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Grade Date Headline Source
LOW 13 Jul 2024 Taiwan on alert over 'waves' of missile tests in north China [Reuters]
LOW 24 May 2024 China warns of Taiwan 'War' as military drills encircle island [MSN]
LOW 05 Feb 2024 Taiwan's Doubts about America Are Growing... [DEFCON Warning System]
LOW 31 Jan 2024 The Logistics of War: How Washington is preparing for a Chinese invasion of Taiwan [MSN]
LOW 01 Jan 2024 CHICOM Dictator Says 'Reunification' With Taiwan Is Inevitable [Newsmax]
LOW 25 Oct 2023 Retired Taiwanese Colonel receives 20-year prison term after spying for Mainland [Focus Taiwan]
LOW 25 Oct 2023 Taiwanese Corps-level Military Exercise Underway [Taiwan News]
LOW 24 Oct 2023 Pentagon Outlines Multiple Chinese Attack Plans for Taiwan [Washington Times]
LOW 23 Sep 2023 Taiwan Raises Concerns about Situation Getting out of Hand with ChiCom Drills [Yahoo]
LOW 04 Sep 2023 PLA Holds Encirclement Drills around Taiwan Island following US Arms Sale Approval [People]
LOW 18 Aug 2023 China Rehearses Invasion of Taiwan [UK Daily Mail]
LOW 24 Jul 2023 Taiwan Holds Annual Evacuation Drill [Yahoo]
LOW 12 Jul 2023 China sends warplanes, ships towards Taiwan in forceful display [Military Times]
LOW 12 Jun 2023 US Prepping Evacuation Plans for American Citizens in Taiwan [The Messenger]
LOW 12 Apr 2023 Chinese military declares it is 'ready to fight' after completing three days of large-scale combat exercises around Taiwan [NY Post]
LOW 10 Apr 2023 China military ‘ready to fight’ after drills near Taiwan [AP]
LOW 04 Apr 2023 China Steps up Incursions near Taiwan Prior to Island's President Meeting with House Speaker [Washington Times]
LOW 01 Apr 2023 China Sends 18 Warplanes and 4 Vessels toward Taiwan [ZeroHedge]
LOW 12 Mar 2023 Taiwan Blames Chinese Ships for Cutting Internet Cables [Tech Times]
LOW 27 Dec 2022 Taiwan Extends Mandatory Military Service [MSN]
LOW 25 Dec 2022 Chinese military conducts drills in sea and airspace near Taiwan [Jerusalem Post]
LOW 13 Dec 2022 China Sends Record Wave of Bombers into Taiwanese Air Defense Zone [Channel News Asia]
LOW 07 Nov 2022 Chinese Aircraft Enter Taiwanese Airspace following Beijing's Calls for 'Preparation for War' [Daily Caller]
LOW 16 Oct 2022 Chinese President warns he may use force to retake Taiwan [UK Daily Mail]
LOW 20 Sep 2022 Pacific Fleet Commander Warns Expanding Chinese Military Could Now Blockade Taiwan [Washington Times]
LOW 02 Sep 2022 Chinese Median Line Violations Suggest Taiwan Decapitation Rehearsal [Politico]
LOW 31 Aug 2022 Taiwan Vows Counterattack If China Enters Territory amid 2nd Warning Shot at PLA Drone [ZeroHedge]
LOW 30 Aug 2022 Taiwan to Start Shooting down Intruding Chinese Drones [Overt Defense]
LOW 28 Aug 2022 China Buzzes Taiwan with 4 Nuclear-Capable Bombers [ZeroHedge]
LOW 17 Aug 2022 Taiwan and China Stage Dueling Military Exercises [Epoch Times]
LOW 16 Aug 2022 China Renews War Games around Taiwan after Congressional Delegation's Visit [Washington Times]
LOW 15 Aug 2022 Taiwan: A Second US Congressional Delegation Led by Ed Markey Visits Taipei [CNN]
LOW 08 Aug 2022 Taiwan Says China Military Drills Appear to Simulate Attack [Washington Times]
LOW 08 Aug 2022 China extends threatening military exercises around Taiwan [AP]
LOW 06 Aug 2022 Top Taiwan Missile Official Found Dead in Hotel Room [Newsweek]
LOW 04 Aug 2022 Ballistic Missiles Soar over Taiwan, 'Hundreds' of PLA Fighters Breach Airspace, as 5-Day Drills Commence [ZeroHedge]
LOW 03 Aug 2022 China set to begin effective Taiwan blockade [South China Morning Post]
LOW 03 Aug 2022 China Signals Plan to Launch Missiles over Taiwan [U.S. News & World Report]
LOW 02 Aug 2022 Taiwan presidential office website hit by cyberattack [MSN]
LOW 02 Aug 2022 China Plans Four Days of Military Drills in Areas Encircling Taiwan [MSN]
LOW 01 Aug 2022 Taiwan Cancels Leave of Some Soldiers 'to Immediately Prepare for War' [Washington Examiner]
LOW 30 Jul 2022 Chinese Invasion of Taiwan May Come Sooner than Expected [Axios]
LOW 25 Jul 2022 Taiwan holds counter-invasion drills [AP]
LOW 22 Jun 2022 China Sends Warplanes Near Taiwan After US Rejects Strait Claims [MSN]
LOW 16 Jun 2022 Taiwan Touts 'Ability to Attack Beijing' with Supersonic Cruise Missiles [ZeroHedge]
LOW 30 May 2022 Chinese Air Force Buzzes Taiwan with 30 Warplanes [ZeroHedge]
LOW 29 May 2022 The Practical Realities If China Invades Taiwan [American Thinker]
LOW 25 May 2022 140,000 Soldiers and 953 Ships: Leaked Audio Reveals Chinese Plan to Invade Taiwan [IBT]
LOW 25 May 2022 China Announces Taiwan Military Drills [MSN]
LOW 16 May 2022 Chinese Aircraft Carrier Spotted off Taiwan [The Drive]
LOW 10 May 2022 Chinese Military Surrounds Taiwan in Massive Invasion 'Rehearsal' [WND]
LOW 15 Apr 2022 China holds military drills around Taiwan as US delegation visits [CNBC]
LOW 12 Apr 2022 Taiwan Preps for Chinese Attack on Nuclear Power Plant [ZeroHedge]
LOW 15 Mar 2022 China Says No Force Could Stop It from Taking Taiwan as 13 Jets Breach ROC Airspace [GreatGameIndia]
LOW 09 Mar 2022 Here's What Could Happen If China Invaded Taiwan [Yahoo]
LOW 03 Mar 2022 Unexplained Power Outages across Taiwan [The Watchers]
LOW 24 Feb 2022 China flies 9 warplanes into Taiwanese Air Defense Zone [Reuters]
LOW 06 Jan 2022 Taiwanese Troops Simulate Urban Warfare with China [France24]
LOW 05 Dec 2021 Defense Secretary: Chinese Military Flights near Taiwan Look Like Rehearsals [Reuters]
LOW 09 Nov 2021 China Conducts Combat Readiness Patrol near Taiwan as Congress Members Arrive via US Air Force Transport [Reuters]
LOW 18 Oct 2021 China Sets Sights on Taiwan With New Hypersonic Missile Test [U.S. News & World Report]
LOW 11 Oct 2021 Taiwanese demonstrate weaponry in annual National Day parade [AP]
LOW 11 Oct 2021 China Conducts Beach Landing Drills in Province opposite Taiwan [Reuters]
LOW 09 Oct 2021 Chinese President vows to retake Taiwan [Washington Times]
LOW 06 Oct 2021 Tensions flare as Chinese flights near Taiwan intensify [AP]
LOW 04 Oct 2021 Taiwanese Foreign Minister warns his country is preparing for war with China [Australian Broadcasting Corporation]
LOW 03 Oct 2021 Chinese Air Force Sends 77 Warplanes into Taiwanese Defense Zone over Two Days [CNN]
LOW 01 Oct 2021 China Steps up Taiwan Flybys as 38 Warplanes Enter Defense Zone [MSN]
LOW 23 Sep 2021 Taiwan on High Alert After 24 Chinese Jets Breach Defense Zone in 2 Incidents [ZeroHedge]
LOW 05 Sep 2021 Taiwanese Air Force Scrambles after 19 PLAAF Warplanes Enter Air Defense Zone [Straits Times]
LOW 02 Sep 2021 China Tests New Missiles in Simulated Taiwan Strike [Washington Times]
LOW 12 Aug 2021 Taiwan Scrambles Fighter Jets after Six Chinese Warplanes Enter Its Air Defense Identification Zone [ZeroHedge]
LOW 11 Aug 2021 Chinese Electronic Intelligence Plane Enters Taiwanese ADIZ [Taiwan News]
LOW 29 Jan 2021 China Warns Taiwan Independence Means War [Reuters]
LOW 26 Jan 2021 Taiwanese Air Force Flexes Muscles after Latest Chinese Incursion [Reuters]
LOW 24 Jan 2021 15 Chinese Aircraft Enter Taiwan Air Defense Zone for 2nd Day as US Navy Carrier Approaches [ZeroHedge]
LOW 24 Jan 2021 Taiwan Reports 13 Incursions By Chinese Air Force In One Day [ZeroHedge]
LOW 23 Jan 2021 Taiwan reports large incursion by Chinese air force [Reuters]
LOW 02 Jan 2021 Chinese Recon Plane Enters Taiwanese Air Defense Identification Zone [Taiwan News]
LOW 02 Jan 2021 Taiwanese national found guilty of working with Chinese intelligence [Focus Taiwan]
LOW 20 Oct 2020 China Deploys DF-17 Hypersonic Missiles across from Taiwan [Taiwan News]
LOW 19 Oct 2020 Taiwanese Trade Office in Fiji scene of fist fight with PRC Photographers [U.S. News & World Report]
LOW 08 Oct 2020 National Security Adviser Warns China against Attack on Taiwan [ZeroHedge]
LOW 07 Oct 2020 Here's What Could Happen If China Invaded Taiwan [MSN]
LOW 18 Sep 2020 China Buzzes Taiwan with Unusually Large Show of Force Involving 18 Aircraft [ZeroHedge]
LOW 09 Sep 2020 Chinese Fighter Jets Enter Taiwan Airspace [UK Independent]
LOW 04 Sep 2020 Taiwan Accused of and Denies Shooting down Chinese Fighter Jet [UK Express]
LOW 26 Aug 2020 Taiwan Demonstrates Defense [South China Morning Post]
LOW 18 Aug 2020 War Game over Taiwan Shows US Losing Again and Again [Real Clear Investigations]
LOW 10 Aug 2020 China Mobilizes Invasion Craft along Coast as Taiwan Tensions Escalate [NZ Herald]
LOW 22 Jun 2020 Chinese bomber approaches Taiwan, eighth warplane encounter in two weeks [Reuters]
LOW 17 Jun 2020 Taiwan warns off intruding Chinese aircraft for fourth time in nine days [Reuters]
LOW 16 Jun 2020 Chinese fighter violates Taiwanese air defense identification zone [Reuters]
LOW 12 Jun 2020 Taiwan Tests Missiles [UK Daily Star]
LOW 09 Jun 2020 Chinese warplanes enter Taiwan Strait after US flyover [South China Morning Post]
LOW 29 May 2020 Top Chinese General Threatens to Attack Taiwan [UK Daily Mail]
LOW 24 May 2020 Chinese Nationalists Urge President to Seize Taiwan [Brinkwire]
LOW 24 May 2020 CHICOMs drop references to peaceful reunification with Taiwan [South China Morning Post]
LOW 17 May 2020 DoD Simulation: US unable to defend Taiwan from an invasion [UK Daily Mail]
LOW 15 May 2020 China to Conduct Major Large-Scale Military Drill Simulating Seizure of Taiwan-Held Island [DEFCON Warning System]
LOW 21 Apr 2020 China flying regular fighter patrols near Taiwan [Reuters]
LOW 18 Apr 2020 Chinese Speedboats Rammed Taiwanese Coast Guard Vessel in March [Taiwan News]
LOW 18 Apr 2020 PLA intrusions of Taiwanese airspace continuing [The Diplomat]
LOW 17 Mar 2020 China is pressuring Taiwan with provocative air maneuvers [Reuters]
LOW 09 Feb 2020 Taiwan scrambles jets as Chinese air force flies round island [Reuters]
LOW 23 Nov 2019 Taiwanese VP candidate says country is already independent [Taiwan News]
LOW 23 Nov 2019 China Says Taiwan Courting Disaster after Pre-election Independence Comment [NYT]
LOW 11 Nov 2019 Taiwanese Foreign Minister Warns Attack Possible If Chinese Economy Worsens [TNP]
LOW 22 Oct 2019 Chinese Defense Minister: Resolving Taiwan Question Is National Priority [New Telegraph]
LOW 31 Jul 2019 China Imposes Partial Travel Ban on Taiwan [Bloomberg]
LOW 15 Jul 2019 China Holds Military Drills along its Southeast Coast [Task & Purpose]
LOW 28 May 2019 Satellite Imagery Reveals Chinese Navy’s War Games for a Possible Attack on Taiwan [The Print]
LOW 25 May 2019 Taiwan begins mass production of home-grown missile corvettes, minelayers [South China Morning Post]
LOW 17 Apr 2019 Cross-Strait Tension Rising... [Breitbart]
LOW 10 Mar 2019 Taiwan to Purchase New Warplanes from US [Breitbart]
LOW 02 Jan 2019 China Threatens Military Force against Taiwan [Globe and Mail]
LOW 03 Dec 2018 Chinese warships intensify patrols in Taiwan Strait [Business Standard]
LOW 17 Oct 2018 Taiwan Kicks Off Wargames Simulating Chinese Invasion [Breitbart]
LOW 17 Oct 2018 Taiwan to Hold Mass Independence Rally in Challenge to Beijing [Aljazeera]
LOW 11 Oct 2018 Taiwan Vows to Never Surrender to China as Tensions Reach Dangerous New Level [UK Express]
LOW 10 Aug 2018 Chinese Navy Conducts Major Military Drill as Taiwanese President goes abroad [Taiwan News]
LOW 10 Aug 2018 Taiwan readying its cruise missiles for armed conflict with China [Business Insider]
LOW 29 Jul 2018 Is a Storm Brewing in the Taiwan Strait? [Foreign Affairs]
LOW 07 Jun 2018 Taiwan conducts war games simulating Chinese invasion [Yahoo]
LOW 22 May 2018 China threatens to fly stealth fighter over Taiwan [National Interest]
LOW 16 May 2018 China unleashes 'island encirclement' war drills around Taiwan [ZeroHedge]
LOW 25 Apr 2018 Taiwan to simulate Chinese invasion in live-fire military drill starting next week [ZeroHedge]
LOW 20 Apr 2018 Chinese battle plan to take back Taiwan on display... [South China Morning Post]
LOW 17 Apr 2018 China to live-fire drill in Taiwan Strait [Google]
LOW 25 Mar 2018 China sails aircraft carrier through Taiwan Strait [The Diplomat]
LOW 23 Mar 2018 Mainland should prepare for military action over Taiwan says Chinese paper [Yahoo]
LOW 01 Feb 2018 Pentagon prepping transfer of Stinger anti-aircraft missiles to Taiwanese [Washington Times]
LOW 01 Feb 2018 Taiwan holds live-fire drills as China tensions mount [Time]
LOW 20 Dec 2017 Escalating military drills signal China is prepping to strike Taiwan [Newsweek]
LOW 03 Oct 2017 China's secret military plan: Invade taiwan by 2020 [Washington Free Beacon]
LOW 16 Aug 2017 Taiwan probes massive power cut to 7 million households [Yahoo]
LOW 14 Aug 2017 PLA flies two more planes by Taiwan [Taipei Times]
LOW 22 Jul 2017 Taiwanese warfare simulation next month to be biggest ever [Taipei Times]
LOW 22 Jul 2017 Chinese bombers pass through Taiwanese Air Defense Identification Zone [Taiwan News]
LOW 04 Jul 2017 Taiwan scrambles jets as Chinese aircraft carrier sails near island [Ibtimes]
LOW 27 Jun 2017 Liaoning carrier demonstrates Chinese power off Taiwanese coast [Deutsche Welle]
LOW 21 Jun 2017 Poll: Most Taiwanese consider country separate from China [South China Morning Post]
LOW 17 Jun 2017 Beijing chips away at Taiwan’s friends [American Interest]
LOW 14 Jun 2017 Taiwanese President sends defiant message to China after Panama cuts ties [Business Insider]
LOW 10 Jun 2017 Pentagon Report: China eroding Taiwanese defense advantages [Taipei Times]
LOW 29 May 2017 China charges activist from Taiwan with ‘subverting State power’ [NYT]
LOW 26 May 2017 Taiwan preps for Chinese attack with tanks, warships and fighter jets as tensions spike [Newsweek]
LOW 22 May 2017 Taiwan kicks off five days of exercises to repel simulated Chinese invasion [South China Morning Post]
LOW 16 May 2017 Taiwan deploys two warships [UPI]
LOW 13 May 2017 ASSASSINATION INFRASTRUCTURE: Ex-guard of former Taiwanese VP indicted as Chinese spy [Chinapost]
LOW 13 May 2017 Taiwanese ex-sergeants, businessman indicted for spying for China [Focus Taiwan]
LOW 12 May 2017 Former Taiwanese Air Defense Missile Commander suspected of spying for China [Janes]
LOW 01 May 2017 HAN KUANG: Taiwan launches exercises to repel Mainland invasion [Focus Taiwan]
LOW 30 Apr 2017 Taiwanese plan to buy US stealth fighters riles China [UPI]
LOW 20 Apr 2017 Taiwan to increase military presence on South China Sea island [UPI]
LOW 01 Apr 2017 Chinese military warns US arms sales will be useless, Taiwan is 'doomed' [Newsweek]
LOW 23 Mar 2017 China expands its spying against Taiwan [The Diplomat]
LOW 23 Mar 2017 Taiwanese Defense Minister: China aiming medium-range ballistic missiles at Taiwan [Spacedaily]
LOW 23 Mar 2017 China warns US over arms sales to Taiwan [ABS-CBN]
LOW 21 Mar 2017 Taiwanese President vows to build own submarines [Reuters]
LOW 18 Mar 2017 Report: US readying large new arms sale to Taiwan [CNBC]
LOW 18 Mar 2017 PENETRATED: Taiwanese ex-Vice President's bodyguard arrested as Mainland spy [Taiwan News]
LOW 18 Mar 2017 For first time publicly, Taiwan says it is capable of launching missiles at China [Channel News Asia]
LOW 17 Mar 2017 French and British navies to drill near Taiwan in show of force aimed at China [Reuters]
LOW 14 Mar 2017 China urges Taiwan to accept investment to 'help unification' [Reuters]
LOW 12 Mar 2017 Claim: 5,000 Chinese spies in Taiwan [Taipei Times]
LOW 12 Mar 2017 Taiwan arrests Chinese student for allegedly recruiting a spy circle [The News International]
LOW 10 Mar 2017 Tawianese security officals warn Chinese espionage threat growing [Taipei Times]
LOW 08 Mar 2017 China pressures nations to ditch Taiwan, says island has 'no future' diplomatically [Channel News Asia]
LOW 06 Mar 2017 Chinese General: Day US deploys missile defenses in Taiwan will be 'day we liberate Taiwan' [Global Times]
LOW 04 Mar 2017 Taiwan closely monitoring passing Chinese fleet [Focus Taiwan]
LOW 03 Mar 2017 Taiwan to ban political officials and military officers with secrets from traveling to China after retiring [Focus Taiwan]
LOW 02 Mar 2017 Taiwan moves Patriot missiles to its east coast, plans South China Sea patrols [Focus Taiwan]
LOW 02 Mar 2017 Chinese jets and warships exercise near Taiwan [Reuters]
LOW 01 Mar 2017 New Report: Taiwan would have 4 weeks to prep for Chinese invasion [Shephardmedia]
LOW 08 Feb 2017 China to amend 'anti-secession law' to outline potential use of force against Taiwan [Chinapost]
LOW 01 Feb 2017 Neil Thompson: Is trouble brewing in the Taiwan Strait? [The Diplomat]
LOW 25 Jan 2017 China has bribed away all but two of Taiwan’s allies in Africa [Bloomberg]
LOW 21 Jan 2017 CHICOM Party leader: Relations with Taiwan are going to be 'grim' [Ibtimes]
LOW 19 Jan 2017 Ex-deputy Defense Minister: 4,000-strong Chinese spiy army inside Taiwan [Taiwan News]
LOW 18 Jan 2017 Retired Chinese General: Beijing could take Taiwan in 100 hours [UPI]
LOW 17 Jan 2017 Taiwan drills Chinese invasion scenario [Yahoo]