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The FutureDanger Indicator System contains nearly 500 predefined conditions or possible events. As our team fulfills it mission, check back soon for a thorough description of this one.
Background on this indicator will be provided here in the near future.
News relevant to this indicator that emerges from open sources may lead to threatening conditions for the American Nation. The team at FutureDanger will provide a clear explanation of these risks as soon as possible.
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Full Indicator Record

Indicator Historical Trend
Grade Date Headline Source
MOD 28 Jun 2023 Over 700 People Hospitalized in Iran Due to Dust Storms [The Watchers]
LOW 01 May 2023 Deadly Illinois Dust Storm Caused 90-Vehicle Pileup [ZeroHedge]
LOW 20 Apr 2023 Large Dust Storm Sweeps across China [The Watchers]
LOW 13 May 2022 Rare Dust Storm over Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and Minnesota [The Watchers]
LOW 24 May 2021 Severe Dust Storm Turns the Sky Blood Red over Algeria [The Watchers]
LOW 22 Jun 2020 Abnormally large Saharan dust cloud making 5,000-mile trek to Gulf coast [Accuweather]
LOW 20 Jan 2020 Massive Dust Storm Smothers Australia [The Watchers]
LOW 12 Apr 2019 Severe Dust Storm Creates Zero Visibility in Lubbock, Texas [The Watchers]
LOW 18 Jan 2019 Sandstorm Turns Cairo Orange [UK Mirror]
LOW 22 Nov 2018 Australia Dust Storm: Health Warning as Skies Change Color [BBC]
LOW 04 Aug 2018 Huge Wall of Dust Rolls through Phoenix [Azfamily]
LOW 30 Jul 2018 Heavy Dust Storm Engulfs UAE [The Watchers]
LOW 27 Jul 2018 Massive Sandstorm engulfs city in China [The Watchers]
LOW 19 Jul 2018 Saharan Dust blankets Dallas [CBS]
LOW 10 Jul 2018 Phoenix hit by Monsoon Dust Storm [CBS]
LOW 01 Jul 2018 Intense dust storm hits Senegal, causing damage and killing livestock [The Watchers]
MOD 14 May 2018 At least 61 killed as fierce dust storms strike India, death toll over 200 [The Watchers]
LOW 10 May 2018 Powerful dust and rain storm kills 14 in northern India [The Watchers]
LOW 09 May 2018 Another massive sandstorm engulfs Rajasthan and northwest India [The Watchers]
LOW 09 May 2018 Severe sandstorm hits Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar [The Watchers]
HIGH 03 May 2018 27 killed by dust storm in India [Indian Express]
LOW 30 Apr 2018 Dust storm reduces visibility to zero, causes 29-vehicle crash in Nebraska [The Watchers]
MOD 29 Mar 2018 Major dust storm affecting Northern Africa [The Watchers]
LOW 19 Feb 2018 Sandstorm dyes the sky blood over Basra, Iraq [Strange Sounds]
LOW 20 Jan 2018 Heavy sand storm envelops parts of the Middle East, turning the sky dark red [The Watchers]
LOW 19 Jan 2018 Dust storm engulfs southeastern Turkey [Strange Sounds]
LOW 30 Oct 2017 Massive sand storm hits Middle East, sending hundreds to hospitals [The Watchers]
LOW 19 Sep 2017 Monster dust storm over Serbia [The Watchers]
LOW 15 Aug 2017 Sandstorm turns day into night with glowing red sky in Algeria [Strange Sounds]
MOD 14 Jun 2017 Sandstorm changes day into night across the Punjab, kills 7 [Strange Sounds]
MOD 12 Jun 2017 Severe dust storm leaves 7 dead, 65 injured in Pakistan [The Watchers]
LOW 02 Jun 2017 Massive Sandstorm Sweeps through Khartoum, Sudan [The Watchers]
LOW 18 May 2017 Huge dust storm changes day into night in Saudi [Strange Sounds]
LOW 17 May 2017 Strong dust storm in Iowa... [Strange Sounds]
LOW 12 May 2017 Saharan dust dims the Italian skies [The Watchers]
MOD 07 May 2017 Asian dust blankets Korean peninsula and wide swath of Japan [The Watchers]
LOW 04 May 2017 Major dust storm engulfs northern China [The Watchers]
LOW 19 Mar 2017 Impressive sandstorm sweeps through Saudi Arabia [The Watchers]
LOW 03 Mar 2017 Dust storm closes Arizona interstate [Willcoxrangenews]