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Indicator Historical Trend
Grade Date Headline Source
SHTF 29 Jan 2024 TSA to expand facial recognition scanners to 400+ airports [Nextgov]
SHTF 07 Nov 2023 The State Is Secretly Retaining Blood from Newborns [WND]
SHTF 20 Oct 2023 State Governments Collect the DNA of Nearly Every Newborn Baby in the US [WND]
HIGH 20 Oct 2023 Gaming Giant Uses AI to Eavesdrop on Players for 'Toxicity' [Frontline News]
SHTF 18 Sep 2023 Your Wifi Can See You [Mark E. Jeftovic Is the Bombthrower]
HIGH 01 Sep 2023 NYPD to Send Drones over Backyard Barbecues This Weekend [ZeroHedge]
SHTF 12 Jul 2023 Tax prep sites giving millions of taxpayers’ info to Facebook and Google [MSN]
MOD 10 Jun 2023 Nearly One-Third of Gen Z Americans Support Having Government Surveillance Cameras in Every Household [DC Clothesline]
LOW 28 Mar 2023 Airline suggests airports of the future will scan heartbeats and biometrics instead of asking for a passport [UK Daily Star]
SHTF 03 Feb 2023 Companies Spying on Workers' Brain Waves [Breitbart]
SHTF 25 Oct 2022 Americans Given Secret Covid 'Decree Violation' Scores [Reclaim The Net]
HIGH 28 Sep 2022 Public Buses across Country Quietly Adding Microphones to Record Passenger Conversations [Technocracy.News]
HIGH 23 Sep 2022 San Francisco Police to Monitor Security Cameras of Willing Owners [SFGate]
LOW 20 May 2022 AI now able to search for concealled carriers in public [MSN]
LOW 12 May 2022 AI Surviellance Cameras Spread across Nation [WNYW]
SEVERE 05 Apr 2022 FBI is spending millions on social media tracking [MSN]
HIGH 10 Mar 2022 Virginia lawmakers OK lifting ban on facial technology use [AP]
MOD 01 Feb 2022 Company developing a system that can recognize your face from just your DNA [MIT Technology Review]
LOW 06 Dec 2021 Your next smartphone might have a camera that’s always watching [MSN]
LOW 09 Nov 2021 Infrastructure Bill to Force Drunken Driving Surveillance into New Cars [WNYW]
HIGH 19 Oct 2021 Woman Finds Amazon Has Thousands of Recordings of Her - All from Home Devices [UK Mirror]
HIGH 01 Oct 2021 Multibillion-Dollar Market for Phone Location Data [The Markup]
HIGH 22 Sep 2021 What Police Can Do with Social Media Spy Tool Shadowdragon [The Intercept]
HIGH 20 Sep 2021 New In-Car Cameras Can Detect What You're Doing While Driving [Gizmodo]
HIGH 22 Jun 2021 Google Accused of 'Force-Installing' Covid Tracking App on Phones [Summit News]
HIGH 19 Jun 2021 California city to mandate video recording of firearm purchases [Mercury News]
LOW 25 May 2021 New Artificial Intelligence Called 'VibraImage' Claimed Able to Profile People from Their Head Vibrations [SGT Report]
LOW 18 May 2021 Amazon's Ring Is Largest Civilian Surveillance Network America Has Ever Seen [Childrens Health Defense]
SEVERE 23 Apr 2021 Banks Deploying AI Camera Software to Spy on Customers and Workers [Reuters]
HIGH 13 Apr 2021 AirDNA: Scientists Find Way to Collect Human DNA from Air [Humans Are Free]
LOW 05 Apr 2021 AI Emotion Recognition Is Emerging [UK Guardian]
HIGH 23 Mar 2021 Amazon Drivers Forced to Sign Biometric Consent Form or Lose Job [Vice]
LOW 12 Feb 2021 Digital Vaccine Passport: New Platform for All Kinds of Biological Information? [Strange Sounds]
MOD 05 Feb 2021 New AI Can Detect Emotion with Radio Waves [Defense One]
MOD 04 Feb 2021 Amazon Plans to Install AI Surveillance Cameras in Delivery Vans  [ZeroHedge]
MOD 12 Jan 2021 DHS Facial/Iris Recognition Can ID People Wearing Masks [Blacklisted News]
HIGH 02 Jan 2021 Police in Florida Keeping Secret Lists of Kids with Bad Grades Labelling Them 'Potential Criminals' [Free Thought Project]
HIGH 15 Dec 2020 Intel Agencies Seek to Perfect Standoff Biometric Recognition from Drones [Nextgov]
SEVERE 07 Oct 2020 After Years of Claiming It Doesn't Use Facial Recognition, LAPD Admits It Has 30,000 Times since 2009 [Techdirt]
HIGH 30 Sep 2020 CBP failed to protect 184,000 facial images of cross-border travelers from massive data breach [Roll Call]
SEVERE 23 Sep 2020 Average American Recorded by Security Cameras 238 Times Each Week [Study Finds]
LOW 24 May 2020 Public Thermal Cameras to Help Government Identify Coronavirus [GovTech]
MOD 22 Apr 2020 AI Cameras Built to Enforce Social Distancing [UK Daily Star]
HIGH 15 Apr 2020 How Coronavirus Is Eroding Privacy [WSJ]
MOD 27 Mar 2020 How Much Data Does Clearview Gather on People? [Techdirt]
MOD 16 Mar 2020 A Sneaky Attempt to End Encryption Is Worming Its Way through Congress [The Verge]
LOW 11 Mar 2020 Thousands of Fingerprint Files Exposed in Unsecured Brazilian Database [CNet]
LOW 09 Feb 2020 WiFi Technology to Scan Buildings for Firearms Coming [Toronto Sun]
LOW 08 Feb 2020 More than a dozen Minnesota Police Departments now 'partner' with front door camera maker [Grand Forks Herald]
HIGH 30 Jan 2020 Chicago Police Using Facial Recognition Database of Billions of FaceBook Photos [The Mind Unleashed]
HIGH 27 Jan 2020 College Forces Students to Install Location Tracking App [Campus Reform]
SEVERE 21 Jan 2020 App Lets Strangers Identify You with Facial Recognition [CNet]
SEVERE 16 Jan 2020 US 4th Worst Abuser of Biometric Privacy Rights in the World [Of Two Minds]
HIGH 12 Dec 2019 Health Insurer AI to Surveil an Huge Array of Patient Histories [WSJ]
SEVERE 04 Dec 2019 Homeland Security Wants to Expand Facial Recognition to Citizens Entering or Leaving US [CBS]
SEVERE 03 Dec 2019 DHS Wants Americans Subjected to Mandatory Facial Recognition at Airports [SHTFplan]
SEVERE 02 Dec 2019 Banks beginning to use third parties to spy on $2.8 trillion worth of client's annual spending habits worldwide [WNYW]
LOW 11 Nov 2019 Google’s Secret Project Nightingale Gathers Personal Health Data on Millions of Americans [WSJ]
LOW 10 Oct 2019 Miami to consider allowing private company to put surveillance equipment on public property for free [WLRN]
LOW 03 Oct 2019 Interactive Map Tracks Our Current Surveillance State [Youtu]
HIGH 03 Oct 2019 Body-recognition Technology on the Way [WSJ]
HIGH 01 Oct 2019 One Year until 'Real Id' Use Deadline - Are You Prepared? [Daily Sheeple]
HIGH 01 Oct 2019 NYC Mass Surveillance: Mayor wants RFID chip in Municipal ID Cards [Daily Beast]
HIGH 09 Sep 2019 Google Introduces Face-Tracking Networked Door Camera [CNet]
LOW 06 Sep 2019 Delta Air Lines to Use Facial Recognition Cameras at LAX Boarding Gates [LA Times]
HIGH 28 Aug 2019 Doorbell-Camera Firm Teams with 400 Police Forces, Extending Surveillance Reach [SFGate]
HIGH 28 Aug 2019 American Airlines Launches Facial Recognition to Board Passengers at Airport [CBS]
SEVERE 02 Aug 2019 Pentagon testing wide-area surveillance across six Midwest States using high-altitude balloons [UK Guardian]
SEVERE 02 Aug 2019 FBI Solicits for Real-time Geolocation-based Social Media Monitoring Technology [Nextgov]
SEVERE 01 Aug 2019 Mass Surveillance: Half of All Americans Already in Government Facial Recognition Database [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 30 Jul 2019 British Spies at FVEY Summit Demand Social Media Backdoors [UK Daily Mail]
LOW 31 May 2019 Facebook Lawyer Says Users ‘Have No Expectation of Privacy’ [Daily Dot]
LOW 30 May 2019 iPhones Harvest and Transmit Massive Amounts of Data While You Sleep [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 18 May 2019 Cities moving into real-time facial surveillance... [Wired]
LOW 07 May 2019 Katie Fitzpatrick: At the Frontiers of Surveillance Capitalism [The Nation]
HIGH 02 May 2019 What Amazon knows about you [Axios]
LOW 17 Apr 2019 John Stanton: The Price of Participating in Society Is the Sacrifice of Privacy and Self [CounterPunch]
LOW 28 Mar 2019 The US Military Is Creating the Future of Employee Monitoring [Defense One]
SEVERE 22 Mar 2019 Proof Our Phones Are Listening to US [UK Sun]
LOW 10 Feb 2019 Amazon Building Sprawling Surveillance State [WND]
HIGH 01 Feb 2019 Major DNA Testing Company Sharing Genetic Data With the FBI [Bloomberg]
HIGH 12 Jan 2019 Boston Mayor Pushing Law Requiring Doctors to Ask Patients about Their Firearms [Daily Caller]
SEVERE 08 Jan 2019 T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T Are Selling Customers' Real-Time Location Data, and It's Falling into the Wrong Hands [Vice]
HIGH 03 Jan 2019 FBI Tests Amazon’s Facial Recognition Software [Nextgov]
HIGH 06 Dec 2018 Shocking Extent of How Big Firms Harvest Your Data [UK Daily Mail]
HIGH 06 Dec 2018 Facebook Struck Secret Deals to Sell Preferential User Data [ZeroHedge]
LOW 25 Nov 2018 Google Reveals Plans to Monitor Our Moods, Our Movements, and Our Children's Behavior at Home [PJ Media]
SEVERE 15 Nov 2018 National Facial Recognition Database to Use Loyalty Rewards to Identify American Shoppers [Of Two Minds]
MOD 09 Nov 2018 DEA and ICE hiding surveillance cameras in streetlights [Quartz]
LOW 20 Sep 2018 Apple Gives You a Trust Rating – and It's Based on Your Call and Email Habits [UK Sun]
HIGH 10 Sep 2018 Dulles Airport Surprises Passengers with Facial-Recognition Boarding [Nextgov]
HIGH 10 Sep 2018 Are NY’s Free Internet Kiosks Tracking User Movements? [The Intercept]
HIGH 06 Sep 2018 Footage of thousands of unknowing New Yorkers offered up by NYPD to develop Surveillance Tech [The Intercept]
LOW 03 Sep 2018 Google and MasterCard Cut Secret Ad Deal to Track Offline Spending Behavior [Bloomberg]
SEVERE 16 Aug 2018 Google admits it tracks user location even if they turn the setting off [AP]
HIGH 29 Jul 2018 What Google Knows about You: A Complete Guide []
SEVERE 21 Jul 2018 NY Unveils Facial Scanning at Toll Plazas [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 13 Jul 2018 Always-On Listening Devices Could Soon Be Everywherej [WSJ]
SEVERE 07 Jul 2018 First of Its Kind University Study Proves without a Doubt That Your Phone Is Spying on You [Activist Post]
LOW 04 Jul 2018 Your Phone May Be Watching Everything You Do [The Verge]
LOW 02 Jul 2018 Tech’s ‘Dirty Secret’: The App Developers Sifting through Your Gmail [WSJ]
HIGH 26 Jun 2018 Facebook wants to spy on you via hidden inaudible TV ad messages [SHTFplan]
HIGH 14 Jun 2018 Your phone is listening and it's not paranoia [Vice]
HIGH 12 Jun 2018 Researcher shows how phone shows ads based on conversations it hears [Freedom Outpost]
HIGH 07 Jun 2018 Facebook bug set 14 million users' sharing settings to public [CNN]
HIGH 30 May 2018 Are ‘smart’ electric meters spying on you? [CBS]
HIGH 28 May 2018 California debuts digitally tracked license plates [Sacramento Bee]
HIGH 24 May 2018 More police state surveillance: Courtesy of the Pentagon [SHTFplan]
HIGH 18 May 2018 Website flaw exposed most American cellphones' real-time locations [Mercury News]
HIGH 15 May 2018 Cell phone carriers are secretly selling your real-time location data [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 15 May 2018 US, Canada and European Union testing lie-detecting computer kiosks equipped with artificial intelligence [CNBC]
HIGH 12 May 2018 Califoria city launching program watching public’s social media [CBS]
MOD 30 Apr 2018 Twitter sold data to Cambridge Analytica researcher [Bloomberg]
HIGH 27 Apr 2018 Facial recognition coming to a police body camera near you [Laredo Morning Times]
HIGH 19 Apr 2018 Microsoft Founder backs $1B plan to cover Earth in 'Big Brother' satellites [UK Daily Mail]
HIGH 15 Apr 2018 Yahoo and AOL just gave themselves the right to read your emails (again) [CNET]
HIGH 10 Apr 2018 The file Google has on you is 10 times bigger than Facebook's [AntiMedia]
HIGH 09 Apr 2018 Facebook is tracking you even if you’re not on Facebook [PJ Media]
SEVERE 04 Apr 2018 Facebook admits over 87 million people's data was shared improperly [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 04 Apr 2018 Facebook scans the photos and links you send on messenger [Bloomberg]
SEVERE 30 Mar 2018 Concerned about what Facebook knows about you? Check out what Google knows [SHTFplan]
SEVERE 29 Mar 2018 Expert reveals extent of data Google has has on you [UK Daily Mail]
SEVERE 27 Mar 2018 Whistleblower: Facebook able to listen to you at home and work [PJ Media]
SEVERE 27 Mar 2018 Cloud Act: Fed Govt just quietly destroyed our privacy [AntiMedia]
HIGH 27 Mar 2018 Here is all the personal data that Facebook/Google collect [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 27 Mar 2018 Microsoft to ban ‘offensive language’ and monitor your private account [CBS]
HIGH 26 Mar 2018 Facebook has been storing logs of phone calls, text messages for years [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 10 Mar 2018 'We know all about you' – MoviePass is secretly tracking its customers' movements [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 10 Mar 2018 TSA expands body scanner searches to NYC, LA train stations [Activist Post]
HIGH 07 Mar 2018 Facebook really is spying on you... [WSJ]
HIGH 23 Feb 2018 Fed Governor nominee wants to chip cash to track every dollar [Daily Sheeple]
HIGH 21 Feb 2018 New AI to scan for faces 24/7, automatically identify with 99% accuracy [Nextgov]
MOD 19 Feb 2018 Amazon to patent dystopian time-management tool – wristbands to track workers' hands [PJ Media]
MOD 15 Feb 2018 ESPN admits to watching you through your TV [Infowars]
LOW 14 Feb 2018 Visa selects supplier for new biometric cards [YouTube]
MOD 08 Feb 2018 DHS to test mass driver face scanning at border [Austin-American Statesman]
MOD 04 Feb 2018 Facial recognition set to revolutionize payments [UK Daily Star]
LOW 27 Jan 2018 Fed Govt to start tracking license plates across country [The Verge]
HIGH 15 Jan 2018 Twitter collecting, selling private user profiles to advertisers [Project Veritas]
MOD 31 Dec 2017 DHS announces program to illegally scan our faces [Free Thought Project]
HIGH 06 Dec 2017 Arizona citizens tracked in facial recognition database in first step for Real ID implementation [Activist Post]
MOD 28 Nov 2017 Facebook announces AI to combat thought crime [ZeroHedge]
HIGH 21 Nov 2017 Websites really are watching your every move [Arstechnica]
MOD 17 Nov 2017 Massive military social media spying archive left wide open on net [UK Register]
MOD 12 Nov 2017 Delaware police to deploy cruiser video cameras with AI detection software [Yahoo]
MOD 08 Nov 2017 Children’s bathrooms are now considered fair game for the all-seeing eye of the State [Daily Sheeple]
LOW 03 Nov 2017 DHS working on tech to scan your face as you drive [Nextgov]
MOD 26 Oct 2017 DNA scan can detect 1,800 diseases in newborns [CBS]
SEVERE 11 Sep 2017 Robert Bridge: Google now watching your every political move [RT]
LOW 06 Sep 2017 Quick progress facial IDing people whose faces are covered [The Verge]
MOD 23 Aug 2017 TSA back to vile, invasive body searching [Charlotte Observer]
LOW 18 Aug 2017 Anonymous affiliate publishes claimed list of GOP private contact info [The Hill]
SEVERE 03 Aug 2017 Mysterious military spy plane has been flying circles over Seattle for days [YouTube]
SEVERE 02 Aug 2017 If the FBI has your biometrics, it doesn't have to tell you [Nextgov]
HIGH 31 Jul 2017 Social network giant lobbies to prevent State limits on facial recognition [Publicintegrity]
HIGH 22 Jul 2017 Former CIA Officer: Feds deploying massive ‘pre-crime’ dragnet on millions of cleared Americans [The American Conservative]
LOW 18 Jul 2017 FBI warns new toys can record child conversations, track movements, reveal locations... [UK Sun]
LOW 17 Jul 2017 Facial recognition AI coming to police body cams [Defense One]
LOW 16 Jul 2017 DHS outlines mandatory biometric ID at airports for foreign travel [Daily Sheeple]
LOW 06 Jul 2017 CNN Analyst: You don't have the 'right' to be anonymous [Daily Caller]
HIGH 23 Jun 2017 Certain US airlines are testing mandatory facial recognition scans on Americans flying abroad [Libertyblitzkrieg]
LOW 21 Jun 2017 John McAfee: 'Every router in America has been compromised' [Ibtimes]
LOW 21 Jun 2017 X-ray drones can see through walls [Imeche]
SEVERE 10 Jun 2017 Penny Crosman: Should banks be in the business of ‘surveillance capitalism’? [American Banker]
SEVERE 10 Jun 2017 Jeremiah Johnson: All of this is being recorded... [SHTFplan]
LOW 08 Jun 2017 Samsung phones listen and watch what you do on the web while monitoring your emails [UK Sun]
LOW 07 Jun 2017 Paper: Facebook wants to spy through phone cameras, analyze emotions on faces [UK Sun]
HIGH 02 Jun 2017 Miami-Dade police may deploy blanket surveillance from the air [Miami Herald]
MOD 01 Jun 2017 Tech CEO: Self-driving cars will double as security cameras [CNBC]
MOD 31 May 2017 7 in 10 smartphone apps share your data with third parties [Azfamily]
HIGH 23 May 2017 Google now knows when its users go to the store and buy stuff [Washington Post]
HIGH 22 May 2017 Wi-fi can be used to photograph people through walls [Business Insider]
MOD 16 May 2017 The Thinning Line between Commercial and Government Surveillance [The Atlantic]
LOW 16 May 2017 Facebook knows who you meet in real life [Vocativ]
MOD 10 May 2017 Emotion reading technology claims to spot pre-crime behavior [UK Telegraph]
MOD 08 May 2017 Android apps secretly tracking users by listening to inaudible sound hidden in ads [UK Independent]
MOD 03 May 2017 Facebook analyzing teenagers’ feelings, selling info to advertiser [CNBC]
MOD 20 Apr 2017 County in SoCal to share license plate reader data with Fed Govt in 'near real time' [App]
MOD 19 Apr 2017 Lawsuit: Bose headphones spy on listeners [Yahoo]
MOD 16 Apr 2017 Fears Google Hire could allow employers to see your entire search history []
MOD 07 Apr 2017 For sale on the dark web: Your tax refund and social security number [ZeroHedge]
LOW 07 Apr 2017 Workplace Surveillance Is The New Office ‘Perk’ [Vocativ]
HIGH 03 Apr 2017 Your smartphone apps are 'secretly colluding' to spy on you in terrifying detail [UK Sun]
HIGH 02 Apr 2017 Dahboo7: Over 85% of Smart TVs can be hacked remotely using broadcasting signals [YouTube]
HIGH 31 Mar 2017 More evidence of Google voice spying [Independent]
HIGH 30 Mar 2017 Eric Limer: How to protect your online privacy now that Congress sold you out [Popular Mechanics]
LOW 29 Mar 2017 Jeremiah Johnson: The Transformation of Our Nation into a Complete Surveillance State is Almost in Place [SHTFplan]
HIGH 23 Mar 2017 Police in Kentucky want citizens to register video surveillance systems with their database [Wcpo]
HIGH 22 Mar 2017 FBI face recog system has unfettered access to ID photos in 18 States [Vocativ]
HIGH 10 Mar 2017 Video: Dan Bidondi on TSA pat-downs [YouTube]
HIGH 08 Mar 2017 CIA cyberweapon codenames: HarpyEagle, Hammer Drill, HIVE, Weeping Angel, Umbrage, Fine Dining... [WSJ]
SEVERE 07 Mar 2017 Vault 7 leak confirms: They’re listening… and they’re watching… everything [Daily Sheeple]
HIGH 07 Mar 2017 Snowden: CIA leak is 1st public evidence US Govt secretly paying to keep American software unsafe [DJT Twitter]
HIGH 07 Mar 2017 Snowden: CIA leak is first public evidence US Govt secretly paying to keep American software unsafe [DJT Twitter]
HIGH 07 Mar 2017 Wikileaks: CIA malware infests Samsung smart TVs to turn them into covert microphones [DJT Twitter]
HIGH 06 Mar 2017 TSA know passengers will complain, so warns local police about new airport grope-searches [Bloomberg]
HIGH 27 Feb 2017 How Big Brother could be spying on you through your prescriptions [Ready Nutrition]
HIGH 27 Feb 2017 Phones, computers soon able to recognize you without consent [McClatchy]
HIGH 26 Feb 2017 Welcome aboard, but first US Marshals will scan your retina [Foundation for Economic Education]
HIGH 26 Feb 2017 General Electric to put cameras, microphones and sensors on 3,200 street lights in San Diego this year [Reuters]
MOD 17 Feb 2017 Facebook boss hints at secret plans to use AI to censor and spy on users [UK Sun]
MOD 17 Feb 2017 AI-Powered body cams give cops power to Google everything they see [Vocativ]
HIGH 14 Feb 2017 Study says majority will tolerate 'in the name of safety'... [Bloomberg]
HIGH 14 Feb 2017 Companies hiding location devices in lights and ID badges to track employees [Bloomberg]
LOW 09 Feb 2017 Apple iCloud hoards 'deleted' browser history going back more than a year [Forbes]
LOW 28 Jan 2017 Cast camera system to scan and identify people who drive in and out of NYC [Vocativ]