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Indicator Historical Trend
Grade Date Headline Source
MOD 06 Apr 2024 Near 2 Million People Lacking Photo ID Have Registered To Vote In 3 Critical Swing States Since January [The National Pulse]
SEVERE 11 Feb 2024 Mail-In Ballot Fraud Study Finds Trump 'Almost Certainly' Won in 2020 [ZeroHedge]
LOW 06 Feb 2024 Federal Judge Rejects Challenge to Mail-In Ballots in North Dakota [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 13 Jan 2024 Voter Fraud Convictions Challenge Narrative of Secure Elections [ZeroHedge]
LOW 29 Dec 2023 About a Third of Republicans Believe Votes Won't Be Counted Correctly in 2024 [ZeroHedge]
LOW 29 Dec 2023 Maine Secretary of State Removes Trump from 2024 Ballot Responds [Infowars]
SEVERE 05 Dec 2023 Judge Voids Democrat Election Win Due to Fraudulent Ballots [The National Pulse]
MOD 07 Nov 2023 NJ Democrats Charged with Election Fraud Linked to Mail-In Ballots [Natural News]
LOW 07 Nov 2023 Voting Machines in Pennsylvania County Flip Votes [WHTM]
LOW 30 Oct 2023 Colorado Court Hears Arguments to Block Trump from Ballot [Breitbart]
LOW 27 Sep 2023 FBI Refuses to Release Documents in Probe into Possible Nationwide Voter Registration Fraud []
MOD 18 Sep 2023 Connecticut Democrats Caught Dumping Multiple Illegal Absentee Ballots into a Drop Box [Gateway Pundit]
MOD 13 Sep 2023 California Attorney Files Lawsuit to Bar POTUS 45 from 2024 Ballot [Breitbart]
MOD 08 Sep 2023 Court Finds Arizona Secretary of State Used Unlawful Absentee Ballot Signature Matching [ZeroHedge]
MOD 08 Sep 2023 Full List of States Where POTUS 45 Could Be Kicked off the Ballot [Newsweek]
LOW 04 Sep 2023 Attempt to Bar POTUS 45 from 2024 Ballot Gains Steam [Fox News]
LOW 03 Aug 2023 Trump Lawyer: 3rd Indictment 'Opens Door' to More Scrutiny of 2020 Election [ZeroHedge]
LOW 27 Jul 2023 Secretive executive order by President to expand 'voter participation' in elections [Real Clear Wire]
LOW 05 Jun 2023 North Miami Beach Arrested over Voter Fraud [The Blaze]
LOW 22 Jan 2023 Election Integrity Watchdog Finds California Lost 10.9 Million Mail-In Ballots in 2022 Midterms [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 06 Jan 2023 150,000 Votes in 2020 Election Found Not Tied to Valid Addresses in Wisconsin [ZeroHedge]
MOD 20 Dec 2022 Georgia Supreme Court Sends 2020 Fulton County Election Lawsuit Back to Appeals Court to Reconsider []
MOD 20 Dec 2022 Arizona Governor Election Fraud Lawsuit Goes to Trial This Week [CD media]
LOW 15 Dec 2022 Vote Recount Flips Massachusetts Midterm Race from Republican to Democrat by 1 Vote [ZeroHedge]
SHTF 12 Dec 2022 25,000 Ballots Added to Maricopa County's Vote Totals after Election Day [Gateway Pundit]
SHTF 12 Dec 2022 FBI Interference in 2020 Election Shown in 'Twitter Files' [National Review]
LOW 13 Nov 2022 Arizona Totals for Governor Unchanged for Days as Ballots Go Uncounted [National File]
LOW 11 Nov 2022 Cameras Go Dark at Vote Counting Facility in Key Nevada County [ZeroHedge]
LOW 11 Nov 2022 Maricopa County to Take until 'Early Next Week' to Process 400,000 Ballots [ZeroHedge]
LOW 10 Nov 2022 Ballots Go Missing after Dominion Voting Machine Disaster [Western Journalism]
LOW 09 Nov 2022 Vote Counting Delayed in Philadelphia [Townhall]
LOW 09 Nov 2022 Voting Machine Problems in Midterms Spark Renewed Distrust [Washington Times]
LOW 08 Nov 2022 All voting machines go down in Mercer County, NJ [ABC]
LOW 08 Nov 2022 Maricopa County reports voting machine problems at 20% of polling locations [KSAZ]
MOD 30 Oct 2022 2020 Census Errors Affect Elections, Aid Blue States, Hurt Red States [ZeroHedge]
MOD 29 Oct 2022 240,000 Unverified Ballots Sent to Pennsylvania Voters Who Aren't Required to Produce ID [The Blaze]
LOW 29 Oct 2022 Ballot-Harvesting Operation Uncovered in Orlando [Washington Times]
HIGH 21 Oct 2022 Arizona City Council Member Indicted for 2020 Ballot Harvesting Scheme [Epoch Times]
LOW 18 Oct 2022 Georgia Smashes Record for Early Voting [The Hill]
LOW 30 Sep 2022 Minnesota Counties Sued for Duplicate Voter Registrations [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 22 Sep 2022 Pennsylvania County Sues Dominion Voting Systems over Alleged 'Severe Anomalies' in 2020 Voter Data []
MOD 20 Sep 2022 Pennsylvania County Sued over Illegal Ballot Drop Box Usage Captured on Camera [Epoch Times]
LOW 02 Sep 2022 NSA Mobilizes 'Election Security Group' To 'Protect' Midterms from 'Foreign Threats' [Slay News]
MOD 08 Aug 2022 Maryland County to Decertify Primary Results and Rescan [Washington Times]
MOD 31 Jul 2022 Election Observers Won't Be Allowed to View Vote-Counting in LA District Attorney Recall [Epoch Times]
LOW 20 Jun 2022 Texas Woman Convicted of 26 Counts of Voter Fraud [Breitbart]
HIGH 09 Jun 2022 Former House Rep Pleads Guilty to Ballot-Stuffing in Five Elections [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 07 Jun 2022 More than 8,000 Double-Registered Voters Found on New Jersey Rolls [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 04 Jun 2022 Hand-Count Exposes Voting Machines off by Thousands in Georgia [Western Journalism]
LOW 31 May 2022 DHS warns voting software vulnerable in some States [AP]
SEVERE 13 May 2022 Sheriff of Arizona County Featured in '2000 Mules' Announces 2020 Voting Fraud Investigations []
SEVERE 13 May 2022 Tampered Ballot Images Indicate Significant Voter Fraud in Georgia [OANN]
SEVERE 12 May 2022 2000 Mules Becomes the Most Successful Political Documentary in a Decade, Seen by 1 Million [Yahoo]
SEVERE 10 May 2022 Woman Finds US Postal Bin Filled with over 100 Mail-in-Ballots for Upcoming Election [100PercentFedUp]
SEVERE 09 May 2022 Michigan Police Seize Voting Machine during Investigation into Possible Election Breaches [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 07 Apr 2022 AZ AG Releases Report Finding 'Fraud' and Problems with Handling of over 100k Mail-In Ballots in Maricopa County [Western Journalism]
MOD 11 Mar 2022 Illinois Illegally Denied Elections Group Access to Voter Records, Federal Court Rules [ZeroHedge]
LOW 10 Feb 2022 BLM Founder to Be Imprisoned 6 Years for Illegally Voting [GreatGameIndia]
LOW 30 Oct 2021 Virginia Elections Director Says Tuesday's Results May 'Have to Wait until Friday' Because of Mail-In Votes [National File]
HIGH 27 Sep 2021 Arizona Senate Hears of Multiple Inconsistencies Found by Election Audit [ZeroHedge]
LOW 24 Aug 2021 Passed out man found with 300 California recall ballots [AP]
SEVERE 03 Aug 2021 DOJ Orders States Not to Conduct Arizona-Style Forensic Audits of 2020 Election, Threatens Prison Time [National File]
SEVERE 03 Aug 2021 Maricopa County and Vote Counting Software Company Refuse to Comply with AZ Senate Audit Subpoenas [NewsWars]
HIGH 28 Jul 2021 Arizona Senate Issues Fresh Subpoenas for 2020 Election Audit [Epoch Times]
HIGH 27 Jul 2021 Wisconsin State Representative Orders Cyber-Forensic Examination of 2020 Election [Western Journalism]
HIGH 27 Jul 2021 Claim: 157,000+ Illegal Ballots Cast during Wisconsin 2020 Election, within Winning Margin [National File]
SEVERE 15 Jul 2021 Cable News Host Airs Evidence of Improperly Duplicated Ballots from 2020 Election [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 15 Jul 2021 Maricopa County Will Not Turn over Routers, Chain of Custody, Ballot Images [ZeroHedge]
MOD 13 Jul 2021 Claim: Fulton Recount Had 60% Error Rate; 1000s of Fake Biden Votes Found [Headline USA]
LOW 30 Jun 2021 130,000 'Test-Run' Votes Lead to Unprecedented 'Discrepancy' in New York City Mayoral Race [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 15 Jun 2021 Dekalb County Hiding Records Regarding Receipt of 25M Voter Registration Applications for County of 800K [CD media]
SEVERE 15 Jun 2021 Fulton County Unable to Produce All Ballot Drop Box Documents from Last Year’s Election [The Right Scoop]
HIGH 07 Jun 2021 Claim: 174 batches of ballots, equaling 17,400 votes for Trump, went 'missing' in Georgia [CD media]
HIGH 24 May 2021 NH Auditors Say Vote Discrepancies Largely Caused by Ballot Fold Effect [Epoch Times]
HIGH 24 May 2021 Judge orders absentee presidential election ballots to be examined for fraud in Fulton County, Georgia [The Federalist]
HIGH 21 May 2021 Arizona Secretary of State alleges audited election machines may have been compromised by auditors [Epoch Times]
HIGH 18 May 2021 Judge admits 2020 presidential election results in a Michigan County may have been corrupted, dismisses lawsuit anyway [WND]
HIGH 11 May 2021 Michigan Judge Considering Request to Dismiss Election-Related Case [NTD]
HIGH 06 May 2021 Maricopa County Defies Subpoena, Won't Release Hardware for Election Audit over 'Security Risk' [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 23 Mar 2021 Dekalb County Throwing away Ballots Required to Be Retained by Law for 22 Months [CD media]
SEVERE 09 Mar 2021 Georgia Fails to Produce Chain of Custody for 404,000 Absentee Ballots Months after Contested Election [NewsWars]
HIGH 09 Mar 2021 POTUS Signs Voting Rights Executive Order to Entrench Fraud into System [Headline USA]
SEVERE 02 Mar 2021 Supreme Court Hears First Case Regarding Voting Laws since Election [Daily Caller]
SEVERE 02 Mar 2021 SCOTUS Shoots down Sidney Powell Requests on Election Fraud Cases [New American]
SEVERE 02 Mar 2021 House Majority Moves to Eliminate Voter ID Requirements [OANN]
SEVERE 01 Mar 2021 4 Arrested in Texas on 150 Counts of Voter Fraud [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 26 Feb 2021 Judge Rules Arizona's Maricopa County Must Turn over 2.1 Million November Election Ballots to Senate [Epoch Times]
LOW 20 Feb 2021 Arizona Election Officials May Not Be Able to Hide Machines from Investigation Much Longer [Western Journalism]
SEVERE 11 Feb 2021 Hand Recount Finds Voting Machines Shorted Every Republican Candidate in Windham, NH 300 Votes [CD media]
SEVERE 11 Feb 2021 Several Election Rigging Cases Moving Forward to Supreme Court [DC Clothesline]
SEVERE 08 Feb 2021 Jon Bowne: Mail-In Tyranny – Free and fair elections no longer exist [NewsWars]
SEVERE 06 Feb 2021 The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Stole the 2020 Election [Time]
SEVERE 04 Feb 2021 Maricopa County board refuses to turn over election equipment for Arizona Senate audit [Bollyinside]
SEVERE 29 Jan 2021 Democrats Introduce Bill to ‘Massively Expand' Mail-In Voting [Epoch Times]
SEVERE 26 Jan 2021 30 Active Cases of Election Fraud Still in Courts [OANN]
HIGH 25 Jan 2021 Virginia Circuit Court Rules State Policy Accepting Late Ballots without Postmarks Is Illegal [Infowars]
SEVERE 13 Jan 2021 Texas Woman Arrested for Felony Election Fraud, Ballot Harvesting [Headline USA]
SEVERE 12 Jan 2021 Judge Approves Discovery Motion in High-Profile Michigan Election Fraud Case [Epoch Times]
SEVERE 08 Jan 2021 ABC, CNN Broadcast Real-Time Theft of 32,400 Votes from in Georgia Senate Runoff Election [Natural News]
SEVERE 07 Jan 2021 Michigan Print Shop Created Fake Ballots for Pennsylvania, Other Swing States [DC Clothesline]
SEVERE 06 Jan 2021 POTUS Lays Out Election Fraud in DC Speech []
SEVERE 06 Jan 2021 Data Scientists Find More than 432,000 Votes Systematically Removed from Trump in Pennsylvania [Natural News]
SEVERE 04 Jan 2021 Data Scientists Testify Nearly 18,000 Electronic Votes in Georgia Switched from Trump to Biden [BizPac Review]
SEVERE 03 Jan 2021 30,000 Trump Votes Removed, 12,173 Switched to Biden, 150 Fulton Precincts Had 90% Biden Votes [100PercentFedUp]
SEVERE 03 Jan 2021 Probe Turns up Thousands of Fake Voters in Arizona [Natural News]
SEVERE 03 Jan 2021 Dominion Voting Systems Partially Owned by Corporations with Ties to Beijing [Natural News]
SEVERE 03 Jan 2021 Arizona Has Paper Ballots but No One Can See Them as Law Requires [CD media]
SEVERE 03 Jan 2021 Video: Same Batch of Ballots Scanned Five Times in Fulton County [The Right Scoop]
SEVERE 03 Jan 2021 Leaked Audio Reveals Dominion Operators Being Trained to Alter Election Results [Natural News]
SEVERE 31 Dec 2020 Real-Time Hacking of Dominion Voting Systems at Fulton County Polling Station Revealed [The Spectator]
SEVERE 31 Dec 2020 Georgia State Senate Files Report for Record Reconsidering Their Vote Certification [The Federalist Papers]
SEVERE 31 Dec 2020 Trump campaign asks Georgia lawmakers to vacate election results [Fox News]
SEVERE 31 Dec 2020 Georgia Lawmakers Hear Bombshell Allegations of Election Fraud [WGCL]
SEVERE 31 Dec 2020 Trump Campaign Asks Supreme Court to Set Aside Wisconsin's Election [Epoch Times]
SEVERE 28 Dec 2020 Pennsylvania: 202,377 more votes cast than voters voting [WJAC]
SEVERE 15 Dec 2020 Sharyl Attkisson Breaks Exclusive Forensic Analysis of Dominion Voting Machines in Michigan [Sharyl Attilkisson]
SEVERE 14 Dec 2020 Ex-Intel Operators Say Dominion Machines 'Intentionally and Purposefully' Flipped Votes to Biden [Infowars]
SEVERE 14 Dec 2020 Crucial Logs Missing from Michigan Dominion Voting Machines [The Jewish Voice]
SEVERE 14 Dec 2020 1.8 million extra 'ghost votes' suspected across more than 350 counties in 29 states [Washington Times]
SEVERE 14 Dec 2020 Absentee ballot signature audit ordered after Georgia election [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
SEVERE 10 Dec 2020 Claim: FBI Criminal Probing 500,000 Counterfeit Biden Ballots in Four States [True Pundit]
SEVERE 09 Dec 2020 18 States Request Supreme Court to Overturn Unconstitutional Federal Elections in 4 States [Dallas News]
SEVERE 09 Dec 2020 Texas Files Lawsuit against Four Swing States for Election Fraud [UncoverDC]
SEVERE 09 Dec 2020 Texas AG Explains SCOTUS Election Case Hinges on US Constitution [Infowars]
SEVERE 09 Dec 2020 Michigan Judge Orders Forensic Audit of Dominion Machines and Tabulators [UncoverDC]
SEVERE 06 Dec 2020 Dekalb County Cannot Find Chain of Custody Records for Absentee Ballots [Canada Free Press]
SEVERE 04 Dec 2020 Witness Alleges Nevada Voting Machine USB Drives Had Totals Altered Overnight [Epoch Times]
SEVERE 03 Dec 2020 Video Shows Georgia Ballots Hidden in Suitcases, Counted in Secret [Townhall]
SEVERE 03 Dec 2020 Video of Georgia Poll Workers Sparks Election Fraud Outrage [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 02 Dec 2020 Dominion Whistleblower Testifies on 'Complete Fraud' at Detroit Voting Center [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 01 Dec 2020 Trump Arizona Ballots Aledeged to Have Been Switched to Biden Votes on Dominion System [Epoch Times]
SEVERE 01 Dec 2020 A Compilation of Twenty Alleged Election 'Facts' That Don't Pass the Smell Test [American Thinker]
SEVERE 30 Nov 2020 Pennsylvania Lawmakers Formally Introduce Resolution to Dispute 2020 Elections Results [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 30 Nov 2020 Georgia Secretary of State Suddenly Concerned about Illegal Out-of-State Votes [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 30 Nov 2020 Data Analyst Says More Illegal Votes in Arizona than Biden Margin of Victory [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 30 Nov 2020 Judge Freezes Voting Machines in 3 Georgia Counties [Politico]
SEVERE 30 Nov 2020 Georgia Judge Issues Restraining Order against Erasing Dominion Voting Machines [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 28 Nov 2020 Pennsylvania expansion of mail-in voting ruled illegal [Bloomberg]
HIGH 25 Nov 2020 Judge Blocks Certification of Pennsylvania Election Results [Epoch Times]
HIGH 22 Nov 2020 Georgia recount formally requested by President's campaign [Fox News]
HIGH 14 Nov 2020 Clark County Election Officials Accepted One Person's Signature Eight Times [Las Vegas Review-Journal]
HIGH 13 Nov 2020 Georgia: Largest Hand Re-Tally of Ballots in American History Gets Underway [Epoch Times]
HIGH 12 Nov 2020 Arizona: Official Overseeing Vote Count Process Previously Tweeted about President's 'Neo-Nazi Base' [Summit News]
HIGH 12 Nov 2020 Michigan: Lawsuit Claims 40,000-Plus Fraudulent Ballots Pumped through Detroit for Biden [The Federalist]
HIGH 11 Nov 2020 Arizona: Illegal disqualification for 'facial irregularities'... [Ballotpedia]
HIGH 11 Nov 2020 Over Two Dozen Lawsuits Filed for Election Misconduct in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania [Ballotpedia]
HIGH 11 Nov 2020 234 pages of affidavits... [Epoch Times]
HIGH 11 Nov 2020 Georgia Secretary of State Orders Hand Ballot Recount [CNN]
HIGH 11 Nov 2020 President Files Emergency Injunction in Michigan Alleging Fraud, Demands Recounts [Infowars]
HIGH 10 Nov 2020 Woman Who Voted for Trump in Texas Shocked to Find Record of Her Voting Via Mail-In Ballot in California [Summit News]
HIGH 10 Nov 2020 President Files Federal Lawsuit in Michigan over Fraud Allegations [Washington Examiner]
HIGH 09 Nov 2020 President sues to block Pennsylvania election result [AP]
HIGH 09 Nov 2020 AG Orders Election Fraud Investigations [AP]
HIGH 09 Nov 2020 Oregon Secretary of State Fires Elections Director after He Details Problems [KTVZ]
HIGH 09 Nov 2020 Detroit Election Worker Affidavit Exposes Order to Backdate Ballots [ScoopyWeb]
HIGH 09 Nov 2020 Voter Fraud and Election Meddling Evidence Floods Social Media [Infowars]
HIGH 09 Nov 2020 Claim: 450,000 Ballots in Key States Only Show Vote for Biden [Infowars]
HIGH 09 Nov 2020 Report: Wisconsin Election Clerks Tampered with Thousands of Ballots [Infowars]
HIGH 09 Nov 2020 The Evidence of Fraud Ignored [Infowars]
HIGH 09 Nov 2020 Scientist Finds Telltale Signs of Election Fraud after Analyzing Mail-In Ballot Data [ZeroHedge]
MOD 08 Nov 2020 Mail Ballots Counted in Absence of Campaign Observers Challenged in Battleground States [Epoch Times]
MOD 07 Nov 2020 Georgia Counties Using Same Software as Michigan Counties Also Encounter 'Glitch' [Breitbart]
MOD 07 Nov 2020 Minnesota: County Explains Vote Counting Issues, Blames Software [KTTC]
MOD 07 Nov 2020 Lawsuit Claims 21,00 Dead People on Pennsylvania Voter Roles [Law Officer]
MOD 06 Nov 2020 Alito Orders Late-Arriving Pennsylvania Ballots Segregated [Bloomberg]
MOD 05 Nov 2020 Nevada: GOP sends AG criminal referral of least 3,062 instances of voter fraud [Washington Examiner]
MOD 05 Nov 2020 Nevada: Mail Worker Caught on Tape Suggesting Voter Fraud []
MOD 05 Nov 2020 Judges in Georgia and Michigan Toss President's Ballot Counting Suits [Baltimore Sun]
MOD 05 Nov 2020 Why Does Biden Have so Many More Votes than Democrat Senators in Swing States? [ZeroHedge]
MOD 04 Nov 2020 Michigan USPS Worker Blows Whistle on Postmark Scheme to Handstamp Late Ballots [Project Veritas]
LOW 04 Nov 2020 Georgia, Pennsylvania Centers Inexplicably Pause Vote Counting [Daily Caller]
LOW 04 Nov 2020 Malfeasance Reported at Battleground Polling Stations [Infowars]
LOW 04 Nov 2020 Georgia GOP Chair: Fulton County closed, sent observers home, then counted ballots secretly [Infowars]
LOW 04 Nov 2020 Video Shows Man Allegedly Setting Fire to 80 Ballots [Infowars]
LOW 04 Nov 2020 Workers cite COVID... [Infowars]
LOW 04 Nov 2020 Michigan: Detroit absentee ballot counting center windows covered up amid allegations of violations [DJT Twitter]
LOW 04 Nov 2020 Arizona: Stolen Ballots Found under a Rock on Side of Road in Glendale [Breaking911]
LOW 04 Nov 2020 Police bar Republican and Democratic poll challengers at Detroit Ballot Counting Room [Detroit News]
LOW 04 Nov 2020 Republican poll watchers denied access to Detroit vote count [WJBK]
LOW 04 Nov 2020 President sues in Pennsylvania, Michigan; asks for Wisconsin recount [AP]
LOW 04 Nov 2020 Georgia: Software Issue in Gwinnett County Delays Thousands of Mail-In Ballots [WSB]
LOW 03 Nov 2020 South Carolina: Dorchester County Can't Count Its Absentee Ballots Because of Printing Problem [Post and Courier]
LOW 03 Nov 2020 Poll Watchers Denied Access in Philadelphia [Breitbart]
LOW 03 Nov 2020 300 election lawsuits across 44 States... [ABC]
LOW 03 Nov 2020 Dead People Caught Voting in NYC, Elections Records Show [NY Post]
LOW 03 Nov 2020 Connecticut: Election Officials Work around Jammed Ballot Scanners [WSHU]
LOW 03 Nov 2020 Street ballot box stuffing reportedly filmed in Philadelphia [DJT Twitter]
LOW 03 Nov 2020 Texas: Upshur County voting machines to go down [KYTX]
LOW 03 Nov 2020 Pennsylvania: Voting Machine Issues Caused Delays in Nanticoke [WYOU]
LOW 03 Nov 2020 Ohio: Electronic check-in system fails, shift to paper pollbooks in Franklin County [DJT Twitter]
LOW 03 Nov 2020 South Carolina: Wi-Fi, power woes slow voting [Post and Courier]
LOW 03 Nov 2020 Georgia: Glitch causing major issues at polls in Spalding County [WSB]
LOW 03 Nov 2020 County in Pennsylvania to offer provisional ballots to voters who already mailed in ballots missing an extra 'secrecy' envelope [Daily Item]
LOW 03 Nov 2020 Georgia: Judge orders Postal Service to find ballots in Atlanta, elsewhere [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
LOW 31 Oct 2020 Thousands of Ballots in Pennsylvania May Be Missing [Epoch Times]
LOW 27 Oct 2020 Texas Voting Machines Can't Read Mail-In Ballots, 22k Affected so Far [CBS]
LOW 23 Oct 2020 PA Supreme Court Rules Counties Can't Reject Mail-In Ballots When Signatures Don't Match [ZeroHedge]
LOW 23 Oct 2020 How to Steal an Election - Part III [Gatestone Institute]
LOW 21 Oct 2020 Election Ballot Mail Thefts Reported in Portland [KGW]
LOW 15 Oct 2020 Texas Poll Watcher Testifies on 2020 Voter Fraud in Houston, Has Photos [National File]
LOW 15 Oct 2020 29k Allegheny County Voters Received Incorrect Ballots, New Ones Being Mailed [Pittsburgh Post Gazette]
LOW 15 Oct 2020 More than 100 Absentee Ballots Bound for Louisville Voters Found in Dumpster [WDRB]
LOW 15 Oct 2020 Baltimore Ballot Box Security Guard Shot Overnight in 'Unrelated' Robbery [CBS]
LOW 13 Oct 2020 Virginia Voter Registration Site down on Last Day to Register [WUSA]
MOD 11 Oct 2020 Federal Judge Blocks Texas Gov Order Limiting Mail-In Ballot Drop-Off Locations [Breitbart]
MOD 09 Oct 2020 50,000 Ohio voters receive incorrect absentee ballot [The Blaze]
MOD 07 Oct 2020 US Postal Service Mail Carrier Arrested for Dumping Mail Ballots [Daily Wire]
MOD 07 Oct 2020 Thousands of Shredded Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballot Applications Discovered in Trailer [Infowars]
MOD 05 Oct 2020 Florida voter registration website experienced outage hours before deadline [Fox News]
MOD 30 Sep 2020 Memory Sticks Used to Program Philly Voting Machines Stolen from Elections Warehouse [Reuters]
MOD 29 Sep 2020 At Least 1,000 Voters in Virginia Receive 'Duplicate Absentee Ballots []
MOD 29 Sep 2020 Observers Being Blocked Entry to Voting Locations in Philly [Gateway Pundit]
MOD 24 Sep 2020 WI Absentee Ballots Found in Ditch as FBI Probes Discarded Military Ballots in PA [ZeroHedge]
LOW 23 Sep 2020 Mail with Absentee Ballots Found in Ditch in Wisconsin [WLUK]
LOW 21 Sep 2020 Judge Allows Extra Week for Counting Wisconsin Absentee Ballots [Breitbart]
LOW 18 Sep 2020 Report: 349,773 Dead People on Voter Rolls Nationwide [PJ Media]
LOW 18 Sep 2020 Michigan Joins Pennsylvania - Will Accept Late Ballots for 14 Days after Election [Gateway Pundit]
LOW 18 Sep 2020 Pennsylvania Supreme Court Allows Mail-In Ballots to Be Counted after Election Day without Evidence of Postmark [Breitbart]
LOW 17 Sep 2020 400-Plus Michigan Overseas Ballots List Wrong Running Mate for POTUS [Detroit News]
LOW 08 Sep 2020 Georgia Secretary of State Investigating 1,000 Voters Who Allegedly Knowingly Voted Twice [Daily Caller]
LOW 14 Aug 2020 Postal Carriers Union Endorses Dem Presumptive Nominee [NBC]
LOW 14 Aug 2020 USPS Warns Delays Could Prevent Mail-In Votes from Being Counted in Nearly Every State [The Week]
LOW 14 Aug 2020 Pennsylvania Ballots Might Not Be Delivered in Time to Be Counted, Postal Service Warns [The Week]
LOW 10 Aug 2020 Fec Commissioner: 'Substantial Chance' of No Results on Election Night [The Hill]
LOW 02 Aug 2020 Ransomware attack could paralyze voting operations [AP]
LOW 24 Jul 2020 Feds Accuse Ex-Philly Congressman of Stuffing Ballots [CBS]
LOW 13 Jul 2020 Mail-in ballots may exceed States' ability to count them [ABC]
LOW 25 May 2020 Philadelphia Election Judge Pleads Guilty to Ballot Stuffing [Daily Signal]
LOW 28 Feb 2020 Hundreds of Dead Voters Registered for 2020 Election in Pennsylvania [Youtu]
MOD 06 Feb 2020 Iowa Caucus Results Riddled with Errors and Inconsistencies [MSN]
MOD 04 Feb 2020 Precinct Heads Told to Take Pictures of Caucus Results - Text to Manager - Who Will Drive It to HQ [Gateway Pundit]
MOD 04 Feb 2020 Chaos in Iowa as State Democrats Blame 'Inconsistencies' on Delays [UK Guardian]
MOD 04 Feb 2020 Iowa Democratic Party: App to tabulate Caucus results has crashed [CNN]
HIGH 09 Jan 2020 2.5 Million 'Extra' Registrants Found on Voting Rolls [Breitbart]
LOW 16 Dec 2019 Georgia voter check-in tablets used default 1234 password [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
MOD 06 Dec 2018 NC Election Thrown into Chaos as Investigators Target 'Vote Harvesting' Scheme [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 18 Nov 2018 Funny business in Congressional winner's sudden loss in the recount? [American Thinker]
HIGH 18 Nov 2018 Florida Senate Race Heads to Manual Recount [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 18 Nov 2018 Broward County 'Misplaced' over 2,000 Votes [WTVJ]
HIGH 12 Nov 2018 Some Florida Panhandle Voters 'Cast Ballots by Fax or Email' [Miami Herald]
HIGH 10 Nov 2018 Broward Mystery Boxes Tossed into Trucks after Missed Deadline [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 08 Nov 2018 40 hours after the polls close Florida Elections Supervisor previously convicted for illegally destroying ballots is still counting [National Review]
MOD 30 Oct 2018 Voting Machines Changing Ballots in Texas [Chicago Tribune]
LOW 26 Oct 2018 Texas Voters Report Voting Machine Problems [CBS]
MOD 17 Jul 2018 Voting Machine Vendor Admits Installing Remote-Access Software [Vice]
HIGH 18 May 2018 Judge says ballots were illegally destroyed in Florida house race [Daily Caller]
MOD 12 Mar 2018 Dallas County DA investigating more than 1,200 mail-in ballot applications for voter fraud [Dallas News]
LOW 14 Dec 2017 Alabama vote fraud? Doug Jones supporter says 'we came from different parts of the country' [Infowars]
LOW 28 Nov 2017 States spurning election panel show irregularities in voter registration [Daily Signal]
LOW 22 Sep 2017 Federal Government notifies 21 States of election hacking [AP]
HIGH 08 Sep 2017 More than 5,000 out-of-state voters may have tipped New Hampshire in Presidential election [Washington Times]
HIGH 18 Aug 2017 Census Bureau data: US has 3.5 million more registered voters than live adults [Investors]
LOW 21 Jul 2017 Voter fraud database tops 1,000 proven cases [Daily Signal]
MOD 06 Jul 2017 Rhode Island discovers 150,000 voters erroneously on rolls [Daily Caller]
MOD 05 Jul 2017 Federal immigration agency balks at giving alien records to POTUS's voter fraud commission [Washington Times]
MOD 05 Jul 2017 44 States refusing to give full voter info to Federal panel [CNN]
MOD 04 Jul 2017 Maryland denies 'repugnant' data request from Federal voter fraud commission [Breitbart]
MOD 01 Jul 2017 NY Gov refuses Federal data request related to voter fraud [ZeroHedge]
MOD 27 Jun 2017 Student sentenced to prison for registering dead voters as Democrats [CNSNews]
LOW 10 Jun 2017 12 staffers at Dem-linked group charged with voter fraud [Daily Caller]
LOW 18 Apr 2017 Voting equipment stolen days before Georgia special election [WSB]
MOD 28 Jan 2017 DHS Inspector General probing Georgia election system website scans [Cyberscoop]
MOD 28 Jan 2017 Claim: 25 million dead and fraudulent 'registered voters' in 2016 [Infowars]
LOW 25 Jan 2017 POTUS to launch 'major investigation into voter fraud' [ZeroHedge]