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The FutureDanger Indicator System contains nearly 500 predefined conditions or possible events. As our team fulfills it mission, check back soon for a thorough description of this one.
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News relevant to this indicator that emerges from open sources may lead to threatening conditions for the American Nation. The team at FutureDanger will provide a clear explanation of these risks as soon as possible.
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Indicator Historical Trend
Grade Date Headline Source
HIGH 07 Jan 2024 When You Sit in a 'Digital Car' You Consent to Being Recorded and Personal Data Sold [Technocracy.News]
HIGH 07 Jan 2024 DNA Genetics Company Blames Affected Users for Data Breach [Reclaim The Net]
SHTF 19 May 2023 Bofa Gave FBI Access to Jan. 6 Bank Records without Customers' Knowledge [ZeroHedge]
LOW 12 Apr 2023 AI Firm Nabs 30 Billion Online Photos and Sends Them to Law Enforcement to Prosecute Americans [Natural News]
SEVERE 17 Mar 2023 CDC Bought Access to Americans' Phone Location Data to Monitor Compliance with Lockdowns [Not The Bee]
HIGH 12 Mar 2023 Whistleblower Says Bank of America Gives Customer to FBI without Being Asks [The Carolina Journal]
LOW 21 Feb 2023 Discover to Start Tracking Gun Buyers [Reclaim The Net]
HIGH 19 Dec 2022 Federal Agency Warns Thousands of Medicare Recipients May Have Had Data Stolen [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 10 Nov 2022 IPhone Apps Tracking Users Even When Apple's Privacy Settings Say Device Is Not [CD media]
HIGH 13 Sep 2022 Credit Card Companies to Track Gun and Ammo Sales [100PercentFedUp]
SHTF 28 Jun 2022 Massive Trove of Gun Owners’ Private Information Leaked by California Attorney General [The Reload]
LOW 10 Feb 2022 Report: Pfizer Vaccines Contain Nanotechnology Able to Track People [DC Clothesline]
LOW 16 Aug 2021 T-Mobile Hacked for Names & Social Security Numbers of 100 Million Customers [UK Sun]
MOD 27 Jul 2021 Massive Data Breach Exposes Personal Data of 700 Million Users of Microsoft-Owned LinkedIn [DC Clothesline]
SHTF 08 Feb 2021 Microsoft, Motorola, Cisco and Palantir selling 'fusion systems' to world governments [DC Clothesline]
SHTF 08 Feb 2021 Bank of America Secretly Hands Private Customer Data to the FBI following Capitol Riot [True Pundit]
SHTF 21 May 2020 Test Positive for Covid-19, End up in a Police Database [Infowars]
SHTF 03 Apr 2020 Google Releases People's Location Data in 131 countries for Authorities to Enforce Lock-downs [Silicon UK]
MOD 23 Mar 2020 Unidentified Database Exposes 200 Million Americans [cybernews]
HIGH 21 Feb 2020 Texan State Govt Made $3M Last Year Selling Drivers' Personal Information [CBS]
LOW 21 Jan 2020 Report: Apple dropped plans to let iPhone users encrypt backups of their devices after FBI complained [Reuters]
LOW 27 Nov 2019 Consumer Surveillance: Police to use facial recognition technology on doorbell cameras footage [BuzzFeed]
LOW 25 Nov 2019 California DMV Making $50m a Year Selling Drivers' Personal Information [Vice]
LOW 05 Sep 2019 Database of 419 million Facebook users containing phone numbers left unprotected on server that anyone could access [CBS]
HIGH 07 Aug 2019 Amazon Coaching Cops on How to Obtain Surveillance Footage without a Warrant [Vice]
LOW 03 Jun 2019 Quest Diagnostics Says up to 12 Million Patient's Financial, Medical, Personal Info Breached [WNBC]
HIGH 14 Feb 2019 17 months later, data of 143 million people lost by Equifax has never been found [CNBC]
MOD 29 Sep 2018 You Gave Facebook Your Number for Security. They Used It for Ads. [EFF]
LOW 26 Aug 2018 Millions of Texas Voter Records Exposed Online [TechCrunch]
HIGH 20 Jul 2018 Facebook Sold User Data to Government Contractor [WSJ]
LOW 15 Feb 2018 Unsecured server exposed thousands of Fedex customer records [ZDNet]
SEVERE 27 Jan 2018 Yahoo secretly scanned customer emails for US intelligence [YouTube]
HIGH 23 Dec 2017 Facebook handing over more info to US Government: 'This is what Facebook was designed to do' [SHTFplan]
LOW 01 Nov 2017 Is Facebook secretly listening to your conversations? This video says yes [Mediaite]
MOD 08 Sep 2017 Credit Agency loses control of 143 million customers private data [Bloomberg]
MOD 25 Jul 2017 Robotic vacuum maker plans to sell maps of users' homes [USA Today]
MOD 22 Jul 2017 Kansas Department of Commerce loses control of millions of social security numbers [YouTube]
SEVERE 24 May 2017 Vermont DMV caught using illegal facial recognition program [Vocativ]
SEVERE 23 May 2017 Florida fails to protect identities of 16,000 concealed carriers from hackers [UPI]
SEVERE 23 May 2017 Fed Govt ordered Apple to let it double secret phone searches from July through election [Appleinsider]
LOW 26 Apr 2017 Federal judge finds 'no general obligation' for companies to protect employee data [Lexology]
SEVERE 03 Apr 2017 WORK AROUND: Records show deep ties between FBI and Geek Squad [Washington Post]
LOW 02 Apr 2017 How ISPs can sell your web history — and how to stop them [ARS Technica]
SEVERE 26 Mar 2017 County releases more than 200,000 email addresses to voter group [Bethesdamagazine]
SEVERE 23 Mar 2017 Windows 10 has been quietly logging every keystroke you type and sending it to Microsoft [SHTFplan]
HIGH 23 Mar 2017 Wikileaks claims CIA bugs ‘factory fresh’ iPhones [Heavy]
MOD 22 Mar 2017 Claim: Apple let hundreds of millions of accounts get breached [BGR]
LOW 14 Mar 2017 Google messaging app can reveal to your friends what you’ve searched [Recode]
LOW 14 Mar 2017 Creepy facial recognition app lets users find strangers on Facebook by taking their picture [UK Telegraph]
LOW 13 Mar 2017 Facebook 'warns' developers against using data for surveillance [The Hill]
LOW 13 Mar 2017 Facebook 'warns' developers against using data for surveillance [The Hill]
LOW 06 Feb 2017 Vizio smart tvs tracked viewers around the clock without consent [ARS Technica]