Properties [Yahoo]
SEVERE 13 Mar 2023 For 5th time in 153 Years, M2 money supply goes into contraction [Motley Fool]
HIGH 01 Mar 2023 60% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck [CNBC]
MOD 21 Feb 2023 Credit card balances grow by over $60 billion last quarter, total hits all-time high of $986 billion [Big League Politics]
MOD 21 Feb 2023 Office Landlord Defaults Are Escalating as Lenders Brace for More Distress [WSJ]
MOD 19 Feb 2023 Credit Card Balances Increase at the Fastest Pace in American History [TEC]
MOD 18 Feb 2023 More Auto Payments Are Late, Exposing Cracks in Consumer Credit [WSJ]
SEVERE 06 Feb 2023 American Households Burn through What's Left of Their Savings [WSJ]
SEVERE 03 Feb 2023 American credit card debt jumps 18.5%, hits record $931 billion [CNBC]
SHTF 31 Jan 2023 2022 Real Disposable Income dropped most 90 years [Fox Business]
HIGH 13 Jan 2023 Credit Card Delinquency Rises amid All-Time-High Interest Rates [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 11 Jan 2023 Household Debt Rises to $16.5 Trillion [The Hill]
HIGH 06 Jan 2023 11 Signs That the Economic 'Tipping Point' That Everyone Has Been Waiting for Has Now Arrived [TEC]
MOD 03 Jan 2023 US Manufacturing Cratered in December at Fastest Rate since Pandemic Began [Daily Caller]
HIGH 25 Dec 2022 Five Ways the $31 Trillion National Debt Threatens the Economy [Washington Examiner]
HIGH 21 Dec 2022 A Fifth of Americans Are under Debt Collection [CNBC]
HIGH 19 Dec 2022 Visualizing (and Understanding) the Inverting Yield Curve [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 13 Dec 2022 American Household Wealth Sees Second-Fastest Decline since 1959 [National File]
HIGH 07 Dec 2022 Credit Card Debt Hits All-Time High Just as Savings Rate Plummets to 17-Year Low [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 18 Nov 2022 60% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck [CNBC]
HIGH 17 Nov 2022 Target blames criminal networks for up to $600M in lost profits [WNYW]
HIGH 16 Nov 2022 Cracks in the US Treasury Bond Market [Financial Times]
HIGH 11 Nov 2022 Demand for Mortgage Loans Crashes to Depression Levels [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 07 Nov 2022 Record 7% Surge Small Business Rent Delinquency in October [Mishtalk]
HIGH 05 Nov 2022 Average American Owes More than $25,000, Nearly Half Can't Cover $1,000 Emergency [Study Finds]
HIGH 31 Oct 2022 Employee Have Gotten Way Less Productive [MSN]
HIGH 26 Oct 2022 2-year Treasury yielding above 10-year since early July. [DNYUZ]
HIGH 17 Oct 2022 Elder Poverty Rising [DNYUZ]
HIGH 14 Oct 2022 Yield curve inversion widens further, hits another two-decade record [Seeking Alpha]
MOD 11 Oct 2022 Americans Continue to Pay for Inflation with Credit Cards [Schiff]
HIGH 01 Oct 2022 More Americans living paycheck to paycheck [CNBC]
LOW 20 Sep 2022 Americans Are Drowning in Long-Term Credit Card Debt [ZeroHedge]
LOW 16 Sep 2022 Yield Curve Set to Invert by Most in 40 Years [Yahoo]
LOW 15 Sep 2022 Retail sales growth sluggish in August [CNBC]
MOD 11 Aug 2022 36% of Americans tap savings to cover living expenses [CNBC]
MOD 08 Aug 2022 American Household Debt Surpasses $16 Trillion [Armstrong Economics]
LOW 06 Aug 2022 Personal Credit Card Balances Soar [Axios]
SEVERE 28 Jul 2022 0.9% contraction between April and June [CNBC]
SEVERE 28 Jul 2022 Yield Curve Flashing More Warning Signs [Yahoo]
SEVERE 28 Jul 2022 Recession Starts [AP]
MOD 27 Jul 2022 Half of Americans fall deeper in debt [CNBC]
LOW 26 Jul 2022 Difficulty Paying Bills Tops Pandemic High in US Census Survey [Yahoo]
HIGH 07 Jul 2022 Copper Price Slide Signals Mounting Recession Concern [WSJ]
HIGH 06 Jul 2022 Bonds flash recession warning light as key part of the yield curve inverts again [CNBC]
HIGH 20 Jun 2022 Commercial Real Estate Is on the Brink [Infowars]
HIGH 17 Jun 2022 Manufacturing Output Unexpectedly Shrinks in May [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 16 Jun 2022 Bear markets wipe out $3 trillion in retirement savings [CBS]
MOD 15 Jun 2022 Retail Sales Decline 0.3% in May [WSJ]
MOD 13 Jun 2022 Yield Curve Inverts [Yahoo]
MOD 09 Jun 2022 Typical Asking Rent Surpassed $2,000 [Redfin]
HIGH 01 Jun 2022 Inflation to Force 25% of Americans to Delay Retirement [NY Post]
LOW 29 May 2022 11 Statistics on How Americans Are Faring in a Rapidly Deteriorating Economy [TMIN]
HIGH 03 May 2022 Stocks and Bonds Falling in Lockstep at Pace Unseen in Decades [WSJ]
SEVERE 02 May 2022 Fed Prepares Double-Barreled Tightening with Bond Runoff [WSJ]
SEVERE 28 Apr 2022 Economic Growth Drops by 1.4% [CNBC]
MOD 31 Mar 2022 2 and 10 year Treasury yields invert [CNBC]
MOD 28 Mar 2022 Part of US Yield Curve Inverts for First Time since 2006 [Yahoo]
LOW 16 Mar 2022 Retail Sales Soften as High Gasoline Costs Begin to Bite [Bloomberg]
HIGH 08 Mar 2022 Amazon Delivery Companies Are Being Crushed by Debt [Vice]
HIGH 08 Mar 2022 US Trade Deficit at New Record of at $90B [WSJ]
HIGH 08 Mar 2022 War in Ukraine Leads to Full-Scale Commodities Melt-Up []
MOD 14 Feb 2022 Fed's Rush to Catch up on Inflation Raises Recession Risks [Yahoo]
MOD 12 Feb 2022 Consumer Sentiment Falls to Fresh Decade Low [Yahoo]
MOD 07 Feb 2022 7 in 10 Americans Say They're Living Paycheck to Paycheck [Study Finds]
MOD 01 Feb 2022 Consumer Pessimism Grows as Inflation Accelerates [WSJ]
LOW 14 Jan 2022 Retail sales dropped 1.9% in December [CNBC]
LOW 14 Jan 2022 Bond Market Forecasts Bad Economic News [WSJ]
LOW 11 Jan 2022 Amid rising prices, American families fall deeper in debt [CNBC]
LOW 06 Jan 2022 American Trade Deficit Widens with Record Imports [Epoch Times]
MOD 21 Dec 2021 WSJ: The Pet-Food Shortage Is Real [WSJ]
LOW 14 Dec 2021 The Future of Work Is a 60-Year Career [MSN]
LOW 30 Nov 2021 Black Friday Disappoints, Cyber Monday Sales Fall for the First Time Ever [ZeroHedge]
MOD 22 Nov 2021 Economic Concerns Hit Pandemic High [Gallup]
LOW 22 Nov 2021 Misery Index shows highest reading since the peak of Covid-19 lockdowns [Daniel Lacalle]
LOW 09 Nov 2021 American Household Debt Climbed to New Record of $15.24 Trillion Last Quarter [CNN]
HIGH 28 Oct 2021 Economic growth rate slows to 2% on a sharp slowdown in consumer spending [CNBC]
HIGH 26 Oct 2021 One Million Properties in Mortgage Forbearance, Highest Number since Financial Crisis [WTOP]
HIGH 20 Oct 2021 Record shortages, shipping delays expected this holiday season [CNBC]
HIGH 19 Oct 2021 Multiple Elements Making Supply Chain Problems Worse [CBS]
HIGH 19 Oct 2021 World gripped by an energy crunch [AP]
HIGH 18 Oct 2021 The 'Great Resignation' is picking up speed [Greenwich Time]
HIGH 18 Oct 2021 Half of Americans Made $35K or Less Last Year [DC Clothesline]
HIGH 13 Oct 2021 Serious Financial Problems Afflict 40% of American Households in Recent Months [UK Guardian]
MOD 12 Oct 2021 Record 4.3 million workers quit their jobs in August [CNBC]
MOD 08 Oct 2021 Job Growth Falls to Slowest Pace of Year [WSJ]
HIGH 20 Sep 2021 Washington debt ceiling showdown weighs on the markets [CNBC]
HIGH 20 Sep 2021 Junk-Debt Sales Soar toward Record Year [WSJ]
HIGH 14 Sep 2021 Household income fell while the national poverty rate rose in 2020 [MSN]
LOW 30 Aug 2021 Unfinished Tractors, Pickup Trucks Pile up as Components Run Short [WSJ]
HIGH 06 Aug 2021 Trade Deficit Widened to Record in June [WSJ]
HIGH 02 Aug 2021 Nearly 2 Million US Households Owe $15 Billion in Back Rent [Epoch Times]
LOW 29 Jul 2021 GDP Trails Forecast [Yahoo]
MOD 20 Jul 2021 Long-term Treasury rates tumbled to the lowest levels in months [Yahoo]
HIGH 11 May 2021 America's Trade Surplus in Services Shrinks as Trade Deficit in Goods Balloons [Infowars]
MOD 04 May 2021 American trade deficit hits record $74.4 billion in March [AP]
HIGH 12 Apr 2021 Report: 22% of Small and Medium Businesses Closed in February [OANN]
SEVERE 11 Feb 2021 8 Million More Living in Poverty, 9 Million Small Businesses in Danger of Closing, 10 Million behind on Rent… [TEC]
SEVERE 08 Feb 2021 Up to 40 million tenants owe more than $57 billion in back rent [Reuters]
HIGH 23 Jan 2021 COVID Lockdowns Leave a Third of Small Businesses Unable to Pay Rent [RT]
HIGH 22 Jan 2021 American Hotels Experienced Worst Year Ever [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 08 Jan 2021 US Auto Sales Plunged to 1970s Level in 2020 [SGT Report]
HIGH 06 Jan 2021 America Has Lost More than 110,000 Restaurants, Setting the Stage for a Commercial Real Estate Collapse []
SEVERE 22 Dec 2020 Trade Deficits Grows to -$190 Billion [Axios]
SEVERE 17 Dec 2020 Record 61% of Restaurants, 35% of Small Businesses Can't Pay December Rent [ZeroHedge]
LOW 15 Dec 2020 Global Debt Reaches 364% of World Gross Domestic Production [Axios]
HIGH 15 Dec 2020 Yield Curve Is Hiding the Slowing Economy [DailyFX]
HIGH 14 Dec 2020 Millions of hungry Americans turn to food banks for 1st time [AP]
LOW 08 Dec 2020 How the Covid Response Has Destroyed Personal Finances [Organic Prepper]
MOD 23 Nov 2020 Former Chair says Fed does not need to buy equities now, but Congress let it [CNBC]
MOD 23 Nov 2020 14 Million People Will Lose Their Unemployment Benefits, 30 Million at Risk of Eviction on January 1 [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 15 Oct 2020 8 million Americans slip into poverty [NYT]
HIGH 08 Oct 2020 One out of Every Five Americans Could Be out of Money by Election Day [TEC]
HIGH 05 Oct 2020 Millions Risk Losing Power over Unpaid Utilities as Most States' Pandemic Grace Period Expires [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 30 Sep 2020 Final Q2 GDP Revision Shows Economy Shrank -31.4% [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 19 Sep 2020 Riots following George Floyd Death Could Cost up to $2B [NY Post]
LOW 18 Sep 2020 $2.50 a Year in Interest? That’s What $5,000 in Savings Gets [NYT]
MOD 07 Sep 2020 Over Half of All Young Adults Are Living with Their Parents - Highest Level in Modern American History [TMIN]
MOD 03 Sep 2020 US trade deficit surges in July to highest in 12 years [AP]
HIGH 14 Aug 2020 Nearly a Third of Americans Had Unpaid Housing Bills in August  [ZeroHedge]
SHTF 30 Jul 2020 April-June quarter sees worst ever contraction... 30 million people receiving jobless aid... [AP]
SHTF 30 Jul 2020 GDP plunges 33% in 2nd quarter [MarketWatch]
HIGH 16 Jul 2020 Treasury Department to Soon Sever $600 Per Week Unemployment Lifeline [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 16 Jul 2020 Eviction Looms for Millions of Americans Who Can't Afford Rent [WSJ]
HIGH 13 Jul 2020 $3 Trillion Fed Virus Rescue Inflating Stock and Corporate Bond Market Bubbles [Yahoo]
MOD 08 Jul 2020 Renters face financial cliff ahead [AP]
HIGH 22 Jun 2020 30% of Americans Miss Their Housing Payment in June [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 16 Jun 2020 Fed Chair Warns of 'Significant Uncertainty' Around US Recovery [Yahoo]
SEVERE 03 Jun 2020 Nearly half of commercial retail rents not paid in May [Alton Telegraph]
SEVERE 03 Jun 2020 CBO says US Economy will shrink $8 Trillion because of COVID-19 [Becker\'s Hospital Review]
SEVERE 03 Jun 2020 April Factory Orders Crash by the Most in American History [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 03 Jun 2020 Charles Hugh Smith: The Post-COVID Economy Will Be Very Different from the Pre-Pandemic Bubble Economy [Of Two Minds]
SEVERE 03 Jun 2020 Millions of Americans Skipping Payments as Wave of Defaults and Evictions Looms [NPR]
HIGH 03 Jun 2020 Federal Reserve Economist Advocates Negative Interest Rate Policy [CNBC]
SHTF 28 May 2020 GDP shrinks at 5% annual rate in the first quarter [CNBC]
HIGH 20 May 2020 Highly indebted Zombie companies control more than 2 million jobs [CNBC]
SHTF 05 May 2020 Consumer debt hits new record of $14.3 Trillion [CNBC]
SHTF 05 May 2020 18 Signs That We Are Facing a Record Breaking Economic Implosion in 2020 [TEC]
SHTF 05 May 2020 Junk Bond Leverage Hits Record High [ZeroHedge]
SHTF 05 May 2020 US Trade Deficit Widens on Record Crash in Exports [ZeroHedge]
SHTF 29 Apr 2020 GDP sinks 4.8% in the first quarter, biggest drop since 2008 [MarketWatch]
SEVERE 28 Apr 2020 COVID-19 Disrupting 30% of Americans' Jobs or Finances [Gallup]
SEVERE 24 Apr 2020 Factory orders plunge 14.4% as economy grinds to halt [AP]
SEVERE 22 Apr 2020 160 million Americans less than three months away from going completely broke [Study Finds]
SEVERE 15 Apr 2020 Fed Warns of Worsening Economy [Yahoo]
SEVERE 15 Apr 2020 Millions of restaurant, hotel and store workers expected to fall behind on rent and other bills [WSJ]
SEVERE 15 Apr 2020 Quarantine delivers record blow to American retail sales in March [CNBC]
SEVERE 15 Apr 2020 American industrial production declines most since aftermath of WWII [AP]
SEVERE 14 Apr 2020 IMF Says 1930s-like Global Depression Coming [CNBC]
SEVERE 13 Apr 2020 States Accounting for 86% of Economic Growth Are in Lockdown [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 13 Apr 2020 Car Prices Collapse [Yahoo]
SEVERE 09 Apr 2020 Bretton Woods Is Now on a Ventilator [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 09 Apr 2020 Americans Not Making Their Mortgage Payments Soar by 1064% in One Month [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 09 Apr 2020 Over 30% of US Renters Did Not Pay April Apartment Rent [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 09 Apr 2020 Fed Chairman Says Economy Deteriorating with Alarming Speed [MSN]
HIGH 09 Apr 2020 CoronaCrash Legacy: Mountains of Debt [WSJ]
HIGH 09 Apr 2020 Farmers Dump Milk, Break Eggs as Coronavirus Restaurant Closings Destroy Demand [WSJ]
HIGH 09 Apr 2020 Airlines to Cut Summer Flights up to 90% [MSN]
HIGH 03 Apr 2020 2020 CoronaCrash Way Worse than Panic of 2008 according to IMF [Reuters]
HIGH 03 Apr 2020 Quarter of Americans Have No Emergency Savings [Study Finds]
HIGH 02 Apr 2020 10 Signs the USA Is Heading for a Depression [Unz Review]
HIGH 01 Apr 2020 Hospitals facing oxygen shortage [ABC]
HIGH 01 Apr 2020 $81 Billion in Rent Is Due Today and No One Knows What Will Happen [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 01 Apr 2020 American Manufacturing Slumps to Biggest Contraction since 2009 [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 01 Apr 2020 Ford Delays North America Production Restart Indefinitely [Bloomberg]
SEVERE 30 Mar 2020 Dallas Fed Manufacturing Survey Crashes to Lowest Level Ever [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 26 Mar 2020 Restaurant Suppliers Give Away Unsold Produce as Industry Freezes [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 26 Mar 2020 American Car Sales Volumes Down by at Least Half in March [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 26 Mar 2020 POTUS Warns Suicides from the Coming Economic Depression Will Far Surpass Those from the Virus [SHTFplan]
SEVERE 26 Mar 2020 How Coronavirus Has Upended Economics in Just a Few Weeks [Yahoo]
SEVERE 25 Mar 2020 1-month and 3-month Treasury bill yields are now below zero [CNBC]
SEVERE 24 Mar 2020 US Services Economy Collapses at Record Pace [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 23 Mar 2020 Coronavirus reveals financial irresponsibility of Americans [The Hill]
HIGH 21 Mar 2020 Sick workers sorting, loading, transporting, and delivering boxes around the country [DNYUZ]
HIGH 21 Mar 2020 Economy Deteriorating Fast as 80 Million Americans Forced to Stay at Home [The Hour News]
HIGH 21 Mar 2020 Oil Price Slide to Bite Texas Economy [GoSanAngelo]
SEVERE 19 Mar 2020 Philadelphia Fed Factory Index Slumps by Most on Record [Yahoo]
SEVERE 19 Mar 2020 Small Business Owners Feeling Coronavirus Impact [Axios]
SEVERE 18 Mar 2020 ALL Markets Are Selling Off - Cash Is All That Matters [WSJ]
SEVERE 18 Mar 2020 Automakers shut American plants [Wichita Eagle]
SEVERE 18 Mar 2020 All Treasury Bills up to Three Months Now Have Negative Yields [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 17 Mar 2020 Fed Launches Primary Dealer Credit Facility Which Will Accept Stocks as Collateral [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 17 Mar 2020 Online Searches for 'Unemployment Benefits' Soar [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 16 Mar 2020 Sports Tickets Worth $1.4 Billion in Limbo [Bloomberg]
SEVERE 16 Mar 2020 Airlines Slash Flights [Yahoo]
SEVERE 16 Mar 2020 Airlines in Trouble as Virus Saps Demand [WSJ]
SEVERE 16 Mar 2020 Manufacturing index sees record decline [MarketWatch]
SEVERE 13 Mar 2020 Fierce bond-market swings dry up liquidity in wide swathe of $15 trillion US Treasuries market [MarketWatch]
SEVERE 12 Mar 2020 America Shuts Down [Politico]
SEVERE 11 Mar 2020 Biggest weekly total return drop in stocks and bonds since Lehman [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 09 Mar 2020 Entire US Treasury yield curve falls below 1% for first time in history [Yahoo]
HIGH 09 Mar 2020 10-year Treasury yield hits new all-time low of 0.318% [CNBC]
HIGH 08 Mar 2020 10-year Treasury yield plunges below 0.5%, 30-year rate breaches 1% [CNBC]
HIGH 08 Mar 2020 Anxiety grips companies across the world as virus spreads [AP]
HIGH 06 Mar 2020 10-Year Treasury Yield touches 0.69% hurtling toward Zero [Yahoo]
HIGH 06 Mar 2020 Friday: 10-year Treasury yield briefly hits all-time low under 0.7% [CNBC]
HIGH 05 Mar 2020 US Factory Orders Tumble in January [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 05 Mar 2020 10-Year Treasury Yield Dips Below 0.9%, Another First []
HIGH 03 Mar 2020 10-year US Treasury yield falls below 1% for the first time after Fed slashes rates due to coronavirus [CNBC]
HIGH 03 Mar 2020 Federal Reserve surprises with a 0.5% rate cut [CNBC]
HIGH 02 Mar 2020 10-year Treasury yield drops to another record low of 1.03% [CNBC]
HIGH 02 Mar 2020 First Negative US Yields Get Closer amid Virus Fallout Fears [Yahoo]
MOD 28 Feb 2020 New Record Low Yields on 10- and 30-Year US Bonds [Mish Talk]
LOW 25 Feb 2020 10-year Treasury yield drops to record low of 1.31% [CNBC]
LOW 20 Feb 2020 The Cracks in American Households' Finances [ZeroHedge]
LOW 11 Feb 2020 American Household Debt Soars Most since 2008 Crisis in Q4 [ZeroHedge]
LOW 09 Feb 2020 Federal Reserve Says Coronavirus Poses 'New Risk' to American Economy [Omaha World-Herald]
LOW 03 Feb 2020 Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Facebook Now Make up 18% of the Stock Market [Yahoo]
LOW 09 Jan 2020 Money-Losing Companies Mushroom Even as Stocks Hit New Highs [WSJ]
LOW 03 Jan 2020 Factory Gauge Unexpectedly Falls to Lowest since 2009 [Yahoo]
MOD 15 Dec 2019 Fed Reserve Control over Rates Tested by Growing Fed Govt Budget Deficits [WSJ]
LOW 14 Dec 2019 Huge Disparity in Corporate Profits Hints at Something Amiss [WSJ]
LOW 12 Dec 2019 Credit Card Debt Nearing 10-Year High [Yahoo]
LOW 12 Dec 2019 Washington Post Says Fed Chairman Is Propping Up Economy [Greenwich Time]
LOW 07 Dec 2019 Vehicle Loans Hit Record Levels [Yahoo]
LOW 06 Dec 2019 October Credit Card Usage Surges to All Time High [ZeroHedge]
LOW 23 Nov 2019 Total global debt to hit $255T, up $12T from last year [Newsmax]
LOW 15 Nov 2019 Global Debt to End 2019 at a Record High of $255 Trillion, 330% of World GDP [ZeroHedge]
LOW 11 Nov 2019 CEOs Stepping down at Levels Not Seen since 2008 [Alternet]
LOW 07 Nov 2019 Student, Auto Loans Hit New Record Highs [ZeroHedge]
LOW 07 Nov 2019 Global Debt Surges to Record High $188T [Yahoo]
LOW 07 Nov 2019 Quarter of Americans defaulted on their student loans [CBS]
LOW 28 Oct 2019 Business hiring hits 7-year low [AP]
LOW 24 Oct 2019 Durable Goods Orders Tumble in September, Business Investment Contracts Most since 2016 [ZeroHedge]
LOW 22 Oct 2019 Nearly Half of American Consumers Report Their Incomes Don't Cover Their Expenses [ZeroHedge]
LOW 13 Oct 2019 Beware of Fake Financials [Yahoo]
LOW 10 Oct 2019 Half of Americans Think There's a Recession Coming in the Next Year — and They Admit They're Unprepared [Business Insider]
LOW 01 Oct 2019 US manufacturing survey shows worst reading in a decade [CNBC]
LOW 29 Sep 2019 Consumer Defaults Rise to Highest Level in 2019 [ZeroHedge]
LOW 23 Sep 2019 BIS Warns of Financial Disaster Amid $17 Trillion in Negative-Yield Debt [ZeroHedge]
LOW 09 Sep 2019 Consumer Credit Card Debt Explodes in July despite Rates at 18-Year Highs [ZeroHedge]
LOW 09 Sep 2019 Moody's Downgrades Ford's Credit to Junk [Yahoo]
LOW 03 Sep 2019 Manufacturing Contracts for First Time in Three Years [Yahoo]
LOW 03 Sep 2019 How the US-China Trade War is Rippling through the Global Economy [WSJ]
MOD 27 Aug 2019 10-year Fed Govt debt note yield plunges to lowest level since July 2016 [MarketWatch]
MOD 27 Aug 2019 Key yield curve inverts to worst level since 2007 [CNBC]
MOD 21 Aug 2019 Bond market yield curve inverts again [CNBC]
MOD 20 Aug 2019 Average Sovereign Yield outside US Turns Negative for First Time [ZeroHedge]
MOD 15 Aug 2019 GE stock shares fall most in 11 years after whistleblower calls it a ‘bigger fraud than Enron’ [CNBC]
MOD 15 Aug 2019 10-year Treasury yield falls to three-year low below 1.5% [CNBC]
MOD 15 Aug 2019 Accounting Expert: General Electric financial filings fraudulent, cash situation far worse than disclosed [WSJ]
MOD 14 Aug 2019 Main yield curve inverts as 2-year yield tops 10-year rate, triggering recession warning [CNBC]
LOW 11 Aug 2019 Bankruptcy Filings Rising across the Country [NY Post]
LOW 02 Aug 2019 Families Go Deep in Debt to Stay in the Middle Class [WSJ]
LOW 31 Jul 2019 Fed cuts rate by a quarter point, cites ‘global developments,’ ‘muted inflation’ [CNBC]
LOW 23 Jul 2019 Senator Warning Economic Crash Coming [TMIN]
LOW 15 Jul 2019 The Black Hole Engulfing the World’s Bond Markets [Washington Post]
LOW 15 Jul 2019 Global Debt Hits $246 Trillion, 320% of GDP, as Developing Debt Hits All Time High [ZeroHedge]
LOW 08 Jul 2019 Consumer Credit Hits All Time High as Credit Card Debt Surges [ZeroHedge]
LOW 07 Jul 2019 1 in 4 Americans Have No Plans to Retire [Washington Times]
LOW 03 Jul 2019 Trade deficit surges to five-month high [Reuters]
LOW 01 Jul 2019 Manufacturing Hits 32-Month Low amid Weakening Demand [Yahoo]
LOW 01 Jul 2019 US Breaks Record for Longest Economic Expansion [The Hill]
LOW 25 Jun 2019 Consumer Confidence Collapses to 2 Year Lows [ZeroHedge]
LOW 22 Jun 2019 Feeling the Heat of a Civilization on the Downside [ZeroHedge]
LOW 19 Jun 2019 10-year Treasury yield drops below 2% for first time since November 2016 [CNBC]
LOW 03 Jun 2019 US Manufacturing Index Dips to near Decade Low [Yahoo]
LOW 03 Jun 2019 Fed Govt Debt Yield Curve Inverts [CNBC]
LOW 01 Jun 2019 Claim: Credit Bubble Ready to Burst [Greenwich Time]
LOW 31 May 2019 Average Millennial Average Net Worth Is $8,000 - Far Less than Previous Generations [SFGate]
LOW 29 May 2019 3-month yield tops 10-year rate by most since Financial Crisis [CNBC]
LOW 25 May 2019 Young homebuyers scramble as prices rise faster than incomes [AP]
LOW 24 May 2019 Report: Nearly 25% of Americans borrowing for necessities like food [CNBC]
LOW 21 May 2019 Corporate Debt near 35% of Corporate Assets [Schiff]
LOW 16 May 2019 Half of Americans Just One Paycheck Away from Financial Disaster [MarketWatch]
LOW 14 May 2019 Credit Card Delinquencies Reach 8-Year Highs [Intellihub]
LOW 22 Apr 2019 23% of Americans Save Nothing from Paychecks [SHTFplan]
LOW 16 Apr 2019 American Retailers Already Announced 6,000 Store Closures This Year, More than All of Last Year [CNN]
LOW 10 Apr 2019 'Retail Apocalypse' Now: 75,000 More Stores Could Be Doomed [Laredo Morning Times]
MOD 26 Mar 2019 Bond Market Indicator That Has Predicted Every Recession in Last 50 Years Just Got Triggered [TEC]
MOD 22 Mar 2019 Bond market flashing biggest recession sign since before the 2007 Financial Crisis [CNBC]
MOD 13 Mar 2019 12 Statistics That Prove That the US Is Facing a Consumer Debt Apocalypse [EOTAD]
MOD 11 Mar 2019 Retail Sales Suffer Biggest 2-Month Drop in a Decade [ZeroHedge]
MOD 11 Mar 2019 Nearly 5,000 store closings already in 2019 [CNBC]
MOD 07 Mar 2019 Consumer Credit Storms above $4 Trillion, as Credit Card Debt Hits Record High [ZeroHedge]
MOD 06 Mar 2019 NY Federal Reserve: US Growth to Slow 'Considerably' in 2019 [France24]
MOD 06 Mar 2019 US Budget Deficit Widens 77% [Yahoo]
MOD 05 Mar 2019 American Credit Card Debt Climbs to Record $870 Billion [Bloomberg]
HIGH 04 Mar 2019 The Fed Is Moving to Take Even More Control of Debt Markets and Interest Rates [Mises]
LOW 03 Mar 2019 Retail Apocalypse: 465 Major Store Closings Announced in 48 Hours [Daily Sheeple]
MOD 23 Feb 2019 Global Sovereign Debt to Jump to $50 Trillion [euronews]
MOD 14 Feb 2019 Six weeks into 2019, 2,187 American retailers closing, up 23% compared to last year [USA Today]
MOD 14 Feb 2019 Worst retail sales drop in 9 years [Yahoo]
MOD 13 Feb 2019 Treasury Receipts Turn Negative for the First Time since 2016 Election [ZeroHedge]
MOD 13 Feb 2019 Record 7 Million Americans Are 3 Months behind on Car Payments [Seattle Times]
LOW 31 Jan 2019 Jobless claims jump to near one-and-a-half year high [CNBC]
MOD 09 Jan 2019 78% of US workers live paycheck to paycheck [CNBC]
LOW 08 Jan 2019 US Consumer Credit Hits All Time High amid Surge in Student and Auto Loans [ZeroHedge]
LOW 20 Dec 2018 8 Red Flags... [The Organic Prepper]
LOW 19 Dec 2018 America's Central Bank Ups Federal Interest Rate by Quarter Point [Reuters]
LOW 19 Dec 2018 America's Central Bank Ups Federal Interest Rate by Quarter Point [Google]
MOD 06 Dec 2018 People aren't paying their credit cards and more accounts are being shut down [Business Insider]
MOD 06 Dec 2018 Trade Deficit Hits 10-year High [MarketWatch]
MOD 03 Dec 2018 'Feels like 2006': Subprime Auto Loan Issuance Soars Amid Record Investor Interest [ZeroHedge]
MOD 03 Dec 2018 Yield Curve Inverts for First Time since 2007 [ZeroHedge]
LOW 01 Dec 2018 American debt is set to hit $4 trillion [CNBC]
LOW 22 Nov 2018 Oil, Copper and Lumber Prices Indicating Next Economic Downturn Is Here [TEC]
MOD 18 Nov 2018 To One Bank, This Is the Flashing Red Warning That a Crash Is Dead Ahead [ZeroHedge]
MOD 16 Nov 2018 Household debt hits record high [NBC]
MOD 13 Nov 2018 Major Markets Are All Flashing Warning Signs [Real Investment Advice]
LOW 03 Nov 2018 One-quarter of renters cannot cover a $400 emergency [CNBC]
MOD 01 Nov 2018 Only 28% of Americans Are 'Financially Healthy' despite Largest Wealth Bubble [Real Investment Advice]
MOD 31 Oct 2018 Global Stocks Lose $8 Trillion in October, Most since Lehman [ZeroHedge]
LOW 12 Oct 2018 Global Markets Dump $6 Trillion [ZeroHedge]
LOW 02 Oct 2018 Fed Chair says economy may be 'too good to be true' [CNBC]
LOW 02 Oct 2018 Two-Thirds of Economists See Recession by End-2020 [ZeroHedge]
LOW 20 Sep 2018 Typical Working American Has Nothing Saved for Retirement [ZeroHedge]
LOW 14 Sep 2018 10 Years after Lehman, Is Another Crisis Brewing? [CBS]
LOW 10 Sep 2018 American Consumer Credit Hits All Time High [ZeroHedge]
LOW 05 Sep 2018 Average US Rent Hits All Time High [ZeroHedge]
LOW 03 Sep 2018 Global Debt Soars, along with Fears of Crisis Ahead [Savannahnow]
LOW 27 Aug 2018 1 in 3 Americans have less than $5,000 saved for retirement [CNBC]
LOW 12 Aug 2018 More Americans Defaulting on Credit Cards [NY Post]
LOW 31 Jul 2018 Consumer Debt at an All-Time High [American Banker]
HIGH 16 Jul 2018 The $247 Trillion Global Debt Bomb [Washington Post]
LOW 12 Jul 2018 Low-rated investment-grade credit spreads blow out beyond an historically crucial level [ZeroHedge]
LOW 04 Jul 2018 Federal Reserve suddenly discontinues reporting on Balance Sheet Normalization [ZeroHedge]
LOW 27 Jun 2018 Debt for American corporations tops $6 trillion [CNBC]
LOW 11 Jun 2018 IMF Boss sees darker clouds over world economy [Bloomberg]
LOW 31 May 2018 Savings rate tumbles back near record lows as Americans spend more than they make for 28th month in a row [ZeroHedge]
LOW 29 May 2018 Italy's power struggle could be a flashpoint for market 'contagion' [CNBC]
MOD 22 May 2018 22% of American adults can't pay their monthly bills; 41% have less than $400 in cash [ZeroHedge]
LOW 17 May 2018 43% of American families can't afford basics [CNN]
LOW 16 May 2018 A third of Americans have less than $5,000 in retirement savings [StudyFinds]
LOW 15 May 2018 Filling up the gas tank cost Americans an extra $4.4 billion in April [MarketWatch]
LOW 14 May 2018 Subprime auto loan default rates are now higher than during the Financial Crisis [ZeroHedge]
LOW 14 May 2018 Bond market is doing something it hasn’t done since 2007... [CNBC]
LOW 12 May 2018 Beware of the coming economic debt bomb [The Street]
LOW 09 May 2018 Adem Tumerkan: These 3 Important Indicators Are Signaling Economic Problems Ahead [Palisade Research]
LOW 30 Apr 2018 US savings rate slides as spending outpaces income growth for 26th straight month [ZeroHedge]
LOW 29 Apr 2018 Signs show period of harmonious global growth is crumbling [MarketWatch]
MOD 07 Apr 2018 Global corporate debt surge on years of cheap Central Bank rates now noticed... [Bloomberg]
MOD 05 Apr 2018 National trade deficit rises to near 9½-year high [CNBC]
LOW 02 Apr 2018 Rising rates sounding alarm bells for debt-laden US consumers [Bloomberg]
LOW 27 Mar 2018 Treasury yield curve crushed to new cycle lows [ZeroHedge]
MOD 21 Mar 2018 Surge in wealth from stocks may be sending a dangerous signal for the economy [CNBC]
MOD 16 Mar 2018 65% of Americans save little or nothing [CNBC]
MOD 15 Mar 2018 Retail sales drop 2nd straight month [ZeroHedge]
MOD 12 Mar 2018 The $233 trillion dollar dark cloud of global debt [Gold Telegraph]
MOD 07 Mar 2018 Half of US companies are losing money [Knowledge Leaders Capital]
HIGH 06 Mar 2018 42% of Americans are at risk of retiring broke [CNBC]
LOW 01 Mar 2018 Debt matters... [NorthmanTrader]
MOD 22 Feb 2018 1 in 5 Americans have more credit-card debt than savings [MarketWatch]
MOD 19 Feb 2018 NorthmanTrader: The Writing on the Wall [NorthmanTrader]
MOD 19 Feb 2018 More than 80% of American adults owe somebody else money [TEC]
MOD 13 Feb 2018 Household debt rises by $572 billion, ends 2017 at all time high [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 13 Feb 2018 RIIGED MARKET : How Wall Street’s ‘Fear Gauge’ is being manipulated [MarketWatch]
HIGH 07 Feb 2018 Credit card, student and auto debt all hit record highs in December [ZeroHedge]
MOD 07 Feb 2018 Student-loan crisis worsens; Looming defaults strain Govt bailout program [ZeroHedge]
MOD 06 Feb 2018 Volmageddon sparks 6000-pt swings in the Dow as liquidity evaporates [ZeroHedge]
LOW 29 Jan 2018 Savings rate drops to 10-year low [Reuters]
LOW 20 Jan 2018 Chris Martenson: Believing the Impossible [Peak Prosperity]
LOW 10 Jan 2018 Brandon Smith: Party while you can - Central Bank ready to pop the 'everything' bubble [Alt-Market]
LOW 10 Jan 2018 37% of Gen X say they won't be able to afford to retire [USA Today]
LOW 08 Jan 2018 Credit card debt hits all time high [ZeroHedge]
MOD 06 Dec 2017 Higher wage hope hammered as American worker compensation slumps [ZeroHedge]
MOD 06 Dec 2017 Trade deficit surges near five year high [ZeroHedge]
MOD 30 Nov 2017 5 charts that show we are on the brink of an unthinkable crisis [ValueWalk]
LOW 30 Nov 2017 Household debt is rising 60% faster than wages [ZeroHedge]
MOD 28 Nov 2017 Number of store closings triples from last year [TEC]
MOD 27 Nov 2017 Household debt surges... [NY Post]
MOD 22 Nov 2017 Biggest bubble ever? 2017 recapped in 15 bullet points [ZeroHedge]
MOD 16 Nov 2017 Study: Homeownership no longer builds wealth [CNBC]
MOD 16 Nov 2017 The last time these 3 ominous signals appeared simultaneously was just before the last Financial Crisis [TEC]
LOW 14 Nov 2017 There's an odd chill in the air on Wall Street... [CNBC]
LOW 14 Nov 2017 Credit-card delinquencies pile up [MarketWatch]
LOW 14 Nov 2017 Americans' debt level rises... [Yahoo]
MOD 07 Nov 2017 Credit card debt rises above $1 trillion as student, auto loans hit all time high [ZeroHedge]
MOD 03 Nov 2017 78% of Americans are living ‘paycheck to paycheck’ and 71% of them are in debt [TEC]
LOW 30 Oct 2017 Savings rate plungeds to lowest since December 2007 [ZeroHedge]
LOW 29 Oct 2017 Charles Hugh Smith: The Fading Scent of the American Dream [Daily Reckoning]
LOW 23 Oct 2017 Americans are retiring later, dying sooner and sicker in-between [Bloomberg]
LOW 16 Oct 2017 Recession red flag rears its ugly head - Treasury yield curve crashes to post-crisis flats [ZeroHedge]
LOW 12 Oct 2017 GM forced to idle Detroit plant amid 'slow demand' [ZeroHedge]
LOW 11 Oct 2017 Millennials have never been more in debt... [ZeroHedge]
LOW 05 Oct 2017 Consumer comfort plunges most in 13 months as 'personal finance' fears mount [ZeroHedge]
LOW 04 Oct 2017 Credit spreads collapse to post-crisis lows as stock market 'greed' nears 1998 highs [ZeroHedge]
LOW 04 Oct 2017 Borrowing for buyouts highest since Financial Crisis [ZeroHedge]
MOD 04 Oct 2017 3 uncommon signs hinting at an economic collapse [Birch Gold]
LOW 02 Oct 2017 Worst year for construction spending since 2010 [ZeroHedge]
MOD 26 Sep 2017 Consumer confidence slips [Yahoo]
MOD 21 Sep 2017 This $700 billion public employee ticking time bomb is only 6.7% funded; most States are under 1% [ZeroHedge]
MOD 21 Sep 2017 Jared Dillian: The Everything Bubble Is Ready to Pop [Mauldin Economics]
MOD 19 Sep 2017 Meanwhile, the 'Next Big Short' is quietly blowing up [ZeroHedge]
MOD 19 Sep 2017 Study shows student debt delays home buying by seven years [MishTalk]
MOD 14 Sep 2017 75% of all Americans have less than $10,000 in savings [Daily Sheeple]
MOD 14 Sep 2017 97 million American workers living paycheck to paycheck [ZeroHedge]
MOD 13 Sep 2017 Fifth of Californians in poverty [Sacramento Bee]
LOW 11 Sep 2017 Credit card debt soars back to 2008 highs [ZeroHedge]
LOW 10 Sep 2017 Deutsche Bank: 'Recession risk is the highest in ten years' [ZeroHedge]
LOW 05 Sep 2017 July factory orders plunge to weakest since February [ZeroHedge]
MOD 30 Aug 2017 From stocks to bonds, bear-market signals are multiplying [Bloomberg]
LOW 28 Aug 2017 How much Harvey damage can insurers face before they crack? [ZeroHedge]
MOD 15 Aug 2017 Simon Black: The new American Dream: rent your home from a hedge fund [Sovereign Man]
MOD 15 Aug 2017 Household Debt Hits Record as Auto Loans and Credit Cards Climb [WSJ]
MOD 14 Aug 2017 Used car prices crash to lowest level since 2009 [ZeroHedge]
MOD 14 Aug 2017 Restaurant industry stuck in worst collapse since 2009 [ZeroHedge]
MOD 09 Aug 2017 Taiwan unleashes 'plunge protection team' to rescue stocks amid Korean tensions [ZeroHedge]
MOD 09 Aug 2017 Michael Lebowitz: An Indicator Of Peril [ZeroHedge]
MOD 09 Aug 2017 Lana Clements: Financial Crisis 2 – Economy in 2017 is worryingly similar to 2007 [UK Express]
MOD 09 Aug 2017 2016 was just revised down to the worst year for American productivity since 1982 [ZeroHedge]
LOW 04 Aug 2017 Bars, Restaurants Hired Briskly in July [WSJ]
MOD 02 Aug 2017 Manufacturing loses most jobs since election as employment growth weakens [ZeroHedge]
MOD 01 Aug 2017 GM auto sales crash, dealer inventory near all time high [ZeroHedge]
MOD 01 Aug 2017 Americans' income growth slumps... [ZeroHedge]
MOD 31 Jul 2017 Grocery stores are moving into dying suburban shopping malls [Business Insider]
MOD 29 Jul 2017 Mac Slavo: The Elites Are Jumping Ship as The Financial Collapse Draws Near [SHTFplan]
MOD 28 Jul 2017 Desperate Americans are saving the least since the start of the last two recessions [ZeroHedge]
MOD 28 Jul 2017 Total Govt and personal debt in America hits $41 trillion [TEC]
LOW 28 Jul 2017 Rents across US hit a new all time high [ZeroHedge]
LOW 28 Jul 2017 Thorsten Polleit: The Fed Remains on Course – to Trouble [Mises]
LOW 26 Jul 2017 More than a third of California households have no savings [Pasadenastarnews]
MOD 20 Jul 2017 There are more renters than any time since 1965 [CNBC]
LOW 17 Jul 2017 ZH: Retail is the Titanic [ZeroHedge]
LOW 17 Jul 2017 Almost half of Americans have buyer's remorse about their house [CNBC]
LOW 16 Jul 2017 Restaurant industry stuck in worst collapse since 2009 [ZeroHedge]
LOW 16 Jul 2017 Industrial production growth slows for first time since January [ZeroHedge]
LOW 16 Jul 2017 Core retail sales post weakest growth in over 3 years [ZeroHedge]
LOW 16 Jul 2017 Americans' 'comfort' in the economy down most in over 6 years [ZeroHedge]
MOD 11 Jul 2017 Number of Americans that can’t afford their own homes has more than doubled [TEC]
MOD 11 Jul 2017 The number of young men not working has doubled in 15 years [Daily Signal]
MOD 10 Jul 2017 70+ Americans employed at the highest rates in 55 years [Bloomberg]
MOD 09 Jul 2017 35 Government workers hired in June for every manufacturing job created [CNSNews]
MOD 05 Jul 2017 Baby boomers financially unprepared for retirement [MarketWatch]
LOW 05 Jul 2017 Store traffic plunges 8% into July 4th weekend [ZeroHedge]
LOW 05 Jul 2017 Charles Hugh Smith: We're Fragmenting Because our Experience of the Economy Is Fragmenting [Of Two Minds]
LOW 05 Jul 2017 Factory orders tumble most since November [ZeroHedge]
MOD 29 Jun 2017 Global debt hits a new record high of $217 trillion; 327% of GDP [ZeroHedge]
MOD 28 Jun 2017 Thorsten Polleit: The Super Bubble Is In Trouble [Seeking Alpha]
MOD 27 Jun 2017 David Haggith: Central Banks Buying Stocks Have Rigged US Stock Market Beyond Recovery [Goldseek]
MOD 27 Jun 2017 Olivier Garret: We Are Witnessing the Largest Twin Bubbles in History [Forbes]
MOD 23 Jun 2017 Americans are dying with an average of $61,500 in debt [ZeroHedge]
MOD 21 Jun 2017 69% of Americans do not have an adequate emergency fund [TEC]
MOD 20 Jun 2017 1 om 4 Americans have nothing saved for an emergency [Moneyish]
MOD 18 Jun 2017 Hedge Fund CIO: 'Why the hell did the Fed hike this week?' [ZeroHedge]
MOD 17 Jun 2017 Global excess liquidity collapses [ZeroHedge]
MOD 16 Jun 2017 Inverted yield curve nears... [TEC]
MOD 16 Jun 2017 Economic growth forecast slashed [ZeroHedge]
MOD 15 Jun 2017 Peter Coy: The Fed is Flying Blind [Bloomberg]
MOD 14 Jun 2017 Alessandro Bruno: Why retail job cuts signal the coming economic crisis [Lombardiletter]
MOD 14 Jun 2017 Business inventories tumble in April [ZeroHedge]
MOD 14 Jun 2017 Retail sales tumble most since January 2016 as gasoline, electronics sales slump [ZeroHedge]
MOD 12 Jun 2017 Simon Black: 72% of American businesses are not profitable [Sovereign Man]
MOD 12 Jun 2017 Kunstler: Things to Come [Kunstler]
MOD 12 Jun 2017 Restaurant sales, traffic tumble [ZeroHedge]
MOD 12 Jun 2017 Danielle DiMartino: The inconvenient truth of consumer debt [Bloomberg]
MOD 10 Jun 2017 Benjamin A. Smith: Undeniable economic collapse data... [Lombardiletter]
MOD 10 Jun 2017 MN Gordon: The Three Headed Debt Monster That’s Going to Ravage the Economy [Acting-man]
MOD 10 Jun 2017 Credit card defaults surge most since Financial Crisis [ZeroHedge]
MOD 10 Jun 2017 State corporate tax receipts crash most since last recession [ZeroHedge]
MOD 09 Jun 2017 'Worst since Lehman' - The state of the American consumer in one dismal chart [ZeroHedge]
MOD 09 Jun 2017 Walmart & Amazon know the terrible truth: The American Middle Class is dying [SHTFplan]
MOD 05 Jun 2017 Factory orders drop in April as durable goods tumble most in 14 months [ZeroHedge]
MOD 05 Jun 2017 John Rubino: Soaring Debt = Slow Growth = Even More Debt = Systemic Crisis [Dollar Collapse]
MOD 05 Jun 2017 Productivity growth stalls as real compensation drops for second quarter in a row [ZeroHedge]
MOD 02 Jun 2017 ZH: 'Pledged Assets Not There': Reuters Goes To China, Discovers 'Ghost Collateral' [ZeroHedge]
MOD 02 Jun 2017 From 2007-2017, economy grew just like 1930s [TEC]
MOD 02 Jun 2017 Trade deficit worsens... [WSJ]
MOD 02 Jun 2017 Full-time jobs tumble by 367,000, biggest drop in 3 years [ZeroHedge]
MOD 02 Jun 2017 Almost half of Americans die nearly broke [USA Today]
MOD 02 Jun 2017 Job creation falls sharply [CNBC]
MOD 01 Jun 2017 Small business borrowing tumbles to 6-month lows [ZeroHedge]
MOD 01 Jun 2017 Construction spending plunged in April [ZeroHedge]
MOD 01 Jun 2017 Auto inventory highest since November 2007 [ZeroHedge]
MOD 30 May 2017 Pop up goes the retail scene as store vacancies rise [NYT]
MOD 30 May 2017 Barclays Director: 'Precarious' debt crisis 'could reverberate around the world' [ZeroHedge]
LOW 30 May 2017 Consumer confidence drops... [ZeroHedge]
LOW 29 May 2017 Number of self-employed Americans lower than in 1990 [TEC]
MOD 24 May 2017 Six terrifying graphs that summarize America's public pension crisis [ZeroHedge]
MOD 24 May 2017 Pater Tenebrarum: Moving Closer to the Precipice [Acting-man]
MOD 23 May 2017 Stocks near record highs as American economic data crashes to 15-month lows [ZeroHedge]
MOD 22 May 2017 American household debt passes 2008 highs [Lombardiletter]
MOD 20 May 2017 Quarter of Americans can't pay all their monthly bills; 44% have less than $400 in cash [ZeroHedge]
MOD 17 May 2017 American Household Debts Hit Record High [WSJ]
LOW 16 May 2017 Charles Hugh Smith: State of Denial – the economy no longer works as it did in the past [Of Two Minds]
LOW 16 May 2017 Zero Hedge on Ford Cuts: How is this not a recession? [ZeroHedge]
MOD 12 May 2017 Macro data crashes to 1 year lows [ZeroHedge]
LOW 10 May 2017 American wages peaked with boomers born in 1942 [ZeroHedge]
LOW 10 May 2017 Commerce Secretary: 3% GDP growth not achievable this year [Reuters]
MOD 08 May 2017 74% of Americans plan to work past retirement age [ZeroHedge]
MOD 08 May 2017 Household spending growth expectations crash... [ZeroHedge]
MOD 07 May 2017 Commercial real estate loan delinquencies keep rising [ValueWalk]
MOD 05 May 2017 MN Gordon: The Coming Debt Reckoning [Economic Prism]
MOD 04 May 2017 Productivity plunges in First Quarter [ZeroHedge]
MOD 03 May 2017 Auto Bloodbath: Every maker misses April sales estimates as inventories continue to soar [ZeroHedge]
LOW 03 May 2017 Wolf Richter: Are American Debt Slaves Getting in Trouble Again? [Wolf Street]
LOW 01 May 2017 Michael Snyder: 11 reasons why economic growth is worst in 3 years [TEC]
LOW 01 May 2017 Manufacturing sector slumps to post-election lows [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 28 Apr 2017 Economy suffers slowest growth in 3 years [MarketWatch]
LOW 25 Apr 2017 Thaddeus Howze: Feudalism and the 'Algorithmic Economy' [Medium]
LOW 25 Apr 2017 Baby boomers borrowed $100B in student loans for their children, defaults are soaring [ZeroHedge]
MOD 20 Apr 2017 Meltdown of Houston auto sales has eerie financial crisis look [Business Insider]
MOD 19 Apr 2017 Global investment CEO says 'warning signs are getting darker' for American economy [ZeroHedge]
MOD 18 Apr 2017 Factory output tumbles in March [ZeroHedge]
MOD 17 Apr 2017 Forecasters lower growth outlook [WSJ]
MOD 17 Apr 2017 Restaurant industry suffers worst collapse since 2009 [ZeroHedge]
MOD 17 Apr 2017 Houston commercial rents plunge as vacancies hit 22-year high [ZeroHedge]
MOD 17 Apr 2017 MN Gordon: Hell to Pay [Economic Prism]
MOD 16 Apr 2017 Aaron Back: Slowdown in Borrowing Defies Easy Explanation [WSJ]
HIGH 16 Apr 2017 Americans have stopped moving [NY Post]
HIGH 14 Apr 2017 Atlanta Fed slashes Q1 GDP forecast to just 0.5%, lowest in three years [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 13 Apr 2017 Chris Hamilton: Federal Reserve is communicating a recession is imminent [Of Two Minds]
MOD 12 Apr 2017 Consumers going into debt faster than their incomes are growing [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
MOD 12 Apr 2017 Recession Alert: Government revenues suffer biggest drop since Financial Crisis [ZeroHedge]
MOD 12 Apr 2017 Fed Bank President warns POTUS: 'Too levered to use debt for growth' [ZeroHedge]
MOD 11 Apr 2017 Commercial property lending tumbles as retail / hotel originations plunge [ZeroHedge]
MOD 11 Apr 2017 'Hard' economic data slides to one year lows [ZeroHedge]
MOD 10 Apr 2017 Retail Apocalypse triggering a downward spiral... [Business Insider]
MOD 08 Apr 2017 Assistant Treasury Secretary under Reagan: Debt based system running out of steam [Usawatchdog]
MOD 07 Apr 2017 Credit card debt rises above $1 trillion for the first time in a decade [ZeroHedge]
MOD 07 Apr 2017 Atlanta Fed slashes 1st quarter economic growth estimate to just 0.6%, lowest in 3 years [ZeroHedge]
MOD 05 Apr 2017 Half of working families living paycheck to paycheck [NY Post]
LOW 04 Apr 2017 CEO of biggest bank warns ‘something is wrong’ with the US [Bloomberg]
LOW 30 Mar 2017 The new face of suburbia: Economic woes and early death [CBS]
MOD 24 Mar 2017 POVERTY: In 24 states, 50% of babies born on medicaid [CNSNews]
MOD 23 Mar 2017 Cities of renters... [Bloomberg]
HIGH 22 Mar 2017 The Retail Apocalypse has officially descended on America [Business Insider]
HIGH 22 Mar 2017 Americans are dying an average $62k in debt [Fox Business]
MOD 21 Mar 2017 Banks slash loan books while equities hover near all-time highs – someone is massively wrong [ZeroHedge]
MOD 21 Mar 2017 One-third of Americans say they’d have trouble coming up with an emergency $2,000 [MarketWatch]
MOD 19 Mar 2017 MN Gordon: The Long Run Economics of Debt Based Stimulus [Acting-man]
MOD 17 Mar 2017 Another 'recession dead aheadi indicator just hit [ZeroHedge]
MOD 17 Mar 2017 Michael Snyder: 12 Reasons Why The Fed Just Made The Biggest Economic Mistake Since The Last Financial Crisis [TEC]
MOD 15 Mar 2017 Department store sales crash most on record [ZeroHedge]
LOW 15 Mar 2017 Fed hikes rates for 3rd time in 11 years [ZeroHedge]
MOD 15 Mar 2017 Atlanta Fed slashes Q1 GDP forecast to just 0.9% [ZeroHedge]
LOW 15 Mar 2017 Real earnings tumble for 2nd straight month [ZeroHedge]
LOW 14 Mar 2017 Bank lending is contracting... [Seeking Alpha]
MOD 14 Mar 2017 Student-loan defaults rose by 1.1 million in 2016 [WSJ]
LOW 12 Mar 2017 Downtown Cleveland retail vacancies hit 10.4% [Thomasdishaw]
MOD 11 Mar 2017 Restaurant sales and traffic tumble [ZeroHedge]
MOD 10 Mar 2017 Fed Govt revenues suffer biggest drop since the Financial Crisis [ZeroHedge]
MOD 10 Mar 2017 10 million American men age 24-64 have dropped out of the workforce [ZeroHedge]
MOD 09 Mar 2017 Charles Hugh Smith: Are Central Banks Losing Control? [Of Two Minds]
MOD 08 Mar 2017 Productivity growth slowed dramatically in Q4 [ZeroHedge]
MOD 07 Mar 2017 State Farm posts $7B loss in auto insurance business [Crain's]
MOD 07 Mar 2017 A third of all US shopping malls projected to close as ‘space available’ signs go up all over America [TEC]
MOD 07 Mar 2017 Biggest trade deficit in 5 years [ZeroHedge]
MOD 06 Mar 2017 Insurance CEO: Half of Americans can't write a $500 check [ZeroHedge]
LOW 06 Mar 2017 Core factory orders growth slows to six-month lows [ZeroHedge]
MOD 04 Mar 2017 Miles driven suffer biggest slowdown in over 2 years [ZeroHedge]
MOD 03 Mar 2017 Zewro Hedge's auto lending update - 'someone please explain how this is not a bubble' [ZeroHedge]
MOD 03 Mar 2017 Fed Govt 'corporation' created to 'guarantee' pensions of private firms on verge of bankruptcy [Mishtalk]
MOD 02 Mar 2017 Student loan debt soars to $1.3 trillion... [Fox Business]
MOD 01 Mar 2017 Q1 GDP estimates tumble... [ZeroHedge]
MOD 28 Feb 2017 Auto dealers forced to rent first 'overflow lots' in 37 years amid inventory glut [ZeroHedge]
MOD 28 Feb 2017 Final numbers: GDP just 1.6% in 2016, down 1% from 2015, under 3% since 2005 [MarketWatch]
MOD 27 Feb 2017 Core durable goods orders tumble most since June, shipments slump [ZeroHedge]
MOD 26 Feb 2017 Two-thirds of Americans not using employer-offered retirement plans [Triblive]
MOD 26 Feb 2017 Global sovereign debt to reach $44 trillion [Financial Tribune]
MOD 23 Feb 2017 Wages fall, debt rises, inflation hits 4-year high... [Lombardiletter]
MOD 23 Feb 2017 Fed's National Activity Index drops in January [ZeroHedge]
MOD 23 Feb 2017 Recession concerns grow after gasoline demand slides most in 16 years [ZeroHedge]
MOD 21 Feb 2017 Satyajit Das: Elite’s financial tricks masking economy’s precarious health [MarketWatch]
MOD 19 Feb 2017 Global Dollar Shortage: 'There's something weird going on' [ZeroHedge]
MOD 16 Feb 2017 Subprime auto loan delinquencies soar to 2009 levels [ZeroHedge]
MOD 16 Feb 2017 American household debt rose to $12.6 trillion in 2016: biggest jump in a decade [ZeroHedge]
MOD 15 Feb 2017 An Economic Showdown is Looming [Milleronthemoney]
MOD 15 Feb 2017 Industrial production tumbles most in 10 months [ZeroHedge]
MOD 13 Feb 2017 Stealth Recession - the mystery of the teleporting commuter [ZeroHedge]
MOD 11 Feb 2017 Bank for International Settlements warns of looming Debt Bubble [Forbes]
MOD 10 Feb 2017 Treasury receipts turn negative for the first time since Financial Crisis [ZeroHedge]
MOD 09 Feb 2017 Michael Snyder: Things are happening that usually never happen unless a new recession is beginning [Daily Sheeple]
MOD 07 Feb 2017 At over $2.5 trillion, American student and auto loans hit new all time high [ZeroHedge]
MOD 07 Feb 2017 Trade deficit in 2016 was biggest in four years [ZeroHedge]
LOW 06 Feb 2017 Consumer bankruptcies increase in back-to-back years for first time since 2010 [TEC]
MOD 02 Feb 2017 Productivity growth has never been this low for this long [ZeroHedge]
MOD 02 Feb 2017 60% of US metro areas see more businesses close than open [Eig]
MOD 30 Jan 2017 Since 2007, Americans have suffered weakest growth in personal income on record [Gavekalcapital]
MOD 30 Jan 2017 Charles Hugh Smith: Why our system is broken -- Cheap Credit is King [Of Two Minds]
MOD 30 Jan 2017 Americans spend more than they earn for 9th straight month [ZeroHedge]
MOD 28 Jan 2017 Auto industry facing 'inventory bubble' [ZeroHedge]
MOD 28 Jan 2017 POTUS 44 now only President in history to never have a year of 3% GDP growth [ZeroHedge]
MOD 28 Jan 2017 American economy grew a paltry 1.6% in 2016 [ZeroHedge]
MOD 28 Jan 2017 Durables goods 'hard' data tumbling [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 27 Jan 2017 Economy slows to 1.9% growth [MarketWatch]
MOD 23 Jan 2017 80% of Central Banks plan to buy more stocks [ZeroHedge]
LOW 21 Jan 2017 Fed Chairwoman says unwise to allow conomy to 'run hot' [Reuters]
LOW 20 Jan 2017 POTUS 45 takes over 'riskiest' America since WWII [ZeroHedge]
LOW 18 Jan 2017 Manufacturing output stagnates for 14th straight month [ZeroHedge]
MOD 16 Jan 2017 Justin Haskins: How Federal Debt could lead to another Economic Collapse [The Hill]