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The FutureDanger Indicator System contains nearly 500 predefined conditions or possible events. As our team fulfills it mission, check back soon for a thorough description of this one.
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Indicator Historical Trend
Grade Date Headline Source
MOD 20 Oct 2023 Hospital Network Tells Parents They'll No Longer Be Able to View, Manage Children's Prescriptions [Infowars]
HIGH 25 Sep 2023 High School Clinic Sends 17-Year-Old Home with Secret Bag of Zoloft, then Child Protective Services after Father for Complaining [The Maine Wire]
MOD 08 Feb 2023 Maryland Considering Bill That Would Allow the Vaccination of Children without Parental Consent [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 17 Nov 2021 Connecticut Parents Say Kindergarteners Forced to Read Book Promoting Transgenderism [The Blaze]
LOW 09 Nov 2021 Vermont Govt to Give Children Condoms in Middle Schools [MSN]
HIGH 30 Oct 2021 Wisconsin School District no longer asking for parental consent if their child changes gender pronouns or name in the classroom [Western Journalism]
HIGH 30 Oct 2021 Family Suing after Son Is Vaccinated at School without Their Consent [Free Thought Project]
SEVERE 28 Aug 2021 Chicago Judge Strips Mother of Parental Rights for Being Unvaccinated [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 27 Jul 2021 Minnesota Fourth-Graders Told to Keep Survey with Questions about Sexuality a Secret from Parents [New American]
MOD 22 Dec 2020 Cops Threaten to Arrest Mom Who Wouldn't Show ID When She Picks Her Kids up from School [Reason]
LOW 17 Aug 2020 Massachusetts Teachers Are Calling the Cops on Parents Whose Kids Skip Their Zoom Classes [Reason]
MOD 12 Jun 2020 Colorado Bill to Require 'Re-Education' Classes for Parents Who Refuse Coronavirus Vaccine [LifeNews]
LOW 05 Dec 2019 Oregon Seized Kids from Low-IQ Parents [Laredo Morning Times]
MOD 26 Sep 2019 Illinois abducting babies after classifying parental refusal of vitamin K shot as neglect [Chicago Tribune]
LOW 26 Aug 2019 County Give Minor Son Sex Change without Mother's Consent [LifeSiteNews]
LOW 19 Jul 2019 Parents Told They Could Lose Kids Over Unpaid School Lunches [U.S. News & World Report]
LOW 14 May 2019 S.D. Wells: Cruel Medical Stunt by Big Pharma Could Shorten Life for Tampa 3-Year-Old Being Forced at Gunpoint to undergo 3 Years of Chemotherapy [Natural News]
LOW 14 May 2019 NY abducts Newborn after Mother tests positive for Opiates — from Poppy Seed Bagel [The Blaze]
LOW 06 May 2019 Florid Medical Police abduct Three-Year-Old from Parents for Refusing Chemo [Natural News]
MOD 28 Mar 2019 Mom Ignores Doctor When Her Sick 2-Year-Old Starts Feeling Better, Child Services Sends SWAT Team [Reason]
SEVERE 26 Jan 2019 Parents denied access to their Children's Medical Records by Law [KCCI]
HIGH 17 Dec 2018 How Schools Weaponize Child Protection Services against Parents [Foundation for Economic Education]
LOW 10 May 2018 One family’s two year nightmare of having their child taken by the State [Sovereign Man]
HIGH 20 Feb 2018 Parents lose custody of child for refusing to support transgenderism [Daily Wire]
HIGH 24 Nov 2017 New Delaware rule would let students choose their gender without parents consent [CBN]
HIGH 18 Apr 2017 Study exposes how school-issued computers spy on American children without parental consent [Daily Sheeple]
SEVERE 05 Apr 2017 Mother shocked after daughter comes home from school with birth control implant in her arm [Daily Sheeple]