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A police officer seeking a warrant must swear to the truth of the facts used to support his application. The officer must pledge that no intentionally false statement has been submitted and no statement has been made in reckless disregard of the truth.
In August 2013, revelations that the Special Operations Division (SOD) of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration advises agents to practice “parallel construction.” Officers lie to judges to fabricate criminal cases against Americans that are actually based on NSA warrantless surveillance. The report quoted senior DEA officials who claimed such abuses were “decades old.”
When important facts are left out of a warrant application in order to foster a misconception, you get Government that fearlessly dissimulates. When DEA officers hide the real accusation from judges who issue warrants, you get federal agents making false oaths. When dissimulating agents defend their lies, because no illegally obtained evidence will be presented in courts, you get lawless enforcers. When lawless enforcers and military commissioned officers consistently violate their oaths to uphold the 4th Amendment, and a supine judiciary does nothing to stop them, you get authoritarianism. When some idget galoot of a fellow citizen starts with the “ends justify the means” tripe, you get grassroots tyranny.
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Grade Date Headline Source
LOW 16 Aug 2022 DOJ Opposes Release of Underlying Affidavit for FBI Mar-a-Lago Raid [GreatGameIndia]
SEVERE 28 Aug 2018 Report: FBI/DOJ leaked info to press, then used same stories as separate source to justify FISA warrants [Daily Caller]
SEVERE 08 Feb 2018 FBI misled a secret court for 12 months [Washington Times]
SEVERE 07 Feb 2018 Despite ex-UK spy lying to FBI, they still vouched for him and his Dirty Dossier to obtain FISA warrants [ZeroHedge]
SEVERE 02 Feb 2018 Political origins of Dirty Dossier known to DOJ/FBI officials, excluded from warrant apps [Washington Examiner]
SEVERE 16 May 2017 Judge rebukes FBI's tainted search warrant affidavit in controversial child porn case [Ocweekly]
MOD 06 Mar 2017 Robert Eno: FISA Warrants Explained [Conservativereview]