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With speech, assembly is the most widely and commonly exercised natural right. Assembly rights are independent of other First Amendment rights. They include the right to assemble in a constitutional convention and change the structure of Government, as established in Article V of the Constitution, as well as the freedom to assemble nonviolently in public places to voice dissent. At the most fundamental level, it includes public gatherings that take place in every American city and town, every day.
Our ancestors employed the right of assembly as an instrument against British tyranny. Yet today, our Government is increasingly attempting to impose “free speech zones.” These often include fenced enclosures or “alternative venues”. The obvious purpose is to isolate speakers according to the content of their message.
To succeed, movements demand free assembly. The natural right to assemble creates one “free speech zone” – every square inch of this country. Oppressive measures, designed to conceal the existence of opposing speech from the public, destroy this natural right. Beware of attempts to broaden the definition of speech that “incites imminent lawless action” and to control public dissent using “time, place, and manner” subterfuges. Keep an eye out for federal police raiding political meetings. Cellphones have been seized, computers have been exploited, and meeting participants have been fingerprinted.
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Grade Date Headline Source
MOD 15 Dec 2020 After 8 Months, Court Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Colorado Stay-at-Home, Pandemic Orders [Colorado Politics]
HIGH 07 Oct 2020 NYC Mayor threatens fines for mass gatherings and not social distancing [WNYW]
HIGH 17 Sep 2020 Nashville Mayor Hides Low COVID-19 Data [WZTV]
LOW 06 Aug 2020 LA Mayor Threatens to Shut off Power at Homes Throwing Parties [Deadline]
LOW 30 Jul 2020 Key West Couple Arrested for Violating Quarantine [Smoking Gun]
MOD 17 Jul 2020 Orange County Putting Together Coronavirus Strike Team to Randomly Inspect Businesses [WESH]
MOD 16 Jul 2020 NY Gov Announces New Restrictions on Bars and Restaurants [Reuters]
MOD 14 Jul 2020 Citizens of 22 States subject by NY to mandatory quarantine [WNBC]
HIGH 01 Jul 2020 40% of States Reverse or Place Reopenings on Hold [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 30 May 2020 Supreme Court turns aside church plea that California's coronavirus lockdown denies religious freedom [Politico]
SEVERE 24 May 2020 Pastor Rips up Cease-and-Desist Order, Vows to Defy Baltimore Coronavirus Shutdown [Baltimore Sun]
SEVERE 24 May 2020 Washington State Barber Continues to Stay Open after Cease and Desist Notice [KOMO]
SEVERE 24 May 2020 Connecticut Barbershop Owner Ordered to Close Shop after One Day [WJAR]
SEVERE 18 May 2020 Legal Challenges Hit State Coronavirus Quarantines [Politico]
SEVERE 15 May 2020 South Lake Tahoe Issues $1,000 Fines to Tourists and Short-Term Rental Owners [SFGate]
SEVERE 13 May 2020 WA Governor to Residents: Covid-Test-Deniers Will Not Be Allowed to Leave Home to Get Groceries [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 11 May 2020 Colorado Health Dept Shuts Down Restaurant That Opened Dining Room [CBS]
SEVERE 06 May 2020 Dallas Salon Owner Jailed for Reopening in Violation of Quarantine Order [Dallas News]
HIGH 02 May 2020 NYPD Chief Threatens Quarantine Enforcement [CBS]
HIGH 02 May 2020 Police Arrest and Cite Protesters at ‘Reopen Hawaii’ Rally [Honolulu Star Advertiser]
HIGH 24 Apr 2020 Police Break up 100-Person Amish Party for Violating Quarantine Order [Infowars]
HIGH 22 Apr 2020 California Highway Patrol bans protests at California Capitol [Sacramento Bee]
MOD 21 Apr 2020 Police in Idaho cited for yard sale in violation of quarantine order [Idaho Statesman]
HIGH 16 Apr 2020 Virginia Protesters Demand State Reopens [Daily Caller]
HIGH 16 Apr 2020 East Coast states extend shutdown of 'nonessential businesses' [CNBC]
HIGH 15 Apr 2020 Michigan Citizens Protest over Coronavirus Quarantine Order [NY Post]
HIGH 15 Apr 2020 DC Extends Quarantine Order [The Hill]
HIGH 14 Apr 2020 Coronavirus stay-at-home orders stir protests nationwide amid fears of economic collapse [Fox News]
HIGH 11 Apr 2020 Boston Suburb Sets up One-Way Sidewalks and Will Fine Those Who Walk in the Wrong Direction [UK Daily Mail]
HIGH 09 Apr 2020 States Use 'Purge Sirens, Fines and Arrests to Force People to Comply with Stay-at-Home Orders [Alt-Market]
HIGH 09 Apr 2020 States ban Big Box Stores from selling 'non-essentials' such as clothing and electronics [Business Insider]
HIGH 05 Apr 2020 Man Arrested in Ohio Gathering for Violating Stay at Home Order [KMPH]
HIGH 05 Apr 2020 Only 9 States Resisting Stay-at-Home Orders [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 28 Mar 2020 Honolulu Police Arrest 2, Cite 70 Cited for Violating Stay-at-Home Orders [Honolulu Star Advertiser]
HIGH 27 Mar 2020 New Jersey Man Summoned for Hosting Wedding at Own Home [CBS]
HIGH 26 Mar 2020 Chicago Mayor Threatens Arrests for Exercising in Parks [CBS]
HIGH 26 Mar 2020 Enforcing Social Distance [AP]
HIGH 24 Mar 2020 DC shuts down public economic activity [The Hill]
HIGH 23 Mar 2020 California Police Drones with Night-Vision Cameras Enforcing Coronavirus Lockdown [Washington Examiner]
HIGH 23 Mar 2020 Some police departments warn they will start enforcing rules against large gatherings [MSN]
HIGH 21 Mar 2020 Saturday: 86 Million Americans Now on Orders to Stay at Home [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 21 Mar 2020 Saturday: One Fifth of American Citizens Banned from Public Assembly [UK Sun]
HIGH 21 Mar 2020 POTUS Eyes Two Week Quarantine, Only Drug and Grocery Stores Open [Washington Examiner]
HIGH 20 Mar 2020 Quarantine and the Constitution [The Bulwark]
HIGH 19 Mar 2020 San Francisco two days into a lockdown [NBC]
HIGH 19 Mar 2020 Sacramento County Issues Order to Stay Inside [CBS]
HIGH 18 Mar 2020 Orange County Bans All Public and Private Gatherings, including Work, outside Single Household [CBS]
HIGH 16 Mar 2020 CDC Urges Halt to Gatherings of 50 or More [Washington Post]
HIGH 16 Mar 2020 NY, NJ, CT coordinate restrictions on restaurants, limit events to fewer than 50 people [CNBC]
HIGH 16 Mar 2020 California, Ohio, Illinois, Massachusetts and Washington close bars and restaurants [USA Today]
HIGH 12 Mar 2020 NY Gov bans gatherings of 500 or more [The Verge]
HIGH 12 Mar 2020 Oregon Gov bans Public Gatherings over 250 for a month [OPB]
HIGH 12 Mar 2020 NJ Gov orders statewide cancellation of gatherings over 250 [Mercury News]
HIGH 12 Mar 2020 California Governor Bans Public Gatherings over 250 [NY Post]
LOW 12 Mar 2020 Law Professor: You don't have a Right to Assemble against the backdrop of known public health risk [Sacramento Bee]
MOD 11 Aug 2019 City in California Denies Straight Pride Rally Permit [Washington Times]
MOD 30 May 2017 Portland Mayor calls for Fed Govt to pull permit for 'Trump Free Speech' rally [KATU]