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Indicator Historical Trend
Grade Date Headline Source
LOW 30 Oct 2023 Saudi Forces Clash with Houthi Rebels [Bloomberg]
LOW 01 Nov 2022 Saudi Arabia on High Alert after Warning of Imminent Iranian Attack [WSJ]
LOW 12 Apr 2021 Houthi Rebels Strike Aramco Oil Facilities with Drones and Missiles []
LOW 27 Feb 2021 Saudi Arabia Says Missile Attack Intercepted over Capital City [Globe and Mail]
LOW 02 Jan 2021 Saudi missile attacks target military bases around Yemen's capital [MENAFN]
LOW 30 Dec 2020 Deadly attack at Aden airport as new government arrives from Saudi Arabia [BBC]
LOW 25 Dec 2020 Houthi Sea Mine Strikes Cargo Ship in Red Sea [Washington Times]
LOW 15 Dec 2020 Second Tanker Stuck by Suspected Mine in Saudi Red Sea Port in Three Weeks [World Oil]
LOW 23 Nov 2020 Iranian Proxies Claim Missile Attack on Saudi Oil Facility [WHBQ]
LOW 12 Sep 2020 Houthis Strike Riyadh with Missiles and Drones [ZeroHedge]
MOD 29 Mar 2020 Saudis Intercept Missiles Fired at Capital by Iranian-backed Houthis [Reuters]
LOW 20 Feb 2020 Shia Rebel Missiles Target Saudi Oil Facility Just after US Secretary of State Arrives in Country [ZeroHedge]
LOW 19 Jan 2020 Saudi Arabia Shoots down Ballistic Missile Fired towards City [UK Daily Star]
LOW 09 Jan 2020 In Sunni World, Many Applaud Quds Commander Killing [VOA]
LOW 04 Dec 2019 Iran Secretly Moving Missiles into Iraq [MSN]
LOW 23 Nov 2019 Saudi King Blames Iran for Chaos [Nation]
LOW 23 Nov 2019 Iran Holds Air War Exercises as Additional US Forces Arrive in Gulf [ZeroHedge]
LOW 23 Nov 2019 CENTCOM Commander: Iran Attacked Saudi Aramco in September, Predicts Another [Foreign Policy]
LOW 10 Oct 2019 Who’s Still Fighting Who in Syria’s Eight-Year War [Washington Post]
LOW 03 Oct 2019 Iran Says It Thwarted Arab-Israeli Plot to Assassinate Top Guards Commander [Yahoo]
LOW 24 Sep 2019 UK, France, Germany Say Iran Attacked Saudis [ZeroHedge]
LOW 15 Sep 2019 Claim: Iranian Cruise Missiles Hit Saudi Oil Facilities from Iraqi Base [Debka]
LOW 14 Sep 2019 Yemen Rebels claim drone attacks on major Saudi oil sites [AP]
LOW 20 Jun 2019 Yemen's Houthi Rebels Hit Saudi Power Station with 'Cruise Missile' [Aljazeera]
LOW 13 Jun 2019 Saudis say Houthis responsible... [ZeroHedge]
LOW 13 Jun 2019 Middle East on Brink: Oil tankers torpedoed off Iranian Coast [UK Express]
LOW 12 Jun 2019 Iranian Proxy 'Cruise Missile' Direct Hit on Saudi Civilian Airport Wounds 26 [ZeroHedge]
LOW 09 Jun 2019 Iranian Proxy Conducts First Multi-Drone Attack on Saudi Air Base [Debka]
LOW 06 Jun 2019 Report: Saudi Arabia Secretly Purchased Ballistic Missile Technology from China [Middle East Eye]
LOW 17 May 2019 Iran Tells Middle East Militias: Prepare for Proxy War [UK Guardian]
LOW 14 May 2019 Saudi Arabia Says Drones Hit Oil Pipeline [NYT]
LOW 13 May 2019 Saudi Oil Tankers Hit by ‘Sabotage Attack’ amid Iran Standoff [UK Sun]
LOW 02 May 2019 Forgotten War: Death Toll in Yemen to Reach 233,000 by End of Year [ZeroHedge]
LOW 03 Mar 2019 Saudi-backed forces clash with Houthi rebels in Yemen [Xinhua]
LOW 13 Feb 2019 Al Qaida Affiliate Car Bomb Kills 27 Iranian Rev Guards in Iraq [AP]
LOW 01 Oct 2018 Iran Fires Ballistic Missiles into East Syria [AP]
LOW 31 Aug 2018 Iran gives ballistic missiles to Shi'ite proxies in Iraq  [Reuters]
LOW 28 Aug 2018 Iran Claims It Controls Strait of Hormuz [Fox News]
LOW 01 Aug 2018 Major Iranian Naval Operation in Middle East coming up [CNN]
LOW 29 Jul 2018 At Least 40 Killed in Yemen Clashes [Middle East Monitor]
MOD 26 Jul 2018 Saudi Arabia War Threat: wirh Oil Tankers Bombed, Saudis Ban Exports through Red Sea Straits [UK Express]
LOW 22 Jul 2018 Yemeni Shiite rebels claim drone attack on refinery in Saudi capital [Tampa Bay Times]
LOW 22 Jul 2018 10 Iranian Troops Killed in Attack near Border with Iraq [Washington Post]
LOW 04 Jul 2018 Iran's Guards threatens to block oil shipments in Gulf [Reuters]
LOW 24 Jun 2018 Saudi air defences intercept missiles above capital [Reuters]
LOW 14 Jun 2018 UAE naval vessel on fire off coast, hit by rebels during amphibious operation [The Drive]
LOW 14 Jun 2018 Yemen War: Fighting rages over vital Shia-held port [BBC]
LOW 10 Jun 2018 Saudi Arabia says new Yemen-launched missile intercepted [Yahoo]
LOW 22 May 2018 Saudi air defenses destroy ballistic missile fired from Yemen [Reuters]
LOW 14 May 2018 Yemen's Houthis fire missile at Saudi oil facility [Reuters]
LOW 09 May 2018 Iran-aligned Houthis in Yemen fire missiles at Saudi capital [Reuters]
LOW 05 May 2018 Fighting intensifies in Yemen [The Arab Weekly]
LOW 23 Apr 2018 Two missiles fired by Houthi rebels intercepted by Saudis [Debka]
LOW 22 Apr 2018 Twenty killed in air strike in southwest Yemen [Reuters]
LOW 11 Apr 2018 Saudis intercept missile over capital [Al Arabiya]
LOW 26 Mar 2018 Saudis claim to intercept 7 missiles fired at cities from Yemen [NYT]
LOW 17 Feb 2018 Saudi Arabia and Iran face off in Azerbaijan [Al-Masdar Al-Arabi]
LOW 21 Jan 2018 Turkey invades Syria [UK Daily Star]
LOW 16 Jan 2018 Saudis say another missile from Yemen intercepted [AMN]
LOW 09 Jan 2018 Saudi military camp targeted with ballistic missile fired from Yemen [UK Independent]
LOW 09 Jan 2018 Caught on video: Iranian-backed Shiite rebels shoot down Saudi f-15 over Yemen [ZeroHedge]
LOW 02 Jan 2018 Iran's leader says enemies have stirred unrest in country [Reuters]
LOW 31 Dec 2017 Sunni Jihadist group blows up oil pipeline in midst of anti-government protests in multiple major Iranian cities [ZeroHedge]
LOW 28 Dec 2017 Twin blasts kill 40, injure 30 at Shiite center in West Kabul [Debka]
LOW 21 Dec 2017 Iran-Saudi conflict enters 'unpredictable' phase [UK Express]
LOW 20 Dec 2017 Missile attack escalates tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran [Sky News]
LOW 04 Dec 2017 Yemen’s ex-president killed as mayhem convulses capital [NYT]
LOW 03 Dec 2017 Bloody battles waged on the streets of Yemen's capital [NPR]
LOW 03 Dec 2017 Iran-aligned Yemeni rebels claim firing cruise missile at UAE nuke reactor [NYT]
LOW 30 Nov 2017 Saudis intercept ballistic missile fired from Yemen [Alarabiya]
LOW 25 Nov 2017 Saudi-Iranian war of words escalates [BBC]
LOW 25 Nov 2017 Saudis set to launch 'Muslim NATO' [VOA News]
MOD 16 Nov 2017 Israel ready to share intel on Iran with Saudi Arabia [RT]
MOD 15 Nov 2017 Bahrain says deadly bus attack engineered by Iran [Reuters]
LOW 12 Nov 2017 Ready for airstrikes on Iran-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon [UK Daily Star]
LOW 12 Nov 2017 Bahrain blames pipeline explosion on Iran [ZeroHedge]
LOW 12 Nov 2017 Report: Iran building permanent military base in Syria [BBC]
LOW 12 Nov 2017 Saudi-led strikes hit defense ministry in Yemen capital [Yahoo]
LOW 09 Nov 2017 French President flies to Riyadh [Yahoo]
LOW 09 Nov 2017 Saudi-funded Iranian separatist shot dead in Netherlands [Reuters]
LOW 09 Nov 2017 Saudis order its citizens to leave Lebanon immediately [ZeroHedge]
LOW 09 Nov 2017 Saudis go for economic sanctions against Iran [CNBC]
MOD 07 Nov 2017 Vows retaliation... [Fox News]
MOD 07 Nov 2017 Saudi crown prince accuses Iran of 'direct aggression' [France24]
MOD 07 Nov 2017 Saudi Arabia says Lebanon has declared war on it [Jerusalem Post]
MOD 05 Nov 2017 Saudi spokesman: Serious escalation by Houthis due to Iran... [Saudi Gazette]
MOD 05 Nov 2017 Suicide bombing sparks battle for Yemen's security headquarters [CBC]
MOD 05 Nov 2017 Was Saudi purge a move against Iran soft-liners? [Infowars]
MOD 04 Nov 2017 Saudis intercepts Iranian missile fired from Yemen targeting capital's airport [BBC]
LOW 14 Aug 2017 Saudi Arabian security forces seal off predominantly Shia town [Hrw]
LOW 28 Jul 2017 Saudis intercept ballistic missile fired against Mecca by Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi insurgents [Debka]
LOW 22 Jul 2017 Saudi security forces kill three suspected militants in Shi'ite province [Reuters]
LOW 21 Jul 2017 Sunni-Shia War Rages in Syria [BBC]
LOW 20 Jul 2017 Almost all Iranian diplomats in Kuwait to be expelled following terror ruling [Debka]
LOW 05 Jul 2017 RPG attack kills Saudi soldier, wounds three more in Shi'ite province [Reuters]
LOW 05 Jul 2017 Rev Guards head calls Saudi Arabia 'terrorist state' [Times of Israel]
LOW 04 Jul 2017 Gefira: Saudi-Qatar rift has elements of world war potential [Gefira]
LOW 27 Jun 2017 Saudi-led coalition strikes central Yemeni province [Xinhua]
LOW 27 Jun 2017 Saudi demolition of historic Shiite homes stokes violence [The Republic]
LOW 27 Jun 2017 Mission accomplished, Iran says after missile raid in Syria [Tasnimnews]
LOW 21 Jun 2017 Top Iranian official threatens Saudis over alleged ties with Israel [Algemeiner]
LOW 21 Jun 2017 Report: Saudi Navy captures Iranian Rev Guards piloting bomb boat toward oil rig [NYT]
MOD 15 Jun 2017 ISIS launches surprise attack on Syrian army at Deir ez-Zor [Debka]
MOD 14 Jun 2017 Security forces battle Sunni militants in southeastern Iran [U.S. News & World Report]
MOD 14 Jun 2017 Ramadan in Yemen: The Bloodshed Continues [Alaraby]
MOD 14 Jun 2017 More Sudanese troops to be sent to fight Houthi rebels in Yemen [Alaraby]
MOD 14 Jun 2017 Report: Saudi warship hit off southwestern Yemen [Tasnimnews]
MOD 12 Jun 2017 Iran sends 2 warships to Oman, flies food to Qatar [ZeroHedge]
MOD 10 Jun 2017 Saudis bomb Yemeni capital [Xinhua]
MOD 10 Jun 2017 Qatar vs. Saudi Arabia: How Iran and the Brotherhood tore the Gulf apart [National Interest]
MOD 07 Jun 2017 ISIS Strikes Tehran [Debka]
LOW 05 Jun 2017 Biggest Arab powers cut ties with Qatar, accuse it of supporting Iran [Reuters]
LOW 02 Jun 2017 Saudis move youngest Shiite political prisoner to notorious jail [Abna24]
LOW 31 May 2017 SECDEF says Iran approved ‘at highest level’ assassination of Saudi Washington envoy [Daily Sabah]
LOW 31 May 2017 Strongest Iraqi Shiite militia to enter Syria, backed by Iran [Debka]
LOW 27 May 2017 Senior Iranian Rev Guards commander killed battling ISIS in Mosul [Debka]
LOW 24 May 2017 Bahraini police kill protesting supporter near Shia cleric's home [BBC]
LOW 21 May 2017 Saudi King slams Iran as 'spearhead of global terrorism' [Yahoo]
LOW 17 May 2017 Houthis recapture a district in south Yemen [Al-Masdar Al-Arabi]
LOW 16 May 2017 UAE using Yemeni island for recruit training [Fox News]
LOW 16 May 2017 Six days of fierce clashes between Saudi security forces and Shia militants [UK Independent]
LOW 16 May 2017 Attack kills Saudi officer in city known for Shiite unrest [Washington Post]
LOW 08 May 2017 Iran warns will hit militant 'safe havens' inside Pakistan [Reuters]
LOW 07 May 2017 Defense Minister warns Saudis after prince threatened to move the 'battle' to Iran [Reuters]
LOW 07 May 2017 Saudi troops sent to Bahrain ahead of Shiite cleric’s trial [Debka]
LOW 30 Apr 2017 CEO of Iranian 'opposition' satellite TV net assassinated in Turkey [UK Guardian]
LOW 28 Apr 2017 Iran vows cross-border militant raid from inside Pakistan 'will not go unanswered' [Tasnimnews]
LOW 28 Apr 2017 Gulf Arab royals meet in Saudi capital to unify Iran stance [NY Daily News]
LOW 26 Apr 2017 Saudi alliance prepping assault on Red Sea port in Yemen [Reuters]
LOW 26 Apr 2017 Yemen War: 5,000 Pak troops may join Sunni coalition [Dailypakistan]
LOW 20 Apr 2017 US weighs giving Saudis more aid for Yemen War [Military Times]
LOW 12 Apr 2017 Yemen clashes kill more than 40 in 24 hours [Indian Express]
LOW 01 Apr 2017 Nuclear-armed Pakistan joins Saudi military alliance [Yahoo]
LOW 28 Mar 2017 Saudi and Sudanese air forces jointly drill [Sudantribune]
LOW 27 Mar 2017 Bahrain alleges Iranian-backed group planned assassinations [Taiwan News]
LOW 23 Mar 2017 Houthis appear to be using Iranian-made drones to ram Saudi air defenses in Yemen [Washington Post]
LOW 23 Mar 2017 Turkey bases troops in Somalia [Alaraby]
LOW 20 Mar 2017 Yemen's Iranian-backed Houthis claim ballistic missile attack on Saudi capital airbase [Xinhua]
LOW 19 Mar 2017 Iran-backed Houthi missile attack kills dozens in Yemen mosque [Aljazeera]
LOW 18 Mar 2017 Helicopter attack on migrant boat kills 30+ in Red Sea [NYT]
LOW 18 Mar 2017 Saudi general says US vowing support against Iran [Washington Times]
LOW 14 Mar 2017 Egyptian troops deploy to Bahrain and UAE for war games [Debka]
LOW 13 Mar 2017 Pakistani combat brigade to protect Saudi border from Iran-backed rebels [Middle East Eye]
LOW 12 Mar 2017 Saudis say security forces killed youth in Shi'ite town [UK Daily Mail]
LOW 12 Mar 2017 Saudi-led coalition air strike kills 22 in Yemen [Reuters]
LOW 12 Mar 2017 15 dead in fighting near Yemen Red Sea port [UK Daily Mail]
LOW 11 Mar 2017 Two bombs kill at least 40 people at Shiite shrine in Damascus [Debka]
LOW 08 Mar 2017 Saudi-led strikes kill 22 Shiite rebels in Yemen [Yahoo]
LOW 07 Mar 2017 Bahrain says 25 arrested in bust of Iran-linked terror cell [Normangeestar]
LOW 07 Mar 2017 UNION FORTRESS: UAE hosts drill amid Yemen war, Iran tensions [Arab News]
LOW 26 Feb 2017 Iran holds massive naval drill over 2 million sq. kilometer area [ZeroHedge]
LOW 25 Feb 2017 Iran training cadets in Syrian war zones [Al Arabiya]
LOW 25 Feb 2017 Yemen fighting and suicide bombing kill 48 [Yahoo]
LOW 24 Feb 2017 Shiite rebel ballistic missile kills senior Yemeni General in Red Sea port [WTOP]
LOW 22 Feb 2017 Iran renews cyberattacks on Saudi Arabia [Washington Free Beacon]
LOW 18 Feb 2017 Report: Scores of Sudanese, Emirati soldiers killed by Houthi missile strike in west Yemen [Al-Masdar Al-Arabi]
LOW 17 Feb 2017 Report: Iran-backed Iraqi units demolishing hundreds of Sunni Arab houses [Jerusalem Post]
LOW 16 Feb 2017 Saudis intercept missile from Yemen [Kuna]
LOW 16 Feb 2017 Saudi forces team up with Al-Qaeda to launch joint offensive against Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen [Al-Masdar Al-Arabi]
LOW 14 Feb 2017 12 Saudi soldiers killed in Yemen border fighting [Jordantimes]
LOW 10 Feb 2017 32 killed in battle for Yemeni port [Maritime Executive]
LOW 08 Feb 2017 Gulf Arab troops help Yemeni forces secure Red Sea coast city from Iran-backed rebels [Reuters]
LOW 08 Feb 2017 Riyadh ballistic missile attack: Confusion reigns after reported missile attack on Saudi capital [Ibtimes]
LOW 06 Feb 2017 Report: Yemeni Houthi rebel rockets hit Saudi base within 25 miles of capital [Debka]
LOW 02 Feb 2017 Report: Bahraini officer assassinated by Rev Guard agents [Ncr-iran]
LOW 30 Jan 2017 Battle of Mocha: Fighting leaves 120 dead within 24 hours in Yemen [Xinhua]
LOW 30 Jan 2017 Saudi warship hit by Iranian-backed Houthi suicide boats off Yemen coast [Reuters]
LOW 25 Jan 2017 At least 40 dead in battle for Yemen port [Yahoo]
LOW 22 Jan 2017 Renewed fighting and drone strikes in Yemen kill about 75 [NYT]
LOW 21 Jan 2017 25 killed, 50 injured in market blast in Shiite area of Pakistan [Times of India]
LOW 16 Jan 2017 Saudis battling Shiite forces on their Yemen border [NYT]