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Grade Date Headline Source
SHTF 06 Feb 2024 Microsoft CEO Says the Company Is Working to Address Election 'Disinformation and Misinformation' [Reclaim The Net]
SHTF 06 Feb 2024 Why Burn Books When You Can Bury Them? The White House Pressured Amazon to Target Dissenting Books – Jonathan Turley [Jonathan Turley]
SHTF 26 Jan 2024 DHS CISA Suppressed, Censored Concerns over Mail-In Voting in 2020 [ZeroHedge]
SHTF 18 Jan 2024 CDC Axed Alert Warning of Connection between Heart Inflammation and Covid-19 Vaxxes [The National Pulse]
SEVERE 07 Jan 2024 Lawsuit Alleges CIA Obstructed the Handover of Covid-19 Records [NewsTarget]
SEVERE 23 Dec 2023 CNN Caught Editing RFK Jr Speech to Mislead Viewers [ZeroHedge]
SHTF 04 Dec 2023 FDA Shuts down Enquiries about DNA Contamination in Covid Vaxx [Brownstone Institute]
SEVERE 02 Oct 2023 Nets Spend Zero Seconds on Biden Burisma Bribery over Last 115 Days [NewsBusters]
SHTF 25 Sep 2023 Tucker Carlson Claims Fed Govt Stopped Him from Interviewing Russian President [Your News]
SHTF 25 Sep 2023 FOIAed Emails Prove Fed Govt Hid Covid Vaxx Harms from the Public [Expose News]
SHTF 25 Sep 2023 FBI Has 50% Rate of Getting Speech Censored from the Internet, Court Filing Says [Daily Caller]
SEVERE 25 Sep 2023 CDC Refuses to Release Updated Information on Post-Covid Vaxx Heart Inflammation [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 11 Aug 2023 Nets Ignore Jan 6 Committee Destroying Evidence Related to Capitol Riots [NewsBusters]
SHTF 03 Aug 2023 Fed Govt Ordered Facebook to Change Algorithms to Suppress Current Administration's Political Opponents [American Greatness]
SHTF 29 Jul 2023 Nets Spend 527 Minutes on Trump Indictment, 0 Seconds on Biden Burisma Bribery [NewsBusters]
SHTF 24 Jul 2023 Unearthed Emails Prove Fauci Was Aware of Unnatural Covid-19 Origins, WIV Gain-of-Function Research [Natural News]
SHTF 09 Jul 2023 Tucker Carlson Was Fired from Fox Before Airing Capitol Police Chief Interview That Could Have Revealed Shocking J6 Information [100PercentFedUp]
SHTF 09 Jul 2023 President's Press Secretary Caught in Blatant Lie over Cocaine Found at White House []
SHTF 09 Jul 2023 CNN Correspondent Admits President Regularly Asks Social Media Companies to Censor Content [NewsTarget]
SHTF 27 Jun 2023 White House Edits out Troublesome Reporter from Press Briefing [Summit News]
SEVERE 05 Jun 2023 Presidential Candidate Banned by Major Social Media Site, Campaign Pages Blocked [ZeroHedge]
SHTF 20 Apr 2023 Congresswoman Threatens Twitter Files Journalist with Prosecution and Imprisonment [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 18 Apr 2023 Nashville School Shooter Left behind 19 Journals, All Kept from the Public [Breitbart]
SEVERE 17 Apr 2023 FDA Commissioner Declares Misinformation a Medical Risk [Jonathan Turley]
SEVERE 04 Apr 2023 Google Censors Right Side Broadcasting News from Livestreaming Trump Indictment Coverage [All News Pipeline]
SHTF 04 Apr 2023 Twitter's Open Source Code Reveals US Government Can 'Intervene' with Recommendation Algorithm [TPM]
SEVERE 28 Mar 2023 CNN Stealth Edits Piece to Remove ‘Woman’ from Story about Transgender Nashville School Shooter [Daily Caller]
SHTF 28 Mar 2023 White House Urged Meta to Crack down on 'Vaccine-Skeptical' Content on WhatsApp [Fox News]
SEVERE 17 Mar 2023 Nets Ignore President's Daughter-in-Law Receiving Chinese Wire Transfer [NewsBusters]
SHTF 27 Feb 2023 CDC Spreads False Info about Covid-19 Vax Safety Monitoring [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 27 Feb 2023 Censors Using AI to Target Podcasts [Brownstone Institute]
SHTF 21 Feb 2023 NOAA hides images of atmospheric distribution of particles from East Palestine disaster area [Natural News]
SHTF 09 Feb 2023 State Department Funded ‘Disinformation’ Research Group Blacklisting Conservative News Sites [Daily Caller]
HIGH 19 Jan 2023 TV Networks Hide Twitter Files on President's Son's Scandal Suppression [NewsBusters]
SHTF 04 Jan 2023 House Intelligence Committee Chairman Asked Twitter to Censor Journalist [Breitbart]
SHTF 21 Dec 2022 Science Preprint Sites Consistently Reject Papers That Challenge the Official Covid Narrative [Expose News]
SHTF 20 Dec 2022 Twitter Files Suggest FBI Paid Big Tech Platform over $3 Million to Censor [NewsBusters]
SHTF 15 Dec 2022 NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and MSNBC Spend Just 14 Minutes Combined Covering the ‘Twitter Files’ [Summit News]
SHTF 14 Dec 2022 Chicago Mayor to Encrypt Police Scanners [WMAQ]
SHTF 13 Dec 2022 Afl Uncovers Twitter Portal Used by Government Officials to Censor Covid-Related Posts [RSB Network]
SHTF 13 Dec 2022 Corporate Media Ignore Twitter Files [Summit News]
SHTF 12 Dec 2022 Twitter's 'Secret Blacklists' Exposed [GreatGameIndia]
SHTF 12 Dec 2022 Twitter Censor Met with FBI Weekly around 2020 Election [Yahoo]
SHTF 06 Dec 2022 Ex-FBI-then-Twitter General Counsel Fired for Censorhip of President's Son's Laptop [UK Daily Mail]
SHTF 21 Nov 2022 FDA Says Anti-Ivermectin Campaign Was 'Just a Recommendation' [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 19 Nov 2022 Body Cam Footage Shows Paul Pelosi Opened Door for Police Before Alleged Attack [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 14 Nov 2022 World Economic Forum, Others Hide Past Ties with FTX [NY Post]
HIGH 10 Nov 2022 President Says Musk's Twitter Acquisition Worth Being 'Looked At' for National Security Risk [Infowars]
SHTF 03 Nov 2022 San Francisco DA Refusing to Release Police Bodycam Video, 911 Calls from Paul Pelosi Attack [ZeroHedge]
SHTF 31 Oct 2022 Leaked Documents Outline DHS Plans to Censor Information [The Intercept]
SEVERE 29 Oct 2022 Google Caught Manipulating Search, Buries GOP Campaign Sites in 83% of Top Senate Races [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 28 Oct 2022 Leaked FBI Pamphlet Lists 'Misinformation' and 'Disinformation' as 'Election Crimes' [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 19 Oct 2022 FBI Raids News Producer's Home [Rolling Stone]
SEVERE 14 Oct 2022 ABC Devotes 8 Minutes to January 6 Hearing, Only Seconds to Inflation [NewsBusters]
MOD 11 Oct 2022 New Bill to Allow California State Government to Control over What Doctors Can Say to Patients [The Blaze]
SHTF 13 Sep 2022 FDA Refuses to Provide Key Covid-19 Vaccine Safety Analyses [Epoch Times]
SEVERE 30 Aug 2022 Truth Social barred from Google Play [CNBC]
SHTF 30 Aug 2022 CDC Quietly Scrubs Website of Claims That Spike Protein Doesn't Stay in Body after mRNA Jabs [LifeSiteNews]
SHTF 30 Aug 2022 CDC Quietly Scrubs Website of Claims That Spike Protein Doesn't Stay in Body after mRNA Jabs [LifeSiteNews]
SEVERE 27 Aug 2022 FBI Pressured Facebook to Censor Hunter Biden Laptop Story []
SEVERE 17 Aug 2022 Twitter and Facebook Pledge to Censor Speech in Leadup to Midterm Elections [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 17 Aug 2022 Facebook Censors Claims IRS Posted Job Requiring 'Deadly Force' [Reclaim The Net]
SEVERE 12 Aug 2022 World Economic Forum Calls for Merging of Human and AI Intel to Censor ‘Hate Speech’ & ‘Misinformation’ [Summit News]
SEVERE 11 Aug 2022 New York Times Editor Wanted Senate Majority Leader's Permission to Run OpEd by Senator from Minority Party [NY Post]
SEVERE 11 Aug 2022 Media Stops Describing Targeting of Trump as 'Raid' on Cue from Former FBI Agent [Summit News]
SEVERE 08 Aug 2022 CBS News Censors Its Own Documentary Exposing How 70% of US Funding of Ukraine Is Wasted [Summit News]
SHTF 04 Aug 2022 White House Energy Advisor Denies Gas Prices Were Rising Before Ukraine Invasion [Summit News]
SEVERE 01 Aug 2022 Senior Economist Fact Checked by Facebook for Saying US Is in Recession [Summit News]
HIGH 31 Jul 2022 Wikipedia Attempts to Change the Definition of Recession 41 Times [Daily Caller]
SEVERE 19 Jul 2022 Federally-funded PBS Announces Team to Cover 'Disinformation Crisis' [New American]
SEVERE 19 Jul 2022 Less than 1% of Net Nightly News Airtime Covered Southern Border Crisis since Last July [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 20 Jun 2022 Congress Members Ask Google to Censor Search Results for Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers [LifeSiteNews]
SEVERE 13 Jun 2022 CNN, CBS, NBC, and ABC Sunday Shows Ignore Attempted Murder of Supreme Court Justice [Epoch Times]
SEVERE 08 Jun 2022 NYT Hides Story of Arrested Suspect ouside SCOTUS Justices's House [Breitbart]
SEVERE 01 Jun 2022 Google Search Results Elevate Chinese Narratives on Covid Origins, Human Rights Record [Washington Times]
SEVERE 25 May 2022 Youtube Censors Tape of US Officials from 2014 Planning Ukraine Coup after 8 Years [Infowars]
LOW 25 May 2022 Feds Revoke Film Permit Because Official Didn't Like TV Host's Personal Politics [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 11 May 2022 Fox News Censors Release of 2020 Election Fraud Documentary [Twitter]
SEVERE 09 May 2022 Disinformation Governance Board Head Says Parents Concerned about Critical Race Theory Are 'Disinformers' [ZeroHedge]
SHTF 01 May 2022 The People behind DHS's Orwellian 'Disinformation Governance Board' [Organic Prepper]
SHTF 27 Apr 2022 DHS Creating a Ministry of Truth [ZeroHedge]
SHTF 27 Apr 2022 American President Established a 'Disinformation Board' [UK Daily Mail]
SEVERE 20 Apr 2022 Nets Spend 52 Seconds on Hunter Laptop, since NYT Finally Acknowledged Its Existence [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 15 Apr 2022 Media Shown to Bury the Race of Murderers if They'Re Not White [Washington Free Beacon]
SHTF 12 Apr 2022 FBI Memos Suggest Agency Had Moles in Media [Epoch Times]
SHTF 31 Mar 2022 NIH Deleted Info from Wuhan Lab on Virus Genetic Sequencing [Epoch Times]
SHTF 27 Mar 2022 US Government Paid News Media $1 Billion to Promote mRNA Vaccines [Technocracy.News]
SEVERE 02 Mar 2022 President Calls for Increased Restrictions on Social Media [Daily Caller]
HIGH 25 Feb 2022 FCC to Probe Russian-Owned Media in the USA [Engadget]
SHTF 22 Feb 2022 CDC Admits to Hiding Covid Data over 'Fears of Misinterpretation' [NY Post]
SEVERE 15 Feb 2022 Anonymous intelligence officials accuse ZeroHedge of 'amplifying Kremlin propaganda' [AP]
SEVERE 12 Feb 2022 Study: Over 800 Cases of Big Tech Censoring Covid-19 Debate [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 10 Feb 2022 Doctor Who Discovered Omicron Pressured by European Governments Not to Reveal It's Mild [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 05 Feb 2022 Bloomberg Posts Fake Headline 'Russia Invades Ukraine' on Homepage for 30 Minutes [ZeroHedge]
SHTF 02 Feb 2022 White House Urges Spotify to Censor More after 'Covid-19 Misinformation' Concerns [ZeroHedge]
SHTF 01 Feb 2022 Chief Medical Advisor to the President Knew about Virus Lab Origin from Secret Teleconference, Pushed Alternate Narrative: [Epoch Times]
SEVERE 17 Jan 2022 A Shift Away from Daily Covid Case Counts Has Begun [Bangor Daily News]
SEVERE 17 Jan 2022 Maine takes doctor's license, forces psych evaluation for COVID 'falsehoods' [Miami Herald]
SHTF 14 Jan 2022 J6 Committee Subpoenas Google, Twitter, Facebook [Washington Free Beacon]
SHTF 14 Jan 2022 President Tells Social Media Companies to 'deal' with 'misinformation' [Reclaim The Net]
HIGH 14 Jan 2022 YouTube Suspends and Demonetizes Dan Bongino over Content Questioning 'Mask Fascists' [TPM]
HIGH 14 Jan 2022 DirecTV to Drop One America News [Bloomberg]
SEVERE 11 Jan 2022 Emails Show Scientists Told Chief Medical Advisor to the President the Lab-Leak Theory Was Possible. He Called It a Conspiracy Anyway. [The Blaze]
SEVERE 11 Jan 2022 Bill Gates Funded Research Finds Ivermectin Safe to Use Months after It Was Censored by Media and Government [100PercentFedUp]
SEVERE 11 Jan 2022 Twitter Bans Project Veritas within Minutes of Exposing US-funded gain-of-function research at Wuhan Lab [News Punch]
SEVERE 11 Jan 2022 USA Today Claims Science Proves Pedophilia Is 'Determined in the Womb' [Humans Are Free]
SEVERE 11 Jan 2022 Twitter Censors Large Study Revealing Ivermectin Can Prevent 68% of Covid Deaths [DC Clothesline]
SEVERE 02 Jan 2022 Twitter censors Congresswoman for sharing counter-official Covid information [MSN]
SEVERE 29 Dec 2021 Twitter Suspends mRNA Inventor for providing Covid-19 information counter to the official narrative [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 24 Dec 2021 Media Falsely Reports Texas Man Died from Omicron While Government Officials Refuse to Say [ZeroHedge]
SHTF 21 Dec 2021 White House Tells Unvaxxed Americans to Prepare to Die [DC Clothesline]
SHTF 21 Dec 2021 President Says Getting Vaccinated against Covid-19 Is 'Your Patriotic Duty' [TPM]
SEVERE 21 Dec 2021 Google, Wikipedia Try to Hide the Fact That Abraham Lincoln Was a Republican [Headline USA]
SEVERE 21 Dec 2021 Fed Govt Health Officials Urged Bureaucrats to Smear Anti-Lockdown Doctors [LifeSiteNews]
SEVERE 21 Dec 2021 How China Uses Contractors to Spread Propaganda on Facebook and Twitter [China Strategy Institute]
SEVERE 08 Dec 2021 Twitter Suspends Account Providing Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Updates [Fox News]
SEVERE 07 Dec 2021 YouTube Age-Restricts Video about Socialism's Victims [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 05 Dec 2021 Twitter Determines American Heart Association Is 'Unsafe' after Linking Vaccines to Heart Conditions [SHTFplan]
SEVERE 22 Nov 2021 90% of 'Hate Speech' Removed from Facebook Targets White People and Men [SGT Report]
SEVERE 17 Nov 2021 Nets Blackout FBI Whistleblower Warning FBI Is Tracking Parents [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 30 Oct 2021 Leaked Messages Show Internal Facebook Plot to Censor Breitbart [Western Journalism]
SEVERE 30 Oct 2021 Complicit Media Covering up Covert Bankruptcy of Evergrande [Natural News]
SHTF 22 Oct 2021 CDC May Change Definition of 'Fully Vaccinated' as Boosters Roll out [Axios]
SEVERE 18 Oct 2021 For 105 Days, Covid-19's Death Toll in Florida Counties Went Missing [ArcaMax]
SEVERE 12 Oct 2021 Oregon Senators Call for Investigation into Alleged Covid-19 Statistical Manipulation [Epoch Times]
SEVERE 29 Sep 2021 YouTube Bans Channels Airing Criticism of Vaccines [Jonathan Turley]
SHTF 20 Sep 2021 OSHA Ordered to Hide Employer Reports of Covid Vaccine Injuries and Side Effects [DC Clothesline]
SEVERE 20 Sep 2021 Media Mistakes Horse Reins for 'Whips' in Border Patrol Footage to Spread Misinformation [TPM]
SEVERE 20 Sep 2021 Study Suggests Hospitals Are Overcounting the Number of Children Hospitalized Due to Coronavirus [Natural News]
SEVERE 14 Sep 2021 Massachusetts Senator Demands Amazon Censor Best-Selling COVID Books [Summit News]
SEVERE 05 Sep 2021 Rolling Stone 'Horse Dewormer' Hit-Piece Debunked after Hospital Says No Ivermectin Overdoses [ZeroHedge]
SHTF 05 Sep 2021 Pentagon Refusing to Name ISIS Terrorists Killed in Airstrike [Epoch Times]
SEVERE 05 Sep 2021 Mother of Marine Killed in Kabul Attack Censored by Facebook [SouthFront]
SEVERE 05 Sep 2021 USA Today 'Fact Check' Accuses Gold Star Parents of Lying, Then Issues Massive Correction [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 05 Sep 2021 GoDaddy Censors Abortion Whistleblower Site [NewsBusters]
SHTF 01 Sep 2021 Fed Govt Erases Afghan Weapons Reports from Federal Websites [Forbes]
SEVERE 29 Aug 2021 Twitter Permanently Bans Science Journalist after Viral Covid Natural Immunity Tweets [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 27 Aug 2021 Not developed as a biological weapon... [CNBC]
SEVERE 27 Aug 2021 Fed Govt Covid Origins Report Only Says It's 'Plausible' Virus Leaked from Wuhan Lab [NY Post]
SEVERE 23 Aug 2021 White House Press Secretary Falsely Claims Americans 'Not Stranded' in Taliban-Controlled Afghanistan [Infowars]
SEVERE 21 Aug 2021 CDC Buries Study Finding That Student Masking Has 'No Statistically Significant Benefit' [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 11 Aug 2021 Gannett Launches a Network-Wide Push to Censor Crime Coverage [Poynter]
SEVERE 03 Aug 2021 White House Recruits an Online Pro-Vax 'Influencer Army' [Yahoo]
SEVERE 02 Aug 2021 Science Writer Suspended from Twitter for Quoting Results of Pfizer Clinical Trial [Information Liberation]
SHTF 28 Jul 2021 CDC cites unpublished data to remask the vaccinated [Houston Chronicle]
SEVERE 27 Jul 2021 Capitol Police Officer Lies to Congress, Says Fellow Officer Died from January 6 Riot Injuries [TPM]
SEVERE 27 Jul 2021 Media Ignores Dozens of Peer-Reviewed Science Papers Proving Face Masks Are Dangerous, Ineffective [NewTarget]
SEVERE 27 Jul 2021 Twitter Suspends 2020 Election Audit Accounts for Multiple States [ZeroHedge]
SHTF 22 Jul 2021 House Majority Block Bill to Declassify Intel on Covid Origins [Townhall]
SHTF 22 Jul 2021 CDC Caught Deleting Thousands of Covid Vaccine Deaths [Infowars]
SEVERE 15 Jul 2021 YouTube Pulls Live Feed of Arizona State Senate Election Audit Hearing [We Are Change]
SEVERE 15 Jul 2021 WHO to Correct 'Errors' in Report on Early Covid Cases in Wuhan, Won't Release Underlying Data [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 13 Jul 2021 YouTube Censors Video of School Board Meeting on Mask Mandates [Washington Free Beacon]
HIGH 02 Jul 2021 Linkedin Deletes Account of mRNA Vaccine Pioneer Who Questioned Risks of Covid-19 Shots [Epoch Times]
HIGH 30 Jun 2021 Fox News Cuts Trump Border Visit Feed after He Starts Talking about Election [Western Journalism]
SEVERE 22 Jun 2021 WHO Stealth Edits Page Warning against Vaccinating Children [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 17 Jun 2021 How Asymptomatic Covid Spread Used to Lockdown the World Was Based on a Lie [GreatGameIndia]
SHTF 15 Jun 2021 Facebook has censored 16M pieces of content and added 'Warnings' on 167M more [SGT Report]
SHTF 09 Jun 2021 CDC Claims Hospitalization Rising among Unvaccinated Teens... Contrary to Its Own Data [ZeroHedge]
SHTF 07 Jun 2021 The Deep State's Dangerous Covid Censorship Is Unraveling [New American]
SEVERE 07 Jun 2021 California county cuts COVID death toll after finding a quarter of cases 'clearly not' caused by virus [Fox News]
SEVERE 04 Jun 2021 Fauci Ignored Physicist Who Told Him Hydroxychloroquine Could Help Fight against Covid [News Punch]
SEVERE 04 Jun 2021 Fauci Promoted Threat of Asymptomatic Spread in Public, but Downplayed It in Private Email [National File]
HIGH 04 Jun 2021 Twitter Suspends Organization for Announcing They Will Release More Fauci Emails [National File]
HIGH 04 Jun 2021 Twitter Bans 'Denial of Violent Events' but Only Where 'Protected Categories' Were 'Primary Victims' [Information Liberation]
HIGH 04 Jun 2021 Twitter Bans 'Denial of Violent Events' but Only Where 'Protected Categories' Were 'Primary Victims' [Information Liberation]
SEVERE 25 May 2021 Facebook Whistleblowers Expose Leaked Internal Docs Detailing New Effort to Secretly Censor 'Vaccine Hesitancy' on a Global Scale [CD media]
SHTF 25 May 2021 Senator says Chief Medical Advisor to the President 'Absolutely' Committed Perjury over Wuhan Funding Denial [Infowars]
SEVERE 24 May 2021 Media Trying to U-Turn on the Lab Leak Theory [Spectator World]
SEVERE 24 May 2021 The Collapse of the Fake Consensus on Covid-19 Origins [Watts Up With That?]
SEVERE 24 May 2021 White House Press Secretary Deflects over Wuhan Bombshells during Tense Exchange [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 24 May 2021 Former Secretary of State says Fauci had same intel he had when dismissing the lab leak theory [Breitbart]
SEVERE 24 May 2021 Vox Stealth Edits March 2020 Article 'Debunking' Lab Origin of Covid [Summit News]
SEVERE 24 May 2021 White House chief medical advisor walks back lab leak comments [Daily Caller]
SEVERE 24 May 2021 Chinese-linked social media app censors videos making fun of Dr. Fauci [Summit News]
SEVERE 24 May 2021 India Demands Social Media Networks Remove References to 'Indian Variant' of Covid [Summit News]
SEVERE 24 May 2021 Facebook Executive Brags about Increased Censorship of So-Called 'Hate Speech' [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 24 May 2021 Exactly How Corporate Media Launders Opinion to Attack Inconvenient People and Facts [The Federalist]
SEVERE 18 May 2021 CDC Caught Lying about Chances Outdoor Covid Transmission [DC Clothesline]
SEVERE 17 May 2021 Space Force Commander Demoted for Writing Anti-Marxist Book [Information Liberation]
SEVERE 17 May 2021 Facebook Caught Funding CCP-Linked 'Marxist Journalism' Programs [Natural News]
SEVERE 04 May 2021 'Experts' Say Herd Immunity Is Unlikely [SHTFplan]
SEVERE 04 May 2021 Washington Post, New York Times and NBC News Cite Lying Government Source to Allege Wrongdoing by Rudy Giuliani [MSN]
SEVERE 27 Apr 2021 12 State Attorneys General Demand Facebook, Twitter Censor Anti-Vaccine Information [LifeSiteNews]
SEVERE 24 Apr 2021 Facebook Deletes 120,000-Member Group Where People Posted Stories of Alleged Adverse Vaccine Reactions [Reclaim The Net]
SEVERE 23 Apr 2021 NBC Deceptively Edits 911 Call to Conceal Fact Police Killed Black as She Attempted Murder with Knife [Summit News]
LOW 23 Apr 2021 M7.2 Earthquake off Colombia Disappears from Quake Maps [Strange Sounds]
SEVERE 19 Apr 2021 Capitol Police Officer's Death of Natural Causes further Proves Jan. 6 Riot Was Not What the Media Said It Was [Washington Examiner]
SEVERE 15 Apr 2021 Project Veritas Founder Suspended by Twitter [Mediaite]
SEVERE 13 Apr 2021 Google Shadow Bans Searches for “Riots Today” Following Violent Unrest in Minnesota [Summit News]
HIGH 28 Mar 2021 AP Tells Reporters Not to Say 'Crisis' but Had No Problem Using Word during Last Presidency [The Blaze]
SEVERE 08 Mar 2021 White House Restricts Senior DHS Officials from Sharing Border Crisis Info with Reporters [Breitbart]
SEVERE 06 Mar 2021 Amazon Quietly Banning More Conservative, Patriotic Books by Claiming 'Hate Speech' [Natural News]
SEVERE 02 Mar 2021 Amazon Censors Clarence Thomas PBS Documentary during Black History Month [NewsTarget]
SEVERE 24 Feb 2021 Twitter Blocks Links to Conservative Political Action Committee Website [Infowars]
SEVERE 24 Feb 2021 FCC Chair Silent on Deplatforming Conservative News [WND]
SEVERE 23 Feb 2021 House Hearing Targets Carriers Hosting Conservative Cable Networks []
SEVERE 23 Feb 2021 Facebook's False Fact Check Protected a Viable Source of Covid-19: Wuhan Institute of Virology [Washington Times]
SHTF 20 Feb 2021 How CDC Misled on COVID Vaccine Efficacy [Childrens Health Defense]
SEVERE 15 Feb 2021 Five weeks later, NYT retracts report Capitol Police Officer killed by Trump supporter [American Greatness]
SEVERE 12 Feb 2021 NBC News Calls China an 'Ally' [The National Pulse]
SEVERE 12 Feb 2021 Report: CDC Inflated Covid-19 Fatality Rates by 1,600% [GreatGameIndia]
SEVERE 12 Feb 2021 Mainstream Media Rebrands 'Kids in Cages' to 'overflow Facility' [DC Clothesline]
SEVERE 12 Feb 2021 Conservative Actor Says Facebook Deleted Account [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 11 Feb 2021 Instagram Bans RFK Jr over 'Misleading' COVID Vaccine Posts [News Punch]
SEVERE 11 Feb 2021 Google, Facebook Ask Supreme Court to Make Suing Them More Difficult [Epoch Times]
SEVERE 11 Feb 2021 Months after Election, ABC Exposes Presidential Family Corruption [Law Enforcement Today]
SHTF 11 Feb 2021 Spokeswoman Says President 'Lacks Data' on Reopening Schools despite CDC Study [Washington Free Beacon]
SEVERE 11 Feb 2021 Twitter Bans Project Veritas, Restricts Founder O'Keefe [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 10 Feb 2021 Year later, WHO visits Wuhan Lab for just 3 Hours, absolves China of blame for COVID-19 [Humans Are Free]
SEVERE 10 Feb 2021 YouTube Shuts down and Erases Pro-Life 300,000 Subscriber Channel [The Right Scoop]
SEVERE 08 Feb 2021 COVID cases plummet after WHO changes testing protocol upon Biden Inauguration [LifeSiteNews]
SEVERE 08 Feb 2021 Facebook censoring posts with claims about vaccines it deems false [Epoch Times]
SEVERE 05 Feb 2021 Fox News cancels Business Anchor day after voting software company sues him on fraud claims [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 01 Feb 2021 FaceBook Reverses Censorship Decision on COVID Drug Previous President Promoted [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 01 Feb 2021 White House Press Sec Gloats over Trump Twitter Ban [Infowars]
SEVERE 29 Jan 2021 Google Deletes Nearly 100,000 Negative Reviews of Robinhood [The Verge]
SEVERE 28 Jan 2021 Facebook Shuts Robinhood Stock Traders Group amid GameStop Frenzy [Reuters]
SEVERE 28 Jan 2021 FaceBook Ramps up Censorship by 'Dispelling Political Content' [SHTFplan]
SEVERE 28 Jan 2021 Discord Now ‘Working With’ WallStreetBets after Banning Its Chat Server [Epoch Times]
SHTF 28 Jan 2021 CDC Vaccine Injury Reporting System Temporarily Goes Down [Childrens Health Defense]
SEVERE 28 Jan 2021 YouTube deletes Senator's videos of doctors testifying on COVID-19 treatments [Epoch Times]
SEVERE 25 Jan 2021 Associated Press Wants 'Extremist' Podcasts That Challenge Fraudulent Elections to Be Eliminated [DC Clothesline]
SEVERE 24 Jan 2021 CNN COVID-19 Death Tracker Suddenly Disappears [Law Enforcement Today]
SEVERE 24 Jan 2021 California Refuses to Disclose COVID-19 Data Used to Drive Lockdowns [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 22 Jan 2021 Medical Journal Quietly Retracts Study Claiming Hydroxychloroquine Is Ineffective against COVID-19 [National File]
HIGH 22 Jan 2021 YouTube Caught Removing Dislikes from White House Press Briefing Video [Gateway Pundit]
HIGH 22 Jan 2021 Over Half of Americans Believe Journalists Purposely Mislead Public [The National Pulse]
SEVERE 13 Jan 2021 Youtube Suspends the President [Infowars]
SEVERE 12 Jan 2021 National Association of Realtors to Begin Censoring Members Private Speech [Law Enforcement Today]
SEVERE 12 Jan 2021 Ron Paul Suspended from Facebook following Column Criticizing Big Tech Censorship [News Punch]
SEVERE 12 Jan 2021 Facebook and Instagram Ban All Content Containing the Phrase 'Stop the Steal' [National File]
SEVERE 12 Jan 2021 Newsweek says Conservative Talk Radio Stars Warned to Stop Stolen Election Talk by Cumulus Media [Newsweek]
SEVERE 11 Jan 2021 Twitter Suspends More than 70,000 Accounts [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 11 Jan 2021 Parler Social Network Sues Amazon after Ban [VOA]
SEVERE 11 Jan 2021 World's Largest Gun Forum Kicked off GoDaddy [Information Liberation]
SEVERE 11 Jan 2021 WSJ Acknowledges Google Blacklists Sites [Natural News]
SEVERE 08 Jan 2021 WSJ Retracts Claim Alex Jones Led Siege on US Capitol [NewsWars]
SEVERE 08 Jan 2021 Six Tech Platforms Censor President or Supporters over DC Riot [NewsBusters]
SHTF 07 Jan 2021 The CDC Big Lie about Asymptomatic Transmission of Sars-Cov-2 [ Jeremy R. Hammond]
SEVERE 07 Jan 2021 Twitter and Facebook Suspend President's Accounts [New American]
SEVERE 06 Jan 2021 Twitter censors POTUS tweet calling for peace, due to 'risk of violence' [LifeSiteNews]
SEVERE 02 Jan 2021 Eight Worst Media Lies about the Federal COVID-19 Response [PJ Media]
SEVERE 31 Dec 2020 All Major Western Media Outlets Take 'Private Dinners', 'Sponsored Trips' from Chinese Communist Propaganda Front [The National Pulse]
SEVERE 30 Dec 2020 Mysterious Disappearance of Flu in San Diego Prompted Call for Audit of COVID Records [21st Century Wire]
SEVERE 25 Dec 2020 Leaked Documents Show How Chinese Internet Trolls Helped Censor the Coronavirus [ProPublica]
SEVERE 24 Dec 2020 Who Deletes Naturally Acquired Immunity from Its Website [AIER]
SEVERE 22 Dec 2020 Twitter Expected to Ban Trump after January 20th [WSJ]
SEVERE 22 Dec 2020 Johns Hopkins Newspaper Removes Study Contradicting High COVID-19 Death Rate [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 15 Dec 2020 Facebook Staff Reportedly Quit over LACK of Censorship [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 15 Dec 2020 Ex-CIA Officials who told corporate media before the election that the Hunter Biden story Russian was disinformation were lying [Fox News]
SEVERE 12 Dec 2020 Twitter Blocks Users from Liking, Replying-To POTUS 45's Tweets as He Rages over SCOTUS, AG, and RINO Governors [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 10 Dec 2020 Former Florida COVID-19 Data Scientist Has Home Raided by FBI [Yahoo]
SEVERE 09 Dec 2020 YouTube to Delete Videos Claiming 2020 Election Was Fraudulent [Infowars]
SEVERE 03 Dec 2020 Twitter Labels Video Evidence of Georgia Voter Fraud as 'Disputed' [TPM]
SEVERE 01 Dec 2020 USA Today and Facebook Use Slanderous Fact Check to Suppress Facts about Foreign Alien Voting [Lew Rockwell]
SEVERE 01 Dec 2020 The COVID Case Con Continues [American Thinker]
SEVERE 30 Nov 2020 Twitter Suspends User While He Testifies in Front of Arizona Lawmakers Regarding Election [PT News Network]
SEVERE 30 Nov 2020 Chinese Government Steps up Propaganda to Change COVID Origin Story [Dahboo77]
SEVERE 23 Nov 2020 Faulty Polls Missed Republican Voters in Surveys, Skewed Results [Washington Times]
SEVERE 23 Nov 2020 Beijing-Controlled News Outlet Paid American Newspapers Millions to Publish Propaganda This Year [Daily Caller]
SEVERE 13 Nov 2020 Video: Are Phone Networks Now Censoring Links about Election Fraud? [Summit News]
SEVERE 07 Nov 2020 Internet Archive to Rewrite History with Alerts for Sites That Have Been Fact Checked [Activist Post]
SEVERE 05 Nov 2020 Facebook Pulls Stop the Steal Group Organizing Protests of Vote Counting [WSJ]
SEVERE 04 Nov 2020 Twitter Hides Half of President's Post-Election Day Tweets [Sputnik]
SEVERE 04 Nov 2020 Polls 'systemically underestimated' turnout for President [The Hill]
SEVERE 04 Nov 2020 Twitter Censors the President [Deadline]
LOW 31 Oct 2020 Twitter Reinstates NY Post Account after 16-Day Suspension [ZeroHedge]
LOW 29 Oct 2020 Man Exposes Weather Channel Fake News by Wandering into Live Shot [Infowars]
SEVERE 28 Oct 2020 Nets Maintain Bobulinski Blackout despite Bombshell Interview [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 22 Oct 2020 NPR Refuses to Report on Presidential Candidate's Scandals [Gateway Pundit]
SEVERE 22 Oct 2020 Reporter Tells POTUS that Biden Laptop Can't Be Verified 'Because It Can't Be Verified' [Trending Politics]
SEVERE 20 Oct 2020 Video: Google Whistleblower Tells Veritas Search Engine Is Skewing Results to Benefit Democrats [Summit News]
SEVERE 18 Oct 2020 White House COVID-19 Task Force Neuroradiologist Censored by Twitter [The Federalist]
SEVERE 15 Oct 2020 Youtube Bans Any Videos That Question Vaccine Agenda [Summit News]
SEVERE 15 Oct 2020 Youtube Follows Twitter, Facebook with Qanon Censorship [KSTP]
SEVERE 15 Oct 2020 Merriam-Webster Alters Dictionary to Align Attacks on SCOTUS Nominee's Use of 'Sexual Preference' [Reuters]
SEVERE 15 Oct 2020 Twitter Blocks Link to Congressional Press Release [The Federalist]
SEVERE 15 Oct 2020 Twitter Censors President's Campaign Account for Posting Video on Opponent's Corruption [The Federalist]
SEVERE 14 Oct 2020 All Three Nets Skip Senator Asking Supreme Court Nominee If She's a Rapist [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 14 Oct 2020 Facebook and Twitter Censor NY Post Story about Presidential Candidate's Ukraine Corruption [NPR]
HIGH 13 Oct 2020 Facebook Bans Ads Questioning Safety of Covid-19 Vaccines [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 09 Oct 2020 Big Three Networks Censor Poll Showing Majority Say They're Better off Now than 4 Years Ago [NewsBusters]
HIGH 07 Oct 2020 Instagram Bans Qanon Accounts, but Refuses to Remove ISIS Accounts Celebrating 9/11 [Summit News]
SEVERE 21 Sep 2020 Youngest 'COVID-19 Victim' in Michigan Actually Died from Fatal Birth Defect [Gateway Pundit]
SEVERE 16 Sep 2020 Facebook Censors Tucker Carlson's Interview with 'Rogue' Chinese Scientist [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 15 Sep 2020 Twitter Suspends Account of Chinese Scientist Who Published Paper Alleging Covid Was Created in Wuhan Lab [Infowars]
HIGH 11 Sep 2020 FBI Claims Antifa Not Starting West Coast Wildfires [KXL]
HIGH 11 Sep 2020 CNN interviews Netflix CEO, fails to ask about film that blatantly sexualizes children [Infowars]
HIGH 03 Sep 2020 Facebook Vows to Censor Presidential Victory Claims on Election Night [Infowars]
HIGH 03 Sep 2020 Facebook, Twitter Censor Rittenhouse Attorney, Defenders [New American]
HIGH 01 Sep 2020 Polling Firm Warns of 'National Poll Suppression' [Summit News]
SEVERE 24 Aug 2020 Twitter Censors POTUS Tweet about 'Voter Security Disaster' [Breitbart]
SEVERE 17 Aug 2020 The ‘Highest Single-Day of Covid-19 Deaths’ That Wasn’t [Reason]
SEVERE 15 Aug 2020 Youtube Will Ban Videos That Could 'Interfere with the Election' [Breitbart]
SEVERE 12 Aug 2020 Washington Post Calls out NBC Fake News on Wuhan Lab [Infowars]
SEVERE 12 Aug 2020 Democrat VP Presumptive Nominee's Former Press Secretary Is Twitter's Top Censor [National Review]
SEVERE 10 Aug 2020 Hydroxychloroquine Protocol Continues Getting Censored [Lew Rockwell]
HIGH 28 Jul 2020 Twitter Suspends President's Son for Sharing Hydroxychloroquine Video [Washington Examiner]
HIGH 24 Jul 2020 Gunshot to Head, Parkinson's Disease, Deaths in Palm Beach Incorrectly Attributed to COVID-19 [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 20 Jul 2020 Mobile Phone Giants Shut down POTUS Campaign Mass Texting Program [Politico]
SEVERE 17 Jun 2020 NBC News Reporter Thanks Foreign Groups for 'Collaboration' In Pushing Google to 'Defund' The Federalist [Breitbart]
SEVERE 16 Jun 2020 Google bans ZeroHedge and The Federalist from its ad platform over protest articles [NBC]
SEVERE 15 Jun 2020 NYC Mayor Orders COVID-19 Contact-Tracers Not to Ask about Protests Attendance [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 04 Jun 2020 Researchers Retract Botched Anti-Hydroxychloroquine Study Which Was Used to Attack POTUS [ZeroHedge]
SHTF 03 Jun 2020 Americans Are Being Subjected to an Orgy of Disinformation [American Thinker]
SHTF 03 Jun 2020 Teen Vogue tells readers 'ANTIFA aspires toward creating a better world' [Summit News]
SHTF 03 Jun 2020 Media Lied: Police Confirm No Tear-Gas, Flash-Bangs Used ahead of POTUS Church Visit [ZeroHedge]
SHTF 02 Jun 2020 Media Present Violent Riots as Peaceful Protests [The Federalist]
SEVERE 30 May 2020 Twitter Censors POTUS Tweet for 'Glorifying Violence' [Summit News]
HIGH 30 May 2020 MSNBC Reporter Claims Protests Are Not Unruly as Building Literally Burns behind Him [Summit News]
HIGH 26 May 2020 YouTube Caught Censoring Criticism of Chinese Communist Party [The Verge]
HIGH 26 May 2020 Multiple Local TV Stations Push Amazon-Scripted Segment [Courier Newsroom]
HIGH 23 May 2020 Google Drive now censoring users' personal files [Reclaim The Net]
SEVERE 17 May 2020 YouTube Censors Epidemiologist for Opposing Lockdown [NY Post]
SEVERE 15 May 2020 Camera Feed Cuts out after CNN Asks James Clapper about Leaking Classified Information [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 14 May 2020 Leaked Database May Be Key to Real Chinese Coronavirus Numbers [Foreign Policy]
HIGH 13 May 2020 Twitter Takes Its Covid-19 Censorship into Overdrive [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 28 Apr 2020 YouTube Censors Viral Video of Doctors Criticizing Quarantine [Summit News]
SEVERE 28 Apr 2020 WHO Deletes Tweet about COVID-19 Reinfection as 'Immunity Passports' Debate Rises [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 23 Apr 2020 Twitter Blocks Virus 5G Tweets [Yahoo]
SEVERE 18 Apr 2020 Pennsylvania Health Dept Underreports Coronavirus Deaths, Blames Computer Glitches [WHYY]
SEVERE 17 Apr 2020 Chinese Govt Revises Wuhan Coronavirus Death Toll up by 50% [WSJ]
SEVERE 16 Apr 2020 Facebook 'Fact Checker' Worked at Wuhan Biolab; Ruled out Virus-Leak While 'Debunking' Articles [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 16 Apr 2020 List of News Sites That Told You Distrusting China over Coronavirus Was Dangerous [Summit News]
SEVERE 15 Apr 2020 Tech companies censoring 'bad coronavirus info' [AP]
SEVERE 15 Apr 2020 Signs of Government Pandemic Censorship Emerge [Yahoo]
SEVERE 13 Apr 2020 Chicago's County Government Censors Names of Prisoners Released due to Coronavirus from Police and Public [Washington Times]
SHTF 11 Apr 2020 Pandemic's toll in senior facilities greater than Fed Govt reporting [WSJ]
SHTF 09 Apr 2020 New bailout law allows Fed to censor reporting on billions in market manipulation [Politico]
SHTF 02 Apr 2020 Google Bans Ads from President's COVID-19 Critics  [ZeroHedge]
SHTF 01 Apr 2020 US Intel Agencies Conclude Chinese Govt Under-Reported Coronavirus Cases, Deaths [The Hill]
SHTF 01 Apr 2020 Claim: WHO Helped China Cover-Up Coronavirus [Summit News]
SHTF 31 Mar 2020 CBS News Caught Using Footage from an Italian Hospital to Describe Conditions in NYC [Gateway Pundit]
SHTF 31 Mar 2020 Hospitals Tell Doctors They'll Be Fired If They Speak out about Lack of Gear [Bloomberg]
SHTF 29 Mar 2020 Evidence emerges that far more Chinese died than the official statistics show [ZeroHedge]
SHTF 28 Mar 2020 Seattle-based NPR station no longer airing POTUS virus briefings because of 'misinformation' [SHTFplan]
SEVERE 27 Mar 2020 Doctors say more Americans dying of Coronavirus than we are being told [BuzzFeed]
SEVERE 27 Mar 2020 Networks Cut Away from POTUS Virus Briefings, despite Massive Ratings [Epoch Times]
SEVERE 20 Mar 2020 FDIC Calls on Newsmax to Stop Publishing 'False' Ads by Precious Metals Trader [Erie News Now ]
SEVERE 20 Mar 2020 New York Times Deletes Word 'Wuhan' from Its Coronavirus Tracking Map [Summit News]
SEVERE 19 Mar 2020 MSM Censoring Wuhan Coronavirus Phrase They Coined Weeks Ago [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 18 Mar 2020 Coronavirus pandemic sparks calls to delay sale of .org domains [Reuters]
SEVERE 18 Mar 2020 Big Tech Firms Using Automation to Censor Coronavirus News [Mintpressnews]
SEVERE 18 Mar 2020 Facebook 'bug' blocks Coronavirus news links [TechCrunch]
SEVERE 11 Mar 2020 National Security Adviser Blames China for Coronavirus Cover Up [Washington Examiner]
SEVERE 11 Mar 2020 Facebook Censors Expert's Post Linking Coronavirus to Chinese Research Lab [LifeSiteNews]
SEVERE 11 Mar 2020 Fight against coronavirus misinformation 'shows what big tech can do when it really tries' [Consumer Reports]
HIGH 09 Mar 2020 Social Media Companies Partner with WHO to Censor Coronavirus Info [SHTFplan]
HIGH 08 Mar 2020 Twitter censors video retweeted by POTUS as 'manipulated media' [MarketWatch]
SHTF 05 Mar 2020 POTUS Openly Doubts WHO's Global Death Rate from Coronavirus [UK Guardian]
SHTF 02 Mar 2020 CDC Drops Coronavirus Testing Numbers from Their Website [The Verge]
HIGH 20 Feb 2020 Twitter testing 'community-based' censorship system [NBC]
SEVERE 10 Feb 2020 Coronavirus Narrative World War: Chinese Communist epidemic-fighting policy is to report politically-adjusted outbreak model [Epsilon Theory]
SEVERE 01 Feb 2020 Social Media Networks Vow to Censor 'misinformation' about Coronavirus [Organic Prepper]
SEVERE 01 Feb 2020 Zero Hedge Banned from Twitter [MSN]
HIGH 13 Jan 2020 TV Networks 93% Negative toward POTUS [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 29 Dec 2019 Twitter Censors POTUS Retweet of Whistleblower Name [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 10 Dec 2019 DOJ IG Report Confirms House Intel Chairman's FISA Memo that Media Praised Was Riddled with Lies [The Federalist]
SEVERE 06 Dec 2019 Gun Control Groups Hide behind Bogus 'Police' Think Tank to Disarm Americans [Fmshooter]
SEVERE 06 Dec 2019 Shadow Banning Written into New Twitter Terms [SHTFplan]
SEVERE 06 Dec 2019 Twitter Censorship: Shadow Banning Written into Platform's New Terms [SHTFplan]
MOD 04 Dec 2019 Deepfake Video 'Nixon Announcing Apollo 11 Disaster' Shows the Power of New Disinformation Tech [Newsweek]
MOD 02 Dec 2019 300 video ads for President were taken down by Google, YouTube [CBS]
MOD 27 Nov 2019 Here's How Reuters Gamed a Poll to Show Rising Support for Trump Impeachment [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 18 Nov 2019 How Google Interferes with Its Search Algorithms and Changes Your Results [Naked Capitalism]
SEVERE 13 Nov 2019 The Suppression of the name Adam Ciaramella [NOQ Report]
HIGH 11 Nov 2019 Facebook Censoring Name of Trump Ukraine Whistleblower [Federal News Network]
SEVERE 07 Nov 2019 CBS News Fires Staffer Who Had Access to Leaked Amy Robach Audio [Page Six]
SEVERE 05 Nov 2019 Leaked ABC News Insider Recording Exposes Epstein Coverup [Youtu]
LOW 13 Oct 2019 The CNN Tapes are coming... [Infowars]
LOW 13 Oct 2019 PBS Fails to Specify 'Illegal' Immigrant Families Were Separated [CNSNews]
HIGH 06 Sep 2019 Presidential Candidate's Bloody Eye on National TV Spiked by MSM [NewsBusters]
LOW 20 Aug 2019 Facebook Bans 'Women for Trump' Ads [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 07 Aug 2019 Twitter Suspends Account of Senate Majority Leader over Video of Protesters Shouting Obscenities at His Home [The Blaze]
HIGH 04 Aug 2019 Google 'Very Biased at Every Level' And 'Will Attempt to Influence 2020 Election': Former Engineer [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 03 Aug 2019 California Removes Arrest Reports from Kamala Years [Washington Free Beacon]
HIGH 01 Aug 2019 Nets Ignore NYC Man Beaten for Wearing MAGA Hat [NewsBusters]
HIGH 24 Jul 2019 Current Senior Google Engineer Goes Public on Camera: Tech Is 'Dangerous,' 'Taking Sides' [Project Veritas]
MOD 23 Jul 2019 The Deep State’s Censorship Model Dissected [The Phaser]
HIGH 08 Jul 2019 Wikipedia Editors Battle to Hide Clinton's Link to Jeffrey Epstein [Summit News]
HIGH 08 Jul 2019 ABC Ignores Clinton Connection to Dem Donor Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 27 Jun 2019 Twitter sets conditions to censor POTUS [CNBC]
SEVERE 25 Jun 2019 Stunned Google Rep Denies Censorship before Senate subcommittee [WJLA]
SEVERE 25 Jun 2019 MORE VERITAS: Google Ethics Team Busted Calling Prominent Conservative Jews 'Nazis' [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 25 Jun 2019 Says 'privacy complaints' filed... [Washington Times]
SEVERE 25 Jun 2019 MSM Ignores Project Veritas Bombshell Google Exposé [Infowars]
SEVERE 24 Jun 2019 Reddit Blocks Project Veritas after Group Exposes Google Election Meddling [Infowars]
SEVERE 24 Jun 2019 Google Leak: 'Never letting somebody like Donald Trump come to power again' [Project Veritas]
HIGH 05 Jun 2019 YouTube to Remove Thousands of Videos Pushing 'Extreme Views' [NYT]
HIGH 27 May 2019 Time Magazine columnist caught attributing a fake quote to POTUS [Breitbart]
LOW 21 May 2019 Instagram Caught Shadow Banning Pro-Life Group [Daily Caller]
HIGH 13 May 2019 Academic Study exposes Google Media Bias [ZeroHedge]
MOD 13 May 2019 Facebook Censors Italian Anti-Globalist Pages before EU Elections [Breitbart]
LOW 08 May 2019 Fed Judge orders DC-Area Radio Station to Register as Russian Agent under 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act [ABC]
HIGH 07 May 2019 'Deep Fake' Videos that Can Make Anyone Seem to Say Anything on the Way [WNYW]
HIGH 06 May 2019 Ryan P. Williams: Algorithms of Suppression [The American Mind]
HIGH 03 May 2019 Link Banning is Facebook’s Terrifying New Censorship Tool [Breitbart]
HIGH 02 May 2019 Facebook Bans Louis Farrakhan, Milo Yiannopoulos, Infowars and Others from Its Platforms as 'Dangerous' [CNN]
SEVERE 20 Apr 2019 Top 10 Things the Media Got Wrong about ‘Collusion’ and ‘Obstruction’ [NY Post]
HIGH 18 Apr 2019 Mueller Report contradicts Buzzfeed claim POTUS ordered ex-lawyer to lie to Congress [Daily Caller]
HIGH 08 Apr 2019 Amazon on a Digital Book Burning Spree [Breitbart]
SHTF 03 Apr 2019 Another Trump-Russia 'Bombshell, If True' Story Falls Apart [Washington Times]
SHTF 27 Mar 2019 Russia Fail: Ultimate Media Compilation [Infowars]
SHTF 25 Mar 2019 The Media’s Russia ‘Bombshells’ Look Even Worse Now That Mueller Found No Collusion [Daily Caller]
LOW 25 Mar 2019 Sharyl Attkisson for The Hill: Apologies to President Trump [The Hill]
SEVERE 25 Mar 2019 Networks Gave 2,284 Minutes to POTUS/Russia Probe [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 25 Mar 2019 Past 22 Months: 533,074 web articles on POTUS/Russia/Mueller with 245 million social media interactions [Axios]
SEVERE 18 Mar 2019 Twitter Admits Shadowbanning Lisa Page Tweet by Federalist Co-Founder to 'Keep People Safe'  [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 18 Mar 2019 Twitter Admits Shadowbanning Lisa Page Tweet by Federalist Co-Founder to 'Keep People Safe' [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 18 Mar 2019 Twitter Admits Shadowbanning Lisa Page Tweet by Federalist Co-Founder to 'Keep People Safe' [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 18 Mar 2019 Twitter Admits Shadowbanning Lisa Page Tweet by Federalist Co-Founder to 'Keep People Safe' [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 12 Mar 2019 Violation of What? Users Puzzled by Facebook’s Ban on Sharing ZeroHedge Links [RT]
HIGH 12 Mar 2019 Facebook Censors Senator's Anti-Facebook Ads [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 11 Mar 2019 POTUS-Russian Bank Server Conspiracy Interest Quietly Drops [Washington Times]
HIGH 10 Mar 2019 How Streaming Is Bringing Us Closer to 1984's Memory Hole [Forbes]
HIGH 09 Mar 2019 Government-to-Facebook Pipeline Reveals a Corrupt Mix of Social Media and the State [Free Thought Project]
HIGH 03 Mar 2019 Amazon Censors Anti-Vaccine Documentaries [The Hill]
SEVERE 27 Feb 2019 Facebook Whistleblower Reveals 'Routine Suppression' of Conservative Content [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 23 Feb 2019 Virginia Political Scandals Evaporate from ABC CBS, NBC [NewsBusters]
HIGH 23 Feb 2019 MSNBC ties POTUS to convicted pedophile, ignores Clinton Connection [NewsBusters]
HIGH 23 Feb 2019 Facebook Censors Smollett Hate Hoax Articles [NewsBusters]
MOD 14 Feb 2019 Facebook exploring removal of anti-vaccine information [Bloomberg]
SEVERE 02 Feb 2019 CNN falsely labels Dem Gov as 'Republican' during segment on blackface-KKK yearbook photo [Fox News]
SEVERE 01 Feb 2019 YouTube 'Protects' Users by Hiding 'Conspiracy Theories' [SHTFplan]
SEVERE 01 Feb 2019 Financial Blacklisting: Microsoft NewsGuard Advises Advertisers to Avoid Pro-POTUS Media [Breitbart]
HIGH 28 Jan 2019 Blacklisters at Microsoft'S Newsguard Label Proven Hoaxes 'Credible' [Breitbart]
HIGH 23 Jan 2019 Microsoft Builds Fake News Filter into Mobile Browser [RT]
SEVERE 16 Jan 2019 Google Caught Manipulating YouTube Search Results for Abortion, Maxine Waters, David Hogg [Breitbart]
SEVERE 11 Jan 2019 San Diego TV Station: CNN Declined Our 'Local View' because Border Wall IS Effectiveness [The Hill]
HIGH 08 Jan 2019 Blowout 312k Jobs Report Gets 22-Seconds of ABC ‘World News’ Attention [NewsBusters]
LOW 29 Dec 2018 Facebook's Secret Rulebook to Police Users' Politics Revealed [UK Daily Mail]
LOW 26 Dec 2018 Media Blast POTUS for Not Visiting Troops - as He Touches down in Iraq [NewsBusters]
LOW 25 Dec 2018 Most Egregious Fake News Stories of 2018 [Daily Caller]
LOW 21 Dec 2018 Facebook Censoring Images of Starving Yemen Children [Middle East Monitor]
LOW 22 Nov 2018 Conservative figure banned from Twitter for criticizing Muslim Congresswoman-elect [NBC]
HIGH 11 Nov 2018 The Fiat News Index [Epsilon Theory]
HIGH 30 Oct 2018 Google Censors Congresswoman's Ads, Says Videos of Protesters Interrupting Her Are ‘Shocking Content’ [Daily Caller]
HIGH 30 Oct 2018 YouTube Marks Fox News host’s Immigration Video ‘Dangerous Content’ [NewsBusters]
LOW 29 Oct 2018 SPLC Leads Soros' funded mob bullying Socials into 'hate' bans [PJ Media]
LOW 28 Oct 2018 Gab Booted by Hosting Company after Synagogue Shooting [ZeroHedge]
LOW 27 Oct 2018 Paypal Bans Social Network Gab after Synagogue Attacker Revealed as User [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 18 Oct 2018 Founder of Group that Commissioned Dirty Dossier Takes the Fifth, Nets Refuse to Report [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 17 Oct 2018 Facebook Purge: List of Pages Deleted [Western Journalism]
SEVERE 17 Oct 2018 ABC, NBC, CBS Ignore GOP Candidates Allegedly Assaulted by Left-Wing ‘Protesters’ [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 11 Oct 2018 Facebook Purges over 800 Accounts with Millions of Followers [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 08 Oct 2018 Facebook Stifles Ads For Film on Abortion Monster Kermit Gosnell [The Federalist]
HIGH 05 Oct 2018 Nine Times the Media Pushed Misinformation about SCOTUS Nominee [Daily Caller]
HIGH 29 Sep 2018 Fake News: ABA did not call on Senate to delay confirmation vote for another FBI investigation of SCOTUS Nominee [American Thinker]
MOD 25 Sep 2018 Paypal Bans Alex Jones [Infowars]
MOD 25 Sep 2018 Facebook removes over a dozen political pages with more than 30 million combined fans [BuzzFeed]
LOW 24 Sep 2018 Twitter Suspends Conservative Actor with 1.7 millipn followers [The Wrap]
HIGH 12 Sep 2018 Facebook Bans #Walkaway Founder Weeks before March on Washington [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 10 Sep 2018 Houston Chronicle reporter caught faking sources [Houston Chronicle]
HIGH 09 Sep 2018 Twitter Suspends Benghazi Security Contractor after Criticizing of POTUS 44 [Gateway Pundit]
SEVERE 09 Sep 2018 Apple bans Alex Jones app for 'objectionable content' [Reuters]
SHTF 06 Sep 2018 Twitter permanently bans Alex Jones and Infowars accounts [CNBC]
HIGH 31 Aug 2018 Study: Google Pushes Liberal News in Top 5 Search Suggestions [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 29 Aug 2018 Twitter bans users for sharing 'divisive commentary' [Breitbart]
SEVERE 29 Aug 2018 Facebook Blocks Ad for Upcoming Diamond and Silk Movie [American Mirror]
SEVERE 28 Aug 2018 CNN Caught Lying about 'Blockbuster' Cohen Story [The Intercept]
HIGH 28 Aug 2018 How Online Media Companies Are Suppressing Conservative Speech [NewsBusters]
HIGH 27 Aug 2018 Bloomberg News Reassigns Reporter after Wells Fargo CEO Called to Complain [CNN]
HIGH 26 Aug 2018 96% of Google Search Results for 'Trump' News Are from Liberal Media Outlets [PJ Media]
HIGH 26 Aug 2018 CNN Reporter gets two big scoops debunked as very fake news in just one week [Breitbart]
HIGH 24 Aug 2018 Google hiding its own user-generated reviews from search results [Yahoo]
HIGH 21 Aug 2018 Facebook Has Trust Ratings for Users – but It Won't Tell You Your Score [UK Sun]
SEVERE 20 Aug 2018 Mask Off! Social-Media Censor King Revealed [WND]
SEVERE 19 Aug 2018 Facebook 'mistakenly' censors conservative education company for 'hate speech violations' [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 19 Aug 2018 Shadowbanning on social media is real and here's the proof [American Thinker]
HIGH 19 Aug 2018 President busts misleading NYT story on White House lawyer's cooperation with Special Counsel [Washington Examiner]
HIGH 19 Aug 2018 Twitter CEO admits employees have large partisan bias [The Hill]
SEVERE 18 Aug 2018 John Hindraker: How the Left Is Outsourcing Censorship of the Internet [Power Line]
SEVERE 18 Aug 2018 Conservative non-profit group suddenly drops 99.9999% in Facebook reach [Breitbart]
SEVERE 15 Aug 2018 Fed Govt Decides Finances May Be Misleading to Hide Classified Spending [FAS]
SEVERE 15 Aug 2018 Twitter Suspends Alex Jones [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 14 Aug 2018 CNN's 'Trump Voter' actually an Anti-Trump Socialist [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 12 Aug 2018 NBC fails to report own reporter and crew assaulted by Antifa in Charlottesville [NewsBusters]
HIGH 12 Aug 2018 Newspaper urges collusive national media 'war' against President [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 10 Aug 2018 Twitter bans conservative commentator Gavin McInnes [Breitbart]
HIGH 10 Aug 2018 Tech Tyranny: YouTube Now Censoring Anyone Who Uploads Video of Alex Jones [Gateway Pundit]
HIGH 10 Aug 2018 Washington Examiner Journalist warned by Twitter after publishing damning articles on Feinstein and Clinton [Gateway Pundit]
HIGH 10 Aug 2018 Microsoft Threatens to Shut down Gab [PJ Media]
SEVERE 08 Aug 2018 Twitter Bans Three Prominent Libertarian Accounts [American Partisan]
SEVERE 08 Aug 2018 The List: Platforms That Have Banned Infowars and Alex Jones [Infowars]
SEVERE 06 Aug 2018 ABC World News skips 3.9% unemployment report [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 06 Aug 2018 Facebook, Apple and Spotify Ban Infowars' Alex Jones [UK Guardian]
HIGH 02 Aug 2018 Spotify Takes Down Alex Jones Podcasts Citing 'Hate Content' [AP]
HIGH 31 Jul 2018 Twitter Suspends Senate Candidate for Defending Himself against ‘Russian Agent’ Claims [Infowars]
HIGH 30 Jul 2018 Twitter Hires Academics to Combat 'Hate Speech' [UK Telegraph]
HIGH 29 Jul 2018 What Is Twitter's QFD Shadowban? [YouTube]
HIGH 29 Jul 2018 Alex Griswold: Twitter's Statement about How They Don't Shadow Ban Kinda Sounds like They Shadow Ban [Washington Free Beacon]
HIGH 26 Jul 2018 Wikipedia Lists Ron Paul on ‘White Supremacists’ List for Three Weeks before Removing Him [Daily Caller]
HIGH 25 Jul 2018 Twitter Shadow Banning Prominent Republicans [Vice]
HIGH 25 Jul 2018 Youtube Censors Infowars [The Verge]
MOD 24 Jul 2018 Network Coverage of Federal Immigration Enforcement Agenda found 92% negative [NewsBusters]
MOD 22 Jul 2018 Snopes throws 'false' flag at Daily Wire for True Story on Registering Illegal Aliens to Vote [NewsBusters]
MOD 17 Jul 2018 Congressman pressures Facebook to ban Infowars during Live Hearing [Infowars]
MOD 12 Jul 2018 CNN lobbies Facebook to shut down Infowars [Infowars]
SEVERE 09 Jul 2018 Lowest ever Hispanic Unemployment ignored by Univision, Telemundo [NewsBusters]
LOW 06 Jul 2018 Twitter suspended 70 million accounts in in the past two months [The Verge]
LOW 06 Jul 2018 Twitter suspended 70 million accounts in in the past two months [The Verge]
HIGH 04 Jul 2018 Facebook Algorithm flags the Declaration of Independence as 'Hate Speech' [SHTFplan]
HIGH 04 Jul 2018 Facebook censors Country Group's Patriotic Song [Fox News]
SEVERE 04 Jul 2018 NJ begins funding local media with 'Civic Info Bill' [Daily Caller]
HIGH 23 Jun 2018 Time Magazine propagandizes America with illegal alien toddler photo [Yahoo]
SEVERE 20 Jun 2018 ABC publishes graphic declaring President's former campaign chair guilty of manslaughter [Mediaite]
HIGH 20 Jun 2018 Local TV weathercasters now preaching harmful anthropogenic climate change [NBC]
SEVERE 19 Jun 2018 Here are horrifying photos of the previous President's illegal alien facilities the media refuses to show you [Daily Caller]
SEVERE 19 Jun 2018 Media compare separation of illegal alien families to World War II-era war crimes [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 18 Jun 2018 50 media 'mistakes' in the Trump era [Sharyl Attilkisson]
SEVERE 07 Jun 2018 Facebook, Amazon, Google and Twitter partner with Southern Poverty Law Center to define 'hate groups' [Daily Caller]
SEVERE 04 Jun 2018 Apple announces news censorship [NTK Network]
SEVERE 28 May 2018 Media blames POTUS 45 for POTUS 44's migrant detention centers [Breitbart]
SEVERE 28 May 2018 Media doubles down after NYT gets busted peddling fake news [The Federalist]
HIGH 28 May 2018 Media ignores Congress passing POTUS campaign promises [Washington Times]
SEVERE 18 May 2018 POTUS calls violent gang MS-13 'animals', media lies and claims he was referring to all immigrants [Daily Sheeple]
SEVERE 17 May 2018 Google’s selfish ledger is an unsettling vision of Silicon Valley social engineering [The Verge]
HIGH 15 May 2018 Twitter to hide more 'bad tweets' [The Verge]
HIGH 15 May 2018 Facebook reveals it removed 2.5 million pieces of 'hate speech' [ZeroHedge]
LOW 12 May 2018 Twitter ramps up censorship of 'hate facts' [SHTFplan]
SEVERE 01 May 2018 Facebook has begun to rank news organizations by 'trust' [Buzzfeed]
HIGH 25 Apr 2018 Research shows Google's search manipulations tried to rig election for Clinton [SHTFplan]
HIGH 14 Apr 2018 Conservative street artist banned from Twitter [Breitbart]
HIGH 10 Apr 2018 Nets ignore Senators pressing Facebook CEO on censorship of conservatives [NewsBusters]
HIGH 10 Apr 2018 Facebook CEO: 'Optimistic' AI pre-pub censor tools as soon as 5 years [Washington Examiner]
HIGH 09 Apr 2018 Facebook bans Diamond and Silk [American Mirror]
MOD 08 Apr 2018 Monica Showalter: Twitter CEO endorses leftist blueprint to drive conservatives from public life [American Thinker]
MOD 08 Apr 2018 Did Twitter shadow ban Texas Senator? [PJ Media]
LOW 07 Apr 2018 Stunning video reveals local news TV journalists reading propaganda scripts [News Target]
HIGH 29 Mar 2018 Nets cover UFOs and ‘Roseanne’ instead of jump in GDP [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 27 Mar 2018 YouTube puts warning on satirical video about Florida anti-2A student [Liberty Headlines]
SEVERE 27 Mar 2018 NBC falsely reports absurd number of anti-2A protesters [IJR]
SEVERE 25 Mar 2018 Media censors pro-Second Amendment teen [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 21 Mar 2018 YouTube bans firearms demo videos [Bloomberg]
SEVERE 20 Mar 2018 POTUS 44's former campaign director makes bombshell claim: Facebook was 'on our side' [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 15 Mar 2018 Facebook 'hid webpages' and bragged about ability to influence elections [SHTFplan]
HIGH 13 Mar 2018 Nets give less than a minute to House committee’s ‘no collusion’ findings [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 12 Mar 2018 House Intelligence Chairman: Drudge Report 'being censored by Twitter' [American Mirror]
HIGH 11 Mar 2018 CNN stops updating its 'Trump jobs tracker' [Daily Caller]
HIGH 10 Mar 2018 Michael Snyder: Worst Purge of Conservative Voices in the History of the Internet [Freedom Outpost]
HIGH 07 Mar 2018 Media claims correcting gun control activists is 'bullying' [Daily Sheeple]
HIGH 07 Mar 2018 Twitter keeps censoring pro-life tweets [Daily Caller]
SEVERE 04 Mar 2018 YouTube deletes Natural News channel [Gateway Pundit]
SEVERE 04 Mar 2018 Alex Jones says YouTube will delete Infowars channel [Google]
SEVERE 02 Mar 2018 YouTube deletes Infowars White House reporter's account [Newsweek]
HIGH 28 Feb 2018 YouTube's new moderators 'mistakenly' pull right-wing channels [Bloomberg]
HIGH 27 Feb 2018 Infowars one strike away from YouTube ban [The Hill]
SEVERE 27 Feb 2018 CNN approval rating for POTUS 15% lower than Rasmussen [Daily Caller]
SEVERE 23 Feb 2018 Claim: CNN lobbying YouTube to shut down Infowars [Infowars]
SEVERE 22 Feb 2018 CNN plants scripted questions at Gun Town Hall [Daily Caller]
SEVERE 22 Feb 2018 CNN moderator sits back as student equates Florida Senator to school shooter [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 21 Feb 2018 Facebook, YouTube removing any and all posts about witness David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez [Red Elephants]
SEVERE 21 Feb 2018 Twitter purges thousands of conservative accounts [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 21 Feb 2018 Publishing platform Medium suspends figures on right [The Hill]
HIGH 20 Feb 2018 CBS tries to say it’s easier to buy an ‘assault rifle’ in Florida than cold medicine [The Blaze]
HIGH 17 Feb 2018 Media parrots myths about gun control [Daily Signal]
HIGH 17 Feb 2018 Five major revelations the Mainstream Media is ignoring about the Florida shooting [Activist Post]
HIGH 16 Feb 2018 AP admits it got duped by white nationalist claiming connection to Florida school shooter [Daily Caller]
SHTF 15 Feb 2018 CIA argues public can’t see classified info it has already given to favored reporters [Daily Caller]
SHTF 15 Feb 2018 Salon brazenly lies about POTUS blaming Florida victims for school shooting [Infowars]
SHTF 15 Feb 2018 Lee Smith: Media Stopped Reporting Russia Collusion Story Because They Helped Create It [The Federalist]
SHTF 15 Feb 2018 CAI claims it can disclose classified info select journalists and withhold from others [FAS]
HIGH 15 Feb 2018 Sharyl Attkisson explains origins of 'Fake News' – Google Boss [PJ Media]
HIGH 14 Feb 2018 Google extends war on Infowars by demonetizing QAnon videos [Infowars]
HIGH 13 Feb 2018 DHS debunks NBC fake news claiming Russia manipulated votes in 2016 elections [Infowars]
HIGH 10 Feb 2018 Mollie Hemingway: How the Media Buried Two Huge FBI Stories Yesterday [The Federalist]
LOW 09 Feb 2018 How local news is using investigative reports to market 'ghost gun' fear [Daily Sheeple]
MOD 09 Feb 2018 News Corp CEO admits internet censorship would make him more money [Infowars]
HIGH 04 Feb 2018 YouTube announces plan to combat 'propaganda' [The Hill]
HIGH 02 Feb 2018 'Shut it down': CNN cuts live feed during President's speech [Infowars]
HIGH 31 Jan 2018 State of the Union mind meld: CNN, MSNBC push Trump as Nixon in ‘74 talking point [NewsBusters]
HIGH 30 Jan 2018 CBS46 in Atlanta suspends anchor Ben Swann after he announces return of 'Reality Check' [Daily Sheeple]
HIGH 27 Jan 2018 Sean Hannity's twitter account is deactivated [UK Daily Mail]
HIGH 23 Jan 2018 Dems demand Twitter, Facebook crackdown on #ReleaseTheMemo 'Russian Bots' [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 23 Jan 2018 Social media giant set to roll out new system that will bury more news content [Infowars]
HIGH 19 Jan 2018 Facebook to rank news sources by 'quality' [WSJ]
HIGH 19 Jan 2018 Facebook, Twitter and YouTube ramp up 'hate speech' crackdown [Yahoo]
SEVERE 17 Jan 2018 POTUS announces 2017 Fake News Awards Winners [Infowars]
MOD 16 Jan 2018 FaceBook sides with pro-homosexual group that wants to 'burn alive' conservative blogger [Daily Sheeple]
MOD 16 Jan 2018 Google search refers to Republican Senator as 'lying, unscrupulous politician' [Washington Examiner]
SEVERE 12 Jan 2018 O’Keefe confirms Twitter ‘shadow ban’ on conservatives [WND]
HIGH 10 Jan 2018 Google using hyper-partisan 'fact checking' orgs to repudiate conservative sites [ZeroHedge]
LOW 06 Jan 2018 ESPN pushes Russian collusion story in attack on World Series Champs for accepting White House invite [SHTFplan]
HIGH 28 Dec 2017 Facebook is censoring people the US Government sanctions [Quartz]
HIGH 23 Dec 2017 A deafening media silence on the Obama-Hezbollah scandal [NY Post]
HIGH 15 Dec 2017 Google and YouTube exercise political censorship on the Daily Caller [Daily Caller]
HIGH 09 Dec 2017 List: CNN's fake news stories in 2017 [Daily Caller]
HIGH 06 Dec 2017 Bloomberg corrects false POTUS bank records story [Daily Caller]
HIGH 04 Dec 2017 10,000 Google staff set to police YouTube content [Yahoo]
HIGH 03 Dec 2017 Mark J. Fitzgibbons: Charlottesville Antifa Whitewash Continues [American Thinker]
SEVERE 01 Dec 2017 ABC retracts false Flynn story after causing chaos in financial markets  [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 28 Nov 2017 NPR Reporter: Press corps covered up Congressional sexual misconduct 'for years' [Breitbart]
HIGH 25 Nov 2017 Fusion GPS, the Russian dossier firm, paid journalists for work [Washington Times]
MOD 16 Nov 2017 10 compelling reasons why Vegas shooting has disappeared from headlines [Daily Sheeple]
MOD 16 Nov 2017 Journalist banned from Facebook for sharing an article about false flags [Medium]
MOD 14 Nov 2017 US Attorney allowed FBI criminal leaks to NYT and WSJ to publish 'fake news' cases, fished insider trading [Infowars]
SEVERE 07 Nov 2017 Media invents two fake POTUS scandals in first day of Asia trip [Grabien]
SEVERE 07 Nov 2017 House Intel Committee demands Fusion GPS bank records; suspects journalists paid to spread 'Russian collusion' claims [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 07 Nov 2017 Four viral claims spread by 'journalists' on Twitter in the last week alone that are false [The Intercept]
SHTF 03 Nov 2017 Mainstream newscasts entirely ignored Clinton-DNC rigging revelations [ZeroHedge]
SHTF 02 Nov 2017 POTUS cut off by Twitter [AP]
SHTF 01 Nov 2017 Twitter hid #DNCLeak, #PodestaEmails tweets in last two months of campaign [Daily Caller]
SEVERE 30 Oct 2017 ABC News changes headline about accused Hollywood pedophile after spinning his ‘emotional’ coming out [Mediaite]
SEVERE 28 Oct 2017 FBI informant in Uranium Scandal cleared to testify, nets refuse to report [Newsbusters]
SEVERE 28 Oct 2017 Long time POTUS advisor's twitter suspended for insulting CNN figures [The Wrap]
SEVERE 28 Oct 2017 James Bovard: Facebook censored me. Criticize your government, you might get blocked [USA Today]
SEVERE 28 Oct 2017 CNN's undisclosed ties to Fusion GPS [Daily Caller]
SEVERE 28 Oct 2017 Why won't Google comment on a lawsuit accusing YouTube of censoring conservatives? [Hollywood Reporter]
SEVERE 25 Oct 2017 Busted journos downplay Dirty Dossier revelations [Daily Caller]
LOW 25 Oct 2017 YouTube censors viral video criticizing woman who said white men are bigger threat than Islamic terrorists [Infowars]
HIGH 18 Oct 2017 Michael Snyder: 90% of what you watch on TV is controlled by just 6 giant corporations [TEC]
HIGH 12 Oct 2017 Twitter suspends account of sexual-assault accuser of Hollywood mogul, Democrat fundraiser [Hollywood Reporter]
HIGH 11 Oct 2017 NYT video editor caught bragging about slanting POTUS 45 coverage [Daily Sheeple]
HIGH 11 Oct 2017 Facebook removes meme critical of Che Guevara for 'hate speech' [DJT Twitter]
SEVERE 09 Oct 2017 Twitter shuts down pro-life campaign video [AP]
SEVERE 07 Oct 2017 Media give POTUS 45 most negative coverage in 25 years [Epoch Times]
SEVERE 05 Oct 2017 YouTube censors alternative accounts of Mandalay Massacre [WSJ]
HIGH 03 Oct 2017 YouTube demonetizing embarrassing clips of politicans [American Mirror]
MOD 02 Oct 2017 Former Puerto Rican AG cut off by CNN after accusing San Juan Mayor of being political hack [ZeroHedge]
MOD 28 Sep 2017 TV networks hiding angry, booing NFL fans [Sporting News]
HIGH 21 Sep 2017 Alternative social network Gab faces domain seizure [Daily Sheeple]
HIGH 19 Sep 2017 CNN forced to admit POTUS may have been right about being wiretapped [Infowars]
MOD 13 Sep 2017 Facebook to clamp down on who can cash in on ads, step up monitoring of 'hate speech' [Yahoo]
MOD 13 Sep 2017 New White House Comms Director 'suspended' from Twitter one day after appointment [ZeroHedge]
LOW 13 Sep 2017 Amazon deletes one-star reviews of Hillary Clinton's new book [Yahoo]
SEVERE 02 Sep 2017 Google-owned YouTube taking steps to cut audience for content deemed 'inappropriate or offensive', but not illegal [UK Sun]
SEVERE 31 Aug 2017 Google ultimatum to conservative website: Take down 'hateful' article or be demonetized [PJ Media]
LOW 28 Aug 2017 Journalist interrogated, fired for story linking CIA and Syria weapons flights [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 28 Aug 2017 Youtube 'economically censors' Ron Paul, labels videos 'not suitable' for all advertisers [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 23 Aug 2017 CNN 1984: Antifa seeks 'peace through violence' [Daily Caller]
SEVERE 23 Aug 2017 Southern Poverty Law Center advising Google on who to censor [Youtu]
HIGH 14 Aug 2017 Joe Joseph: Social Media Begins Purging Content Creators with Dissenting Views [YouTube]
HIGH 14 Aug 2017 Silicon Valley tightens its grip on free speech [Lifezette]
HIGH 12 Aug 2017 YouTube demonetizes Diamond & Silk [Gateway Pundit]
HIGH 10 Aug 2017 Ex-spies not buying the Russia story [Bloomberg]
HIGH 09 Aug 2017 NYT peddles 'leaked draft' anti-POTUS climate-change story – Govt doc on net since January [Washington Post]
HIGH 09 Aug 2017 NBC Anchorman: 'Our job is to scare people to death' over North Korea [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 03 Aug 2017 YouTube will censor non-rulebreaking content, manipulate search results, and work with ADL [Breitbart]
SEVERE 02 Aug 2017 One year after Orlando nightclub attack, local paper gaslights jihadists’ motive [PJ Media]
HIGH 29 Jul 2017 Twitter bans Christian book as hate speech [Daily Caller]
HIGH 28 Jul 2017 NASA confirms falling sea levels for two years amidst media blackout [SHTFplan]
SEVERE 25 Jul 2017 Media blackout: FBI seized smashed hard drives from ex-DNC Chair [Daily Sheeple]
LOW 22 Jul 2017 Verizon admits to throttling videos on Youtube [YouTube]
LOW 22 Jul 2017 Open border shysters brag about getting her banned... [Daily Caller]
LOW 22 Jul 2017 Crowdfunding site Patreon bans alternative journo, claims she'll get people killed [Daily Caller]
LOW 22 Jul 2017 JD Heyes: Facebook to label vaccine stories “fake” if they don’t promote CDC’s vaccine propaganda [News Target]
SEVERE 17 Jul 2017 CNN caught faking news again: Now it's the UAE, not Russia, who 'hacked' Qatar [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 16 Jul 2017 Youtube censors video showing US airdropping weapons into ISIS’ hands [DC Clothesline]
MOD 10 Jul 2017 Google and Facebook’s duopolistic dominance of online advertising... [WSJ]
LOW 09 Jul 2017 MSNBC 'forged NSA document' segment exposed as hoax [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 04 Jul 2017 NYT still stands by collusion story after CNN embarrassment [Lifezette]
SEVERE 01 Jul 2017 AP invents imaginary meeting between EPA Administrator and Dow Chemical CEO [Breitbart]
HIGH 01 Jul 2017 CNN airs fake National Enquirer cover [Page Six]
HIGH 01 Jul 2017 NYT retracts claim that '17 intelligence agencies' verified Russian dnc email hack [Daily Sheeple]
MOD 30 Jun 2017 Twitter looking to let users flag 'fake news' [Washington Post]
MOD 29 Jun 2017 Fake News, Fake Followers: CNN [Breitbart]
MOD 27 Jun 2017 Senate Minority Leader publicly stated POTUS was under investigation ... knowing full well it was untrue [Legalinsurrection]
MOD 27 Jun 2017 How the media misinformed the public on guns [Dallas News]
HIGH 27 Jun 2017 Veritas: CNN Exec caught on tape admitting RussiaTrump is fake news [Veritaslive]
HIGH 24 Jun 2017 CNN deletes 'fake news' story about Russian investment ties to POTUS [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 21 Jun 2017 MSNBC host spreads false claim about Georgia special election [Daily Caller]
HIGH 21 Jun 2017 Why was a Wall Street Journal chief foreign affairs correspondent involved with an arms dealer? [Daily Beast]
HIGH 21 Jun 2017 Zero Hedge: Democrats, stop with the poll's getting embarrassing [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 18 Jun 2017 NYT downplays House Majority Whip's shooter’s motive, emphasizes ‘anti-Muslim’ Portland stabber [The Blaze]
SEVERE 16 Jun 2017 MSNBC prematurely cuts from House Whip health update [Daily Caller]
SEVERE 16 Jun 2017 Connecticut NBC station won't Kelly-Jones interview [The Wrap]
SEVERE 16 Jun 2017 DoJ warns not to trust stories based on 'anonymous sources' [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 14 Jun 2017 Rolling Stone settles pays $1.65 million for fake rape story [NBC]
SEVERE 14 Jun 2017 Justin Caruso: 5 fake stories CNN pushed [Daily Caller]
SEVERE 14 Jun 2017 Emails expose how Saudi Arabia and UAE work American media to push for war [Alternet]
SEVERE 13 Jun 2017 CNN cuts feed after Senator objects to Clinton Foundation Atty joining 'independent' counsel [Breitbart]
SEVERE 12 Jun 2017 WashPO: Is media coverage of Trump too negative? You’re asking the wrong question [Washington Post]
SEVERE 11 Jun 2017 More footage of CNN fake protestors after London Bridge [YouTube]
SEVERE 09 Jun 2017 NBC reporter accuses Sessions instead of Lynch, deletes tweet instead of correcting it [Daily Sheeple]
SEVERE 08 Jun 2017 Fired FBI Boss debunks NYT Trump Russia report [CNSNews]
SEVERE 08 Jun 2017 CNN issues correction after Fired FBI Boss statement contradicts reporting [The Hill]
SEVERE 07 Jun 2017 Looks like CNN's anonymous sources got this one wrong [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 05 Jun 2017 James Freeman: Press corps could care less about Obama surveillance [WSJ]
SEVERE 05 Jun 2017 CNN reporter caught setting up fake Muslim protest [UK Daily Mail]
SEVERE 03 Jun 2017 Amid London Bridge terror, MSNBC Anchor suggests police may be ‘overreacting’ [Mediaite]
SEVERE 02 Jun 2017 Washington Post based POTUS son-in-law story on a letter and they have no idea who wrote it [NY Post]
HIGH 31 May 2017 'Conspiracy theories' about Russia are ok on Twitter, but not Seth Rch analysis [News Target]
HIGH 31 May 2017 CBS falsely calls unratified Paris climate agreement a 'treaty' five times [NewsBusters]
HIGH 31 May 2017 ABC, CBS ignore House subpoenas to Obama officials [NewsBusters]
MOD 31 May 2017 What is the Washington Post hiding about its Jared Kusher story? [Daily Caller]
MOD 31 May 2017 Media ignores Venezuela's spiraling, socialist nightmare [Lifezette]
MOD 24 May 2017 Brandon Smith: Trump Collapse Scapegoat Narrative Has Now Been Launched [Personalliberty]
MOD 24 May 2017 POTUS & the Pope: Here's how fake news is born... [DJT Twitter]
MOD 23 May 2017 CNN terror analyst: Manchester massacre maybe 'right-wing,' 'false flag' plot [Breitbart]
MOD 22 May 2017 Federal Judge rules against Buzzfeed in libel lawsuit over anti-POTUS dossier [Washington Times]
MOD 21 May 2017 Google bias: Search results for Roger Ailes speak volumes... [Heatst]
MOD 20 May 2017 Harvard study reveals huge extent of anti-POTUS media bias [Heatst]
MOD 20 May 2017 Brain functioning of journalists studied, results predictable [Business Insider]
MOD 20 May 2017 Facebook censors posts alleging corruption by the PM of Malta [UK Guardian]
MOD 17 May 2017 Flashback: Previous administration accused of repeatedly leaking Israeli military secrets [Breitbart]
MOD 17 May 2017 Lawyers 'perplexed' media ignoring DNC class-action suit [Lifezette]
MOD 17 May 2017 News media blackout over Seth Rich revelations [WND]
MOD 16 May 2017 Why isn't the media covering the FBI's raid of a GOP fundraising firm? [Pastemagazine]
MOD 16 May 2017 Guests remind NBC, CNN: Last POTUS gave classified intel to Russia [NewsBusters]
MOD 13 May 2017 Washington Post bizarrely claims partisan tilt 'mostly unheard of in broadcast tv' [NewsBusters]
MOD 12 May 2017 Facebook shutting down ex-Muslim groups [Heatst]
MOD 10 May 2017 Biggest piece of CNN Syrian War propaganda yet? [YouTube]
MOD 08 May 2017 Facebook deletes tens of thousands of 'fake news' accounts in Britain ahead of election [Hosted]
MOD 06 May 2017 CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC ban POTUS 100 Days ad [Washington Examiner]
MOD 04 May 2017 Dis-gendered: Netflix abolishes chromosomes segment from old Bill Nye video [Redstate]
MOD 03 May 2017 US Govt-backed news service suspends journos for reporting Chinese businessman's graft accusations [Reuters]
MOD 03 May 2017 ABC, CBS: ‘Mostly peaceful’ May Day protests ‘marred’ by ‘small pockets of violence’ [NewsBusters]
LOW 03 May 2017 Robert Parry: NYT cheers the rise of censorship algorithms [Consortiumnews]
MOD 27 Apr 2017 Facebook to fight info ops with intel agency tactics [Reuters]
MOD 25 Apr 2017 Senate news cartel boxes out Breitbart [IJR]
MOD 25 Apr 2017 Google overhauls search algo suppress 'fake news' [UK Telegraph]
MOD 22 Apr 2017 Mike Adams: How Google steals content, crushes small publishers... [The Common Sense Show]
MOD 22 Apr 2017 CBS blacks out GM factory being seized by Socialist Venezuela [NewsBusters]
HIGH 18 Apr 2017 USA Today instantly loses nearly 5 million likes after Facebook shuts down massive network of fake users [News Target]
HIGH 18 Apr 2017 Russia-gate was all the rage across US media – where did it go and why? [21st Century Wire]
HIGH 18 Apr 2017 Google, Facebook algorithms a whole new kind of 'Orwellian censorship,' warns News Corp CEO [Natural News]
HIGH 18 Apr 2017 Robert Parry: Evidence pointing to Al-Qaeda involvement in Syrian gas incident ignored [Thenewsdoctors]
HIGH 18 Apr 2017 CNN refuses to show race of Cleveland Facebook Killer [YouTube]
HIGH 17 Apr 2017 NYT: YouTube’s shifting algorithms hurt Independent Media [NYT]
HIGH 17 Apr 2017 Report: Google takes out major contract to de-list Infowars from its search index [Infowars]
MOD 13 Apr 2017 Claim: Breitbart Staff reportedly told to stop writing negative stories about POTUS' son-in-law [IJR]
SEVERE 10 Apr 2017 NBC cites fake holocaust outfit to smear POTUS foreign policy adviser [Breitbart]
SEVERE 08 Apr 2017 Claim: CNN has Syrian child read off teleprompter [Infowars]
SHTF 07 Apr 2017 Google now labeling news as 'true' or 'false' [UK Guardian]
HIGH 05 Apr 2017 ESPN replaces black host for incorrect politics... [Fox News]
HIGH 05 Apr 2017 YouTube demonetizing SGTreport [YouTube]
SHTF 04 Apr 2017 Ex-Obama appointee at CNN 'ho-hums' Rice Scandal [Redstate]
SHTF 04 Apr 2017 ABC, NBC cover-up revelation Susan Rice ordered Trump aides unmasked, CBS defends [NewsBusters]
SHTF 03 Apr 2017 Bloomberg and NYT were sitting on Susan Rice story to protect POTUS 44 [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 02 Apr 2017 NBC skips own poll showing majority oppose minority party blocking SCOTUS nominee [NewsBusters]
HIGH 02 Apr 2017 Apple censors US drone strike-tracking app [Activist Post]
SEVERE 02 Apr 2017 How POTUS 44 weaponized media against POTUS 45 [The Hill]
SEVERE 30 Mar 2017 90+ political scientists sign letter urging censorship of alien voting research [Washington Times]
SEVERE 30 Mar 2017 DARK AGE: Expert claims >1% of published papers follow Scientific Method [Breitbart]
SEVERE 28 Mar 2017 Twitter secretly censoring search terms [Heatst]
SEVERE 27 Mar 2017 Seth Frantzman: How & Why We Were Duped by Antisemitism Hysteria in America [Jerusalem Post]
SEVERE 27 Mar 2017 Twitter censors Drudge [Westmonster]
SEVERE 23 Mar 2017 Washington Post claims Congress making it easier for 'mentally incompetent' vets to carry guns [Breitbart]
SEVERE 23 Mar 2017 Google Boss: We don't censor, we just take content we don't like off the search page [Fox Business]
SEVERE 23 Mar 2017 CNN couldn't cut this guest off fast enough before he exposed how they control the narrative [Daily Sheeple]
SEVERE 23 Mar 2017 How the media treated those Jewish community center bomb threats [Hotair]
MOD 21 Mar 2017 Duane Norman: MSM using 'trolling' as an excuse to censor political opponents [Fmshooter]
MOD 21 Mar 2017 Facebook censors changes to headlines it does not like [Hosted]
MOD 21 Mar 2017 Fox News silences Napolitano over UK spy claims [LA Times]
HIGH 17 Mar 2017 Washington Post censors illegal alien headline after revealing food stamp use [SHTFplan]
HIGH 17 Mar 2017 Google adds tool to flag search results Google does not like [WNYW]
HIGH 15 Mar 2017 NYT falsely speculated during campaign that POTUS paid no taxes for two decades [Washington Free Beacon]
LOW 14 Mar 2017 Duopoly watch: Google and Facebook gobble up even more ad dollars [Axios]
LOW 14 Mar 2017 ABC News to face jury over ‘pink slime’ defamation [WSJ]
MOD 10 Mar 2017 Twitter censoring profile images, forcing 'agreed to continue' click to view 'sensitive' accounts [Mashable]
SEVERE 09 Mar 2017 AP whitewashes life of lawyer who advanced terror by exploiting Right to Counsel [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 08 Mar 2017 NYT explains why there is so much 'confusion' about its "Trump wiretapping" story [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 07 Mar 2017 'No evidence' mantra comes back to bite Bloomberg [Breitbart]
SEVERE 07 Mar 2017 Press ignores former AG's call for 'ordinary people' to march, bleed and die [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 06 Mar 2017 Germany's gold remains a mystery as mainstream media cheer leads [Goldseek]
SEVERE 06 Mar 2017 Reporters weirdly silent on House minority leader's attack on the press [Washington Examiner]
SEVERE 06 Mar 2017 CNN misleads on illegal immigrant crime rate [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 04 Mar 2017 WaPo now ready to speak truth to power [NewsBusters]
HIGH 03 Mar 2017 7x more coverage for current AG's debacle than previous AG's contempt [NewsBusters]
HIGH 03 Mar 2017 CNN boss caught feeding POTUS attacks directly into anchors' ears [Daily Caller]
HIGH 03 Mar 2017 Anti-POTUS Communist arrested for Jewish Community Center Bomb Threats [Daily Caller]
HIGH 02 Mar 2017 Fake news: NBC claims POTUS revokes gun background checks for mentally ill [Breitbart]
HIGH 02 Mar 2017 AP 'fact check' fail: POTUS claim on terrorism and immigration correlates with DOJ data [PJ Media]
HIGH 01 Mar 2017 Twitter algorithms clamp down on content Twitter doesn't like [Yahoo]
HIGH 28 Feb 2017 NYT rediscovers aggressive fact-checking... [NewsBusters]
HIGH 26 Feb 2017 Media falsely report POTUS at DC hotel during Kuwaiti party [Daily Caller]
SEVERE 24 Feb 2017 Media silent as 4 top Russian diplomats die mysteriously in last 60 days [Mintpressnews]
SEVERE 24 Feb 2017 MSM touts new poll showing 'record' Obamacare support; ignores 14-point Dem 'oversample' [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 23 Feb 2017 White House reporter defends making baseless claim about POTUS; calls critics racists [NewsBusters]
SEVERE 23 Feb 2017 WaPo adds ‘clarification’ noting that ex-CIA columnist is Clinton donor [Washington Free Beacon]
SEVERE 23 Feb 2017 Google launches robo-tool to flag speech it does not like [Financial Times]
SEVERE 23 Feb 2017 CNN Leaks: Audio shows clear intent to deceive... [WND]
HIGH 22 Feb 2017 Nets ignore violent immigrant riot in Sweden after mocking POTUS [NewsBusters]
HIGH 22 Feb 2017 Facebook suspends Christian homeschool mom's account over posts citing bible on homosexuality [Christianpost]
HIGH 22 Feb 2017 MTV 'news reporter' admits joining anti-POTUS protests [American Mirror]
HIGH 22 Feb 2017 Oroville Dam workers fired for posting photos of water gushing from spillway [Sacramento Bee]
HIGH 22 Feb 2017 Video: MSNBC Host says media's job is to control 'exactly what people think' [YouTube]
HIGH 21 Feb 2017 Misleading NYT tweet hides increase in rapes in Sweden in 2016 [Twitchy]
HIGH 21 Feb 2017 Major ad agency suspends Infowars [Infowars]
HIGH 20 Feb 2017 Reddit censors pro-POTUS content in new crackdown [Infowars]
HIGH 20 Feb 2017 NBC host unable to recall POTUS 44 hot mic promise to give Russian President 'flexibility' after 2012 election [Mediaite]
HIGH 20 Feb 2017 Twitter is now 'ghost' deleting tweets which offend Twitter [Heatst]
HIGH 20 Feb 2017 9 fakest fake-news checkers [WND]
HIGH 18 Feb 2017 Univision badly regurgitates gun-control talking points [NewsBusters]
HIGH 17 Feb 2017 The Washington Post actually takes Russian Govt money (unlike the websites it helped slander) [Libertyblitzkrieg]
HIGH 17 Feb 2017 Book publishers hiring political correctness censors [Chicago Tribune]
HIGH 17 Feb 2017 Immigration and Customs Enforcement refutes raid reports as fake news [Washington Examiner]
HIGH 17 Feb 2017 WaPo's owner doing huge business with CIA while paper keeps readers in the dark [Alternet]
HIGH 17 Feb 2017 Media blackout as illness plagues LA neighborhood year after gas leak [Theantimedia]
HIGH 15 Feb 2017 Twitter launches new tool to punish speech it does not like [Heatst]
HIGH 15 Feb 2017 NBC News invents a bunch of falsehoods about 'ghost guns', ATF corrects [Washington Free Beacon]
HIGH 15 Feb 2017 Networks ignore giant health insurer announcement to pull out of Obamacare [NewsBusters]
HIGH 11 Feb 2017 CNN resurrects ‘fake news’ dossier without proving Russian dirt on POTUS [Daily Caller]
LOW 11 Feb 2017 Apple Boss: Fake news killing people's minds, necessitates State and Corporate crackdown [UK Telegraph]
HIGH 08 Feb 2017 Networks ignore NOAA whistleblower’s claims against ‘pausebuster’ study [NewsBusters]
HIGH 08 Feb 2017 CNN Town Hall ‘audience member’ caught on tape with emailed question [Daily Sheeple]
HIGH 08 Feb 2017 16 fake news stories reporters have run since election [The Federalist]
HIGH 07 Feb 2017 Twitter now censoring 'abusive' and 'low-quality' tweets [Hosted]
HIGH 06 Feb 2017 Two minutes of mainstream media backtracking... [Washington Free Beacon]
HIGH 03 Feb 2017 CNN guest claims Berkeley rioters were 'right-wingers' [Infowars]
HIGH 02 Feb 2017 Reddit bans three alt-right forums as users blast 'leftist intolerance' [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 02 Feb 2017 CNN ties Milo to white nationalists despite explicit rejection of racism [Breitbart]
HIGH 31 Jan 2017 Twitter says its developing new tools for online censorship [Daily Caller]
HIGH 29 Jan 2017 Media claim of 'Trump' hate crime against Muslim airline employee unravels [Breitbart]
HIGH 28 Jan 2017 POTUS 'gag order' on Fed scientists same memo issued by previous Admin in 2009 [Daily Caller]
HIGH 28 Jan 2017 Youtube disables Milo livestream hours before immigration speech [Breitbart]
HIGH 28 Jan 2017 Twitter bans prominent user after he questions European official on Islam [Infowars]
HIGH 28 Jan 2017 'Fake news', GDP edition [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 26 Jan 2017 Media Matters secretly working with Facebook to fight 'fake news' [Washington Free Beacon]
HIGH 25 Jan 2017 Networks cover pro-abortion march 129x more than pro-life march [NewsBusters]
HIGH 25 Jan 2017 Google bans ads of hundreds of 'fake news' publishers [Recode]
HIGH 24 Jan 2017 Researchers 'surprised' to find hundreds of thousands of Twitter bots used to trend topics [BBC]
HIGH 24 Jan 2017 CBS offers slippery correction after branding Milo a 'white nationalist' [Breitbart]
LOW 24 Jan 2017 NBC affiliate's reporter tweets fictitious ‘White House statement,' doesn’t apologize [NewsBusters]
HIGH 23 Jan 2017 Florida paper blames ‘Alaska gun culture’ for jihadi massacre at Ft. Lauderdale airport [Conservativereview]
HIGH 21 Jan 2017 What really happened with the 'missing' gay and climate White House webpages [Daily Caller]
SEVERE 21 Jan 2017 Evidence State Dept censored video of it admitting lies about Iran nuke deal obtained [Aclj]
MOD 21 Jan 2017 Facebook bans Russia’s state-funded, west-facing media network [Heatst]
SEVERE 19 Jan 2017 Google caught wrongly tagging news stories as 'opinion' [Daily Caller]
HIGH 19 Jan 2017 CNN Help Wanted Ad: Angry reporter needed to cover wave of 'fake news' [The Hill]
HIGH 19 Jan 2017 CNN's billionaire Dem interview omits any mention of his anti-PEOTUS ad funding [Washington Free Beacon]
HIGH 18 Jan 2017 New ABC / WaPo poll uses 'oversamples' to goal seek strong Obama approval rating [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 17 Jan 2017 Mainsteam media caught rigging PEOTUS favorabilty polls [ZeroHedge]