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The FutureDanger Indicator System contains nearly 500 predefined conditions or possible events. As our team fulfills it mission, check back soon for a thorough description of this one.
Background on this indicator will be provided here in the near future.
News relevant to this indicator that emerges from open sources may lead to threatening conditions for the American Nation. The team at FutureDanger will provide a clear explanation of these risks as soon as possible.
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Primary References

Full Indicator Record

Indicator Historical Trend
Grade Date Headline Source
SEVERE 07 Jun 2022 US Declares National Energy Emergency [The Watchers]
SEVERE 11 May 2021 President declares State of Emergency after biggest gasoline pipeline in America fails to restart hacked pipeline [We Are Change]
LOW 11 Jan 2021 President declares emergency in the District of Columbia [White House]
SHTF 12 Apr 2020 All 50 US States Now under a Major Disaster Declaration [Epoch Times]
SHTF 11 Apr 2020 Chairman of the Joint Chiefs: If our adversaries think this is our moment of weakness, they are dangerously wrong [Washington Examiner]
SHTF 05 Apr 2020 Federal Executive Emergency Authorities Explained [Lawfare]
SHTF 05 Apr 2020 NORTHCOM to Deploy 1,000 medical troops to NYC [KRDO]
SHTF 05 Apr 2020 Air Force Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officers activated across the nation [Air Force]
SHTF 29 Mar 2020 POTUS Authorizes DoD to Recall Ready Reserve Troops in Response to Coronavirus [Law Officer]
SHTF 29 Mar 2020 NORTHCOM C2 Staff Isolated in Cheyenne Mountain Bunker [UK Daily Mail]
SHTF 27 Mar 2020 What Does a State of Emergency Mean for the Coronavirus Crisis? [National Interest]
SHTF 24 Mar 2020 Pentagon Sees Coronavirus Crisis Lasting Several Months [Yahoo]
SHTF 20 Mar 2020 FEMA Now Leads the Federal Coronavirus Response [Government Executive]
SHTF 18 Mar 2020 FEMA Activated in Every Region [White House]
SHTF 18 Mar 2020 POTUS Invokes Defense Production Act [USA Today]
SHTF 16 Mar 2020 National Emergency allows HHS to waive certain health care laws [National Law Review]
SHTF 16 Mar 2020 Pentagon issues unprecedented travel restrictions to servicemembers, dependents, and military civilians [USNI]
SHTF 16 Mar 2020 White House Coronavirus Guidelines [White House]
SHTF 13 Mar 2020 POTUS declares virus pandemic a National Emergency [AP]
SEVERE 13 Mar 2020 President to Declare National Emergency to Speed Virus Response [Bloomberg]
MOD 11 Mar 2020 POTUS addressing Nation this evening at 9:00 P.M. (Eastern) from the Oval Office [DJT Twitter]
MOD 08 Mar 2020 Federal Agencies Prep for Coronavirus Disruptions [WSJ]
LOW 02 Mar 2020 FEMA Preps for Coronavirus Emergency [NBC]
MOD 04 Jun 2019 POTUS Threatens New National Emergency to Enact Mexico Tariffs [ZeroHedge]
LOW 15 May 2019 POTUS declares National Emergency over threats against US technology American technology [CNBC]
SEVERE 15 Mar 2019 POTUS Vetos Congressional Resolution, Border Emergency Stands [ZeroHedge]
LOW 03 Mar 2019 Full List of Active-Duty Military Units Deployed to Southern Border [Task & Purpose]
SEVERE 15 Feb 2019 POTUS Declares National Emergency to Build the Wall [Daily Caller]
MOD 14 Feb 2019 Senate Majority Leader says POTUS will sign spending bill before declaring National Emergency [CNBC]
MOD 01 Feb 2019 White House Finalizing National Emergency Declaration [Politico]
MOD 08 Jan 2019 POTUS May Declare Emergency to Order Military to Build Wall [Yahoo]
MOD 04 Jan 2019 POTUS Considering Declaring National Emergency at Southern Border [ABC]
MOD 03 Apr 2018 POTUS announces possible military emergency to secure Mexican border [Roll Call]