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Grade Date Headline Source
MOD 03 Aug 2021 Federal Court of Appeals Forces Vaccines on Students at Indiana University []
MOD 03 Aug 2021 Federal Contractors Who Don't Get Vaccinated Can Anticipate Business Complications [Federal News Network]
MOD 03 Aug 2021 Former Surgeon General Says the 'Freedom Argument Is Bunk' [SHTFplan]
MOD 03 Aug 2021 NYC Orders Restaurants and Gyms to Demand Proof of Vaccination from All Customers [ZeroHedge]
MOD 27 Jul 2021 NYC, San Fran, California State, and VA start implementing COVID-19 vaccine mandates [NY Post]
MOD 27 Jul 2021 First Federal Covid-19 Shot Mandate Introduced by Department of Veterans Affairs [New American]
MOD 27 Jul 2021 President to Force Federal Employees to Take COVID Vaccine [CNN]
HIGH 02 Jul 2021 Latest CDC Data Show Reported Injuries Surpass 400,000 following Covid Vaccines [Childrens Health Defense]
LOW 25 May 2021 Georgia Judges Offer Sentence Reductions to Offenders Who Get Covid Vaccine [News Punch]
LOW 25 May 2021 Stefan Stanford: Door-to-Door Vax Squads and Covid Camps in Our Futures [All News Pipeline]
LOW 24 May 2021 Report: Oregon to Demand Proof of Vaccination to Enter Businesses, Churches without a Mask [Summit News]
LOW 18 May 2021 President Says Unvaccinated Americans Will End up 'Paying the Price' [Headline USA]
LOW 18 May 2021 Uniformed National Guard Troops Go to Bars & 7-Eleven in Dallas to Randomly Vaccinate 'Younger Crowd' [ZeroHedge]
LOW 30 Apr 2021 President Will Not Rule out Ordering Military to Get Vaccinated []
MOD 12 Feb 2021 CBS Declares: You'll Need a Covid 'Vaccination Passport' to Travel by Summer 2021 [National File]
MOD 08 Feb 2021 Only 32% of Americans Oppose Government Vaccine Mandates [Childrens Health Defense]
MOD 08 Jan 2021 Biden to Use 'Federal Leadership' to 'Accelerate' COVID Vaccination [LifeSiteNews]
MOD 07 Jan 2021 Rate of Adverse Reactions to COVID Vaccines 50x Higher than Flu Shot [DC Clothesline]
LOW 02 Jan 2021 Fauci says mandatory COVID vaccines are on the table, especially for travel, school [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 19 Aug 2020 Flu Vaccine Now Required for All Massachusetts Students [CBS]
LOW 13 May 2020 Government Contract Lets Contract for Production of 500 Million Vaccine Injectors [EOTAD]
LOW 08 Feb 2020 Connecticut Lawmakers Revive Plan to Eliminate State’s Religious Exemption to Vaccines for Schoolchildren [Hartford Courant]
HIGH 26 Dec 2019 Seattle Schools to Exclude Unvaccinated Students [Seattle Times]
LOW 19 Apr 2019 NY Judge upholds Mandatory Measles Vaccinations enforced with $1,000 fine [NPR]
HIGH 27 Mar 2019 County in NY Bans Unvaccinated Children from Public Places [EOTAD]
MOD 10 Feb 2019 Washington Lawmakers Weigh Mandatory Vaccine Bill Amid Outbreak [Tribtown]
MOD 29 Jun 2018 California doctor punished for exempting 2-year-old from vaccines [LA Times]
MOD 22 Feb 2018 Oregon's 'school exclusion day' bans unvaccinated children... [SHTFplan]
LOW 25 Nov 2017 Minnesota-based health system fires 50 who refuse flu shot [Activist Post]
LOW 12 Nov 2017 Harvard Immunologist: Unvaccinated children pose no extra danger to the public... [Truthstream Media]
LOW 27 Oct 2017 Michigan mom jailed over vaccine refusal: Don't give my son more shots [USA Today]
MOD 13 Oct 2017 Jailed mom ‘devastated’ that her son has been vaccinated [CBS]
SEVERE 04 Oct 2017 California court jails mom for refusing to vaccinate son [CBS]
HIGH 10 Apr 2017 Middle School student sent home for refusing HPV vaccine in Rhode Island [YouTube]
HIGH 02 Mar 2017 MN school orders students out of class for not proving they've been vaccinated [CBS]