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The FutureDanger Indicator System contains nearly 500 predefined conditions or possible events. As our team fulfills it mission, check back soon for a thorough description of this one.
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News relevant to this indicator that emerges from open sources may lead to threatening conditions for the American Nation. The team at FutureDanger will provide a clear explanation of these risks as soon as possible.
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Full Indicator Record

Indicator Historical Trend
Grade Date Headline Source
LOW 04 Jun 2024 Southwest to Bake in First Heat Wave of Season and Records May Fall [AP]
LOW 08 Sep 2023 Phoenix on brink of breaking its record for most 110-degree days in a year [CBS]
HIGH 15 Jul 2023 Record Heatwaves Sweep the World [Yahoo]
LOW 09 Jul 2023 Extreme Heat Wave Coming for Southwest [NTD]
MOD 20 Apr 2023 Asia Experiences Unprecedented April Heatwave [The Watchers]
LOW 08 Sep 2022 2022 is Europe's Hottest Summer on Record [Yahoo]
LOW 29 Aug 2022 California Bakes as West Faces Record High Temperatures [Yahoo]
HIGH 11 Aug 2022 Record Summer Heat [Accuweather]
HIGH 08 Aug 2022 Temperature in Iraq exceeds 123 degrees [Strange Sounds]
MOD 24 Jul 2022 Oppressive Heat Bakes Much of the US This Weekend, with the Northeast Seeing Triple-Digit Temperatures [CNN]
MOD 20 Jul 2022 Dangerous Heatwave Grips USA [UK Daily Mail]
MOD 16 Jun 2022 Heat Stress Kills Estimated 10,000 Head of Kansas Feedlot Cattle [Blacklisted News]
LOW 16 Jun 2022 Triple-digit temps scorch the Midwest, smash a host of records [Accuweather]
LOW 11 Jun 2022 70 million warned Saturday of high temps after Phoenix, Las Vegas hit record highs [USA Today]
LOW 12 Aug 2021 Temperatures Soar as Washington and Oregon Baked by Another Major Heatwave [UK Guardian]
HIGH 13 Jul 2021 Death Valley experiences planet's hottest 24 hours on record [Seattle Times]
LOW 30 Jun 2021 More than 230 Deaths Reported in British Columbia amid Historic Heat Wave [CNN]
LOW 27 Jun 2021 Portland records hottest day ever amid Northwest scorcher [AP]
LOW 26 Jun 2021 Dangerous Heatwave in Pacific Northwest [USA Today]
LOW 17 Jun 2021 Massive Heatwave Grips West and Southwest [OANN]
LOW 10 Jun 2021 Looming heat wave could push Phoenix, Vegas temps to 115 F or higher [Accuweather]
LOW 24 May 2021 Extreme Heat Forms across Arabian Peninsula after Record Russian Heatwave [The Watchers]
MOD 07 Sep 2020 Hottest temp ever recorded in LA County at 121 degrees [Daily Bulletin]
LOW 04 Sep 2020 Record heat expected Labor Day weekend in West [ABC]
HIGH 17 Aug 2020 Heat Map [Windy]
HIGH 17 Aug 2020 Death Valley Hits 130 Degrees, Thought to Be Highest Temperature on Earth in over a Century [Yahoo]
HIGH 14 Aug 2020 Searing heat wave to swell across West [Accuweather]
HIGH 09 Aug 2020 Phoenix Surpasses Most Days at or over 110 Degrees [MSN]
HIGH 02 Aug 2020 Paris tops 100 F as London breaks all-time record high [Accuweather]
HIGH 30 Jul 2020 Temperature Soars to Record-Breaking 125 in Baghdad [Yahoo]
MOD 08 Jul 2020 USA to Bake in 110-degree Temperatures for a Month [UK Sun]
MOD 08 Jul 2020 Coast-to-Coast US Heat Wave May Break Records, Hurt Crops [Yahoo]
MOD 01 Jul 2020 Historic July 2020 Heat Wave Predicted [NY Daily News]
MOD 01 Jul 2020 Miami sees hottest week on record after Saharan dust saps moisture from air [Accuweather]
MOD 22 Jun 2020 From California to Texas, 100-Degree Heat Set to Bake the West [Yahoo]
LOW 26 May 2020 Southwest baking under scorching heat wave [Accuweather]
LOW 18 Dec 2019 Australia Swelters through Hottest Day on Record [The Watchers]
LOW 16 Dec 2019 Code Red Issued across South Australia Ahead of Extreme, Possibly Record Heatwave [The Watchers]
MOD 26 Jul 2019 At Least 7 Deaths as Severe Heatwave Hits 109.4 °F in Europe [The Watchers]
LOW 19 Jul 2019 200M across US brace for Record Heatwave [Fox News]
MOD 29 Jun 2019 Record European Heat Wave [The Weather Channel]
LOW 24 Jun 2019 France put on hot weather alert [AP]
LOW 13 Jun 2019 Mega Heat Wave Scorches India as Temps Hit 122°F, Melting Roads [YouTube]
LOW 03 Jun 2019 India Heatwave Temperatures Pass 122 Degrees [Yahoo]
LOW 28 May 2019 Southeast Heat Wave Sets All-Time May Records [The Weather Channel]
LOW 12 May 2019 Intense Heatwave Claims at Least 111 Lives in India [The Watchers]
MOD 05 Aug 2018 Portuguese Capital Maximum Temperature Ever [AP]
MOD 01 Aug 2018 Death Valley Records the Hottest Month Ever on Earth [UK Sun]
MOD 27 Jul 2018 Heatwaves from the Arctic to Japan [AFP]
MOD 24 Jul 2018 Heat Map [Wright Weather]
MOD 24 Jul 2018 At 114, Waco Sets All-Time Temperature Record [Waco Tribune]
MOD 23 Jul 2018 Southwest Sizzles as Temperatures near 120 Degrees [Yahoo]
MOD 23 Jul 2018 Record-Setting Heatwave in Japan Kills Dozens [Malaysian Digest]
LOW 19 Jul 2018 Texas Smashes 1925 Heat Record [Bloomberg]
MOD 11 Jul 2018 Red-Hot Planet: All-Time Heat Records Were Just Set across the World [YouTube]
MOD 07 Jul 2018 Southern California Sets All-Time Heat Records [LA Times]
MOD 06 Jul 2018 Africa's Record High Temperature likely set as City in Algeria hits 124 Degrees [Washington Post]
MOD 06 Jul 2018 At least 54 heat-related deaths in Quebec [CBC]
MOD 04 Jul 2018 Heatwave leaves 15 dead across Quebec [The Watchers]
MOD 04 Jul 2018 Dangerous heat wave scorching much of America turns deadly [CBS]
MOD 01 Jul 2018 Denver ties all-time temperature record [Reuters]
MOD 29 Jun 2018 Record June heat waves in America [Wunderground]
MOD 05 Jun 2018 Mexico City beats 99-year-old temperature record, already killed 13 people [Strange Sounds]
HIGH 21 May 2018 Heatwave in Pakistan claims at least 64 lives [The Watchers]
LOW 07 Jan 2018 Sydney swelters on hottest day since 1939 as mercury hits 117 degrees [BBC]
LOW 06 Jan 2018 Roads melting, bushfires destroy buildings as heatwave hits Australia [The Watchers]
LOW 23 Oct 2017 San Diego heatwave closes schools [San Diego Union Tribune]
LOW 28 Aug 2017 Record-breaking heat wave to scorch Southern California [LA Times]
LOW 09 Aug 2017 Heat in Central Florida causes record demand for power [ClickOrlando]
LOW 02 Aug 2017 Portland, Washington triple digit heat [Oregonlive]
LOW 01 Aug 2017 Blistering heat wave threatens Seattle [NYT]
LOW 31 Jul 2017 July '17 about to go down as hottest month in Miami. Ever. [Miami Herald]
HIGH 26 Jul 2017 Heat index up to 111 degrees in parts of South Florida [Miami Herald]
LOW 22 Jul 2017 Shanghai records highest temperature in 145 years of measurements [The Watchers]
LOW 17 Jul 2017 Temperature soars to 110 degrees in LA, breaking record [LA Daily News]
SEVERE 09 Jul 2017 SoCal 131-year-old daily record high broken [The Watchers]
SEVERE 09 Jul 2017 Phoenix breaks 112-year record for heat with 117 degree Friday [Hosted]
SEVERE 05 Jul 2017 Southern California heat wave expected to break records [LA Times]
SEVERE 04 Jul 2017 Hundreds of cows die in California heat wave [Fresno Bee]
SEVERE 01 Jul 2017 Unprecedented heat in Southwest shatters energy use records [USA Today]
SEVERE 29 Jun 2017 Ahvaz, Iran, reaches 129 degrees [USA Today]
MOD 23 Jun 2017 Heat wave causes increase in burns in Phoenix [Azfamily]
MOD 21 Jun 2017 California heat wave claims the lives... [LA Times]
MOD 20 Jun 2017 Heat cancels flights in Phoenix [USA Today]
MOD 17 Jun 2017 Southwest preps for 120 temps [Azfamily]
LOW 13 Jun 2017 Heat wave to plague California this week [LA Times]
LOW 12 Jun 2017 Record-breaking heat hits Northeast; 97 degrees at Newark Airport [ABC]
LOW 10 Jun 2017 Heat wave forecast to scorch Midwest to Northeast [USA Today]
LOW 05 Jun 2017 Intense heat wave engulfs Pakistan [The Watchers]
MOD 18 Apr 2017 Heat wave claims 21 lives in central India [The Watchers]
LOW 10 Feb 2017 Extreme heatwave in Australia, catastrophic fire weather [The Watchers]