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Consumer Price Index Quarterly


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The FutureDanger Indicator System contains nearly 500 predefined conditions or possible events. As our team fulfills it mission, check back soon for a thorough description of this one.
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Indicator Historical Trend
Grade Date Headline Source
HIGH 22 Jul 2021 Consumer Goods Price Increases Are Accelerating [WSJ]
SEVERE 15 Jul 2021 Treasury Secretary sees ‘several more months of rapid inflation’ [CNBC]
SEVERE 13 Jul 2021 Core Consumer Prices Rising at Fastest Pace in 30 Years [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 13 Jul 2021 Consumer Prices Surge in June, Inflation Climbs to 13-Year High [Epoch Times]
SEVERE 26 Jun 2021 Key inflation indicator posts biggest year-over-year gain in nearly three decades [CNBC]
SEVERE 10 Jun 2021 Consumer Price Index jumps 4.2 percent in April, biggest spike in 13 years [CBS]
SEVERE 10 Jun 2021 Prices Rise 5 Percent since May 2020 [MSN]
MOD 07 Jun 2021 Commodity Price Surges Add to Inflation Fears [WSJ]
MOD 18 May 2021 Prices of Groceries and Gas Rise as the Money Printing Machine Goes into Overdrive [Natural News]
HIGH 11 May 2021 Even Used Car Prices Are Soaring [Daily Bell]
HIGH 11 May 2021 NY Fed Survey shows Americans Expect Surging Inflation to Crush the Purchasing Power of Their Labor [Wolf Street]
HIGH 09 May 2021 And Now Rents Are Soaring Too [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 06 May 2021 Steel Prices Have Tripled [CNN]
HIGH 05 May 2021 Inflation Risk Intensifies with Supply Shortages Multiplying [Yahoo]
LOW 04 May 2021 Skyrocketing Lumber Prices Have Increased the Average Price of a New Home by $35,872 in 1 Year [DC Clothesline]
LOW 12 Apr 2021 Visualizing the Plunging Purchasing Power of the US Dollar [True Pundit]
LOW 23 Feb 2021 American Home Prices Accelerate at Fastest Pace since 2014 [ZeroHedge]
MOD 16 Feb 2021 World to Pay More for Meat as Food Inflation Deepens [Bloomberg]
MOD 12 Feb 2021 Fear Grows of $1.9 Trillion 'Relief Plan' Sparking Excessive Inflation [Epoch Times]
MOD 08 Feb 2021 Global Markets See Inflation Breaking out to Multiyear Highs [MSN]
LOW 06 Feb 2021 Commodities soar year-over-year 25% [ZeroHedge]
LOW 15 Dec 2020 Inflation Expectations Rise Even as the Economy Cools [Forbes]
MOD 14 Jul 2020 June Consumer Prices Rise Sharply as Reopenings Prompted More Buying [WSJ]
LOW 13 Jan 2019 Soaring Restaurant Prices Signal Inflation Is Much Higher than 'Official' Data Suggest? [ZeroHedge]
MOD 11 Aug 2018 Cost of living rises at fastest rate in decade [The Hill]
LOW 16 Jul 2018 Consumer Inflation Hits 6-Year High [MarketWatch]
LOW 29 Jun 2018 Key inflation indicator hits 6-year high [Yahoo]
LOW 12 Jun 2018 Consumer prices surge at fastest pace since 2011 [ZeroHedge]
LOW 22 May 2018 Multiple signs of inflation in freight-related industries [CNBC]
LOW 01 May 2018 Inflation 'warning lights' flashing as manufacturing prices soar most since 2011 [ZeroHedge]
LOW 14 Feb 2018 Consumer Price Index Jumps [Bloomberg]
LOW 14 Jun 2017 Core producer prices rise at fastest pace in 3 years [ZeroHedge]
MOD 15 Mar 2017 Stagflation strikes as consumer prices surge at fastest pace in 5 years [ZeroHedge]
MOD 15 Feb 2017 Inflation surges in January by most in four years [MarketWatch]
MOD 15 Feb 2017 Consumer prices surge at fastest pace in 5 years as real wages tumble [ZeroHedge]
LOW 21 Jan 2017 Inflation breaches 2-year high [Standard]