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The FutureDanger Indicator System contains nearly 500 predefined conditions or possible events. As our team fulfills it mission, check back soon for a thorough description of this one.
Background on this indicator will be provided here in the near future.
News relevant to this indicator that emerges from open sources may lead to threatening conditions for the American Nation. The team at FutureDanger will provide a clear explanation of these risks as soon as possible.
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Full Indicator Record

Indicator Historical Trend
Grade Date Headline Source
SEVERE 24 Jul 2023 Tennessee Student Suspended for Memes Mocking Principal [NBC]
HIGH 09 Mar 2022 California officials raid preschool, interview 2-year-olds over mask policies [KTTV]
SEVERE 22 Feb 2022 Students Strip Searched for Vaping Devices in Wisconsin [Reason]
LOW 21 Dec 2021 DC School Makes 3rd-Graders Act out the Holocaust [National File]
SEVERE 12 Oct 2021 Massachusetts National Guard to Assist with Covid-19 Testing in Public Schools [Boston Globe]
HIGH 06 Mar 2021 California High School Suspends Baseball Players for Posing in Picture without Masks [Headline USA]
SEVERE 04 Dec 2020 Vermont Governor asks schools to interrogate children about what they did over Thanksgiving weekend, so they can inform on their families [Sovereign Man]
HIGH 07 Nov 2020 Mississippi Principal Orders 3rd Grader to Remove 'Jesus Loves Me' Mask [Breitbart]
HIGH 31 Oct 2020 California Threatens to Arrest 12 Year Old for Missing Three Zoom Classes [Sovereign Man]
HIGH 25 Oct 2020 School Threatens 12-Year-Old with Arrest for Allegedly Missing 90 Minutes of Zoom Class [Reason]
HIGH 15 Sep 2020 High School Football Players Suspended for Flying Flags to Honor 9/11 Cops & Firefighters [Infowars]
HIGH 07 Sep 2020 School Calls Cops on 12-Year-Old Boy Who Held NERF Toy Gun during Zoom Class [Reason]
MOD 06 Feb 2020 Police Called to School after 6yo Girl with down Syndrome Made a 'Gun' With Her Finger [Free Thought Project]
LOW 22 Sep 2019 6-Year-Old Arrested for Tantrum at Florida Elementary School [WFLA]
HIGH 09 Aug 2019 Ohio Sixth Grader Dragged out of Class for Saying Gender-Confused Boy ‘Is a Boy’ [The College Fix]
HIGH 30 May 2019 Schools Start Installing Facial Recognition Surveillance [Lockport Journal]
MOD 10 Mar 2019 High School Student Suspended for Wearing MAGA Sweatshirt & Holding Trump Flag [MRCTV]
MOD 06 Dec 2018 Elementary School Bans Santa, Candy Canes, Reindeer, Elf on the Shelf, ‘Red/green Items’ [EAG]
MOD 30 Oct 2018 Kansas High School Shaves Bald Spots on Children's Heads to Administer Drug Test [CBS]
MOD 22 Jul 2018 Company now offering schools free facial recognition software [Fast Company]
MOD 12 May 2018 Autistic 5th-grader handcuffed, arrested for playing with 'imaginary gun' at school [Daily Sheeple]
HIGH 01 May 2018 Children open up about the frightening new reality of regular school lockdown drills [CBS]
MOD 27 Mar 2018 7th-grader suspended for drawing stick figure with gun [Infowars]
MOD 13 Feb 2018 Movement to ban ‘best friends’ in schools growing [The Blaze]
MOD 26 Jun 2017 NJ passes bill requiring schools to teach children how to obey police [Daily Sheeple]
LOW 21 Jun 2017 Rhode Island town to pay $40,000 settlement after police detain, interrogate third-grade girl [Legalreader]
HIGH 03 Jun 2017 Police subject 900 high schoolers to suspicionless body searches in Georgia [Dailyreportonline]
SEVERE 12 May 2017 High School seizes yearbooks because of 'build that wall' student quotes [SHTFplan]
SEVERE 08 May 2017 7th grade suspended for 'liking' photo of gun on social media while at home [Fox19]
HIGH 27 Apr 2017 School suspends 6th grader for haircut with two lines rather than one [Click2houston]
HIGH 19 Apr 2017 Alabama girl expelled from school for a YEAR for possessing a toy water gun [The Blaze]
MOD 12 Apr 2017 Lawsuit: Florida school used 'discipline box' to punish special needs students as young as 3 [Actionnewsjax]
LOW 13 Mar 2017 Michigan high school suspends students for protesting school's pro-immigration banner [Fox17online]